Decoding Ingredient Lists: Gravy, Broth or Stock?

February 12, 2024   |   By David Jackson

One Minute Articles: Decoding Ingredient Lists: Gravy, Broth or Stock?

If you're like me, scrutinizing ingredient lists is a habit. You might come across terms like "gravy," "broth," or "stock." Interestingly, they all point to the same thing, which is essentially water, unless explicitly stated otherwise. My default assumption? It's just water.

Decoding Ingredient Lists

While some companies opt for a straightforward "added water" label, others prefer jazzier terms like "gravy." But let's be clear: it's far from your classic bisto gravy.

A Word of Caution:

Resist the urge to share your dinner gravy with your furry friend. Human-grade gravy tends to be loaded with salt and fat, both of which spell trouble for dogs. Keep their health in mind and steer clear of sharing your gravy indulgence with them.

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