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Markus Mühle Natural Dog Food

Type of food

Dry cold pressed complete

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From 12 months to old age

Pack sizes

5kg & 15kg bags


15kg bags = £38.90

Nutritional rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Not hypoallergenic: Contains one or more common allergy causing ingredients or has an ingredient list that is too unclear to rule out their presence
Not clearly labelled:

It is difficult to tell exactly what is in this food due to a lack of labelling clarity.

Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day

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Mixing bowl:

28% Dried Poultry Meat Meal (Chicken), Whole Maize Meal, Brown Rice Meal, 8% Game Tripe Meal (Venison), 5% Venison Bone Meal, Maize Germs, Jerusalem Artichoke Meal, Beet Root Meal, 5% Sea Fish Meal, Linseed Oil, Rapeseed Oil (Cold Pressed), Fruit Powder (Acticell), Herbs, 2% Powdered Egg Yolk, Dried Peat, Dried Herb Mixture (Stinging Nettles, Field Horsetail, Pansy, Fennel, Coriander, Marjoram, Common Horsetail, Walnut Leaves, Burdock Root, Parsley, Blackberry Leaves, Dandelion), Salmon Oil, Dried Mojave Yucca, Seaweed Meal.

Italicised text = Information not usually on label but provided by manufacturer to help with our ratings.

As fed (BETA):

Why is this different from the ingredients list?

Typical Analysis

Protein 25.0%, Fat 10.5%, Fibre 3.3%, Ash 7.0%, Moisture 11.0%, Calcium 1.3%, Magnesium 0.18%, Potassium 0.69%, Phosphorus 1.0%, Sodium 0.39%.

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin A (10.500 IU/kg) Vitamin D3 (1050 IU/kg) Vitamin E (200mg/kg), Vitamin B1 (3.5 mg/kg) Vitamin B2 (7 mg/kg), Vitamin B6 ( 4.2 mg/kg), Vitamin B12 ( 42 mg/kg), Biotin (210mg/kg), Folic Acid (0.35 mg/kg), Niacin (21 mg/kg), Vitamin C (140mg/kg), Pantothernic Acid (7 mg/kg), Choline Chloride (1050 mg/kg), Iron (200 mg/kg), Cobalt(1mg/kg), Selenium (0.25 mg/kg), Copper (10 mg/kg), Zinc (65mg/kg), Iodine (1.6 mg/kg).


364.0 kcal/100g

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average


15kg bags RRP


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Company info
Name: Lupo San
HQ: Langenhahn, Germany
Brands: Lupo33 Lupo foods listed
Markus Mühle33 Markus Mühle foods listed
Manufacturer's product description

" Why is Markus Mühle different?

Markus Mühle natural dog food is as natural as possible complete dog food, which contains all the important nutrients naturally provided by prey. This top quality cold pressed product is suitable for all dogs and is full of power. The nutritional specialists at Markus Mühle exclusively offer a complete dog food, which works hand in hand with nature.Over thousands of years, dogs have developed as prey animals. In the wild they would feed on berries, herbs, fish and insects, but mainly on a variety of prey, of which they eat not just meat, but bones, offal body fluids, tripe, stomach, and partially digested grass, fur and more. This kind of diet would provide them with all nutrients they need to stay healthy and thrive. The best diet for dogs would be natural prey- but this is not easy to achieve. This fact is the principle behind the development of Markus Mühle. And the result is a unique as natural as possible complete dog food.

The analyses of animal experts have proven that Markus Mühle natural dog food is rich in minerals and provides a balanced proportion of amino acids as required by dogs.

Markus Mühle is a family run business based in the Westerwald in the middle of Germany. Using the cold pressed method makes this dog food simply unique. The chunks promote teeth cleansing and satisfy the chewing instinct. The dog food is gluten free, contains protein only from poultry, venison, fish and eggs and has no artificial flavourings or attractants. "

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Alice 11 months ago

hello considering Markus Muehle for my 8-9 year old staffie. she is currently overweight so will make sure i measure out portions etc. but i note some of the reviews seem to suggest it is better for dogs who struggle to keep weight on and it can be easy to over feed. any experience of this causing weight gain

Barnaby Wheller Alice 5 months ago

Hope this is of use (six months on) but my Japanese Spitz has not gained weight - I do weigh out the portion size though - I know that sounds crazy but he's the first small dog I've ever owned, I usually have huge dogs and I feel with a small dog it's better to be accurte every day rather than a bit up or down each day averaging about right - a few grams either side of 60g is a big %.

Julie Mclay 2 years ago

Hi my medium sized cockapoo has
just been neutured and has put on half a kilo in weight so I've been advised by the vet to feed a low calorie dog food. Which cab you recommend from your range.

s R. 2 years ago

I am a Brit living in Germany. I have been using this food for about 1 year now. For my Leonberger and my Smooth Fox Terrier. they both love it, and do very well on it. I agree about the packaging. I have known about this food for a while, seen it for sale anyway....but I never looked twice as the packaging led me to believe it was not great quality. This also and the " its a good price, so cant be all that". I was wrong. It is good stuff. Very impressed.

El Pistolero 2 years ago

i would like to try it for my American Bulldog but i'm pretty confused. I mean i don't know if it's good for her. She has problems with her coat and she loses pretty much hair. And this food has no omega oil witch is pretty essential

Peter Vekas El Pistolero 10 months ago

There is rapeseed oil, linseed oil and salmon oil in it. All of them are amongst the best sources of Omega 3 and 6. If you're still not sure, give her half a cup of raw, peeled pumpkin seeds every day. They're benefitial not only fot their great nutritional values. They contain a decent amount of Omega fatty acids. You can get them in most of the grocery stores or bio shops. Alternatively, you can buy a litre of fish oil (buy the one for pets, as it's cheaper) for 10-15€, and sprinkle one teaspoon over her food every day. That's about 5ml, so the bottle will last you for ages.

s R. El Pistolero 2 years ago

It stopped my Foz terriers itchy skin, and her weeping eyes.

Kristy John El Pistolero 2 years ago

the food is excellent quality and value for money..you could always add some supplements to it for her skin/coat condition x

Jovita Rush-Morgan 2 years ago

I've been feeding this to my greyhounds for years now. Everyone always comments on how shiny their coats look and how they're in great condition. I put it down dry in the morning and add a little wet food in the evening. I do weigh it out into their bowls but they graze during the day and tend to only eat what they need. Even our blind little terrier loves it and happily eats it dry.

chris 3 years ago

Ive been feeding my springer sized mutt on MM for about six months now. She likes it but she’ll eat anything tbh but her mini schnauzer cousin picked some MM out of my dogs bowl in preference to her own Lily’s Kitchen. Not had a poo problem in fact this is the best it has been. The food is very heavy so feeding quantities look stingy. I think it’s excellent quality for the price and I understand they are ethical in their sourcing and manufacturing (hopefully!). My only slight reservation is my dog has steadily been increasing in weight since starting this food and I’ve been feeding her well below the guideline amount. I’m now writing everything she eats down and have my fingers crossed the culprit does not turn out to be this food else I’ll be back to the drawing board. I have noticed a few reviewers comment that this has helped get weight onto their underweight dogs so maybe isn’t a great choice for a greedy guts :-)

liz garvie 3 years ago

I started my 2 greyhounds on this food 3 months ago having previously used James Wellbeloved. I chose it as I was basically looking for the best possible quality food for about the same price and this appears to be better quality nutrition wise as well as cheaper as the bag is bigger. Plus sides, it soakes easily and no upset tummies. Minus sides, the kibble is very large and the dogs poo a lot more, their condition is no better or worse than on their previous food.

Jacqui Griffiths 3 years ago

All my dogs love this food and they're all in beautiful condition - so I love it too! I've been feeding this to dogs of all ages for years now and it's always given them beautiful coats and much better poos. I also like the fact that, as a cold-pressed food, it dissolves in water rather than swelling up in their stomachs. This makes it far easier for them to digest.I currently have three dogs (two whippets and a lurcher), and even though this is their daily food they also see it as a high-value treat, so I use it for training and enrichment activities. I weigh out a whole day's portion for each dog and then use it throughout the day in interactive toys, training sessions, snuffle mats, on walks, whatever. As well as the food being great value for money, it also means I spend far less on complementary foods like training treats. The dogs just love working for this food.It is important to weigh the food out so you don't overfeed, and I think that's good practice with any dog food. I start with the recommended amount and then keep an eye on each dog's weight and tweak their portion accordingly. The pieces can be big but they're easy to break up if you want to use them for training or make the portion last longer. I think a small-bite variety is also available for smaller dogs.I've seen some comments about the food being smelly, and I know my dogs think it smells delicious. It does have a smell but I don't think it's worse than other bags of dog food - some kibbles smell really strong to me. I keep this food in its paper bag inside a big tub that has a lid but isn't airtight, and I've had no problems with the smell or the quality.As all dogs are different I'm sure there are some who won't get on with this food, but based on my experience I can't recommend it highly enough. I've also had some of my dogs' friends round, who are fussy eaters, and they love it too.

Cap_n dread 3 years ago

Just learned about this food, it is made using 100% hydropower, so the earths resources are intact, besides that, the dog poos once picked up and deposited into the dog bins go to the local processing plant and produce bio power, so Markus are in fact exporting from Germany, free electricity along with this wonderful foodstuff, isn't that great news?...not all European related stuff is bad you know, wonder how much this will go up March 2019 though, as in Germany animal feeds are taxed at a much lower rate than ours, i may be flying out there to get my six month supply instead of zooplus, who thankfully introduced my dog to this food. he is wheat intolerant and this food does nicely

Alice 3 years ago

Hi, is this suitable for a large breed puppy? He is 15 weeks old and vet thinks will grow to 25 or 30kg. How much would you recommend feeding him? Thanks

Cathie Delamere Alice 3 years ago

I am a Flatcoat breeder, they grow to the same weights, I wean them on the Junior Black Angus Variety and keep them on it till about 15 months then change to this, but the info states that Naturenah is suitable for puppies to adults, it is easy to soak for teenies. I would follow the directions on the bag for feeding amounts, but it is very economical and well accepted, I have been feeding it for over 3 years and am really pleased with it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Alice Cathie Delamere 3 years ago

Thanks a mill in :-D

Karl Graham 3 years ago

My little 12 month old pug won't eat this unless she's hungry, however she's a perfect weight has nice solid poos and has a beautiful conditioned coat and bright eyes. A 15kg bag lasts us forever, she was fed royal canin by the breeder which to me smelt of Marmite, I researched it on this website and changed to MM after seeing it was overpriced for what it was. We've no complaints about MM, but it's a bit strange that when I put it down for my 🐕 she turns her nose up, but wolf's it down later when she's hungry, she prefers the wet food we put down for the 🐈which we have to keep out of her way!

Simão Pedro 4 years ago

All Markus Muhle / Luposan feeds are fantastic. I've been using them on my dogs for two years and the results are great: no more gastrointestinal problems.

Biz 4 years ago

I use it for 3 months to my 1,5 year jack Russell and it is great!
I suggest it 100%

Pete Appleby 4 years ago

I've been using this for 5 months now with my two Border Terriers one a bitch puppy 10 months old has been on this since she was 5 months, my Dog 3.5 years old used to have all sorts of stomach problems but has been absolutely fine on this.
As others have said very important to weigh the food as very easy to over feed.

Helen Bolland 4 years ago

Hello, my 6 month old puppy has had a history of gastro problems which have resulted in stinking sloppy poop and frequent stinking wind, the sort that would make a tree wilt. The vet put him on purina ha which suited him well and has pretty much cleared everything up. The vet wishes him to stay on a HA diet. Long term the purina works out a bit too expensive for me so I am looking for other options. Does anyone have experience of this meal and gastro problems?

Kathy137 Helen Bolland 4 years ago

My son's GSD has a sensitive stomach, and this is better for it than Purina.

Annette Truman 4 years ago

I have fed the Naturah for a while and it seems to suit my dogs, but their breath stinks. Their teeth are fine and when I tried a different food, their breath got better so I can only assume it's this food. Has anyone else experienced this? I would like to continue using MM as it suits my dogs otherwise

Emma Bailey 4 years ago

Hi is this ok for large breed puppies my Labrador is just over 3 months

angela 5 years ago

Hi, I have just started feeding this this last week and it almost immediately firmed up puppy's too soft poos! However I have a question. The pack says to feed 2.5% of body weight which mean my runt of the litter at 1.8kg (8 weeks) would only get 45g giving her only 123 calories. Everywhere says a puppy under four months of 1.8kg should get about 325 - 350 calories (RER x3)... anyone got any advise?? thanks

Jillity 5 years ago

I buy this from my trainer and the dogs love it. They were itchy on kibble and the vet wanted to put one of them on steroids for the rest of her life. Markus Muhle sorted them out. The bags I bought online didn't look as good as the ones I get locally.
I find it's imprtant to weigh the food as it's very dense.

Μικε 5 years ago

The price is wrong. £33 for 15kg from zooplus and delivery is £2.99, or £60 for 30kg, delivery free. This also sells on Amazon as Luposan.

cheebifred Μικε 3 years ago

Luposan is slightly different, think it's supposed to be a working version (same parent company though ) :)

All About Dog Food Μικε 5 years ago

Thanks Mike0001. We always list the rrp. The price on Zooplus is discounted.

Rachel Gladwell All About Dog Food 5 years ago

Price is £33 for 15kg on Zooplus with 1.5kg free and free delivery!

hubble 5 years ago

There was a huge difference in my dog's fur after feeding this for about 2 months. We always thought our dog was just coarse-haired, but his fur turned noticeably softer. His fur became a bit darker as well, at first I thought I was seeing things but my family saw it too. Later I noticed it says the mango in the ingredients helps fur pigmentation, so it might have been that. The difference could also have been from having switched from a poorer quality food.
He's as healthy as ever, perfect weight.
The food is cold-pressed and made up of large cylinders which my dog finds more interesting than the flat kibble pieces he's been used to all his life. He's generally a picky eater but likes the taste of this one. The pieces can be broken easily if one wants to feed smaller pieces. The flip side is that the pieces at the bottom of the 15kg bag have been crushed and there's some powder too.
MM weighs alot (unlike extruded kibble has less air in it). This means the portions will look smaller so if I've had to be careful not to overfeed. The 15kg MM bag I order looks a bit smaller than 15 kg bags of other brands.
The food seems to be quite filling and my dog has been drinking more water after meals when eating this.
Beware! The smell is very strong even when the bag is closed! We keep it in the garage so as not to stink up the house (smell resembles tripe which is not surprising at the food does contain tripe).
All in all, very pleased with this food, quality ingredients and very affordable price.

JB 5 years ago

Is this ok for senior dogs? Mine is 13 years old...

hubble JB 5 years ago

Yes, I feed this to my senior dog. Its great for seniors because it's low in fat and high in fiber. As long as your dog doesn't have any special dietary requirements because of disease (like liver or kidney disease) or allergies to any of the ingredients

JB hubble 5 years ago

Thank you hubble for your reply. :)

Tony Coll 6 years ago

Markus Muehle is brilliant food, dog loves it & has a lovely coat, but it's a bit smelly! Does anyone have a solution? Apparently you're advised not to store it in an airtight container, which is what I was thinking of doing.

Sheila 6 years ago

Has anyone had any issues with reliability of this food? I swapped my puppy to this from wagg puppy at 4 months. As soon as I changed he was always ready for it, looking in the bag if he managed to get to it! On the second bag he was not as keen, recently I have been picking the food back up and putting it down again 3 or 4 times before he eats anything. I have recently had another new bag, not sure why I ordered it really. He is just refusing it, he is fed twice a day and yesterday it was 6pm before he had the first meal, never had a second. The only difference is the first bag was bought direct the others from zooplus, all are well within date. I the just bought a bag of orijen puppy and he eat as soon as the bowl was put down.

Μικε Sheila 5 years ago

Our last dog used to do that: loves food, I buy a large bag, he hates it. Fortunately, our current two will eat anything.

John h 7 years ago

Hi beate, we have fed MM to our cavlier's for three months. The difference is unbelivable they are so fit and healthy and beautifully coated when at the vet's for booster jabs he was delighted to see such healthy dogs and inquired as to the feed. 80grms per day good stools no big tummies and are full of stamina, excellent dog food highly recomended 5 star.

Belinda B 7 years ago

I have started using this food for my three, a flat coat retriever, lurcher and pug cross. They absolutely love it. I have been using very expensive food but often had to supplement it to get them to eat it. This is not the case with this food. The flat coat drools when it's time for breakfast and he was inclined to be a bit dismissive of food before. This is truly great value - being £32 for 15kg in comparison to £48 for 12kg which is what I was paying before. It's really good food which is most important to me so I am really pleased. I have to break it up for the pug and he does look a bit depressed as he is a foodie and doesn't get very much so I do give him a little extra if he has been very busy.

Holly Daye Belinda B 4 years ago

What a lovely combination of breeds you have! I bet they look so sweet together :)

John h 7 years ago

Used makus m for 3months! The improvement is absolutely fantastic with our cavalier's x2 condition and stamina, even the vet was very impressed with results, would Recomend this 100pc and the cost is within anyone's range, if you care for your pet feed MM.

Barbara Saunders 7 years ago


Barbara Saunders 7 years ago

Here is my experience with MM but first some basic info for the whole picture.
I got a Cockapoo puppy for a friend for my overweight Jackx as my training skills are outdated I hired a dog trainer to teach me how to train my new puppy as crate training is all new to me. All my dogs in the past has been fed on Bakers yes i believed the adverts on TV, then I read how Bakers is one of the worst dog foods on the market, off to the pet shop I went and they recommend Lifestage. which I was happy with, Then came a long my dog trainer and told me all about dog food and why it is always best to buy the best you can afford. it was a long chat on dog nutrition. Research done I opted for MM.
so off to my local stockiest 15 miles away when I got there the expiry on the packet was 2 months away and only being able to buy 15K bags it would mean that the food would be out of date half way though the packet. Not happy so I didn't buy it. I then went on the MM website who guarantee it to be fresh. It has a packing date and a use by date (6 months life span when it arrived it had 5 months and a few days) So if you have one toy/small dog with the amounts you feed a dog it would not work out economical to buy this food as you would be throwing some away.
Plus side to getting it from website is that it was the same price as the pet shop £38.90 with no delivery charge. it also comes with a leaflet so takes the quest work out of how much to give. it is a great leaflet.
I started weaning my dogs onto it right away as it would mean that they was eating the same food at the time I had my puppy on a puppy food and the other one on lifestage.
within 2 days my adult dog was only eating the MM and leaving the Lifestage in his bowl. good for his weight loss but not good as he wasn't eating enough and always begging which he never did. by day 5 I was only giving him MM but the problem was he eats it to quickly so I invested in a green feeder for him which has slowed his eating down. he is losing weight as recommended by my trainer but slowly which is a good thing.
My puppy loves it too and I use it as training treats as well. She is also not so hyper on this food.
I also break the pieces up and put them in a Kong feeder for breakfast.
its a great food at a reasonable price
word of warning DO NOT PUT THIS FOOD IN AN AIRTIGHT CONTAINER. at the bottom of the packet in not so clear to see writing it states this.

Lisa Draycott Fry Barbara Saunders 5 years ago

Much cheaper from Zooplus

Hex Barbara Saunders 6 years ago

how stinky is this food? imagine a small apartment with the dog food in the corridor, but not in an airtight container.. would it stink up the whole place?

Μικε Hex 5 years ago

It isn't that bad.

Ruth Johnson 7 years ago

I've waited for about a month after switching to this just to monitor my fickle pooch and I have to say I'm overjoyed with it. I used to feed her a small amount of wet food with dry mixed in, but it was always a constant battle. I then opted for a raw food based product (nutriment) which she also declined, but as I couldn't afford to waste the money, I opted to zap it in the microwave first. It was then that I slowly introduced Markus Mühle. Whether it's been the heat of late, but she then declined the zapped Nutriment, opting only for the Markus Mühle and we haven't looked back since!! I did read the reviews before purchasing and yes, I did have a couple of nights where she had the runs, but that was all. I cannot recommend this product enough!!

Nathalie 7 years ago

I have read that the kibble is quite large. My dog has thus far preferred a small kibble. Because of this I'd like to buy a small sample. Does anyone know where I can get a sample of the product?

Lisa Draycott Fry Nathalie 5 years ago

For my nearly 14 year old JR. I put a bit of boiling water on it, then cold, breaks it up and makes a lovely gravy - so I now have to do it like that for the others too :-)

Tamasine Smith Nathalie 7 years ago

Maybe you already got a reply Nathalie, but there are two things - firstly, yes the kibble is large but it really does break easily and I use it with all size dogs many of which are small. I help rehab rescues. It is easy to break with the fingers and crumbles down. I often use a portion of it as treats for training because it is so nice and easy to break. I think if you write to the company or supplier they should be able to send you a sample packet. When I first started buying it (I'm actually in Spain and buy in 20kg bags) the company who supply sent me about 10 different sample packs so MM themselves must send out these sized bags for the very purpose of helping to introduce it to customers. Hope that helps.

Uschi Bradshaw 7 years ago

Update , 4 month old , every one is now on this , and feeding time eveyone (6 dogs) go lupi , i do weigh it out now , as they always seem ravenous and i use to feed more then recomended , so they put on a bit of weight .. :) , back to recomended amount . I feed MM twice a day , with some of it as a treat inbetween ... they cry for it ,,lol .. also there poo is always firm and about twice a day ... i am happy with this food and more the dogs are ... ages 5 month to 9 years ..

Piers Smart 7 years ago

Hi Louisa,
You are right there is a good chance that you are over feeding as this is very common for people feeding cold pressed foods, remember "feed the dog, not the bowl". Another issue you may have is that the food is a bit old or has been stored in an airtight container.....not a good idea for cold pressed foods as they will go musty very quickly. Are you buying from a German Internet dealer? If so you might want to check that the food is still fresh and has not been battered around a bit or stored badly during delivery. Although we sell a lot of Markus Muelhe we think for sure that Gentle cold pressed dog food is a superior recipe and you can always guarantee it will be fresh when you buy it either direct or from a quality natural pet food retailer.

Louisa Piers Smart 7 years ago

Hi Piers,
Thanks for your reply, yes I don't know why it didn't occur to me but the food is quite old, I ordered it from zooplus in bulk back in February so one of the bags has been stored since then. I guess I will have to order in smaller quantities from now on!

Piers Smart Louisa 7 years ago

If you buy from a UK retailer or direct from Beate Rothon at www.markus-muehle.co.uk you will be guaranteed fresh product for your dogs and they all pay UK taxes:-)!

Louisa 7 years ago

My lurcher cross used to gulp this food down but he seems to have gone off it in the last month and now takes one look at it and walks off so it takes him all day to eat his breakfast. He also poos up to 8 times a day (they are firm though)! Do you think we are we overfeeding him? He has just turned one and weighs 6.15kg and we give him approx.100g twice a day? He is not putting on weight but maybe that's just his breed (he is a rescue pup so not entirely sure what he is but vet reckoned whippet/collie/jack russell!) Any advice appreciated!

LocalNumberFife Louisa 5 years ago

Feed the dog - not the bowl... :-)Yes, you are/were (I notice this is an old post) almost certainly feeding too much.

Hex Louisa 5 years ago

could be, on here it says 83g for a 6kg dog per day, not 100 twice a day! But even so, wouldn't you get bored if you ate mostly the same thing every day? Maybe try another dry pressed food and switch between them? Or, is it possible that the food has gone a bit musty from storage?

Jayne-Neil Sturgeon 7 years ago

Came across this superb food by looking at the site, was feeding a expensive product and our 3 dogs were being rather picky, they just love 'MM'. and it is also great to use as training treats as well, or when out with friends dogs. A 1st class product at a 1st class price.When our 1st bag was delivered I thought I had ordered wrong size bag(as smaller than every other dog food brand).

Rochele Collins 7 years ago

Well weaning off the old food onto this is almost complete and what a difference to my pups stools and his coat is looking much healthier too. My only issue is finding the correct amount to feed. He is now 16.2kg so should be having 25% of his body weight in food which equates to about 450g but he's still hungry. Can I give more or will it upset his tummy?

All About Dog Food Rochele Collins 7 years ago


All About Dog Food Rochele Collins 7 years ago

That's great news Rochele! Now that you've found a good starting feeding amount, the best way to move forward will be to look at his condition rather than his appetite. If it were up to them, most puppies (especially Labs) would eat far more food than they need and would be very ill as a result. So, even if he is hungry, if he is maintaining a healthy weight it means he is getting enough food and adding more will probably just lead to upsets. Take a look at our feeding guide - if you see that he is gaining too much or too little weight then adjust the feeding amount accordingly. With puppies, this means constantly monitoring and adjusting almost on a daily basis. Please let us know how you and he get on!

Julie Liddington 7 years ago

This food is amazing, my dog is 32kg Gsd x Labrador x Collie she has 390g a day, she used to poop so much and often on her old food that is was a 2 handed operation !!, now she goes once a day and barely a palm full, thank god for Markus Muhle :-)

Rochele Collins 7 years ago

Well since no one has replied I took a wild guess based on how much of the puppy food my cross pup was having (2 tins + 220g dry per day) so I replaced 1/2 the dry with the MM and all seemed fine for the 1st 2 days. Got up & fed him this morning & he hasn't touched it! Also noticed out the back that his normally firm poos have been replaced with extremely runny ones that I wasn't able to dispose of as easily as normal but had to get the hose out! :-/ His stomach is also making some horrendous noises.Not very happy atm but guess I will have to give it a couple more days to see how he goes, although not impressed I had to buy 15kg bag as no smaller ones despite my requesting a sample but no one bothered replying to that either!

All About Dog Food Rochele Collins 7 years ago

Hi Rochelle and apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I believe the feeding amount for puppies is actually 2.5% of the puppy's current weight rather than expected adult weight which would come to around 310g per day if it were fed alone. This might not seem like a lot but the general rule is, the better a food, the less you need to feed.
I'm sorry to hear about your puppy's digestive upsets. It might be that the food isn't right for him but it is much more likely that either the change has been a bit too fast or that the feeding amount is now too high and is overloading his system. The best thing to do would be to keep mixing but reduce the overall amount. With a bit of luck that will be enough to stabilise his tummy and then you can slowly increase the proportion of MM until he's all the way over. Either way, please let me know how you get on...

Rochele Collins All About Dog Food 7 years ago

Many thanks for coming back to me on this, I'll keep an eye on him to see how he goes.
I am trying change over gradually but it's difficult to calculate as both foods are so different so not sure if I'm getting it right but will persevere since I had to buy a 15kg bag of this stuff.
He didn't touch any food at all yesterday & also didn't go to the toilet either. I threw away what was in his bowl as there was both tinned & tried in there and it looked pretty awful after sitting there for quite a long period of time. He did eat some of his food this morning but not sure what his bowel movements have been like today as I'm in work and my partner is home with the dog & he won't do pickup duty - that's my job!!
Thanks again & I'll get back to you if I have any more questions.

Rochele Collins 7 years ago

After being really dissatisfied with the food (Pedigree Chum Puppy) my pup was on when I rescued him from Cardiff Dogs Home, I encountered your site while looking for a suitable alternative.After completing your questionnaire & it coming up with a number of alternatives I settled on this particular brand - Markus Muehle. It's just arrived so I'm eager to start weaning my pup onto this but I'm really unsure about how much to feed.
It states on the pack that young & growing dogs require up to 2.5% of their adult body weight (not their current weight which is around 12.5kg so far at almost 5 months old). My problem is that my pup is a cross breed - and we've no idea what type of cross - possibly a bit of Staff & a bit of Labrador with goodness knows what else so we've no idea what his adult weight is likely to be.
Can anyone please help?

Uschi Bradshaw 7 years ago

I have started feeding mine on MM , the 5 month old chi x is on it and has no problems eating the big pieces , even they can be broken into smaller ones if wanted , my 9 and 5 year old chi are fully changed into it , they been very picky eaters and always left some shapes and colours of there old food , now they eat with much more fun , and even cue at feeding time . and i use this as treats .. my other 2 are just getting changed over as they had to finish of the old food , lol , they nearly there and they are no big food critics as they do eat anything .. lol .. but i`m glad i found something my other 2 liked and doing well on ..

germfree 7 years ago

I have a doberman pup which is now 7 months. She was on ProPac when I got her, but I found it very hard to get. Lucky enough I bought a bag from the breeder. I had read great things about eden so I changed over to it over 10-11 days. It sadly didn`t suit her. She had very loose stools and very very windy. She started to loose weight so I took her off it and went back to the ProPac before trying Makus Muhle. When she is now on her third bag of it and after a slow change over, I haven`t looked back. Solid stools, great shine on her coat and very little wind!! As she is a pup she is eating more that she should going on her weight. She looks great, loves it and it works out at a great price!

jps2705 7 years ago

Price vs. Performance there is nothing to beat this excellent dry food. It was recommended to me by Pierre at Scampers (highly recommended) just outside Ely who has been in the business for many years and has actually been to the factory to see for himself. Bear in mind that the protein in this food is, by the looks of it purely derived from meat content not artificially by adding soya and peas. Yes, there is dust at the bottom of the bag but its not even a slight problem normally. To those changing to a different brand of dry dog food please do it gradually, i.e. not one brand the one day and the new one the next. Plan it otherwise you may well have adverse effects. Do it over at least a four day period gradually reducing old brand whilst increasing the new brand content in the bowl. As with any dry dog food make sure plenty of fresh water is available throughout the day. An easy to pick up uniform brown colour poo is from a healthy dog on a diet that suits him/her. MM has provided my dog with such a poo! Need I say more?

Alison Vaughan 7 years ago

Hi, We have retired racer greyhounds, one with a sensitive tummy (i.e. windy) and the other a very fussy eater. Do you think this food would suit? Thanks.

Koala Bear 7 years ago

Moved both my lab and cane corso onto this about a month ago. The hardest thing was getting them used to lower volume of food having previously been fed a Well known biscuit kibble. The cane corso would often vomit about half hour after eating we think due to the massive amount he needs to tuck away for his size and breed. Both enjoy it very much and it can be used as treats as well as main food. I've tried it myself - just one small nugget and found it to be full of meaty flavour with a slightly fruity base. I wouldn't feed them something long term that the thought of putting in my own mouth would turn my stomach. They both have good firm poos, less of it, easier tick up and with very little offensive smell to it. Both are less windy too which is a HUGE thing. Would absolutely recommend this food and as an added bonus its cheaper than the brand I used before and out of one 15kg sack I feed both dogs for 18days!!

eucryphia 7 years ago

I have used Markus Mühle NaturNah for my dogs for several years. I first discovered it when in Germany to have my bitch mated. I really feed raw but this is a very acceptable food to have as a back-up, and people who buy my puppies do not always feel they are able to continue with the raw feeding, so this is the alternative food that I recommend. I cannot understand the comments several people have made in regard to dogs drinking a lot of water. OF COURSE they do, - you are giving them a DRIED food! I don't soak it, the main reason I use this food is because I do not want the dogs to have soggy pap to eat. They need to "crunch" food, their teeth need to "crunch" - so many dogs suffer dreadful problems with their teeth because of the sloppy food they are continually fed. Because I live in the country and we have a lot of Red Deer around us, and there are many drivers who do not take care whilst driving, I have, on occasion, been told of deer that have been killed on the roads. I used to skin and quarter them myself, but once I had no time and told the dogs they could help themselves. It was fascinating to see how they dealt with it. I had come in to collect a knife to cut the skin but when I went out one of the girls had already taken back the skin all over one side. They prefer the stomach and entrails, then the organs, only after that will they start to eat the meat that non-vegetarians prize so highly. Eventually, over a few days EVERYTHING was eaten, absolutely everything, nothing at all was left. So when you see that dogs teeth and guts are capable of this type of food, naturally, then you see how terrible it is to feed them extruded stuff that is soaked.to a soupy pap.
PACKAGING ? What on earth is wrong with it? Sunflowers are symbols of Health and Longevity, and inside is the best food, apart from a natural raw diet, that you could feed your dog. What is the point of paying through the noise (they can afford it) for a beautiful package which holds an inferior food stuff? People really need to start thinking for themselves. The dog food Industry is a multi-BILLION pound business, developed to make as much money as possible, and even Vets have been drawn into it and to make money sell a lot of these products from grand shelving given to the Vets for display. I often wonder exactly how much Vets really know about nutrition, or the food they foist off on their customers.

Suzanna Austin 7 years ago

My dog has the worst wind ever on this dog food. So appalling- we currently have every window open in the house. There is no way we will be carrying on with this food. Ive never known anything like this- what the hell is in it?

Poppy Mauer 7 years ago

Excellent food - I tried this as an alternative to the much hyped Eden Food. I found this much better, my dogs liked it better, produced better stools and really looked forward to their meals. As a bonus it is also much cheaper. My dogs ate it dry and always wanted more. It does look different to other kibble though ( a bit like horse food) and that's the only downside - doesn't bother the dogs though.
Excellent food, excellent price.

Russell Braithwaite 7 years ago

Pups definitely enjoying this food even more now since given to them wet/damp!!

kedecama 7 years ago

Good grub but far too much dust

Russell Braithwaite 7 years ago

Hi,have just purchased this new food for my 2 cocker spaniel pups.Can the food be given in dry form,or does it need to be moistened in warm water first?

Lisa Draycott Fry Russell Braithwaite 7 years ago

I always put water in mine, firstly because it stops the Doberman "wolfing" it down, so she has it quite wet. The others, lurcher, Jack and Scottie have it damp. This is only as I used to have horses and wet all the food re dust! But also stops them lapping up loads of water about an hour later especially if the central heating is on.

kedecama 7 years ago

Have been feeding Tanji (mixed breed bitch unknown exactly what with as rescued in Spain) anyway she loves it but have noticed last 2 bags huge amount of dust/crumbs in the bag. As a result of this am changing her food.

d webb 7 years ago

Hi, this is Diane in Bristol.I switched my five yr old cross breed and six month old, mostly Collie, puppy to Markus Muhle NaturNah about a month ago and am very pleased with the results. They are both extremely active dogs, they run run much more that other dogs in the field and I have had a continual battle to keep weight on my older girl. With just a little trial and error she has put on a small amount of weight and now looks slender rather than really skinny. Both of them have incredibly shiny coats. they look brilliant. They love the food and have no problems with the size of the kibble. Contrary to other reviews their poos are smaller and slightly less frequent then before and easy to pick up. The price is great if you look around on the internet. I feel great to be feeding my girls a quality food and not stretching the family budget unreasonably. The only down side is that I feel a little mean at giving them such small portions!

Jo Hewison 8 years ago

This is a super food - all our dogs love it, and it suits them all very well, from Age 11.5 down to 16 months.

Anrol van Zee 8 years ago

LOVE this food. I have 3 labradors, 4,7 and 10. We also foster dogs for a rescue, so I was looking for a high quality food at an affordable price. MM fits the bill. Usually rescue dogs come to us with 'behaviour problems' and a history of being fed poor quality dog food, i.e. the one in the blue bag! After a couple of days on MM, behaviour improves, (with behaviour modification if necessary) and they have beautiful natural coloured poos, NOT like the fluorescent orange ones when being fed on the cheap and nasty stuff.
Also love the fact it is dry cold pressed, this means by adding a little water it makes its own 'gravy' perfect for the warmer days.Yet to come across a dog who didn't enjoy,and improve on it.

Conor MALAMUTE 8 years ago

I tried this food a while back and I can honestly say that whilst their stools where firm their bowl movements of my four spitz breeds went through the roof which is completely unnatural as this is clearly an indicator or poor absorption as whilst it might look good on paper I spent more time picking it up off the lawn than I have done with any other food in the past. Not impressed with this food at all. In the end I thankfully chose what appears to be the most popular search on your site and I never looked back.

Hedgehog003 8 years ago

I have had my 2 active Pointers on this food for some time and to start with I was giving them more, to try to get some weight on them (1.5% of their body weight) This seemed to make them have more bowel movements than normal and I felt that they weren't digesting the food properly either. I've now reduced the food amounts, but they are still very skinny, so I'm thinking of changing to one of the more expensive top rated foods, like Eden or Simpsons perhaps, as I'm so desperate to get some weight on my dogs. Having some bed wetting problems with the female at night since being on this food, but this may be just a coincidence, so can't blame the food for this at this stage. Vet checked her over and there was no signs of a urinary infection, so I will see what happens when I change over to another food.

Lisa Draycott Fry Hedgehog003 7 years ago

I know it sounds silly but sometimes with some dry foods they drink a hell of a lot. I always put water in mine. It's interesting about the weight loss as this is the only food my lurcher looks "fat" on (not really fat!). i guess changing over without doing it gradually can cause problems in some dogs. My lurcher started on 350g of this but she gets less now.

jcar Hedgehog003 8 years ago

I'd really want to know how this went, my boy is wetting the bed too. He's been on MM for about 2 months and has been having accident in the last few weeks/month.

Hedgehog003 jcar 8 years ago

I've been on the new food for about 4 weeks now and I have to say that the bed wetting has stopped. As I mentioned in my previous post, it might just be a coincidence, but it is strange that you've also had a problem with your boy.
My older Pointer who is 12 years old also had a bed wetting problem, but my vet said this was incontinence due to her age and put her on a small dose of Incurin. I'm beginning to wonder if this was also due to the MM food as well. All my dogs are now on Millies Wolfheart Countryside Mix and I'm delighted with the results so far and have seen a real difference in all my dogs and their stools are reduced and solid. Hope this helps jcar.

Fiona King 8 years ago

My small rescue terrier has been eating Markus Muehle for around six months now and appears to be doing very well on it. Her once greasy smelly fur is now shiny and earthy smelling. It is very easy to clean up after her. She is 5.7kgs and I feed twice daily giving her 50 grammes each serving. None is ever left and it is eaten straight away. She has a twinkle in her eye and loads of energy.

Lisa Draycott Fry 8 years ago

Great food. Dogs have all got lovely shiny coats and even the lurcher looks though she has a bit more fat on her ribs.Doberman's tummy is great on this. Fussy scottie cross loves it and 11 year old Jack looks like a youngster. Shop around for best deals and discount for two deals. I haven't paid more than £32 for 15 kgs. I have always guessed at amount to give but as this is more expensive I weigh it all out. I find my dogs personally are doing well on 450 g for Dobie, 350 g for lurcher, 115g for scottie x and 110g for Jack. For me works out only slightly dearer than well known cheaper brands. I'd implore you to try it and see how long it lasts!

peanut111 8 years ago

We started feeding our 4 years old Springer Spaniel Markus Muhle Natur Nah cold pressed food a month ago. We switched mainly to try and get better quality nutrients, and more fibre into her diet, at a reasonable price. Also, the last 2 types of dog foods were always happily eaten, but did not help with the need to have her anal glands expressed every 2-3 months. Intrigued by the cold pressed process, and the benefits. She loved the food. initially there seemed to be some undigested food in her stools, now all all is fine. less food, less mess to clean up in the garden ! The best thing is after a check up with the vet, after trying all sorts, her anal glands did not need to be expressed for the first time in 3 and 1/2 years! Beate the UK rep, has been amazing to deal with, very knowledgeable about the product, and dog health, went above and beyond to answer all sorts of questions. So far, the highest praise for the food, and Beate! Our dog's coat is healthier (although was good to start with), and she does seem even healthier and happier than with the other foods, not that she wasn't fit to start with. We also are paying roughly the same per meal, because we're feeding less weight per meal. I hope it continues!

Sally Mackenzie 8 years ago

I am using this to mix with a 5 star rated food, the 5 star rated is great food but expensive and so to lower cost I looked for another high quality food to bulk out the more expensive one. Its a great food and I can get it at £30 a 15kg bag not bad at all considering I pay £50 for the expensive 5 star. Dogs love it and I feel I'm giving a good variety at a fab price :)

Eva de marchi taylor 8 years ago

My golden retriever (he's almost 2 years old) had issues with his digestive system since I got him when he was 3 months old. I tried all sorts of reputable/mid-range dog foods and nothing changed. As soon as I tried this...everything changed! I am not a VET or a nutritionist, so I am not sure what is so different - the previous food had also a high protein content, but whatever it is, my dog is doing extremely well on it, needs less of it, and at last I am not looking to change. It is so good that I can actually use it as a treat, something that had never worked before.

Beate Rothon 8 years ago

HI. This is Beate from the UK office Markus Muehle. I am responding to the Question from Tracey. Her concern is based on a web page which was removed quite a while ago, but still comes up on google every 2 month or so. If you go on the main web site, you will see it does not come up. The review was wrong and therefore removed. Markus Muehle is guaranteed free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring. If you have any concerns or questions please contact by e mail.

Tracey Laidlaw 8 years ago

Does the food contain preservatives Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT? Just that Dog Food analysis says it does and these are banned in human foods becasue they are carcinogenic

All About Dog Food Tracey Laidlaw 8 years ago

Hi Tracy. Thanks for posting. A few points: Markus Muehle is free from artificial preservatives. The review you found is extremely out of date and only says that they couldn't find a guarantee that it was ethoxyquin free but nowadays the guarantee is pretty easy to find. Secondly, Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT aren't in fact banned for human consumption, in fact they can still be found pretty widely in many foods and cosmetics. It should also be mentioned that as controversial as these preservatives are, they have never been proved to cause cancer.

Lisa Draycott Fry 8 years ago

Been feeding this to our Doberman bitch, she seems to be doing well on quite a small amount compared to other foods. "Poos" look better than before. I still feed my dogs raw carrots, cabage, bananas and other bits and pieces too. Managed to get for £28/15kg on Pet Planet, hope offer still on!

Deborah Kieboom 8 years ago

We feed our sensitive tummed male dobermann on this when he became unable to tolerate raw food anymore. He loves this feed, I like the fact the bloat risk is lower as it just disintegrates in water. All our dogs love this food.

Lewis Cowley 8 years ago

I love this food. My Bassett struggled with a dicky tummy for years. We tried everything under the sun including some really expensive foods but nothing worked for more than a few days. I had just about given up when a friend suggested Markus Muehle. That was a year and a half ago and ever since his tummy has been absolutely fine. We still have to be careful with treats but otherwise we couldn't be happier. Thank you Markus Muehle!


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