Updated 30 Nov 2023
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Wainwright's Dry Puppy Review

Type of food

Complete dry extruded

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From weaning to 18 months

Pack sizes

2kg & 15kg bags


15kg bags = £49.99

Exclusive to

Pets at Home

AADF rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
Not high in meat: Contains less than 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis) or meat percentage is unspecified
Not hypoallergenic: Contains wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and/or artificial additives or has an ingredient list that is too unclear to rule out their presence
Not clearly labelled:

It is difficult to tell exactly what is in this food due to a lack of labelling clarity.

Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day




Mixing bowl:

Lamb 26% (Dried Lamb 19%, Freshly Prepared Lamb 7%), Brown Rice (26%), Maize Protein, Whole Grain Barley (13%), Rapeseed Oil, Whole Ground Oats (4.5%), Beet Pulp (4%), Linseed (2%), Seaweed (0.2%), Yucca Extract (0.02%).

As fed (BETA):

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin a 15, 000iu, Vitamin D3 1, 500iu, Vitamin E 200mg; Trace Elements: Zinc (as Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 75mg, Iron (as Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate) 50mg, Manganese (as Manganese (II) Oxide) 40mg, Copper (as Copper (Ll) Sulphate Pentahydrate) 5mg, Iodine (as Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1mg, Selenium (as Sodium Selenite) 0.1mg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 28.5%, Fat 12.0%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 8.0%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


15kg bags RRP


Grams per day


Cost per day


Approved supplier:

Pets at Home

Wainwright's store finder:

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Company info
Name: Pets at Home
HQ: Cheshire, UK
Brands: Ava3131 Ava foods listed
Evolution Naturally
Fishmonger's Finest11 Fishmonger's Finest foods listed
Pets at Home1111 Pets at Home foods listed44 Pets at Home treats listed
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Wainwright's5959 Wainwright's foods listed77 Wainwright's treats listed
Manufacturer's product description

" At Wainwright's we want the very best for your dog. So, our naturally inspired recipes are tailored to your dog's needs. Made with high quality ingredients and a single source of protein, our recipes are packed with wholesome goodness that's easy to digest. It's in our nature.

Wainwright's Puppy Lamb and Rice with Vegetables is a complete balanced dry food that your puppy will love. Made with a hypoallergenic recipe with no added wheat, pork, dairy, soya or artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, you can be assured the highest quality natural ingredients have been chosen with care.


Hypoallergenic, easy to digest formulations;

Quality, wholesome ingredients;

Made from a single source protein;

Freshly prepared with pride in the UK. "

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John Whyte 6 months ago

I thought it was just my 7 month old cocker spaniel, have had him on this food since getting him at 8 weeks all was good to start with then around 10 - 12 weeks the poos started to get very runny now they are so messy and the smell is horendous, im going to move him onto another food as of today. Thanks for the below reviews.

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jo 9 months ago

My 4 month old frenchie has been on this since 7wks old,its now giving her the runs and she is full of stinky gas 😷,i really dnt know wat to change to as their so exspensive

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Mukhtar Rehman Hairs 11 months ago

I’m having the same issue with my puppy 7month and since being on this my dogs been having very runny 💩 . I’m deffo not using this product again.

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Vicki Yuill one year ago

Wainwrights Turkey and Rice Puppy Food -

We were feeding our pup on TAILS dog food and thought we would give this a go instead. Poor pup had terrible stinking farts and runny poo constantly. This food is a welfare concern and should be taken off the market!

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Flower one year ago

I bought this for my GSD puppy after her first brand food increased their prices by a lot of money. The first food was brilliant, giving her an amazing start with good physical growth and a beautiful coat admired by our vets with safe solid poo. After about a third of the large bag of Wainwright's puppy food I have found that my dogs lovely soft coat is becoming harsh and dry. More importantly her poo has increased with her passing more than 4 times a day and is sloppy. I will definitely have to go back to my beautiful pups original food even though it costs a lot more than this Wainwright's !!

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Zoballoon one year ago

So I've very recently switched to wainrights puppy salmon dry mix for my girl as she has an extremely sensitive stomach, she's a 7 month old husky and is very sensitive to food she's fed with, I finally believe we've found a food she can eat and enjoy without the stomach issues that follow and even more she doesn't leave a single bite in her bowl for my older dog to take anymore. Thank you so much for creating this food that's perfect for my puppy

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Em032 one year ago

Wainrights food made our puppy do the smelliest farts, and all of his poos were quite wet. We had no idea what was causing it, but, after a recommendation from a friend, we tried switching his food to something else. This has completely sorted the problem! Not sure what's in this food, but a few puppies at our class have had the same issues with Wainrights

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Winchester67 Em032 one year ago


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Winchester67 Winchester67 one year ago

Hi can I ask what do you feed your dog now as I have a 10 month old and he has quite soft poos and looking to change his food

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Zoe 2 years ago

Hi the packaging states 2-18 months but the lady in pets at home said we could soak this with water and feed our 3 weeks old puppies is this correct?

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Jon Hann Zoe 5 months ago

Don't soak in water will make your pup bloat.

Feed then water in bowl after,hope this helps

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Zoe 2 years ago

Am I able to feed this to my 3 week old puppies if I soak it? The packaging says 2-18 months but we were told we could give this to our pups thanks zoe

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All About Dog Food Zoe 2 years ago

Hi Zoe, as a general rule you really shouldn't start weaning puppies until their 4th week. Take a look at our guide here: https://www.allaboutdogfood...

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Alfie 3 years ago

My puppy has wolfed down your food for the last year. This week he’s turned down lamb and salmon. I note from the comments below that the formulation has changed - it looks like we’ve got an unhappy customer...

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Alfie 3 years ago

Our Cockapoo puppy has had your food since we had him a year ago. He’s always wolfed it down. This week he’s turned down both the lamb and salmon versions. I notice the 2 comments below and have realised that the composition of the food has changed.
Looks like we’ve got an unhappy customer.

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Herbies Dad 3 years ago

We have been feeding our Working Cocker spaniel Wainwrights from the breeder recommendation. No problems until recently. The composition has changed and seems to contain more cereals. Herbie has now had an upset tummy and are looking for a change.

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Herbies Dad 3 years ago

Believe that Wainwright’s food has recently changed composition. Now seems to have more oats than before. Our 6 month Working Cocker was started with tummy problems.

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All About Dog Food Herbies Dad 3 years ago

Many thanks for the heads-up, I'll get our info updated asap!

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Gez Dodd 6 years ago

I'm surprised Wainwrights has only scored 3.4 as it has been highly recommended

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Chelsee 7 years ago

Weening our 8 week golden retriever off of Puppy Burns and introducing Wainwrights. She is taking to it very well and we can see a definite preference as she eats the Wainwrights kibble first before touching the Burns. Her stomach is handling the transition very well too. I am happy we chose to go with this brand and will continue using.

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Guest 10 years ago

One of my puppies has an incredibly sensitive stomach. Tried Royal Canine and other 'premium' brands, but all irritated her belly. Some googling highlighted Wainwrights as a potential solution - within a day she was back to 100%. I've switched both of my girls to it. The Salmon and Potato is a particular favorite, and keeps my darlings fit, healthy and full. Vet is overjoyed with the progress made since switching and can't believe that a 'own-brand' can be so good.P.S. A friend used to feed his dogs James Wellbeloved - after seeing my girls eating their Wainwrights, he's adamant that they're the exact same stuff. I've never fed mine JW stuffs, but the fact that he even thinks they're comparable is good enough for me.

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sandy snowflake 10 years ago

yes, I have found this dry puppy food to be excellent for our Lhasa apso (7 mths ) he just loves it. He is healthy & active & its easy to clean up in the garden after he poops. (no loose stools ) I mix it with wainrights trays of turkey & rice twice a day. I would recommend this.

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Louise 10 years ago

Absolutely fantastic food. Moved my French Bulldog onto this after having upset tummies on Eden. I just swapped straight over as the other food was making him sick all the time and immediately the sickness and sloppy stools disappeared. He is now a year old and on the adult food. I have no intention of moving him away from Wainwrights. 5 star food. Can personally recommend the Salmon and Potato. :)

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Carol Cooper 10 years ago

My Phalene pup loves this, cleans her bowl every time. Very happy giving her this, no bad breath and no loose stools.

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