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Wagg Adult

Type of food

Complete dry extruded

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From 12 months to 7 years

Pack sizes

1kg, 2kg & 12kg bags


12kg bags = £14.39

AADF rating


At a glance

Not natural: Contains some added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings and/or other controversial synthetic ingredients
Not high in meat: Contains less than 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis) or meat percentage is unspecified
Not hypoallergenic: Contains wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and/or artificial additives or has an ingredient list that is too unclear to rule out their presence
Not clearly labelled:

This product has not been awarded the clear labelling logo because few ingredient percentages are given and listing meat and gravy together may obscure the real amount of meat present in the food.

Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

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Mixing bowl:

26% Meat Meal & Gravy (with min 5% Chicken), Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Barley, Vegetable Fibre, Maize, 2% Chicken Fat, Whole Linseed, 2.3% Dried Whole Green Peas & Beet, Minerals & Vitamins, Chicory Root (1000 mg/kg), Yucca (150 mg/kg), Antioxidant, Preservative.

As fed (BETA):

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin a 12, 000 IU, Vitamin D3 1, 200 IU, Vitamin E 90 mg, Vitamin C 50 mg, Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 75 mg, Iron (Iron Sulphate Monohydrate) 60 mg, Manganese (Manganous Oxide) 50 mg, Zinc (Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 25 mg, Copper (Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate) 10 mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 2 mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 0.1 mg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 20.0%, Fat 8.0%, Fibre 3.5%, Ash 8.5%, Moisture 8.0%, Omega3 0.30%, Omega6 1.50%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


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Company info
Name: Inspired Pet Nutrition
HQ: Yorkshire, UK
Brands: Aatu1212 Aatu foods listed
Barking Heads1717 Barking Heads foods listed44 Barking Heads treats listed
Harringtons3939 Harringtons foods listed66 Harringtons treats listed
Wagg1111 Wagg foods listed1414 Wagg treats listed
Manufacturer's product description

" Our tasty complete dog food with chicken contains everything your dog needs to keep them in tip top condition. With added antioxidant vitamins, citrus extracts to support immune function and a balanced ratio of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to encourage healthy skin and a glossy coat "

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Skoot91 9 months ago

Thos food causes cancer in dogs my dogs hair fell out also constant trips to the vet wagg food is not fit for purpose 695 pounds vet bill due to food thats dangerous

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Susan Begg 10 months ago

Most Puppies will eat anything including sxxt, which this food is. Dogs will survive on this inferior dog food but they certainly won’t thrive.

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IAN DAVIS 2 years ago

My dog will eat poo and it won't eat this s***t - 0 stars

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Susan Begg IAN DAVIS 10 months ago

I agree Ian, It’s absolute rubbish.

if people can’t afford to feed a quality dog food then they shouldn’t have dogs.

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Michaela Brelsford 5 years ago

My 8 year old lab has been on wagg all his life. He has it dry for breakfast, but at teatime it is mixed with butchers, cooked chicken and raw carrot/veg. He loves his food and everyone comments how fit and healthy his coat is. He gets mistaken for a 2 year old because he is so fit and playful. People don't believe he is 8.

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Harrison Watson 5 years ago

My Labradoodle loves this food. She’s now 6 months old and has been eating it since she was a baby. No fur/skin problems, and has a healthy stool. I know it isn’t the best food on the market but my dog love it so we give it her. 🤷‍♂️

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Susan Begg Harrison Watson 10 months ago

Hope you’re adding quality meat to this rubbish.

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McCBomber 6 years ago

Might as well feed your dog McDonalds if using this brand. They wouldn't state what cereals or types of meat meal used...pretty shoddy!
At a push it only contains 21% meat and only has 22% nutritional protein. If you go for the Beef and Veg -
only 4% Beef...not really beef and veg then is it!?
Couldn't get any worse if you tried. Low income is not an excuse, even when I was homeless I still feed mid range food and even now that i'm no longer homeless but unable to work due to long term illness I now feed high quality food. If you care about your dog you make it work.
Before we knew better about the large variance in dry dog food my mum feed Wagg Adult and then Wagg Sensitive and feed a mid range kibble my mums dog looked really unhealthy with a dull, dry and brittle coat. itchy skin with lots of dander, weeping eyes. Lacked energy to partake in any activities for any length of time but had spells of being a misbehaving hyper sh*t. Had the all clear from the Vet so it wasn't a medical problem and all was resolved after switching to grain, soya, and poultry free food the issues cleared up.
I feed a mid range kibble but also experienced a ok coat condition that was really bright, weepy eyes, Stinky breath and many a day soft smelly stools.
Switching to a quality dog food (80:20) fixed these problems and you wouldn’t recognise the Dog. Glad to never let this cheap and nasty food pass our dogs lips ever again.
Even the working dog range is questionable; primary ingredient being cereals without listing which ones and only a 20% meat and animal derivatives content again not listed the protein sources.
Sky high in carbohydrates and only 22% nutritional protein. Might as well feed your dog a diet of McDonald’s, sure it’ll live but it ain’t healthy.
Yes it cheap and nasty but it is not really economical!
For example going by the Wagg feeding guide I would have to feed 6 times the amount I feed now. In real life it would probably be more given how active my dog is. This will mean a 12Kg adult bag of £12.50 will last at most 20 days meaning that for 60 days food I'll spend £37.50. The 80:20 high quality kibble that my dog eats costs me £40 for 65 days.
Prime example of false economy. Cheaper isn't better and it's deplorable that anyone would consider feeding this, people need to be educated that not all dog food is created equal. People who know its rubbish but still feed it should reconsider dog ownership, maybe a goldfish or rabbit would be more suitable.

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experientiadocet McCBomber 6 years ago

'6 times the amount I feed now'
Akela 80:20 up to 287g a day for a 20kg dog, Wagg up to 360g a day, slight over exaggeration in your statement. Actually this was one of the problems I had when feeding 80:20's as we have labs and they much preferred a larger meal, they don't understand the concept of nutritional content.
Ok so you're giving your dog 184g a day of the 80:20 let's say it's Akela as that's a reasonable cost (and that's allowing for the £40 to buy 12kg, which is unlikely I have to say as most (including Akela) are just 10kg now so I'm being very generous here) worked out by your figures 12kg÷65 is 184.6. Therefore your dog (eating 184g a day per the feeding guide as you say it's high energy) can only be around the 10kg mark or you're underfeeding it. In which case you'd need 180g of Wagg per day going by their feeding guide. Therefore a 12kg bag of Wagg costing just £12.50 would last you 65.1 days.
Look I'm not sticking up for Wagg here, I'm merely saying that if a food suits your dog then there is no reason not to use it.
Obviously your old food didn't suit your dog and you've now found one that does, good I'm pleased for you and even more pleased for your dog, but that won't be the same for everyone, just because your dog didn't do well on it doesn't mean every other dog in the country doesn't, and being nasty to those who do feed it by making out they're abusing their animals really doesn't help!

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McCBomber experientiadocet 6 years ago

The 6 times the amount I feed now is no lie. Any less and he’ll lose weight, will not maintain or build muscle definition and struggle to keep up the pace required. Even on mid range kibble I was feeding double than what was recommended for his weight and energy levels just for him to maintain weight and muscle mass.
Anyone will know this type of food along with many other cheap and nasty brands is like feeding McDonald’s every day to your dog.
Sure you say some dogs do well on it but some people also do well on eating from fast food outlets everyday and look healthy but we all know that is not the case for their insides.
They depend on us to do what’s right as they themselves are unable to make those decisions or to understand what a poor diet does to the body.

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experientiadocet McCBomber 6 years ago

If you fed your dog 6 times the daily amount on the feeding guide on a regular basis your dog would have been a walking barrel, in fact feeding that much would cause exactly the problems you were complaining about, so if this is true it's no wonder the poor dog was ill!! Over feeding causes diarrhoea, the same would happen with an 80:20 food!
That's why I suggested adding a tin of sardines, an egg or some cooked chicken a couple of times a week in order to up the protein element.Kid yourself all you like that an 80:20 kibble is a perfect food, that's your right and I really couldn't care less, but stop trying to make other people feel bad about how they feed their dogs!

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Strongbowman 6 years ago

I have three very healthy dogs who eat nothing but wagg doh food and are very fit and happy ( no other food what so ever)

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Jade 6 years ago

Why are people saying this food is good , it's terrible your just trying to justify buying a cheap nasty dog food in my opinion if you can only afford wagg then quite frankly you shouldn't own a dog, meat meals, animal derivatives, animal meals this stuff is what make the alarm bells ring, there should always be a animal stated e.g. "Chicken meal" lamb meal", animal meal and derivatives = left over stuff from butchers which is bone, fur, guts, hooves, feathers, then you have dead zoo animals , dead field animals which are most likely diseased and can contain medication, this is why most cheap foods like WAGG can't actually state the animal used they just say "animal" derivertives because it's all minced up together and they have no idea what is in each bag themselves this is the reason why one month your dog will like the food and another "bag" it won't because the animal derivertives ingredients will always change, just look at the price and it says it all your buying sh** , most "GOOD" dog food for 2kg bag start from £8.99 ^ wagg goes on offer for £1.99 and full price is £2.99 what the hell does that say about the food, if you really can't afford a "decent" dog food then please make it at home it can actually be quite cheap and you know exactly what your dog is eating. Rant over

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experientiadocet Jade 6 years ago

I cannot believe you've written this comment, how rude!! So anyone who earns a minimum wage shouldn't have a dog???
I thought raw feeders like feeding whole prey to their dogs which includes fur, hooves, feathers and left over dead stuff? Just because it's labelled as venison, Wild boar or pheasant doesn't mean it's best cuts you know! We're talking about dog food here!
I've been through this nonsense, bought into the whole raw deal. I fed solely raw for several years but eventually realised that although they loved it, had lots of different meats, eggs etc I was worried that I wasn't giving them everything they required. What if I was unknowingly missing something or the food they were getting had an imbalance that could cause health issues down the line, after all it'd not show up for years and by then could be too late!
I decided to move back to dry for peace of mind but I have one who can't eat anything with maize in it, he is actually, really allergic to it, one bite of anything with it in and up it comes again. So I moved onto an 80:20, however with 5 large dogs it was ridiculously expensive, I was spending way over £250 a month on their food, more than I was spending on my husbands and my own food bill!
So recently I've done my research, I've actually looked at both sides of the issue rather than just one. What I've found out is that many allergies are not actual allergies. Our boy really has an allergy, the rest can eat grains without issue, so why feed all of them on a grain free food? All you're doing is paying a lot of money for something that isn't necessary for most dogs.
What proof does anyone really have that a 'good' dog food is good? Because a web site has been set up by someone who thinks they know what is good and what isn't? Look at the disclaimers at the bottom of the site!
In my opinion if a dog likes their food, they don't have real allergy issues and the dog is thriving then the food given is good for that dog, end of.
The problem we have now is that so many crossed over to raw, grain free and so called "premium" quality foods that the middle of the road foods have had to up their prices in order to survive; where a few years ago, prior to me being caught up in the raw/grain free fever, I could buy a decent quality, high meat product for £20 for 15kg I now have to pay £30 plus for 12kg. This I can luckily afford to do, my dogs also get some raw mince and chicken carcasses as treats as well, but it seems a shame that those people who are on a low income are now struggling to feed their much loved pets because of the fad for grain free dry foods over the last few years.
For those of you who feed Wagg and your dogs are doing well on it then that's great news! Ignore the likes of Jade, she knows nothing, I honestly can't believe she thought it ok to write the above! If your dog is able to eat eggs add the occasional raw egg to their bowl of Wagg and some warm water to make a nice gravy or treat them to a raw chicken wing as a treat sometimes, or a tin of sardines in oil or water, this will up the meat/protein content and they'll love you even more!

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McCBomber experientiadocet 6 years ago

Couldn't agree with you any more Jade. Anyone that feeds this rubbish is pretty deplorable.
Min wage shouldn't be an excuse! Guess what I don't even get min wage and my dog doesn't get feed cheap or nasty garbage.
When I first got my dog and before I knew about dog food I used to feed run of the mill mid range food; yes he survived but he didn't thrive. Changing to a 80:20 kibble his condition improved greatly, no weepy eyes, no more smelly farts, less number of poos, poos no longer large, squishy stink bombs and now has the required energy to enable extended exercise.
Also I find the cheaper dog food you have to feed more for example looking at the wagg feeding guide I would have to feed 6 times the amount I do now. Not really value for money is it! And I'm not the only one that has experienced this!

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ell1e McCBomber one year ago

My question to both McCbomer and jade, is how are you qualified to make these statements, and I do not mean you spending hours/days researching online. I mean an actual qualification in animal nutrition. I am not saying this food is good or bad, but the fact that you think that it is acceptable to pass judgment on people is more disgusting than feeding you dog Sh** food. You are what is wrong with the world today, my recommendation to you both, is maybe try making yourself nicer humans!

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Strongbowman Jade 6 years ago

Drama queen ! Lol

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LadyBlacklight 6 years ago

I put my Husky puppy on Wagg Puppy Food but he had serious digestive problems with it so I was put off. He was put on tailored food but when I had to leave my job to flee my home I had to find a cheaper alternative. Wagg is all I can afford now. Luckily he's doing very well on it! He's nearly 2 now and he adapted to the change of food very well and is enjoying the flavour. His health seems just as good as it was on the more expensive food. His coat is lovely and shiny, his digestive system is flawless now and he's full of energy (to be honest I cant tell you if this food causes hyperactivity because my boy is hyper by nature!). This food doesnt seem to be affecting his weight either - which is important since this breed can't lose weight easily. He's a very healthy weight.I'm happy with the price, and he seems very happy with the product. I could tell he was starting to get bored of the taste of his old food so I'm glad he's looking forward to dinner time again. I like that I have two flavours to choose from, so if he becomes bored of one I can just get the other! They say Huskies know when they're full. Mine doesn't. He loves this food so much he goes looking for it as soon as he's finished his bowl despite me feeding the criteria for him! (probably extra, and with treats/veg/fruit since I spoil him so since it's just the two of us).I'm very happy with this product and will be sticking with it even when I can afford the higher priced foods. Why change from a bargain?

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Rachel Mansell 7 years ago

We've fed our 4 year old dog on Wagg for working dogs with some boiled chicken (the only way she'll eat it- super fussy dog) since she was young and she's always been remarkably healthy and happy. Every so often she goes off the flavour so we switch to chicken then back again, but this brand has served us well enough so far, even though we don't give her the conventional amount.

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Stan Rawlinson 7 years ago

I have just seen an advert for wag on a trade gazette. It states that we have been milling feeds since 1923 that is 651 years if you are a dog.
A couple of pointers. What does Milling mean? Grain which we now know is not good for dogs. And there were no grains added to dog food until 1956 when Kibble was invented.
secondly to calculate a dogs age you DO NOT USE ONE IN 7 CALCULATION That has been shown to be totally incorrect for the last 20 years. Therefore as a dog specialist food producer they should know this.is the correct way of calculating. You take the breed and the size and weight and use a specialised chart to calculate your individuals dogs ageHowever s a broad rule of thumb it is 15 for the first year 10 for the second and 4 for every year after. Therefore 364 years would be the correct calculation. Given that information how much more has Wagg got wrong. Certainly their claim of no artificial preservatives could be called in question. Especially given the above data

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experientiadocet Stan Rawlinson 6 years ago

Proof that grain is not good for most dogs? Of course dogs were fed grain before 1956, most people fed them table scraps and grain was a huge part of that! I vividly remember my parents dogs in the early 1960's being given the crusts from the dry loaves of bread and a Yorkshire pudding every Sunday! If you think dogs back then were fed on raw meaty bones you're very much mistaken!
The rest of your comment is pointless.

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Stan Rawlinson experientiadocet 6 years ago

I was born in 1947 and we fed our dogs scraps from out table and scraps from the butchers including tripe, Lights (lungs) pigs heads and offal that humans did not often eat. Yes they would get scraps from the table but not were super heated as is kibble . Losing many of the nutrients along the way and none had preservatives to give it a shelf life of 4 years. The word Chickenfeed in popular parlance means cheap. Yes they may occasionally get crusts and bread but never fed grain day in day out for the rest of their life. Wagg is crap very simple i would not feed it to a rat.The main ingredients in this food is grain very little meat if any. Are you aware that the Kennel Club recently released a survey to say that our dogs are dying 11% sooner today than they were 10 years ago? That is a shocking statistic given medical advances during that time. Three area are to blame for this disgraceful findings. Dog Food, Paediatric Neutering, and Over vaccination. I even wrote an article about the problem. https://www.doglistener.co.... By all means kill your own dogs through ignorance, but please do not lecture or blame people who actually may just know what they are talking about because you cannot afford a more appropriate food.

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experientiadocet Stan Rawlinson 6 years ago

I'm not getting into this with you Stan, I know full well who you are and have read much that you have written, much of which I agree with and some that I don't.Your opinion, and that is all it is at the end of the day, isn't sacrosanct and others should be free to question you without speculative, but wrong, statements about their income. I do not feed Wagg myself but, if you read my previous comment to Jade, I do not think it helpful to put down people who, on a low income, cannot afford to feed one of the many overpriced foods that abound nowadays. People like Jade feed off your opinions and make others feel bad about what they can afford. Not everyone can afford high end food, you can't get free off cuts from the butchers anymore and raw feeding, if you do it properly, is expensive, especially if you take into account the cost of running a second freezer.There is no scientific evidence that cereals acutely harm dogs, yes I'm fully aware of the KC study that seems to suggest a lowering of the age span over the last decade, the 11% equates to 3 months, but as you full know this could be a result of many things, over vaccination, breed genetic issues, even a bias from those taking part, if your pedigree (and, it has to be said, this was a survey of purely pedigree dogs) dog died at age 5 due to a chronic medical problem wouldn't you make sure it was included in this survey? In fact I would say that maybe the people who bothered to complete the survey were those that fed a more expensive diet anyway? I don't know this of course as their choice of food wasn't asked, but then neither do you know the opposite. There is no actual proof that cheaper dog food is harming dogs. End of.I was born in 1960 in a small village. We had no butchers shop, ironically my Grandfather was the last butcher in the village until the late 1950's. After that closed people bussed into the nearest town to do their shop, they certainly didn't lug back bones for the dog on their return journey.
We did however have a local bakery and they threw all the bread left each day into a pile in their back garden, the local dogs and cats spent much of their time there, feral cats in the area were rampant, my mother and I spent many hours trying to catch, treat, tame and rehome the many kittens that roamed the area.Lastly I'm not going to justify myself to you as you have done to me, I don't need to. I will just say we live very well thank you. But this wasn't always the case, 35 years ago we were struggling to bring up 3 small children on one average wage as we felt it important that I was there for our children. We had two dogs at the time, a rescue Border Collie that had been left for dead at the side of the road as a young adult and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Both these dogs ate a food that by today's standards would be seen as a cheap option, the Cav lived until she was 13 years of age and had no health issues until her back legs went at the end, our Collie lived until he was just short of 18 years of age, again with no major health issues throughout his life. I'm not suggesting a cheap food contributed to their healthy long lives, we were lucky I guess, but then I could do so if I wanted to. What's good for the gander hey?I've just checked and my comment to Jade has been removed. I will be following this up as I was not rude, just honest in my opinion that she was being judgemental. I'm assuming that it was because I also questioned this sites qualifications in canine nutrition, after all it does state in the small print that the literature on here is all opinion based rather than scientifically based; I'm shocked that an advisory site such as this would be deleting perfectly acceptable comments that point this out! This in itself says more than enough about the sites objectives.I've just seen that my comment was removed as spam, spam??? 😏Luckily disqus keep a copy of every post I make so I'll be putting it back on to see what happens, feel free to read it...if it's not deleted again.Edited to thank the sites mods for approving my original reply to Jade, I take back my comments about this issue. I have already reposted it, thanks again.

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All About Dog Food experientiadocet 6 years ago

Just to let you know that your comment was not taken down. It was flagged by a user and awaiting moderator approval and has since been approved. I hope that helps.

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experientiadocet All About Dog Food 6 years ago

Thank you, much appreciated 👍🏼

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Fiona 7 years ago

Excellent food- had a similar experience to Scott where our English Mastiff suffered sore areas all over her tummy. We tried creams and antibiotics from the vet but it kept coming back, we even thought it might be stress. We were feeding her Iams as the breeder said it was best. Given that Lola weighs 65kg it was really expensive. Our other dogs have always eaten Wagg so we decided to try Lola with it- her skin cleared up very quickly and she is now 9 and really healthy and calm with lots of energy. Our other dogs lived to 17 and 14. We now have an 11 month old Cairn terrier X Cockapoo who started on Wagg puppy food from 7 weeks, before joining Lola in eating worker Wagg.
I found this site after our puppy trainer said Wagg was dreadful food and full of additives- she felt our pups bounciness was due to poor diet and that it was cheap- 'you get what you pay for'.
I don't usually post comments anywhere but I feel quite strongly about this - Wagg is a good quality complete food and I have had the joy of 4 healthy, happy dogs to prove it.

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Scott 7 years ago

From 8 weeks old , I fed my Irish Staffordshire bull terrier on arden grange and was paying in excess of £50 a 15 kg sack as I was informed by my dog trainer that it was the best food money could buy ! However despite being in good physical condition , he always had skin problems which I just put down to his genetics ? After some advise from an old terrier man against my better judgement I put him on wagg for working dogs costing £13 per 17 kg bag , to my disbelief the skin complaint cleared up within a week and my dogs conformation and drive went through the roof ! I would highly recommend this dog food to anyone . It just goes to show , you don't always get what you pay for ! Ps I would recommend adding a tin of sardines or pilchards every now and again as this is very good for the dog and very inexpensive . Hope this helps ,

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sarah treays 8 years ago

This we have fed to 4 of our dogs over many years .. all have reached good ages ie 19 years old ! Have tried Harrringtons ( same company ) as recommended by vet friend , but high Maize content no good ! Despite the negative reviews from some .. this has suited 16 year old and 2 year old .! Highly recommended .

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Cathy Blythen 8 years ago

I usually feed my GSD on the chicken flavour Wagg as he loves it and has been keeping his weight balanced with no other problems. last week the only biscuits they had in where the Beef Wagg. I thought they where the same...obviously not. in just over a week he has become this intense ball of energy. Hyperactive and uninterested in his normal routine. Hes even started bullying my other GSD. Im fuming but I know its not his fault. how do I get it out of his system quickly!!

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Barry Athey 8 years ago

I have my 6 month old Springer on Wagg,he seems ok,but has started getting small white spots on his back. Does anyone know if this is the food or something else?

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Moobsnsmuff 9 years ago

Hi Eris,thanks for that it's pretty much as I thought,I pretty much did this with my eldest dog and really wanted someone to confirm my thoughts, she's definitely a little piggy,I found her perched on top of a 17kg bag of food with her head in it chomping away 10mins after her dinner!! What are the bowls u mentioned I've not heard of those and they sound like a good idea

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Eris Moobsnsmuff 9 years ago

There are a few brands out there, but most pet shops sell at least one kind. They just have little nobbles in the bowl that keep them from gulping everything down in one.

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Moobsnsmuff 9 years ago

Hi, I have a 5 year old retreiver3/4 spaniel1/4 cross who has always been on wagg worker and has never had any issues,she is fit healthy and still thinks she's a pup! I now have a working cocker and after the Initial 12weeks of using very expensive puppy food I put her on wagg, no real swapping issues and she looks healthy and is more than full of life!! My only query is I've got her on 100gms 3 times a day at present( going to 2 a day in a week, she'll be 6months) and she wolfs it down like she's starving and clearly would eat more given the chance!!! Following wagg feeding guidelines I'm close to the max they say to give but am unsure if I should up the quantities, she's fully wormed, ant opinions would be helpful?

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Eris Moobsnsmuff 9 years ago

I had this trouble when feeding my staffy x. The best thing to do is look at the body condition and feed accordingly. If your dog needs more or less than the suggested amounts, it's no big deal. Afterall, they're just guidelines. Also, bear in mind that you've probably just got a piglet on your hands! Mine all have go slow bowls to help them slow down, and they work like a charm.

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Stan Rawlinson 9 years ago

I use these a lot and most dogs love them.

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Zoe Bancroft 9 years ago

I have gone back to Wagg puppy after trying the puppies on Eukanuba and them all getting upset tummies even though it was only given as a treat to get them use to it, then when in their food they wouldn't eat it but love both Wagg and Harringtons, both made by the same company, I wouldn't feed anything else to them now and even the breeder fed one of them Wagg when we got her, the other 2 I had got on harringtons so now they have a mixture of both and I use it for treats as well, every dog is different and I think the more expensive brands can be to rich for them sometimes and we automatically think more expensive is best which it isn't looking at the lists on here.

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GRRRoomers 9 years ago

I have been feeding my soon to be 16year old rescue dog on wagg since we got her, at aprox 1 year old. it is the only food she will eat and she is very fit and healthy. I have recommended it to several people who have dogs with sensative stomachs, instead of the expensive vet prescription food, with excellent results.

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laura 9 years ago

I have used Wagg since I got both of my rescue lurchers and one is 14 and the other 11. Their food has never been an issue and they can be fussy with other brands. The low protein is good for some dogs but Wagg do a higher protein option for working dogs. Dogs are a scavenger species and used to eating leftovers and low quality meat, giving them quality meat just reduces the efficiency of the meat industry.

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Sarah 9 years ago

Our dogs (labradors, same litter) started off on Bakers as that was what they were used to. We found it went straight through them and made them poorly - they were losing loads of weight. We then tried lots of 'higher end', more expensive brands and they continued to lose weight. In the end we tried them on Wagg and it is the only thing which seems to suit them.

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kathy stent 10 years ago

Help which dried food is best for my dogs they are on bakers which i want to change so am looking for one which dosent have all the additives of bakers would welcome some advice

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Eris kathy stent 10 years ago

My dog does very well on wagg, it doesn't have the sugars and colourings of bakers, so may be a suitable option. Harringtons is an all natural food without wheat, made by the same people, also priced decently.

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kathy stent Eris 10 years ago

Many thanks Eris i will give this a try as your dogs sound happy

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El GrumpyolBat T 10 years ago

After trying various brands, this is definitely the best for my cross-breed dog: we think she's about 7 yrs old, her coat is healthy and she has lots of stamina (not to mention cheek!) x

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Sandra Roberts 10 years ago

I always feed Wagg and my dogs have always been healthy. I recently lost two dogs to old age. One was 18 and one 16. Fed Wagg from 8 weeks of age and never done them harm.

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Eris 10 years ago

I have fed two dogs on wagg for a number of years now. One of these was fed on a series of Hills, Skinners and Naturediet, none of which agreed with her. I now feed both of these two the senior variety, which has also helped to clear alot of plaque build up. I am always getting comments on their shiny coats and vitality. They are 7 and 10, but often mistaken for yearlings. It's obviously not a food for a dog with intolerances, but if they're allergy free - it's excellent.

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Susan Ratcliffe Eris 7 months ago

I've had dogs all my life 30years all of them have been fed waggs working dogs dry not one health issue I had feeding them this my dogs that have passed away in the past has been threw old age nothing to do with what they fed all my check up with the vets as come back as healthy dogs I can afford to feed my dogs expensive food but I choose not to cos some of expensive feed are worse then the cheaper ones so I stick to what my dogs like people shouldn't get judged at least there feeding there dogs and there dogs are happy and healthy unless your expert not a google expert it doesn't matter what you feed them as long as there loved and happy eris you are right about it being no good for dogs with allergies and intolerance

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