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Gravy / sauce in dog food

Gravy / sauce

Gravy (or sauce) in pet food is an ill-defined and poorly regulated term.

While it may refer to actual gravy, as you or I would understand it (a separately formulated sauce of meat fat and juices with stock and seasoning), it can equally be used for little more than water made to look a little like gravy with colourings and thickeners or anything in-between.

When gravy is listed without a breakdown of its sub-components, it can also be used as a vehicle for adding other, less marketable ingredients like salt, digest or additives to a food without them having to be declared.

In dry foods, the term gravy can also refer to a natural flavouring that is sprayed on to the biscuits at the end of manufacturing. In this case it is usually made up of a combination of meat (usually ) and oils.

If you are at all unsure about the ingredients of your dog food, it is always best to contact the manufacturer directly.

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