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Tapioca in dog food


Tapioca (sometimes called cassava) is a starch extracted from the root of the cassava plant. It is often used as a carbohydrate source in grain free dog foods but due to its general lack of all nutrients other than starch, it is generally regarded as a low grade filler for dogs.

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Susan 9 years ago

If your dog has an intolance to potatos or to starch would he be sensitive to Tapioca or tapioca starch that is in dog foods, Im looking for a potato free food but when I find one it will have tapioca or tapioca starch in it...Is tapioca the same as potatoes???

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Bob Susan 8 years ago

look up nutrisca by dogs well I have been feeding it to my dogs for some time the yellow labalmost 2 years old was getting cronic ear infections since I changed from blue buffalo she no longer has a problem also my 15 1/2 year old germin pointer is doing well to it is inexpensive and it is certified by the national glycemic institute other people I have told about this food the allergy troubles they had went away as well it is potato free grain free gluten free full of antioxidents nosoy corn bha/bht artificial colors or preservatives I buy it on line with free shipping from pet360 good luck bob

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Steve Bob 5 years ago

Nutrisca isn't particularly inexpensive anymore and, frankly, it's always been junk as Dogswell sources their chicken (and likely many of their ingredients) from China.

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All About Dog Food 10 years ago

HI Peter, and thanks a lot for your comment. You're absolutely right that cassava continues to be one of the top foods for humans all over the world mainly because it is easy to grow and provides plenty of energy in the form of starch. Unfortunately, dogs just aren't as good at processing starch as we are and too much starch might actually cause problems.In terms of its vitamin content, 2% of your daily recommended amount of folate in a whole cup of tapioca is really nothing to write home about. Even scaled down for dogs, they would still have to consume vast amounts to make any real impact on their vitamin intake.As far as I'm concerned, every ingredient in a dog food should bring something to the table. If you're going to use carbs, there are plenty of highly nutritious options to choose from - brown rice, oats, rye, sweet potato etc.

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Peter Snape 10 years ago

Wow, thats a bit harsh, what would you suggest in its place?The root of the cassava plant is the main source of nutrition for millions of humans for thousands of years, provided a lot of entertainment at school meal time and according to Livestrong website:"Tapioca is short on vitamin content, however, according to NutritionData, a website that imparts nutritional information from the USDA, it does contains some B vitamins. Folate (vitamin B9) is the highest concentrated B vitamin, with 1 cup of tapioca, containing 6.1 mcg, or 2 percent of the daily value (DV). Folate is an important vitamin.......

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