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Fish4Dogs have been around since 2007 and their 'Finest' range have always been their flagship foods. Their simple, no-nonsense formulas mean that they are very unlikely to cause any problems which has helped Fish4Dogs to become the food of choice for many pet care professionals and owners of sensitive dogs. Nevertheless, after the amount of fish used in the Finest range was cut back in 2012, the popularity has started to wain a little.

Looking at the ingredients list, the first thing you'll notice is that there aren't very many of them. Primarily based around fish, potato and pea flour, Fish4Dogs Finest is an extremely simple food. This is excellent news for owners of dogs that are prone to food allergies and intolerance since the fewer the ingredients, the less chance they have of causing an upset. From a nutritional perspective, however, it does mean that the range of natural nutrients present in the food's raw ingredients is likely to be quite restricted.

As you might expect, Fish4Dogs is based on fish. The first, and therefore largest ingredient in both varieties is top quality fresh Norwegian fish. Fresh fish is both nutritious and highly palatable but it should be noted that, since it contains around two thirds water, almost all of which is lost during processing, the proportion left in the finished product will be considerably less than the 28% listed - probably more like 10% in fact. Even combined with the 11% salmon meal listed further down the list, that only gives the food a total fish content (not including the added oil) of about 21% which is quite low for this price bracket.

Fish4Dogs Finest is completely natural, hypoallergenic and grain free. As it's carbohydrate source it uses a combination of potato and pea flour, both of which are very unlikely to cause any problems but also won't provide much in the way of nutrients and in large amounts like this (together making up two fifths of the food), they could be regarded as fillers.

Fish4Dogs does contain a very large dose of fish oils which are famed for their benefits to the skin, coat and joints due to their high levels of essential omega-3 and omega-6 oils.

With regard to it's price, £53.50 for 12kg puts it above many competitor brands, even of a higher quality.

Conclusion: Fish4Dogs Finest is a good quality, hypoallergenic food, especially for dogs with sensitive skin but for the price its low fish content and high proportion of fillers is disappointing.

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