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John Burns is a true pioneer of the natural dog food movement in the UK and his Original diets (previously called Adult Maintenance diets) have always been his flag-ship range. They are a selection of simple, natural, dry foods that have changed very little since the founding of Burns Pet Nutrition over 20 years ago.

Largely based around just four high quality ingredients - brown rice, meat meal, oats and peas, Burns Maintenance Diets are very unlikely to cause any dietary intolerances. They are also low in both protein and fat making them ideal for very sensitive dogs.

These strengths can, however, also be the food's weaknesses with some owners reporting that their dogs find it difficult to hold their weight on the foods and that some dogs find them a bit unappetising. This isn't really surprising with over 70% grains (albeit high quality grains like brown rice and oats) and a fairly low meat content.

The recommended feeding amounts of Burns are amongst the lowest around which means a bag lasts much longer and the price per day of feeding Burns works out fairly low.

Conclusion: Good quality, simple, natural diets, especially if you have a dog with sensitive digestion, but low in meat and very, very high in grains.

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