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Salt in dog food


Salt, or sodium chloride as it is often listed, is commonly added to pet foods as a flavour enhancer.

While salt is a necessary mineral, it is generally present in sufficient quantities in the raw ingredients of pet foods. However, since dogs, like humans, enjoy the taste of salt, extra is regularly added to dog foods to make them more appealing. Unfortunately, excessive salt has the same health implications for dogs as for us and should be avoided. This is particularly important if your dog has a history of heart problems or high blood pressure.

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Richard Hebden 7 years ago

Salt or Sodium is a required ingredient for a complete dog food so isn't a bad ingredient but is in fact good. As is noted excess Sodium/Salt is bad, in fact worse for dogs. The upper limit for sodium is 1.8mg per 100g but normal levels are as low as 0.5mg. As far as taste dogs like most tastes but they actually have a sweet tooth so not a flavour enhancer but for the health of the dog.

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Chloe Richard Hebden 6 years ago

Where did you get the information that salt is a required ingredient? I just looked at various dog foods and my own dogs food and none have salt added.

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