Dog feeding FAQ

Do I need to change dog foods?

As long as your dog is fit and healthy and you're both happy with the food then there's no reason to change. Different dogs will always do better on different foods and while the ingredients list allows us to predict which foods are likely to be better for the majority of dogs, there will always be plenty of cases where an individual dog is better suited to some of the lower-rated foods than some higher-rated ones. Our aim is simply to help you to find a food that keeps your dog healthy and happy so if you've already done that, we would certainly recommend sticking with it no matter what rating we give it.

On the other hand, if your dog is showing signs of illness, even occasionally, then a change may be the best option. Early signs of dietary problems include:

Digestive upsets: loose motions (often getting looser over the course of the day), excessive or very smelly wind, regular vomiting (particularly after meals).

Skin/coat problems: itching, bald patches, scurfiness, excessive dandruff, constant moulting, greasy and/or smelly coat.


Runny eyes

Bad breath and/or a regular build up of plaque

Regular anal gland problems


If you spot any of these issues, please consult our guide to feeding dogs with minor health problems.

Of course, choosing a dog food isn't just about health. You may want to change for financial or ethical reasons, for convenience or simply to give your dog a change. Whatever your reason for changing, please take a look at our food changing guide to make the switch as easy as possible on your four-legged friend.

Which dog food is best?

This is, by a country mile, the most asked question on any dog food advice site and although we'd love to say 'Brand x is the best food for your dog', it's never that simple. For most dog owners, the best place to start is our Dog Food Directory where you can enter your dog's details to get a list of foods that should fit the bill. The more details you can give about your dog the more tailored the list will be. The results will be given in order of their expert rating so the nearer the top, the better we would expect them to be for your dog but since every dog is different, finding the perfect match for your dog might need a little trial and error. For more tips on choosing the right feeding regime for your dog, please take a look at our Dog food 101 article.

My dog's food isn't listed on the site yet. What should I do?

First off, let us know! We have a long, long list of foods waiting to be put on to the site but they are added in order of their popularity so the more requests we get for a particular food to be listed the sooner it will appear.

While you're waiting for the full review to arrive, you can always use our Instant Review Generator to get a bit more insight into and complete food. Just enter the ingredients list as it's printed on the bag or website, click 'Get Review' and hey presto, an instant mini-review just for you!

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