Medium quality ingredient - nutritionally adequate and unlikely to cause any problems e.g. fillers etc

Poultry in dog food

In pet food, poultry can be used as a fresh meat (fresh poultry, deboned poultry, freshly prepared poultry) or as a pre-prepared, dry meat meal (poultry meal, dried poultry, dehydrated poultry). When the ingredient is listed simply as 'poultry' it usually refers to the fresh form.

As a food group, poultry provides a good quality, relatively low-cost source of highly palatable protein. The category includes products from any domestic fowl such as chicken, turkey or duck.

Since the term 'poultry' doesn't specify which animal species the meat comes from, it is frowned upon by many canine nutritionists. Ambiguous terms like poultry allow the manufacturer to change the recipe from batch to batch and make it very difficult to identify problem foods with dogs that are prone to dietary intolerance.

As with all meats, the quality of the poultry used in pet foods can vary considerably so for more details on the poultry found in your dog's food, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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