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Propylene glycol in dog food

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a synthetic compound that absorbs water and can therefore be used to keep semi-moist dog foods and treats semi-moist. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it suitable as a preservative.

Although propylene glycol has been approved as safe for both humans and dogs (but not cats due to its links to the feline condition Heinz body anaemia), it remains a source of controversy. This is partly due to regular links to asthma and allergic reactions and partly because propylene glycol's other commercial uses (including car antifreeze and in de-icing aircraft) don't inspire too much confidence in dog owners.

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Joanne MacEachern 5 years ago

what food is the best for dog with kidney disease here in us

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Royalsfan67 9 years ago

When I was asking around, vets and other pet owners who had researched the overwhelming concensus was that beneful was the best and healthiest pet food out there in this area

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Kerry Royalsfan67 9 years ago

Eek Beneful has the lowest rating possible with very good reason. There are some really good quality foods out there, just search the directory on this site and you'll see...

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Joanne MacEachern Royalsfan67 5 years ago

are u kidding me that the worst stuff you can feed a dog

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casey 9 years ago

what dog food don't contain glycol

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Piers Smart 10 years ago

Scampers discontinued Bakers Complete which contains Propylene Glycol a long time ago along with every other product manufactured by Nestle Purina. Is it not now time for every "pet food specialist" to remove this food from their shelves? Is there not now overwhelming anecdotal evidence from the professional dog care industry, behaviourists, dog trainers, groomers and open minded veterinary surgeons to suggest that this food has no place on a good pet stores shelves. Personally I would doubt the credibility of any pet food outlet that still sells this dog food. We all know it is the biggest selling grocery pet food and it is easy to sell it with all the ridiculous promotions but it begs the question, does a store that sells Bakers have the dogs and their owners best interest at heart or or do they even know anything about dog food?

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