The Protein Puzzle

February 09, 2024   |   By David Jackson

One Minute Articles: The Protein Puzzle

Is higher protein always the best choice for your furry friend? Not necessarily. While protein is undeniably essential for dogs, the real key lies in the quality, not just the quantity, of protein.

The Protein Puzzle

Beyond the Numbers:

Simply spotting a 30% protein label on dog food packaging doesn't unveil the whole story. What matters most is how much of that protein is actually usable by your dog.

Quality Matters:

Protein quality trumps quantity. Opt for sources like meat that are easily digested, absorbable and of high quality. Conversely, lower-grade protein sources offer less benefit to your pet.

The Right Focus:

Rather than fixating on a specific percentage, prioritize foods rich in high-quality protein. Look for those with a substantial meat content for optimal canine nutrition.

In the quest for the perfect diet for your furry companion, remember: it's not just about the numbers, but the quality of the protein that counts.

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