Updated 24 Oct 2017

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high meat content

High meat content





With a well rounded mix of good quality ingredients and a high proportion of meat, the Natural Dog Food Company adult diets are amongst the best foods in their price bracket. The Large Bite version is the same as the standard adult chicken variety but with a considerably larger biscuit size.

The meat is of a high quality and there is plenty of it - although it is worth noting that about half is 'fresh meat' which, although very good quality, does still contain a lot of water. Once removed, the total proportion of meat would be around 33% on a dry-matter basis which is still plenty but not quite as good as the label suggests. The dry-matter percentages make it much easier to draw direct comparisons with other dog foods.

Despite the large percentage of meat, the protein and fat content of Natural Dog Food Adult are fairly low. This provides a good option for dog owners that want to feed a meat rich diet but are concerned by high protein/fat levels.

The 'mixed vegetables and herbs' entry is a little vague which makes it difficult to know exactly what you're feeding.

Natural Dog Food has very low suggested feeding amounts which makes it surprisingly economical to feed.

In its literature, the Natural Dog Food Company emphasises the fact that, unlike just about everyone else, they don't use synthetic vitamins in their foods. I'm afraid I can't find enough research on the pros and cons of synthetic vitamins to comment but more details can be found on the Natural Dog Food Company website.

Conclusion: NDFC adult is an excellent, natural food at a very reasonable price, although the labelling could be a little clearer.

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