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The German dog food, Markus Mühle (sometimes spelt Muehle), is the perfect demonstration of how important branding is here in the UK. They have a single, very high end, cold pressed food and sell it an extremely competitive price, but they have always found it difficult to break into the UK. The only reason I can see for their difficulties is their frankly awful packaging. The giant sunflower logo combined with the German text make it quite unattractive and largely unintelligible to the average Brit. Compare that with the big supermarket brands with their excellent branding and questionable contents and it is clear that packaging is much more important to a brand's success than what's inside.

Anyway, rant over. Looking inside the bag, you'll notice that Markus Mühle doesn't look like other dry foods. Rather than being cooked by the normal processes of extrusion or baking, Markus Mühle is cold-pressed. This means that the food isn't exposed to the normal, potentially damaging high temperatures and should, therefore, retain much more of its natural nutrients.

Markus Mühle's ingredients score very well. The combined 41% chicken, turkey, venison tripe and fish meal and good quality whole grains provide an excellent basis for the food. One of those grains is, however, maize which has attracted criticism from many canine nutritionists but it's well worth noting that the maize has been thermally preheated which should make it much easier to digest and much less likely to cause problems than the standard form.

As well as the meat and whole grains, Markus Mühle uses an impressive range of nutritionally dense, natural ingredients from common supplements like linseed oil and seaweed (algae meal) to more unusual additions like jerusalem artichoke and pineapple. Mixed herbs are listed and, again, more clarity as to what herbs this refers to would help.

With its low suggested feeding amounts and its incredibly competitive recommended retail price, Markus Mühle costs surprisingly little per day to feed.

Conclusion: If you can get over the packaging, Markus Mühle is an excellent, cold-pessed food at an excellent price.

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