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Potato protein in dog food

Potato protein is a byproduct of potato processing and is used as a protein source in some dog foods. Although it is far less expensive, we don't think potato protein should be used as an alternative to meat in dog foods since the quality and digestibility of vegetable proteins tend to fall a long way short of those found in meats.

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Susan 9 years ago

If ur dog was allergic to potatoes, would he be allergic to potato protein???

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All About Dog Food Susan 9 years ago

Hi Sue. Since real allergies are almost always triggered by a food's protein molecules, I certainly wouldn't recommend potato protein for a dog with a potato allergy. Potato intolerance, on the other hand, may be caused by other elements in the potato so potato protein might be ok. Unfortunately, without expensive (and pretty unreliable) tests, it can be very difficult to distinguish between and allergy and an intolerance so, to be safe, I would probably avoid potato protein if I were you. Of course, a little bit of trial and error would soon tell you if your dog could handle potato protein or not...

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