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Sugars in dog food


Sugars are added to dog foods because dogs, like humans, like them. They can come be listed in a number of ways (sugar, caramel, syrup, sucrose etc.) and can come from a wide range of sources (corn/maize, wheat, sugar cane, sugar beet etc.). Unfortunately, too much sugar can have the same effects in dogs as it does in people. High sugar diets have been linked to hyperactivity, hypoglycemia, obesity and tooth decay amongst other conditions and should therefore be avoided.

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Elizabeth3 one year ago

I have a Labrador very exuberant but recently have changed his food so wondering if there`s too much sugar in it but its very hard to tell as its listed under carbohydrates generally any recommendations for more natural dog food other than raw?

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Jenny Corbett 10 years ago

As my dog of 8 1/2 has type 2 diabetes, I am looking for a dry dog food with less sugar. Please advise.

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