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Taste of the Wild recently began importing into the UK from the USA but have already made a big splash amongst natural feeders. As the name suggests, Taste of the Wild is formulated to recreate what our dogs' ancestors might have once eaten in the wild, the idea being that modern dogs are relatively unchanged from wolves. The foods therefore contain plenty of meat from multiple animal sources along with high-end fruits and vegetables. Importantly, and to many dog owners' delight, Taste of the Wild does not contain any grains.

The theory that dogs should eat the same as their wolf predecessors (and therefore need a huge proportion of meat and no grains) is not a new one and neither is it one that I personally support (dogs may be physiologically very similar to wolves but their lifestyles and different nutritional background over the last 15-30,000 years makes them quite distinct in my opinion), but whatever the philosophy behind them, Taste of the Wild foods are unquestionably made to a very high standard.

The five adult varieties all include a relatively high proportion of good quality meats from both fresh and dried sources. Unfortunately, although a 'total meat content' is provided, the proportions of fresh and dried meats are not specified which makes it difficult to gauge the true meat content of the finished product. The wide variety of meats (and other ingredients) helps to ensure that the foods contain a good range of natural nutrients. This isn't always a good thing though - for example, if your dog is prone to dietary allergies or intolerance, a diet with a single meat source is usually better.

Taste of the Wild includes a number of high-end vegetables and fruits as well as five different probiotics. Regrettably, these are also accompanied by a couple of more questionable ingredients - salt and digest (listed as 'natural flavour'). Both of these ingredients are added to the food to make it taste better, so if your dog is particularly fussy these might be a bonus, but both are also fairly controversial - click on the links to find out why.

Despite these two faults, Taste of the Wild is certainly a very high quality food and its rating of 4.2 may be less than it deserves. Unfortunately, where the information is not provided (in this case the individual meat percentages) we have no alternative but to assume the worst and downgrade a food.

Conclusion: Taste of the Wild is an excellent, natural, grain-free food despite the slightly unclear labelling and added salt / digest.

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