Updated 20 Nov 2017

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High meat content





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Orijen Puppy is fantastic. 80% meat, 20% nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs, no fillers, no additives and a nice clear ingredients list. Who could ask for more? No wonder then that Orijen Puppy was the first dedicated puppy food to receive our full 5 star rating.

Like all of the Orijen range, the idea behind the Puppy formua is that dogs are essentially unchanged from their wolf ancestors and so should receive a similar diet - plenty of meat, some fruits and veg and no cereals.

Starting with the meat conent, Orijen Puppy is primarily chicken based but also contains meat from turkey and fish sources. This is great for providing more nutritional variety but may not be ideal for dogs that are prone to dietary intollerance who often do better on single meat source diets. All of the meat is of an excellent quality and comes from ethical, non-intensive Canadian farms.

Of course, so much meat means there's no shortage of protein in Orijen Puppy but since it all comes from high-quality meat sources that dogs have evolved to process very efficiently, that shouldn't be any cause for concern.

The quality and range of vegeatbles, fruits and herbs is second to none, each one highly nutritous and chosen to fit in with the 'ancestral diet' of the dog. It would be difficult to label any ingredient as a filler or bulking agent and with nothing even remotely artificial, Orijen Puppy really is about as good as it gets.

Naturally, all of this comes at a price. With slightly smaller bags than most competitors but at a higher recommended retail price, Orijen Puppy is an expensive option. Even when you weigh in the relatively low feeding amounts, the price per day is still high which may be enough to put many puppy owners off.

Conclusion: One of he best dedicated puppy foods on the UK market but with an understandably hefty price tag.

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