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Before Orijen arrived in the UK, it was the unwritten rule that natural, dry dog foods should have relatively low protein (around 20-25% in adult foods) and a single meat source - too much protein or too many types of meat in a food can only lead to trouble... or so we thought.

The Orijen 80% meat range contains up to 7 meat sources in each variety and a whopping 38% protein. On paper this goes against everything we British nutritionists used to hold true, and yet the high protein and multiple meat sources have done anything but cause problems. As their legions of fiercely loyal supporters will testify, Orijen really works.

The idea behind Orijen is that dogs are essentially unchanged from their wolf ancestors and so should receive a similar diet - plenty of meat, some fruits and veg and no cereals. This is not a philosophy I entirely agree with - dogs for example may not have changed that much physiologically but their lifestyles are entirely different from wolves, and many dogs in the UK have been doing very well on cereal based diets for generations, but nevertheless, the quality of Orijen is obvious and the benefits to the dog are clear to see.

The quality and range of ingredients is very impressive. With 7 meat sources, all of which are of outstanding quality, a fantastic range of natural fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements, nothing that could be described as a filler or a bulking agent and nothing remotely artificial, Orijen is about as good as it gets.

Although the price tag of a bag of Orijen can be eye watering, this really doesn't tell the whole story. Due to the abundance of high quality nutrients in the the food, you don't have to feed that much - in fact the recommended feeding amounts for most dogs are amongst the lowest around. This makes a bag last much longer and gives a surprisingly reasonable price per day.

Conclusion: A remarkable dog food and not nearly as expensive to feed as you might think.

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