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Skinner's offers many of the selling-points of mid-to-high-end foods but at a much lower price and as dog owners' purse strings continue to tighten, Skinner's popularity is sky-rocketing.

Skinner's Puppy is natural and hypoallergenic (free from all of the common allergy causing ingredients like wheat, dairy and soya) which makes it a good option for more sensitive puppies.

The recipe is built around a fairly large proportion of white rice. Although the rice is unlikely to cause any problems and it certainly provides plenty of calories, it is almost entirely made up of starch and therefore contributes very little in the way of nutrition. Naked oats, on the other hand, are much more nutritionally dense and provide a good source of dietary fibre. Additional linseed, brewer's yeast, FOS and MOS are also welcome additions.

Meat is very important in puppy foods as it provides the protein necessary for healthy growth and development so with just 19% lamb meat meal topped up with much lower quality pea protein, Skinners Puppy and Junior leaves a lot to be desired.

In terms of price, Skinner's Puppy and Junior does not do quite as well as some of their adult foods but it still works out a lot less expensive than many 'super-premium' puppy foods that are of a similar quality.

Conclusion: A good, natural puppy food that doesn't cost the earth.

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