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Artificial additives

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By-products / derivatives

Bonios from Nestlé Purina have long been established as one of the nations favourite dog treats. They can be found in just about every pet shop in the land as well as many supermarket shelves and their very name has become synonymous with treating your dog. Unfortunately, despite their popularity, what goes into making Bonio's leaves a lot to be desired.

Firstly, only a single ingredient is named and that one is wheat which is regularly linked to dietary intolerance in dogs and is generally best avoided. The remaining 70% is, frankly, a complete mystery. We know it is made up of cereals, vegetable derivatives, animal derivatives and fats but since between them these four terms encompass pretty much any ingredient you could imagine, that doesn't help very much. Although these terms could, in theory, be used for good ingredients, in reality they are almost always employed to describe very low grade ingredients and they give the manufacturer the freedom to change the recipe depending on what is most economical at the time. For dogs that have dietary issues, this can be a real nightmare as it makes identifying and eliminating problem ingredients completely impossible and since there's no guarantee that any two batches will be the same, just because your dog is fine on the treats now, that may not always be the case.

Bonios also include unspecified antioxidants - a group of chemicals that includes many of the most controversial ingredients around due to their consistent links with all sorts of health and behavioural problems in dogs.

Conclusion: With 70% mystery ingredients, 30% wheat and undisclosed artificial additives, it's no wonder Bonios get our lowest treat rating of 1 out of 5.

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