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Eden Dry

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Dry extruded complete

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Pet dogs

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Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
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Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
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Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

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From weaning to old age

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2kg, 6kg & 12kg bags


12kg bags = £59.99

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Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from all ingredients that are regularly linked by veterinarians to food allergies and/or intolerance in dogs like wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Clearly labelled: Each ingredient is clearly and individually stated and there is at least a reasonable indication of the percentages of the main ingredients
Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

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Freshly Prepared Chicken 19%, Dried Chicken 18%, Freshly Prepared Salmon 15%, Dried Herring 12.5%, Sweet Potato 12%, Chicken Fat 4.5%, Dried Duck 4%, Tapioca 3.5%, Whole Egg 2.5%, Chicken Liver 2.5%, White Fish 2%, Pea Fibre 2%, Lucerne, Chickpea, Minerals & Vitamins, Carrot, Spinach, Apple, Rosehips, Camomile, Burdock Root, Seaweed, Cranberry, Aniseed & Fenugreek, Fructooligosaccharides (461 mg/kg), Glucosamine (341mg/kg), MSM (341mg/kg), Chondroitin (240mg/kg), Thyme, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Sage.

As fed (BETA):

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Typical Analysis

Crude Protein: 41%, Crude Oils and Fats: 18%, Crude Fibre: 3%, Crude Ash: 9.5%, Moisture: 8%, Omega 6: 3.5%, Omega 3: 0.69%, Calcium: 1.81%, Phosphorus: 1.46%.

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamins: Vitamin A (as Retinyl Acetate) 14,425 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 2,165 IU/kg, Vitamin E (as Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 95 IU/kg. Enriched With Essential Vitamins And Oils. Naturally Stabilised With Mixed-tocopherols. Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 1.5 mg/kg, Ferrous Chelate Of Amino Acids Hydrate 320 mg/kg, Cupric Chelate Of Amino Acids Hydrate 144 mg/kg, Manganous Chelate Of Amino Acids Hydrate 224 mg/kg, Zinc Chelate Of Amino Acids Hydrate 320 mg/kg, Organic Selenium S.cerevisiae Cncm 1-3060 125mg/kg.


368.3 kcal/100g

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Company info
Name: Eden Pet Foods 1414 Eden foods listed
HQ: Staffordshire, UK
Manufacturer's product description

" Based on the Ancestral diet of your dog with quality Chicken, Salmon, Herring, Duck and Egg. Ultra-Nutritional complete food with a high content of quality animal protein. Aligned to a dogs natural food intake. Low Carbohydrate content with fruit and vegetables. Naturally Hypoallergenic, formulated without Grain or Gluten. Freshly prepared Chicken and Fish of human grade quality. Salmon and Herring providing Omega 3 & 6. Prebiotics to support digestion. Health supporting Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. Additional Joint Supplements. Made in Britain and very proud of it! "

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Helen Q 3 months ago

My 2 year old Show Cocker Spaniel has been fed on Eden Country Cuisine since just after she came home. The breeder fed the pups on Purina Pro-plan but my dog wasn't keen on it and had runny stools. She has never looked back since changing to Eden. The amounts look small but the food is very nutritious. I weigh her daily allowance out carefully and split it according to how many meals she was having at the time (2 now). It looks expensive but actually a sack lasts ages. Obviously she is quite a small dog (10kg) so expense would be a consideration for a bigger dog. She has maintained a healthy weight within grams and has had many compliments on her shiny coat. She has thrived on Eden. I am fortunate as our local pet store is a stockist but have ordered online. I now buy Country Cuisine Sporting and Working Dog as you don't say VAT and nutritionally it is very similar to the standard Country Cuisine. Eden also have a Facebook page and offer advice. Do read the feeding guide on their website!

Clare Eaden 2 years ago

Tried my 4year old greyhound on this food, but it really hasn't worked out. She lost weight quickly on the recommended amount and if I up the feeding she got a really bad tummy despite feeding 3 small meals a day to help with digestion. Obviously not for all dogs even with 5stars. It's also really expensive if you end up feeding their usual amount to try and keep the weight on.

Abi Gibbons Clare Eaden 2 years ago

My 2 year old border collie appears to have lost quite abit of weight on
the recommended feeding guidelines. I have double checked the
quantities with Eden confirmed 230g per day was adequete. We have now
up'd this to 300g in a hope to stabilise his weight loss. This is
slightly concerning along with a few ups and downs with his tummy which
seems to be currently settled. I do really want to continue with this
brand as the ingredients and clear labelling are great but may work out
quite expensive with the increased food quantities.

Conor Brady 2 years ago

This sentence is incorrect "Of course, so much meat inevitably pushes up the protein and fat levels which isn't ideal for all dogs (dogs with kidney/urinary problems, pancreatic issues or heart problems for example should think twice), but since it is all from good quality meat sources, this shouldn't be a cause for concern for most dog owners". Studies show high protein diets do not negatively affect kidney function of dogs, they enhance it. Protein is central to pancreatic recovery (as carbs must be nil and fat reduced to the floor) and the heart thing makes no sense as more meat means more taurine and, arguably, leaner dogs.

Promethian 2 years ago

My Whippet has been on Eden for 18 months. Before this we tried endless foods but he found all hard to digest and runny poops. Eden is the first wheat free holistic brand he loves and the food loves him too. 10 outta 10.

Becky C 2 years ago

Due to the quality, I am really tempted to try this for our 2 year old cockerpoo but I have read that it may not be suitable for dogs with kidney or urinary problems. She was recently quite poorly, with an ultrasound showing some specks on one of her kidneys which was thought to be either a urinary infection or kidney crystals. However the tests never came back positive and she is now fully recovered. Can anyone offer any more advice on whether I should steer clear or whether this could be suitable.

Dana Street-Thomas 2 years ago

My dogs are on countryside Eden but my senior dog is having very hard and small stools . And my 11mth old pup has firm stools but lumpy . You could say size 2 on chart. Anyone had the same experience?

Michele Mason 3 years ago

I've been feeding Toffee, my Hungarian Vizsla, Eden Holistic since she turned 12 months old. She was a fussy eater until I switched to Eden Holistic and now she can't wait for breakfast and dinner! I've always ordered direct from Eden Holistic and have never had any problems with deliveries. I feel I'm doing the best for her by feeding her a premium food full of natural ingredients and I think for the quality the price is very competitive. I personally find the feeding guide a little mean. We feed more than the guide and add moist meat for interest and she's still very slim.

B. Schulte 3 years ago

I am interested in trying this dog food, so about 3 weeks ago I've
ordered samples (and payed for them). Haven't received anything yet, a
mail inquiry to the company has stayed without answer too. If this is
how they treat potential new customers, I don't dare imagine how
existing ones can hope for any support.Edit: shortly after posting this I finally received an email from Eden, with an apology for the delay and a refund. Now it is wait and see for the samples to finally arrive and if my dog likes them.

sha phipps 3 years ago

I have fed my 10.5 year old American Akita, Eden 80/20 original for the last 6/7 years and can say I've never had any problems and I'm more than happy with Eden. She has just had her yearly check up and her Vet was very impressed with how healthy this "old" Akita was. On her previous kibble I was always at my wits end with trying to keep her weight in order ( I also noticed her old kibble would double in size when soaked, Eden doesn't ) . Since being on Eden her weight has barely fluctuated and she has kept a healthy weight throughout. I have a happy, healthy "old" dog and I'm happy to say I think Eden has helped :)

Amie Connelly 3 years ago

I am trying to find the best food for my 2 Jack Russell puppies but I am so overwhelmed by the choice on the site! This came up to be the best dry food to feed them but need advice. Want to keep them on dry food. They are currently on Harringtons puppy food which is making them extremely hyper. It's hard to know what they should be getting and what they should be avoiding.. can anyone help?

Sarah Jones Amie Connelly 3 years ago

My dog was hyper on Harringtons dry food.i changed her over to Eden original cuisine and she's so much calmer.she was a nightmare before.its the best food by far.akela is good too but not as good as Eden.xx

Donna Chadwick 3 years ago

Started my working cocker spanial on Wainwrights which he suddenly didbt like anymore. After trying several similar foods we found he loved Eden, he loves it and we alternate between the country mix and the semi moist, as both are chicken free. He looks fantastic on it and has been eating it for over a year now with no issues....his coat improved alot after moving him onto it and im sure helped him develop into the dog he is today. The original and country come in two kibble sizes for different size dogs. I loved the fact you can order sample packs which help you to see which your dog likes best. Our cat is also on Eden which as its filler free helped him to lean down and eats only half the amount he used too.
Great choice !

Jemma Ball 3 years ago

We fed our Chihuahua Eden when we was a pup and didn't get on with it. He was having runny poos and losing weight. He basically wanted more than his weight allowance.
We tried it again when he was 2 and there's been no issues, can't fault it at all.

IanB 3 years ago

Are you sure this dry food is for puppies? I am at the 50:50 stage of trying to move my nine week puppy off a well-known grain-heavy brand, but he clearly prefers the old food, sorting through the bowl and giving the Eden a miss when he can. The Eden pellets seem much harder, and I wonder whether he is too young for them? (Edit/although TBF after some exercise he did come back this morning and finish off the Eden kibble afterwards)

Sarah Jones IanB 3 years ago

I've had my missie on it since she was 5 months old and she is now 3.would of been sooner if id of known about it.its the best kibble available. Don't overfeed though as will have loose stools.xx

Gary Whittle II 3 years ago

My three boys have been thriving on this for almost 8 months now. I also use it for treats for my Doggy Daycare clients dogs and they all LOVE. Amazing food.

Lewys Key 3 years ago

How much sould
I feed my 8week old German shepherd?

Teresa Atkinson 3 years ago

Hi the vet has recommended my 4 year old cockerpoo loses a little weight. He is 10.6kg and needs to be around 10kg so it is only a small amount to lose. He really doesn't like kibble but I want to feed him a good quality product and have been recommended yours.....he seems to get bloated when he eats products which contain grain. He is quite active and has a 45 min free run every day. Any suggestions gratefully received

Donna Chadwick Teresa Atkinson 3 years ago

I mix in a little butchers tripe to add some wetness as my dog has never liked just plain dry food

Andrew Wharmby 3 years ago

Good food but their customer service stinks! My dog was vomiting with one variety and Eden were unwilling to offer a refund for return or any kind of voucher. All I got was a list of questions from Eden and when I answered them all they went quiet. I can only assume that this was because they knew that I had followed all of their feeding recommendations and they didn't want to arrange for a return or credit. They completely blanked my emails when I asked for a response. The food ended up going in the bin and for this price It was such a waste of money. I'd rather pay the extra for another brand if I know that the customer service is up to scratch and will be switching ASAP once I've tried a few others.

Skitzo Sam 4 years ago

Ive been feeding this (original cuisine) to my now 1 yr old GSD since he was 10 weeks old but he seems to of gone off it now. He seems to be always hungry but when we put this down for him to eat he doesnt want it. He also has started to have skin problems so im wondering if he has become allergic to something in the food?

Laura 4 years ago

Can eden food be fed to puppy's or should I be using a specific puppy food until she is older?

Vicki Foster 4 years ago

Hello, my Labrador has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has undergone an amputation of her leg to remove the cells, but she will need chemo as an extra precaution.She is on JWB but since looking at nutrition online I have realised it's full of rubbish so I have now bought her the Eden fish food (the sporting and working batch as the lady in the shop said it was the same, it is but 1% more protein and 1% more fat).I'm looking for a high protein, low carb and higher fat diet for her after doing lots of research about carbs feeding cancer cells. Has anyone else changed their dog to this who has suffered from cancer and how have they found it? I believe the protein is 40%, the fat %18 and i've worked out the carbs to be 22% which is lower compared to AATU at 35%. It's such a minefield, i don't want to feed her too much protein as i've also read the the PH level in the stomach is changed to a more acidic level and this can help cancer cells so now i'm worried it's too high. Any advice would be appreciated.I should add she is around 8 years old and 37kg and i want to get her down to 35/36kg - she had 200 grams a day on JWN (plus most times half a can of wet Butchers tin with each meal and fed twice a day). How much would she need on the food i have got her? Going forward i will order the fish cuisine online but i have the 15kg bag of the fish cuisines but the working and sporting dog batch as mentioned above. I didn't set out to get this one but it was reserved for me and the lady in the shop said it was the same, which it is but is 1% more protein and fat as described.Thank you.

Kibble Connie Vicki Foster 3 years ago

I’ve been recommended the semi moist for my chi-Daxie cross who’s is toy in size as she’s struggling to chomp through normal ‘small’ dog kibble. I like the sound of all your products but can’t find any info on the actual kibble size ( I appreciate only an average approximation is possible) Do Edens or any other affiliated dry food do a mini or toy breed complete or semi complete food?

Emma Rushton Kibble Connie 3 years ago

the small kibble is weeny, smaller than rabbit droppings,my patterdale manages fine x and hes small

Clare C Vicki Foster 4 years ago

Hi Vicki, sad to hear your beautiful Lab has Cancer, dogs are sadly prone to getting the same diseases as we are but the conditions in the body have to be right to allow cancer cells to grow in the first place. I have done a bit of research into Cancer and you are quite right about carbs and sugar feeding cancer, so grains and potatoes and all snacks/treats are a no no (treats are full of cancer-forming things like pork fat and sugary filler carbs). Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and in the absence of oxygen, so in theory an alkaline-producing diet, with lots of greens would make sense, so could you speak to a holistic vet about supplementing the Eden diet with something like chlorophyll which is both oxygenating and alkalising?
I also believe dogs with cancer would benefit from Curcumin too (the active, cancer-fighting compound in turmeric) as this is incredibly anti-inflammatory, maybe another thing to speak to a holistic vet about. A probiotic would also help as I believe candida is the pre-cursor to cancer.
My 3 year old border terrier is allergic to most meats and grains (causing digestive upset and itchy skin), so I have been feeding him the Orijen 6 fish food for the past 2 years and he has thrived on it, perfect weight, great number 2s, bright eyes and lots of energy. They have recently changed the formula and he is going off it, so I am now switching to Eden as this has got 5/5 and so many healthy ingredients. I will continue to mix in a bit of Billie and Margots wet food and hot and cold water, as dry food needs lots of water with it.
Also minimise your dogs stress and give him massages when you can, round the shoulder blades and along his back, as this will help move the lymph around the body, so is a great healing promoter.
Really hope he gets healthy and the cancer goes, please keep us posted, Clare x

Jan Wilson 4 years ago

I started my mixed breed rescue dog on Eden about a month ago, I originally fed her AVA from Pets at Home, but a trainer told me I should feed her Eden. Her coat does look more shiny but she seems a bit lethargic and doesn't run like she used to, I am wondering if the high protein lower carbohydrates isn't giving her the energy boost she needs

Trevor 4 years ago

I have a 6.5 year old setter bitch, recently spayed. She is in good health with a beautiful glossy coat and good weight. I am keen she stays in shape after the spay. Would the Eden complete dog food suit her? Any advice please. She has been on Millie's Wolfheart but seems to have gone off it.

John Maxwell 4 years ago

I have a 14 month old springer bitch who originally weighed in at 13 kilo aged 10 months but has grown a little in height but now weighs in at around 12 kilos. She is extremely skinny. No matter how much I feed her no weight goes on. Presently I am giving her a little over 100 grammes per day of the original receipt in the morning and the same in the evening so a total of 200 grammes per day but to no avail. Her poop of a morning is fine but gets sloppier as the day goes on. Any ideas? Might she do better on the fish version? I should add that she is from working stock and a "Ferrari" full of drive. She also tends to eat her own poop if I am not quick enough.

Sarah Jones John Maxwell 3 years ago

I would feed the country cuisine for weight gain as it's higher in carbs.dont feed more than recommended amount though as it causes loose stools coz of the fish oil.xx

Rachel Ireland John Maxwell 4 years ago

This is quite a high protein diet so it tends to leave poos runny if they are fed too much which might explain why they get runnier as the day goes on. There are a couple of things you can do to try and get her weight up and keep her poos firm:1) Feed 3/4 smaller meals throughout the day to see if this helps with her sloppy poos.2) Use a maze feeder if she gobbles her food. This will help slow her down and might also help firm up her poos as it won't be rushing to her system all at once.3) Use Pro fiber(Sometimes called protexin) - it's a pre/pro biotic supplement which again should help with her poos.You can get it online or at pets at home. I just add it into my dogs feed and she eats it up as it looks like kibble.4) Switch to a high quality puppy food (I don't know if Eden do a puppy food or not) until she is at an ideal weight.5) Do short intense bursts of exercise (approx 10min) throughout the day instead of one big walk. Think of it as HIIT workout for dogs. This will probably only work if she is ball mad or likes to chase something. I do this with my dog to keep her energy levels stable.6) Consider switching to a lower protein but still high quality food so you can feed a larger portion without affecting her poos. I would recommend Millies Wolfheart. Their food comes in a variety of protein percentages and also a working dog fat content and a lower fat content. They do sample sizes and have a wide variety of flavors and their customer service is pretty good. If you email them with your questions they should point you in the right direction of what food and how much to feed.Please don't do these all at once. Try one at a time to see if something works for your dog. If all else fails consider a trip to the vets to see if there are any underlying issues. I hope this helps and good luck.

κοσκωτ-ass 4 years ago

have a female bull terrier. last few months appears redness on her feet but going with platinum iberico and greens made it a lot better but not perfect. Would eden dry food be better for her? or anything to suggest beacuse as you know bull terriers have common skin issues

Pinky 4 years ago

I dont understand why its rated 5 out of 5. I switched to eden catch of the day after my dog had skin issues on other foods. I carried out hours of research and finally made what I thought was the right decision. How wrong could I be!! My youngest border terrier within a week looked terrible, dull coat and both dogs started eating every poo we saw on a walk. After persevering I switched back to applaws while I searched for an alternative (chicken is the issue and applaws only do chicken/chicken & lamb)they soon improved, I ended up having to bin the eden as even my neighbours dog refused to eat it. Eventually all be it apprehensively I gave Millie's wolfheart a try and have been extremely impressed with the results. Even my vet comments on how good both dogs look and no more skin problems. Cannot understand why eden caused such terrible results.

Rachel Ireland Pinky 4 years ago

Every dog reacts to food differently. My dog doesn't do well at all on a high protein diet so a lot of 5* foods on this website react very badly with her system. It's all about reading the food labels and doing your research as to what constitutes a good diet for your dog. My dog is on Milllie's Wolfheart on one of the lower protein diets and she is doing really well.

KCG 4 years ago

I have a picky Bichon with a stage 1 heart murmur, so really tying to keep her weight stable. Reading the reviews, Eden appears to be a great food but will it be suitable for my dog?

Lucy Johnson 4 years ago

We feed our 26kg doodle a complete raw food normally. However, we go away quite a bit so need an easy to transport food for our trips. We have tried Eden and initially she seemed to like it but seems to go "off" it after a few days and get loose stools and flatulence. She does not eat it all so overfeeding probably not an issue. Is there an issue with going fully onto a different type of food for a few day? We are going away for 3 weeks in the summer and need to find a good, easy to carry food that dowsn't upset her.

Leanne Sims 4 years ago

My dog is currently on raw feeding. Can I add Edden kibble to her diet with the raw?

Michelle Massara Leanne Sims 4 years ago

I feed my two dogs raw minces with Eden along with a lot of other dog owners .

Oliver Horst 4 years ago

Can "normal" dogs be given the eden working food? or is it because working dogs are always on the move working? that they have different food? am looking to change from Arden Grange, for my cross bread (anyones guess, looks like a pointer) and our lovable rouge of a Staffie who has had a broken knee in the past and on joint supplements. we want to try and keep arthritis at bay for as long as possible for him. would better food help?

Sheila Payne 4 years ago

I have a 7 month old miniature labradoodle who after eating, has severe itching of the rear legs/hip region. Sometimes so severe he gets really distressed biting himself ( however he does not break the skin or cause infection). The itching can last up to an hour everytime he eats.
I have tried grain free dried foods among several others. We are now feeding him on the Symply lamb/rice mixture of wet and dry, again to no avail as he still itches. We have had several meds from the vet including steroids of which I am loathe to give him on a long term basis.
He also had severe wind and loose stools prior to changing to the current food, which seems to have now been aleviated, we are obviously going through a process of elimination in relation to foods, however it doesnt seemt o matter what we feed him - he still itches. Can you recommend which of your foods you think might be suitable.

speakthetruth16 Sheila Payne 4 years ago

I have a 3 year old brittany and he does the same thing with his rear legs & hip region. Can't find exactly what could be causing this

Dean Partridge 4 years ago

Which recipe would be best for my 5 month old frenchie. Shes on royal canin at the moment which is making her really itchy thinking about changing over to eden

Pussycatwillow 4 years ago

My 13 week old puppy has been introduced to a salmon based kibble (85% salmon 15% other) for just over 2 weeks. However his stools are extremely soft. I wonder if the salmon is too rich and a meat based option would be better. He is a very energetic English Setter/Collie cross and does seem to get hungry. I was advised to increase his portions but don't want to risk over feeding.

Daniela 4 years ago

We have a 2 year old English Bulldog who was on a salmon based diet (25% crude protein) as a puppy and it gave him loose stools as it was too rich. He has now been on an ostrich based diet with 18% crude protein and is doing well overall as it agreed with his sensitive digestive system. However we have been battling a mild skin allergy since last summer. He has been on a low dose of steroids which we would like to tail off considering he has controlled cardiac insufficiency and is on life-long medication. A vet suggested a change in diet and I have read a lot of great reviews on this brand particularly from Frenchie owners. What I am worried about is the high protein content and cannot really decide which type would be more gentle on his digestive system. Any recommendations please?

phillippa dunne 4 years ago

Is this suitable for a French Bulldog? What would you say is the best type for them? Thanks

Lauren 4 years ago

What brand/type of dog food would you recommend for a long haired chihuahua nurtured and gains weight easy? Must have no digest, no beef, no pork.

Roy Toal 4 years ago

Used Eden ,at first they had loose black stools ,but as soon as they where used to it they where fine.
Good quality ingredients , I mix with raw food ,and some times feed alone.
Good value when compared to similar rated foods especially the 15kg working dog food

June-Ann Dorsky 4 years ago

Please would you advise me if Eden have a puppy food suitable for Miniature Schnauzers? These dogs are prone to pancreatis so fats are best kept low. We have a pregnant Mini schnauzer and she should be on puppy food this week til full term and then we want the best start for our pups when they begin a solid diet - what would you recommend please? Thank you for your help. June-Ann

LM 4 years ago

Hi, my 5kg Shih Tzu has been brought up on Nutriment. I'm looking for a dry kibble to have on standby for times when we can't safely use frozen raw - such as travelling. Does anyone have any experience of occasionally swapping (not mixing) Eden for a dog established on a good raw diet?

Simon Broddle LM 4 years ago

I travel with my dog, a Jack Russell for days at a time and she swaps from Natural Instinct raw food onto Eden.
It is my understanding that they are both derived from raw and have no grains so I see no issues. Certainly the dog looks amazing, has no "gut" has a shiny coat and is a picture of health. I'd rather feed Eden that risk raw meat in a cool box.
Interestingly, she has never had grains in dog food and when at the vets recently she declined a biscuit from the vet in favour of an Eden one.

Μικε 4 years ago

The BUY link to Eden is wrong. The price is £58.99 for 12kg, plus delivery. The price per day here needs to be multiplied by about at least 1.2.The working dog formula also rates 4.6 in the instant review generator.

Andrea Fernandez 4 years ago

What size kibble do you recommend for a 5.5kg, 3 year old Boston terrier? I couldn't find guidance on your website.

Fiona Futcher 4 years ago

I have 2 Labs who are both on Eden meat and fish and they both love it. One is approx 36kg but the other is very overweight and needs to lose 10kg. He suffers from epilepsy and the seizures or the meds (plus I think he has the fat gene!) make him continually hungry and he takes every opportunity to eat whatever he can find. I only feed a small amount twice a day but please can you advise me how much I should give him, or suggest a different variety? Do you have any plans to introduce a 'lite' version?
Many thanks,

Mabel16 4 years ago

We have a 13 week old Labrador puppy and are currently feeding her a puppy food made for large breed puppies which is recommended for her joints to ensure she doesn't grow too quickly. Would Eden be suitable for her?

LuLu 5 years ago

Hi there I haves 12 week old chihuahua & a 5 year old Chihuahua. What would you recommended I feed them both? Is there a small kibble complete food you do? The food I'm using at the moment is apparently full of sugar..
So worried & want to change them both onto the same complete food.
Thank you 🐾

Roy Toal 5 years ago

Hi I normally feed raw , having a new puppy ,I want to give a decent start to her ,I've tried other brands ,and she won't eat them consistently, which one of your foods would you recommend for a 12 week old lurcher that will probably reach 28-30 kg

Animal lover 5 years ago

Hi I have been feeding my 2 dogs on this for nearly 2 years now however they will only eat the country cuisine as they do not like the other flavours and now my one dog seems to be going off it and won't eat it unless it is topped with something. I am considering switching foods as I am worried there isn't enough of a variety in flavours to keep him interested. Please could you advise if you have changed your recipe in anyway? I have bought smaller bags and samples of the other flavours and they aren't keen at all. Thanks

Jo Harding 5 years ago

Are all your varieties high in protein? Also how big are the kibble pieces?

Louise Adams 5 years ago

My cockerpoo has been on Eden for 15 months but seems to have gone off it... Any suggestions as I've been really happy with Eden and don't really want to swap. I have changed to see if he likes the other flavours and he's being fussy with all of them :-(

Frances Cooper 5 years ago

I have an akita I adopted 4 months ago. I switched his food from a cheap kibble to Eden. My dog likes it but like Chris and Sue's posts, below, my dog has gone from leaving some of his food to being starving all the time, although I add carrots, sweet potato and greens. He was overweight when I got him and is losing weight fast (vet is happy with weight loss) but still a few kilos to go. That's good. However, I do not want my dog to feel hungry all the time so I am going to look for another food that will regulate his weight without him being starving all the time. He is not competition eating as he is the only dog, and if he was greedy he would have eaten all his previous food. Eden just does not satisfy him.

Sue B 5 years ago

I have two labs and had been feeding them on devoted (also no grains etc), which is 60% protein and wanted to change to eden, as i saw it's review was very good.
I ordered enough in for them for 6-8 weeks to test it out, and did the standard gradual change from one to another food.
Over the first week I noticed that one of the labs had looser stools and the other was getting windy, ignoring this I continued on feeding them the eden.
Once they were on the eden totally, it was very noticeable that both were having reaction to it.
I spoke to my local dog food distributer and he said to cut down the amount they ate. As it was too rich being so high in protein, but still recommended it.
I did this (and even with the usual frozen carrots etc) they were then so hungry all the time, that when I took them out, they would not only grab at grass, but mouthfuls of mud, and anything else they could find.
I then started trying to think of ways I could 'add' to the food to bulk it up a bit, so it was filing them up!
Which goes against buying a 'complete' meal if you then have to add/alter it.
I saw my local vet, and had chance to speak to another also, during the trial period, and both vets said that it was too high in protein for the dogs, and that like the 'superfood' craze in humans food, manufacturers often over did it. And that they probably only need something with 40-60 protein in it.
If dogs need a minimum of 40% meat, then why are we trying to give them 80%? <confused...>
Before I wrote this, I read some of the other comments and noticed that this seems to be a common theme... Is using 80% really giving them too much? If I tried it again, would I need to add more vegetable and/or potato/rice.
I did really want to go with eden, but if the dogs don't work well with it, then I will have to go back to using devoted or a lower protein food. Should I persist? and if so what should I use to bulk the food up with?
The dogs are fed twice a day and are given treats with no grains.

chris 5 years ago

Hi,I have a 17 week old GSD x Akita and a 12 week old Springer Spanlel. Prior to the Springers arrival I was free feeding the GSD, Purina Beta. He is thin compared to other pups of his age I see at the park, who tend to be a lot more rolypoly. I was worried I was doing something wrong with him (which I now don't think I am - I think he's just naturally carries less fat) and after research (and finding out how many unhealthy things go into the Beta) I thought I'd switch to Eden.We then got the Springer who is very different and would eat until he exploded if you left enough food out, so we had to change and now measure all food. I'm trying to follow the recommended amounts but am having issues. They are both starving hungry all the time. When you put the food down they attack the bowl like they haven't eaten in days, and then constantly search for food until you next feed them.The problem is - being a GSD - if I up the food at all he has the runs which I'm wary of because of how thin he is - there isn't a lot of reserve on him for errors. So my long winded question - what would you recommend I bulk their meals up with?

chris 5 years ago

Hello could I get some advice please, I've been using Eden Dog Food for my Newfoundland since he was 9 weeks old after weaning him off the breeders royal cain puppy food all was good but now he's coming up 16 weeks & just over 20kilo in weight his food portions are going up too natural but his rear end is taking a hit for it.I've double checked that I'm feeding him the correct about and changed from 4 meals to 3 (same daily amount) but he will still have more very loose stoles over the easy baggies we were getting before and he stinks (wind wind wind).Now I spoke to vet and there pushing as they do on every visit the Royal Cain Sensitive food which I wont be touching as I don't wish to feed my pup grain/wheat foods.The only treats he has had which I've stop were Paddywack and pigs ears by Hollings.Now when i done my research I ended up picking two foods just in case this happened but before I give up and go to Canagan is there anyone that's able to help me please.Thank You x

Josh 5 years ago

Hi there, I have two huskypups and I'm looking for an alternative dry food from our current one, which is Akela 80/20 fish feast.All Akela kibble original/Suffolk duck and the current one only agree about 65% of poor lil Charlie's tummy, whereas Jessie has no issues. Any other store bought foods turn into a sloppy korma sauce out the other end of both Charlie and Jessie :/I've been recommended Acana large puppy by a local friend but concerned about the higher carbs.Could you recommend your most suitable dry food for my lil blue eyed friends? Thanks :)Charlie is 18 weeks and Jessie is 33 weeks old.https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Donna Kidd 5 years ago

Hi I have a mini schnauzer 20 months she is currently 2.5kg over weight - some one has suggested Eden can you advise where to start

Melanie Corcoran 5 years ago

Hi I'm currently feeding the multi meat and previously fed the fish, one of my dogs seems to get really runny stools and unbearable flatulence...... have stopped treats etc..... has anyone else had problems like this on Eden?

Laura Dunn 5 years ago

Hi there, seems like an excellent dog food in terms of composition but I was wondering why it is branded as hypoallergenic when there are technically quite a lot of different meat antigens etc? Surely to be hypoallergenic there needs to be very limited ingredients and hydrolysed to the point where the dogs can't react to proteins/carbs in the food?

Sam Nicholls 5 years ago

Very good quality food just was to rich for my pup did lower the amount like advised but she still had loose stools. Have a friend that feeds her dog this and his doing very well

Nikkie Drury 5 years ago

Hi can you feed this food with raw? My pugs are on raw but my french bulldog puppy isn't putting any weight on so was wondering if I could mix

Evaristsammut 5 years ago

Hi. Is the nutrient mixture ideal for a miniature schnauzer?

Linda Hill 5 years ago

Changed my 3 dogs onto this a few months ago. Puppy's behaviour has improved drastically and oldest dog has finally decided she loves food at the age of 9.5.Food smells great and judging by my dog's eating habits tastes fab too. No nasty dust at the bottom of the bags just all edible, tasty food. So glad I decided to swap x

John Cawdron 5 years ago

Hi, I have a half Cocker Spaniel- half king Charles Cavalier, he's 10 months old and is more on the body size side towards the Cav do you have any advice for feeding the multi meat amounts?

angela 5 years ago

Hi, I've got a 3 month old French bull dog , do you have any puppy food ? What food do you recommend for him ?

Jennifer Stanfill 5 years ago


Jennifer Stanfill 5 years ago

I have had my 9 yr old chi on instinct but was recalled so I went back to natures variety brand, she has a lot of skin issues and gets really flaky during summer . The instinct was working because had omega 3 in it , do check dogwood advisor site to see if dogfood is good or not

Claire Fogg 5 years ago

I have an Olde English Bulldogge, male, who currently weighs 20kg, he is 6+ months old. He was on Wainwrights Grain Free Puppy at nearly 500g daily but this was proving expensive. Eden was recommended to us so we have switched. What is the recommended amount of Eden dried food to feed daily. Many Thanks

Rebecca Webster 5 years ago

We have a small border collie that weighs around 14kg. We have fed her James well beloved for a couple of years now and she has always got on fine with it but after reading their rating on this site I'm thinking about changing her food. Where are your stockists?

Lisa Miller 5 years ago

Do you do samples ?as i don't want to pay if my cavapoo don't like it

Graeme 5 years ago

I have a 5 year old Wheaten Terrier that is extremely hyperactive with other dogs and people who come to the house. I would like to change to Eden from Burns because of the high rice/grain content in Burns. However I am concerned about the increase in protein content in Eden? Will EDEN help his hyperactivity?

Anita Sayles 5 years ago

I recently ordered my first bag of Eden Multi-Meat and Fish. I was feeding Canagan kibble with home cooked. No problems at all with the new food, my 3 (small) dogs all eagerly ate it - I didn't slowly introduce the Eden, they just went straight from one to the other. No tummy upsets, but they do eat a very varied diet. Great service, I'm pleased with the product. Thank you Eden.

Jane Drummond 5 years ago

jane drummond
Hi I've been feeding my 2 year old liver and white springer spaniel on Eden food for 18 months as he seemed to be sensitive to the majority of other foods I tried him on. All was going well, beautiful coat, extremely healthy and full of energy, I was very happy. Then slowly his coat started to turn pink at first I thought it was my imagination but as the months have gone by its getting distinctly pink. I took him to the vets who after examining him seems to think its the carotene that is making his coat pink. Help any suggestions, should I stop feeding him Eden.

stuart wright 5 years ago

I have a Ridgeback cross who moults badly all year. Ive been advised to consider changing his feed to a grain free diet, to see if it halts the casting.
Is this realistic?Stuart.

Amy Louise 5 years ago

I am currently feeding my mini schnauzer and chihuahua cross a mix of James wellbeloved dry food and Aatu dry food. The last 2 weeks I have ran out of Aatu (which they love), but They don't like the James wellbeloved anymore so I am thinking of switching to Eden. Is it OK to feed my dogs a 50 50 mix of Aatu and Eden? They aren't very active though. My Schnauzer bites her paws alot and her fur has become dry. Any help would be appreciated!

chris smith 5 years ago

Ok folks, switched my 2 year old black lab from Akela original 80/20 about 3 weeks ago. The reason for the switch was simply the size of the bag (15kg as opposed to 10kg) and if the feeding guidlines were to be believed I would feed him less and therefore costs me less than Akela. Now the bad part; the feeding guildlines are a complete joke, I have to feed my dog another half again of what it states on the guidlines and therefore twice as much as I was feeding him on Akela (cost saving out the window). My dog lost so much weight using the feeding guidlines it became apparent quite quickly that the guidlines were nonsense. Next his stools have doubled in size and gone to two a day rather than one. This to me says that there are a numebr of ingredients contained within Eden that my dog does not need which is something that I never found with Akela. Finally my dogs coat used to be super shiny but now it has gone to a dull unwashed black with the dogs get up and go got up and left! I stupidly bought two 15kg bags of Eden but the second bag will be binned as i'd rather cut my losses and go back to Akela than make my dog suffer any further on this awful food. I don't care if I am the only negative poster on here but this is an honest report of how this food has affected my dog, sorry Eden but you are not a patch on Akela. Akela I apologise and yes you did warn me before I switched!

Jacki Emery Grange chris smith 5 years ago

We've just put our pup on Akela small paws and she loves it and is doing well on it. She was doing about 8 stools a day on her previous food which came from the breeder, but on this, around 2/3. She's still only 10 weeks old. I would highly recommend Akela food, although not many seem to be using it, even though it scores 5/5 on this site.

Ashleigh Hyslop 5 years ago

My 7 year old cross breed and 12 week old bichon frise have been on Eden for 4 week now and they both love it. I did some research and I found it to be one of the best quality dry food for the price. They are in excellent condition and I cant see me changing the food as long as they keep eating it. I may try the other varieties that Eden stock but not going to a different brand

Ellen Roberts 5 years ago

I have a Miniature Dachshund, she weighs just under 4kg and is currently on Royal Canin 'Dachshund' biscuits, but she is scratching a lot of the time. Do you think this brand of food would be a good idea for her as she's such a small dog?

Cheke 5 years ago

My 8 year old bichon frise was on Royal Canin which made her too fat, switched to Burns but she was hungry all the time, have now got her on Canagans but she has started to chew her paws and her tear stains have gotten worse, after talking to Edens Ireland distributor have am now switching her to Eden unfortunately they only stocked the 15kg bags so I really hope this is the one for her

jayjsmum 5 years ago

I have 2 Pugs and a Bulldog. My pugs were on Royal Canin Pug as this is what the breeder I got them from had them on. After finding this site which is great! I discovered Eden Pet Food had the best rating. I felt the price was also reasonable and the contents were exactly what I was looking for. My Bulldog was on Orijen from the breeder and I have now transferred them all over to Eden Pet Food. They absolutely love it, there coats are beautiful and shiny and I have noticed more defined muscles since they have been eating it also. My female pug was also slightly overweight on her old food and is now the perfect weight on Eden Pet Foods. My female pug has recently had a litter of pups and I will be sure to introduce this food to her puppies from 5 weeks onwards. I also continued to feed her on this food throughout her pregnancy. I highly recommend this food for you dog.

Tina Stone 5 years ago

I have 2 bulldogs currently raw Fed. One is losing way too much weight, I'm contemplating switching them back to kibble but a high end one. One of my bullys suffers with skin problems but not since being on raw. Is there anything in Eden that might trigger a flare up?

Fran 5 years ago

My working cocker spaniel has been on Eden for about 10 months and is doing really well on it. She has been mated and I would like some advice on how much Eden I should be feeding her. I have been told I don't need to put her on any other food because the protein content is as high as puppy food (which I put her on last time she was in pup). Please can you advise

elaine mitchell 5 years ago

Hi I'm looking for a new dog feed.
My springer is 12 in July and not at all fussy eats anything/everything !!!
No health issues except getting older and he mainly had A&I until we had a mouldy bag then went onto skinners maintenance but now about 2kg overweight since he is no longer working so just wonder what to try for he best.
Have also considered raw ???

elaine mitchell elaine mitchell 5 years ago

Many thanks for your swift reply where Can I purchase from please - I'm in ab526qq
Which Would you recommend please

Charlotte 5 years ago

I have just changed my 5 month old Cavachon to Eden as we were unhappy with the Purina Pro Plan which was recommended by the vet to us. He's been on it for just under a week but has had really dark runny stools. His stools haven't always been that solid even when on the other food but he seems to be worse on this, has anyone else experienced this or can anyone offer any advise? I want to keep him on this food as he is enjoying it and I know it's good quality but I don't want the poor little thing to be having toilet trouble

Ingrid Sangueza 5 years ago

I give my girl Orijen and she loves the 80/20 ratio, but I would like to try a
European brand in the same category.
I am a little concerned about the fish content coming from the Pacific because of radiation so the only fish I want to give my girl is from the Atlantic. I tried Carnilove 'White fish and turkey' but they only have meal in their food and no fresh meat, I would prefer more fresh ingredients. So Eden's 'Catch of the day' would be a perfect substitute to Orijens 'Six Fish'.
I would love to try some samples but I cant find samples or 2 kg sacks that can be delivered to Sweden only 15 kg sacks.
I'll try contacting the manufacturer to see if there are any sellers in Stockholm Sweden. 😊

Rosie Wareham 5 years ago

I have just tried the samples for my puppy and he absolutely loves it! I have tried to transition over from the old food to Eden so he doesn't get an upset stomach but won't touch the old food! I suppose thats a good sign! Placed order for another bag :)

Becca 5 years ago

I want to feed my puppy Eden but have gone for barking heads only as they do a puppy food. EDEN food says suitable for all but I don't understand how as puppys nutritional requirements are higher. So my concern was either my puppy wouldn't get enough or an adult dog that isn't a working dog would be over. I even asked the vet and she said nutritional requirement so different. Anyone have any experience?I plan to change to eden when she is an adult

Akira Kain 5 years ago

Been using Eden pet foods for over 2 years now, will never go back to the others i have tried, Dog is 33kg Dalmatian Pointer x, he loves it, his coat is wonderful, he loves his dinner. i pour boiled water over the kibble, not too much just enough to get a nice juicy gravy going, and then spike it with some cold water so it's warm in the winter and extra cold water for summer, he laps it up, his stools are fine.i feed him 400Grams a day over 2 feeds, so 200g in morning and 200g in evening, i don't know where we would be without eden, i know every dog is different, as he's not been great on other foods, and the no grain and cereals means no more licking paws and scratching noses, i cant compliment this company enough, they are always helpful and DPD are 90% of the time great at the delivery, i mean come on every now and then expect a mix up somewhere down the line, but seeing as i order this from my desk at work and it turns up at the Mrs work a few days later, we are chuffed to bits. we are even thinking about moving the cat on it, as he will eat the odd kibble bit that's fallen near his bowl and he loves his dry cat food too..each to their own i guess, but i have NEVER had any dietary issues with this food once the mutt had switched over...my dogs friend (a Boston Terrier), can only eat a fish diet, Cant remember what the term for this is called, but his pour belly cant handle meat, advised them on Edens fish mix formula and the dogs stools and his gass and his general health have improved over the past 4 months...you don't get a 5* ranking for nowt on allaboutdogfood, if you are hear reading this you must have at least considered the option?(after reading this back i cant help but think dang peeps might think i work for Eden, i DONT, but i believe in helping out a smaller company, and i need them to continue as my dog loves his )Thanks
Damion Austen

Μικε 5 years ago

I put in my first order just after Xmas. The delivery was due today. However DPD have just emailed to say that Eden have not passed the food on to them, so it will be delayed even more. I will not be ordering from Eden again. Very poor service.

David Ross Μικε 5 years ago

I would say you have been unlucky. I've been ordering from Eden for years. Never had a problem and the health of my dogs improved visibly when I switched to it. Highly recommended

Μικε David Ross 5 years ago

Markus Muhle is very good, half the price of Eden, only marked down because it contains sweetcorn, and zooplus supply it with a long shelf life and no hassle.Eden say they are now delivering tomorrow. We will see.

MC Manny 5 years ago

Hi everyone, after buying a 15kg bag and a 2kg bag, im giving up on Eden for good.
Before putting my dog on Eden he had is teeth all cleaned. At first my poddle loved it, but since then I have change from the bigger kibble to the smallest, contacted Eden by fone and done nothing so im stil having the same problem, The problem is the kibble turns into a paste and gets glued to his teeth just like us when we eat break sometimes.
This is the first time hes had this problem, not even with pedigree ou bakers that are rubbish. Unfortunally because of this is gums are always red and bleed when touched.At the moment im trying Lilly Kitchen and so far no problem hopefully he will get better and will have to clean his teeth again.

Paul Carroll 5 years ago

Good Evening. My Poppy is a cross: half Labrador half Old English Sheep Dog. She loves being out and about and isn't a working dog but loves a long walk/run in the woods. She's 6months at the moment and weighs 21kg.We had her on Canagan that she liked, to a degree, moved off that as the shop stopped stocking it and went onto Pets at Homes Evolution. Tho she likes it, we don't think it's enough for her and recently she can have an upset tummy a bit.I like the sound of Eden but wondered if anyone had any other ideas or maybe I'll go back to Canagan. Thanks in advance.Paul

Lydia 5 years ago

I would be really careful when selecting Eden for large breed dogs. The amount of protein content is really difficult for the larger breed dogs to break down. I recommended it to someone I knew as I had heard so many good things about it and purchased some samples. Although the dogs initially seemed to do well on it over time they went off the food and started getting really upset tummies. After speaking to a food scientist who specialised in dog foods they explained the 80:20 can be too much for the dogs to break down in their bodies given they have to be fed it in such large quantities. Whilst it is fine for small to medium size dogs a dog that is 42kg when fully grown it is just too rich. We've switched back to a high protein 60:40 with Acana and the dogs are doing much better on it. I thought it was important to get a balanced review.

Michelle Wingrove 5 years ago

Hi there I'm really interested in this product for my two dogs, however it's a lot to payout if they do not like it. Can I buy a sample bag ? Many Thanks

Nadine 5 years ago

hi guys is it possible to arrange a sampe to come to dublin, ireland please? i emailed titan and they didn't answer :( i am really interested in this food but would like to try my dogs on it before buying a bag. i have 2 cavalier / bichon / unknown crosses, both male aged 2 & 3, and they are doing fine on burns at the minute but i am not 100% happy with it. they were previously on royal canin. i tried the older one on raw as he was suffering with his ears and the raw diet was suggested to combat this but he was miserable on raw food, lost quite a bit of weight and was not himself at all. i put him back on dry and within 48 hrs he was like a different dog but i woud like to try a dry food that's closer to the raw - ish diet.Please let me know! Thanks.

Claire Lane 5 years ago

Hello, I have a 4 month old Puggle please can you advise if this food would be suitable as I have noticed it states adult food? Thank you Claire

Kirsty King 5 years ago

Hello, I have a 14 week border collie and looking for a new diet for him. Is this food ok on just a kibble diet with added raw bones from butchers now and again.

Stephane Doyon 5 years ago

Hi there, I have a 13 weeks old Border Collie that I am moving on from Burns to Eden. Week 3 and we are now on 1/3 Burns 2/3 Eden. Unfortunately he passes a lot of winds, and I was wondering if Eden could be the cause as he was ok before.

Hazel Cooper 5 years ago

Most dog food companies recommend a higher quantity of food to be given. Why is the quantity less for Eden food? Thanks

Hazel Cooper Hazel Cooper 5 years ago

Thank you

Emma Denovan 5 years ago

Hi, could I please have a sample of this food. My pup is 11weeks old cockapoo. She is currently being fed 3 times a day - 30g. What would the recommend amount for her and how often?
Many thanks
Emma Denovan

Joy Griffiths 5 years ago

Hi, Thanks for your reply- I am going to stop the grain(rice) and just see how they go as I feel you are right & maybe I am mixing it up a bit too much- the orijen is grain free & the lilys kitchen but the acana has grain in it so I am going to try and eliminate grain completely- I am looking forward to gradually introducing your food-I will let you know how they get on!! Many thanks Joy

Joy Griffiths 5 years ago

Hi, Just started my 2 chows on your samples & they loved it-I also feed orijen & acana & lilys & give them chicken & wholegrain rice 3 -5 times a week- the reason I have started on Eden is because I wanted to find a really good kibble that matched the orijen & acana that is made in this country & reading your 5 star rating on the all about dogs website(which is an amazing accolade to have)
is so encouraging!! I like to give them variety as I think it must be pretty boring eating the same food at every single meal!!!A consultant we saw at the Chester Gates Vet hospital when out girl had surgery for a cruciate said much the same!! So I will let you know how they get on as I have ordered some 2kg bags of your food & hopefully this will replace the acana & orijen.
Joy, Ruby & Ed(chows)

Carl 5 years ago

Hi, I noticed that Eden are great at replying on this amazing website! I have been feeding my border terrier x cocker puppy Simpson food which she is eating but does tur her nose up a bit. I tried Akela and she loves it, but I also wanted to try Eden. I have ordered a sample from your website but wanted to ask if the "catch of the day" contains any mercury and ethoxyquin? Thanks

Carl Carl 5 years ago

Hi, my samples arrived today so I can give more info. Se doesn't like the "catch of the day" but did like the country cuisine and multi-meat and fish, so could you direct my previous question to these foods instead please?

gavin evans 5 years ago

I have a 10 month old bulldog.i was wondering if this food would be suitable as lately she as become very fussy in what she eats which I think is down to the high grain contents in most other dog foods

Kelly zile 5 years ago

I have a nearly 3 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is prone to weight gain and sensitive tummy issues. Would you recommend Eden for him?.
Many thanks.

Laura12 5 years ago

I am looking for a good food for my 2 year old dog. He is a dachshund x jack Russell and wondered if you would recommend this and amount to feed him?

Μικε 5 years ago

The price is wrong for the catch of the day variety. The largest bag is 12kg and it costs £52 + delivery.The Country Cuisine is £59 for 12kg + delivery.Delivery is another £5. There are few stockists.

michael thorn 5 years ago

Excellent, only food that doesn't make my dog fart all day long, smells so bad you can taste it!I tried Orijen Adult and Six Fish = stinky bum, TOTW High Prairie = stinky bum, Acana Grasslands = stinky bum etc I tried 9 5* kibble all big 13kg bags so months at a time of stinky bum.
Eden multi meat & fish = no stinky bum and happy Staffie just ordered 2nd 15kg bag.

Rhian 5 years ago

Eden- we put our Staffie pup onto Eden after raw food caused skin irritation, after just a week, he stopped scratching and his ball bits grew fur! He loves it, and both he, and our recently senior Staffie rescue love this food, and both are always getting comments on their coats and sparkly eyes. Fantastic value for money, you get what you pay for! Thank you Eden

Mrinalini Owen 6 years ago

As a microbiologist with an interest in the relationship between gut flora and health, I enquired as to whether Eden would consider including probiotics in their kibble, as is the case with other top quality dog foods such as Orijen. After a lot of odd sounding statements such as "probiotics affect the body's ability to "produce" gut flora" (the body doesn't "produce" microbes, they are introduced via the diet) and "a wolf would never pop to the chemist's to buy probiotics" (neither would a wolf order a bag of sterile, factory-manufactured kibble from which the natural bacterial content has been removed to conform to human standards), my inquiry was quietly deleted from the brand's Facebook page. I understand fully that the incorporation of probiotics into dry kibble is an expensive process, but it would have been far more decent to just explain that this may have well been the issue they were facing, and that any additional costs would be reflected in a price increase (which I am sure your customers would be willing to bear considering they are buying your product in order to feed their dogs as "natural" a diet as kibble can provide). Very frustrating and rather rude, considering I have been an Eden customer for two years now, and that I only posted my inquiry in response to a post from the manufacturer on which new varieties they could introduce. It is all very well to embrace the more convenient and cost effective parts of "the ancestral diet" while rejecting the ones that do not suit. I would also strongly reconsider your advertising that you feed the "ancestral diet" when Eden kibble lacks one of the most vital components of a natural diet - the good bacteria - which in fact other manufacturers such as Orijen justify their ethos by providing. I for one will be switching to Orijen, which is a shame, as one of my favourite things about Eden was that I was buying British and supporting local industry.

Kerry 6 years ago

My adult ESS has been on Eden for 3 months now and seems to really enjoy it.
He is quite a small springer and his weight was close to 17kg his weight has now dropped to 15kg and we are struggling to get him to gain any weight. We've upped his feed to 190g from 170g
Do you have any suggestions?
Many thanks

Becca 6 years ago

Hello, I have a nearly 5 month old sprocker and we changed her from bakers to James wellbeloved lamb puppy a few weeks ago, we did it gradually but she has had really runny poo since the change so we are looking for another food as I think her tummy is too sensitive for jwb. I was just wondering if this food is any good for a sensitive tummy? Thanks

Becky 6 years ago

Hi my mum has a 9 year old bishon with a skin condition she has monthly injections yet still scratches terribly would this food be appropriate?

4MyDog 6 years ago

Thank you very much for your quick and informative reply. Much appreciated.

4MyDog 6 years ago

Hello Eden, can I ask you advice please. We have recently bought a lovely little patterdale terrier (9 month old). We're currently feeding him Bakers for puppies but are looking for a better diet. His poo is a yellow grey colour which to me does not seem natural. He is also starting to nibble at his legs and seems more itchy (not all the time). I'm hoping it's due to diet after reading about nutritional dermatitis.Which is the best food for him?
Is small or medium food best?
Can I just switch over to your food or do I mix for 2 weeks?
How much will I have to feed him per day?Thank you.

Cramp59 6 years ago

There is no mention here or on the Eden's website about artificial additives and preservatives etc. What is the artifical content of this brand?

eve 6 years ago

Hi there,
We have a 5 year old whippet and two 3 mth old whippet pups. I am highly tempted to switch to your food range but am a little unsure of the logistics for feeding three different dogs who eat together when they would need different quantities? Is it possible?! Thanks.

Nick Garrad 6 years ago

What feeding regime would you recommend for a Schihtzu aged 2 including portion size?

Kathryn Whitfield 6 years ago

Hi what size kibble would you recommend for a parsons jack russell?

Jo Mac 6 years ago

Hi Eden - I'm interested in switching to your food. I currently feed my 4.5 month old cockapoo boy James Wellbeloved - which seems to agree with him. He was on Royal Canin but his poos were runny. But I find his energy levels are quite high, particularly in the evening times and despite feeding him over the recommended amount, he is always on the hunt for food. He currently gets 80g x 3 per day. He is about 6.5kg and seems a little light. I realise puppies are full of energy, but I am looking at his food to see if that may be giving him a little extra buzz!! I'm not asking you to bad mouth JWB, but I would be interested in an honest view on whether a change of food would potentially curb his enthusiasm? Thanks so much.

Theia 6 years ago

Hiya, we have a 4 month old Basset Hound dog. He has been on Eden for about a month now. His stool in the morning is firm but in the afternoon/evening they get very soft and loose. I wonder if this is due to over feeding? He looks like he is at a good weight, if not slightly under weight - It's hard to tell on his ribs due to the shape of their skeletal frame and how his skin hangs. I worry about the effects of undernourishment on his adult life. He currently weighs 10.8KG and his adult weight for his breed should be between 15-24kg. He was the biggest in his litter and I think he will be on the larger side - but we don't want him to be fat! Could you recommend the correct amount we should be feeding him?

Frank mc connellogue 6 years ago

Hello. I've just been doing research on potential new foods for my 13 month SBT bitch. She is an active dog and tends to naturally build muscle from a young age. I am currently feeding Dr Clauders chicken. But I'm considering a change. She tends to nibble at her food and I must add tuna or another mixer to get her to eat it better.Can you advise me of the best meal you'd recommend for a "show dog SBT" as conditioning and muscle tone is essential for me please???
I would feed her twice daily. So what amounts of your food would you recommend?
And can I purchase it as I live in Northern Ireland??Thanks

Kat Giles 6 years ago

I have a 3 month old sibe husky and a 14 month old alaskan malamute, is this okay for both of them even the very young puppy? I will gradurally move them onto that they are currently on orijin but its a little too expensive this seems almost the same and as great? Thanks

Josie 6 years ago

Hi, I have a 12 month old springer cross. She is 3/4 springer spaniel and 1/4 Dalmatian. Will Eden be too rich for her?

Craig Johnson 6 years ago

Is this a good type of dog food for my french bulldog puppy she is only 13 week old

sabrina 6 years ago

Unfortunatly for us we have two cavaliers one older and one puppy no matter which variety of this food I used or adjusted the quanitity my pup could not tolorate it. Edens customer service was brilliant but unfortunatly its just too rich for us :(

Lisa Harvey 6 years ago

Hi, I have a bernese mountain dog puppy - coming up 6 months. I would like to change to a more natural based product and have looked at the reviews etc of Eden- Obviously joints are key to their development and i wondered whether Eden is suitable for large / giant breed and how much he would require.

Craig 6 years ago

Hi there. How much would you recommend feeding a 1 year old whippet bitch who weighs a healthy 11.5kg and a 2 year old whippet dog who weighs a healthy 15.5kg. Thanks

Carrie vib 6 years ago

Hi we are about to get a toy poodle puppy. what dry kibble should we buy for him. he will be 8 weeks old

Jacqui Johnson 6 years ago

Do you do very small kibble size in all flavours

nick 6 years ago

My French Bulldog who is 34 weeks old now, has been on Eden Holistic Catch of the day for a long time now, but his stools are really a mixed bag of firm and runny. We're feeding him 97g twice a day as he's still young and growing every week. We're now looking at moving onto a different brand as clearing up horrid poo's is just not the one. His body weight is good he's 9.7kg and still growing so it doesn't seem to be the amount of food thats the issue.Any help/advice would be very helpful,Thanks

Lesley 6 years ago

I have given both my dogs eden for 18 months and generally very pleased with it. However my cockapoo who is now 22 months has had soft bowels since starting the food. She weighs 7.5 kg and I am giving her 110 kg divided between 2 meals. Her body weight seems fine. Don't want to change food,please help. Sweet potatoe doesn't make much difference.

Kirstie 6 years ago

Hi I have just purchased a jack Russell that was already on your food. My query is the quantity of food I should be feeding him. He is around 2kg in weight and 9 weeks old. Any help would be appreciated as he seems very settled and just want to make sure he is getting the right quantity.

jodie England 6 years ago

Hi, I have a 28 week old french bulldog, he weighs 9 kg on 19th aug, and predicted adult weight is 10.3 kg. I am currently feeding him 70g 3 times a day can you advise if he should be on more or less? Also would he benefit from any extras ie mince or fish. He is currently on the catch of the day formula. Thanks!

Kerry 6 years ago

I have recently changed my 12 week old springer spaniel puppy on to Eden but her stools are still really loose.
She is currently on 45g 3 times a day could this be too much. She weighs 3.8 kg
Thank in advance

Pam Blevins 6 years ago

Hi I have 2 x Cavaliers. One is 13 but still active and enjoys her walks, am. About an hour and a short late afternoon walk, she weighs 9kg.
My other dog is 5? (Rescue) enjoys the same walks as my other and weighs 10kg.
What amount should I feed please? And what is the difference between your 'working dog' and 'Pet Dog' food?

Marta Riola 6 years ago

I'm considering switching from Millie's wolfheart but just need to know whether these products contain chicken in any form? My Westie is allergic to chicken so have had her on Millie's salmon & veg. Thought I would try to re-introduce other meat sources into her diet.

Yvette 6 years ago

Hello, thank you for your reply, very helpful.
My puppy is 2kg at present and depicted to be around 4.5kg when adult.
Many thanks again, and I will order a sample of the catch of the day to see how she gets on!

Yvette 6 years ago

Hello, I'm not on Facebook so I am unable to follow any recommendations on feeding. I'm looking to buy some Eden food to try my puppy on. I have a 3 month old mini dachshund, how much would I need to be feeding her of the small kibble? Thank you! She seems to have a bit of a sensitive tummy, would this food be suitable still or should I wait until she is a little older?

Kevin Mulcock 6 years ago

I have a 4 year old Jack-A-Bee and a 16wk Miniature Labradoodle.
I used to feed my previous dog on Tesco stuff and then moved on to ‘Naturediet’ thinking it was ‘good’ for them.
My dog (at the time) was very fussy and just ‘went off’ the Naturediet, completely refusing it.
I researched hard and came across EDEN dog food. a big gamble but my my what a difference it made.Happier less hyperactive/nervous dogs, (the Jack was a troubled rescue) great coat, genuinely healthy dogs, I noticed a significant improvement with all the dogs that I changed over. I also noticed considerably ‘cleaner’, firmer poos: less in amount and certainly not offensive.I now feed my Jack solely on Eden and plan to convert the Puppy over.I CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!

joanne 6 years ago

After doing a lot of research on dry food I'm finally pleased to say that I've finally bought my first bag of Eden. At the moment I'm gradually swapping over his food from his old kibble but am a little unsure on the correct weight I should give him. He is a labradinger (Labrador/Springer) and almost two yrs old weighing about 25/26kg (going to get him weighed again soon to be sure). He is a working breed but nit a working dog. We walk him twice a day and he runs around crazy the whole time he is very active.The recommend daily feed for him (non active) is about 240g but it doesn't seem enough to me compared to his old food. Is this right? Thanks

Em 6 years ago

Hi, Im wanting/needing to change my puppys food and feel that Eden would be a great choice for him, Ive looked at your puppy calculator but wanted to double check....his guesstimated weight fully grown is app 12kg can you advise what amount you would recommend? He is currently 51/2 months old weighing 8kg at present...also how does the vhigh level of protein work? Ive always been told to aim for about 23% during puppyhood and around 17% adulthood. many thanks in advance

Vicki Cook 6 years ago

Love this pet food. When I rescued my Springer, he was very stressed, running through the house and barking at all hours of the day. We swapped to this food after doing a lot of research and were surprised at what a massive difference it made. I was unsure at first because it was about double what we were spending on dog food, but as it worked out, because of the high quality of the food we only need to use half of what we were feeding so there is really not much price difference at all. My lads behaviour calmed dramatically and within two weeks he paced less, barked less and started relaxing. Again, we were surprised as although we knew Bakers/Pedigree etc and other low quality "supermarket brands" were full of rubbish and made dogs hyper, we had no idea that moving from a middle range to high range food would make such a dramatic difference. My Border Collie was also really off her food and she would refuse to eat and just wasn't interested. We swapped to Eden and now she flies down the stairs when she hears the bowls rattle, excited to eat. 5 out of 5 and I would highly recommend it!

Michaela Gocnikova 6 years ago

Hi, I would like to swap my 17 weeks old border terrier from happy dog over to Eden as l want to feed her with the best available food. She weights 4.5 kg. What would be the correct amount per day for her so l can order appropriate size of the food. How long is it OK to keep it in air tight container? Last question..do u make healthy treats/ chews as well? Thank you.

Kim Hughes 6 years ago

Is it suitable for puppies? I have a 4 month old beagle who is currently on royal canin bit having looked at reviews it'd not the best

Paula Vindice 6 years ago

Hi, I am getting a cockapoo puppy in July. She will be coming home on royal canin. I have been researching the best quality food and I have decided Eden is the one. How do I go about buying a sample pack. I don't want to buy a massive bag as it will be a waste if it doesn't agree with her.
Kind regard Paula x

Louise Williams 6 years ago

Hi, I have a 5 year old Chihuahua who is extremely fussy. I am currently feeding her Wainwrights Complete dog food but she hardly eats any of it and most days I have to give her fresh chicken or something else as she's extremely fussy. I have tried persevering but this is not working either. I'm looking for a complete dog food which will provide her with all the nutrition she needs. I'm interested in trying her with Eden having read such positive reviews, please can you advise as to whether I can order a sample? Thanks

Karen Simpson 6 years ago

Hi I have a 10 week old German Shepard who is thriving on Eden multi- meat however I am unsure about the amount he should be getting 268g is what the puppy chart says as he weighs 17 lbs however this is not much less than an adult an advice please.Thanks Karen

Claire Hamlet 6 years ago

I have just purchased eden dog food after meeting a lovely lady on the beach whilst we were in Norfolk. We had similar experiences getting our x poodle puppies. I have a shih poo and he came from the breeder eating aims, after researching which dog food I gave up then met this lady and found this brilliant website ( thanks!) Anyway my question is how do I introduce, my 8 month old puppy to eden food I know it's gradual but any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Claire

Margaret Chisholm 6 years ago

Hi David, My chihuahua is nearly 8 years old and is spayed she is 5lb in weight! She has been eating Eden for a year and a half and she loves it! It's gone in less than a minute and never leaves any! The minute I say "Are you hungry" she dances around excitedly and looks at me with her big eyes saying "Please" as she knows her Eden is coming! The question I would like to ask is how many grams a day I should be giving her? I had read a comment of someone suggesting measuring cups but that you like to weigh the food exactly especially in very small dogs! I currently use the small lid from a can of hair mousse! But I am now thinking I should weigh the amount in grams! Could you advise please!
Thank you
Margaret 😀

Tony Foulkes 6 years ago

Dear David.
I have 2 x Newfoundlands - a dog (5) and a bitch(6). Both have been neutered and both have a tendency to put on weight - rising to 70 kg but now back to 61kgs thanks to using food suggested by the Vet (Royal Canine Satiety 420gms per day). Both have also visited the Superset for ligament damage......and both have an hour of exercise free running per day. After a year on Satiety I feel it is time for a change. Which of your range would you recommend to maintain a good complete food and not an increase in weight. They both have food supplements: cod liver oil,Vetzyme Conditioning tablets, and high strength flexible joint tablets.

Kylie 6 years ago

I have a working cocker spaniel who I don't actually work, will the working Eden mix still suit him best? What makes it different from the original mix?

Emily Cotton 6 years ago

Hi David Green at Eden. My 1 yr old, cockerpoo female is currently on Markus Muhle and she is fit and healthy. Her coat is gorgeous, her poos are firm and easy to pick up, but she really turns her nose up at the MM food now. She seems to really hate her food. I don't know if that's because she's going to be picky about everything that isn't people food? She snarfed down a sample of Royal Canine, but I predict she'll snarf down anything that isn't MM! Eden will no doubt make her happy in the short term, but I fear she'll get picky about it too! Our breeder also said she'll destroy our grass with such a high-protein food. What changes can we expect from her on Eden (moving from MM)? Thanks, Emily

Matthew Rhucroft 6 years ago

I've been waiting to write a review until I could form an opinion correctly. I switched my Dobermann pup from Royal Canin to Eden at 4 months old and had big problems. I then switched her to Orijen, another 80/20 food, as it is so highly rated. Eventually her stools toughened but she just wasn't putting on weight and if I fed her more than the RDA her stools were runny. The problem... the food is too rich with not enough carbs! She's a Dobermann, an athletic growing dog, she needs carbs. These 80/20 are not necessarily the way to go. Dogs most certainly are not wolves in the same way we're not apes. She is now on a 60/40 food from Millie's Wolfheart. I would recommend speaking to Millie's excellent customer service team about your breed. They have a range of foods available, dog food shouldn't be a one size fits all solution.

Tiff P Matthew Rhucroft 6 years ago

My Doberman is absolutely thriving on Eden, so I guess it's just different dogs deal with different foods in different ways! My dobie was given to me on Bakers, which as you can guess didn't agree with her at all. Switched over to Eden and I've never seen her in better condition.

jane 6 years ago

My 7month old french bulldog puppy is struggling with orijen dry food at moment stools are very loose indeed and itchy skin, vet has told me to avoid chicken, however in my previous dog it was beef and protien so i am totally confused. My puppy is losing weight and i need help, i have looked at so many different foods but keep coming back to eden. Any tips?

joan 6 years ago

hi i have a large 9month old labdradoodle "full of energy" have been feed BARF but not conveinient having to remember to defrost thinking of changing to eden whats the best way to introdue

Sharon McCormack 6 years ago

Hi, I'm a new puppy owner and i will admit that i didnt realise there was such a variety of food available and the difference on quality is amazing! My Golden Retriever is just 8 wks and came from the breeder on CSJ which after checking here seems like it needs to change. Eden sounds wonderful but my nearest stockist is 57 miles away! I don't know what one would be best for him or what size kibble?? How do introduce it slowly>? Would it be better to get off the other stuff ASAP.. i was given about 8kg of the stuff and have no problem giving it away i just want whats best especially as he is so young. Health wise he is very good, no diarrhea or anything. Please advise

Missy Allan 6 years ago

Please can you advise if my puppy will become hyperactive on Eden? I ordered the sample packs but have not introduced any yet as the Puppy trainer advised that any food over 20% protein is too much for a non-working dog. Please advise.

Amber 6 years ago

My 11.5 week old cocker spaniel pup is loving this food since I switched her over at 9.5 weeks from what her breeder was feeding, however I've read lots of comments online about Eden's puppy feeding guidelines being a little too generous. I'm currently feeding her 170g per day, split into 3 meals. While she's still a healthy size, she's gotten noticeably heavier in the 2 weeks I've been feeding her with Eden (she's gone from 3.7kg to 4.3kg), so I'm thinking it must be too much. What would you recommend as an ideal amount to feed her daily?

Lynn Burks 6 years ago

Eden isn't just about shiny coats and firm poo, although this is a definite bonus. Eden affects your dog's behaviour too, it makes them focused and calm. It also gives me great pleasure to know I am feeding my dogs the best . A win win situation all round, so pleased I found Eden......my dogs will vouch for that too.

Steph Thompson 6 years ago

Cannot recommend highly enough. Not only a 5* food but also 5* customer service and delivery. Couldn't be happier. My puppy is now 6mths old, powered by Eden and thriving! Developing as he should and extremely fit & healthy. I would never use anything else for him

Sue Wild 6 years ago

I ordered a sample size of Eden to try for my 5 year old staffie and my 9 month old bulldog. It came in the post and the pair of them had torn right through the packaging and ate the lot before we even got home from work!! Lol - they obviously enjoyed it and will be purchasing a big big when my pup finishes his food we have at the moment.

Mari 6 years ago

We have 8 weeks old Cavachon who's been on Beta & Butcher's. We have ordered Eden and will be changing her over shortly. According to the above she should have 32g but the guide line on Eden site recommend lot more. At the moment she is 1.3kgs - how much should she have?

All About Dog Food Mari 6 years ago

Hi Mari. The guide given here is for adult dogs so definitely stick with the one on the Eden site.

Christine Smyth 6 years ago

Great food! Had fed my dobermans Eukanuba for years and they have always looked really good on it.However, I recently switched the doberman and a young 5.5kg terrier (Norfolk x Jack) onto Eden ans they absolutely love it both look really well, with lovely shiny coats. Unfortunately they tend to wolf it down without chewing the medium kibble -any ides?

Valerie jones 6 years ago

After having fed Eukanuba to my 9 working dogs for 28 years with
absolutely no problems, I had to change the food due to Proctor &
Gamble having changed the formula when they bought the company. I then
changed to Arden Grange for several years with success but wanted to try
Eden, which is a very good food ........ for dogs that tolerate potatoes! Mine don't,
alas:-( I have since tried foods with and those without potato and it
is always the foods that contain potatoes that are not tolerated by my
dogs. They have since been on Orijen which appears to suit them OK but
the dogs that are now aging isn't suiting them anymore. Even Arden
Grange have changed their formula to include maize which I don't like to
give my dogs. I would love to find a dry food that has meat, oats,
barley, even brown rice (and of course fruit and veg) but am finding it
Prices of good dog foods have risen enormously

Sharri Farrimond 6 years ago

I swapped from the vets royal canin to eden. my chihuahua is 23 weeks old and was a picky eater. he has improved a lot and loves eden it didnt upset him at all changing over. I swapped him over after being told of this site and looking at the best foods. I do have to travel 10 miles to buy it but it last so long and is better for my Makaveli so worth it.

Michelle Herridge 6 years ago

.Hello i have an 8 week old puppy (whippet x saluki) who has coccidiosis.hes on medication now and being fed rice @ chicken for 5 days.ive been told by my vet to change his food to royal canin but heard its rubbish.was justbwondering what you would advice me to feed him as eden has a good rep.thank you :)

Ms J. 6 years ago

I feed my 5 month old Toy Cockapoo Canagan, which is not that easy to find though I can drive to a pet food shop in Barnes, SW London to buy it. Canagan is also quite pricey, though my puppy does wolf it down. His stools are a little soft and inconsistent, and he has a habit of really scratching at his ears (he 'sings' as he does this... totally odd), but I am not sure this it is related to his diet and will ask the vet for advice on this. I occasionally give him treats, and carrot, which he loves.
I am thinking of switching kibble to Eden as; a) Canagan is pricey and not so accessible to where I live, (if Eden is stocked at Pets At Home in Richmond that would be a plus) and b) I have to soak his kibbles in boiled water and let it cool, as Canagan kibbles are so dry that he sometimes vomits them up because he gobbles them up so quickly.
My sister in law feeds her Miniature Cockapoo Hills Science Plan and he is doing well, but I have just done a comparison and it doesn't rate as well. What I do like, however, is the softer consistency of the Hills kibble - that would suit my pup better.Could you tell me what Eden offers in terms of accessibility to W London, and softer consistency of kibble? Please forgive me for the silliness of the latter question, but I think a squidgier kibble might help my puppy. I also like that Eden is more cost effective, compared to Canagan.What would you advise I do? Switch?

Marilyn Eden 6 years ago

Is it necessary to go through the gradual habituation process for each of the 3 types of Eden products or can you switch between them?

Sarah Dempsey 6 years ago

I have a 9 month old male Labrador who currently weighs 29 kg. He has been on breed specific Royal Canin dried puppy food. However his poo is quite soft, not runny though and its affecting his anal glands. We have had to have them emptied three times because they are not emptying properly when he goes to the toilet. I was advised to put some bran in his food (but that has made no difference) or to change his food. Do you think that this type of food would be better as it contains no cereal. I really don't know which to choose.

Louise Miles 6 years ago

I adopted a rescue dog a week ago. The shelter gave me a week's worth of Pedigree Chum dry biscuits and tinned meat to take with me. He never seemed overly interested in his food, ate around the meat and took ages to finish a bowl, but I put this down to new surroundings. On Monday I received 15kgs of Eden original and tins of Lily's Kitchen tinned meat. From the first meal I gave him with the Eden mixed in, he spat out the Pedigree Chum biscuits, and wolfed down the rest. Today was the first day without any pedigree Chum; his bowl was clean within 2 minutes and he was pushing it around the floor, desperately hoping that more would appear. This is such a super response, I am hooked on Eden and Lily's Kitchen now. Needless to say, his food cupboard puts mine to shame

Ali Perkins 6 years ago

I made the switch to Eden after Christmas for my youngest dog and I am now changing the older one over too. I couldn't be happier with the food, both dogs love it and the youngest is now much calmer, her constant ear scratching has disappeared and her coat is beautiful - even my groomer commented and asked what I was now feeding her! The ongoing support that I have received from Eden (via Facebook) has been fantastic, it took a few weeks for my pups tummy to adjust to the new food but Eden were always happy to advise. Fantastic food from a passionate and supportive company.

Lee Barnfield 6 years ago

@david Green,What would your advice be in regards to mixing this with a raw food diet? Currently our Labrador retriever is doing amazingly well on the raw food diet but its costing about £20 a week!I'd like to mix it a little with a highly recommended product, hence me being here.What would your thoughts be please?Lee

Samantha Miller Lee Barnfield 6 years ago

It is not recommend to mix raw food and kibble because the digestion times are different.

Kerry Samantha Miller 6 years ago

This came from the idea that kibble takes longer to digest than raw food and therefore the raw food stays in the stomach longer than necessary increasing the risk of harmful bacteria staying in places where it shouldn't.
This is wrong for 2 reasons; firstly raw food takes longer to digest than kibble so is not impeded in any way by it; secondly dogs stomachs are highly acidic (ph 1-2) and there really aren't too many bacterium which can survive that level of acidity.

Matthew Rhucroft 6 years ago

Made the switch from Royal Canin which is obviously a well respected brand of dog food. The breeder has used this and their dogs were in fine fettle to say the least - beautiful dogs. RC has been perfect for her (5 month year old Dobermann) but I wanted to feed her on a more ethical food and from a British company. I did 25% for the first week - upset her stomach straight away. Now she's on 50/50 with some rice - even worse! Spoke to Eden who suggest fibre based veg which I will now try. I hope the bias against RC on this website isn't just a political move. I'd really like Eden to be my food of choice but my puppy is in a right old state when she's been perfect on RC. We shall see... £60 wasted if it's back to RC.

Michael 6 years ago

This food is rubbish..im so angry that without knowing until now that ive been feeding my dogs this food...makes me wonder if 2 of my dogs developed diabetis because of this inferior food, it makes you question it. anyway no more crap for my dogs.

Sonya Tott 6 years ago

Is this food suitable for a 15 week puppy? 3/4 Maltese / 1/4 Shit Tzu?
Reviews look great!

Shara Tomkinson 6 years ago

When i rescued Cassie she was so underweight i could feel behind her
ribs almost, i put her onto eden, with a friends recommendation, from
arden grange which the rescue were feeding her with absolutely no
problems. Shes now in such a great condition! A healthy weight and we
nearly always get comments on her coat when we go out! Makes me so
proud. I couldn't recommend Eden enough! Its a great food at an amazing
price. And it smells great too! :P

Pearlie Reynolds 6 years ago

My 2 year old german Shepherd has been on Eden for 18 months roughly, we chose it as it is grain free and Sheppies are known to have skin problems if they get too much grain. He is absolutely thriving on it, he is free fed and paces himself nicely, he is not a greedy dog. His coat is thick and glossy, his teeth are white and plaque free and he only has one dump a day - which I am told is a sign of good quality food - they only get rid of the rubbish ;-) The delivery service is excellent, always on time and Craig always carries the bag into the house for me. Couldn't ask for more!

Janet Langley 6 years ago

We changed onto Eden our girl is ok on it but our boy was sick every morning could this be him having difficult digesting it or could it be to rich for him would really like him on a better food than he's on tesco complete

marissa quinn 6 years ago

I love this food I've always fed raw but my old boy can not tolerate a large amount , I've found this food brilliant for both my dogs they love it and believe my old boy won't usually touch kibble he is very picky, glossy coats, great energy levels and firm poop, my lab always had runny poop on kibble till this one as its not full of rubbish that dogs don't need, my old boy is no longer stiff due to the joint care, I'm a big fan of the high protein levels and whole egg, omega 3 I could go on and on about how I love Eden, I'll be feeding nothing else

Cath haynes 6 years ago

Hi, My 9mth old shit zhu cross is making me feel like a concerned parent whose child won't eat. She is only interested in treats or human food...which I refuse to give her until I can't stand it any longer. She has been on Royal Canin but now I have to find something that she will want to eat!! A friend recommended that I should try your product but I am loathe to buy a bag only to find that she won't blinkin well eat it!! Do you have any samples that you could send out and if so how do I go about ordering a sample. Thank you

Kane Godfrey 6 years ago

I own 2 British Bulldogs and I'm thinking of switching them to Eden after reading all the great reviews. Can anyone recommend which would be best? One is white and suffers from Tear stains so I try to give them a Grain free food. They're currently on Millies Wolfheart but it doesn't seem to helping with the tear stains and the other seems really constipated. Any advice would be greatky appreciated.

Jennifer Layton 7 years ago

I have 2 large dogs (55 kilos and 45 Kilos) they are both 9 years old, we returned to the UK from Turkey with them last September (2013) they have both been on Eden since March this year, they love it, eat every bit , no poo issues in fact nice firm ones lol, I am very happy with Eden and so are they, have tried Catch of the Day and Country Cuisine, CC is their fave.

Tricia 7 years ago

Both my dogs a fed on Eden and they both love it I couldn't recommend it more highly, I just wanted to address the runny poo situation out of all the comments I've seen none mention having the poo tested, my cockerpoo suffered with severe diarrhea so my vet suggested having the poo tested which found high levels of Giardia & Campylobacter which can be infectious to humans aswell, after a couple of courses of antibiotics he's all clear now and no more runny poos, I just don't think it's fair to always blame the food especially when dogs are natural scavengers and could be picking up anything outside also the Gardia is a waterborne parasite that can be caught through drinking contaminated water and most of the dogs I know will drink from dirty puddles, it may be quite expensive to have the poo tested but at least I know he's all clear & we won't be catching anything nasty from the dog. Eden may not suit all dogs but my two are thriving on it.

Liz Lovell 7 years ago

My 2 Shih Tzu love Eden. I wanted a food without grains which this is as a lot of other ones have oats added. There is no problems with loose poos.. They eat it as soon as it is put down and would eat more if allowed.. Also having a choice of small or larger kibble is a bonus as I got sample bags in both sizes to see which one would be best for my dogs. I went for the small kibble as to be honest they dont chew it they just swallow it as they always have done. The price for the 15kg is a lot better than Acana which they were on. I love this food(I haven't tried it tho) and so do my 2 dogs..

Priya 7 years ago

Sadly Eden did not suit our dog at all: he had a lot of flatulence, runny poo and became very skinny indeed (so we couldn't cut his food intake down to try and help with the digestive issues). In addition, he didn't seem that keen on the kibble itself - the kibble pieces are quite hard and even though we bought the smaller size of kibble, he didn't seem to know whether to swallow it whole or chew it. We've changed his feed over and really couldn't recommend Eden based on our experience.

Kristel Priya 6 years ago

I have come across many people who have had this problem. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to suit all dogs. My vet was rather concerned about the weight my dogs lost so we had to switch. Millies wolfheart fixed it in less than 2 days we had normal poos, no more flatulence and now they are a healthy weight.

Valerie jones 7 years ago

I wish you would make a food without potato and sweet potato:-(

Charlotte 7 years ago

I absolutely love this food. My Labrador really isn't a keen eater. He never finished his dinner and having tried multiple foods, nothing could increase his appetite, until we found Eden. Now he finishes the whole lot in one serving and the main thing is - he enjoys it!! He is a highly active dog and now i can rest easy that he's ready for the day ahead.
Some people think it's expensive, but the portion sizes are so much smaller because the food isn't pumped up with rubbish so it really is so much better value than people think!
What i love about Eden:
* Its got no wheat, rice, etc
* The 80:20 formula
* The added joint supplements
* The fact that it's made in UK
* The fact that they use free range eggs
* The great customer service (they sent much loved samples to my whole agility club!)
* The amazing delivery service
* The value price
* The bulk discount
* The ease of ordering online
* The no faff, basic packaging
* A healthier, happier dog
* The meaty, natural smell
* Firmer poop!the list could go on!
Thankyou Eden!

Iain 7 years ago

Unfortunately Eden have more than tripled their deliver charges to the Highlands. With other 5 rated dog food companied offering much cheaper deals £16 for a 6 kg bag is way too much.

Nicki Hughes Iain 7 years ago

Just found a really good deal.http://www.leadondogshop.co.uk/sho.... £7.50 postage, so total of£58.49 for 15kg small kibble.

Nicki Hughes Iain 7 years ago

Iain it is the courier who has increased their charges. You can get it from. http://www.bedandbiscuitsbo... delivery to the Highlands only £9.99

Sophie Prescott 7 years ago

We are so pleased with this food! We recently swapped both our cockapoos onto this food and they are both doing really well on it! Lovely coats etc and good tummies ;0) plus there is a lot less picking up! Bonus!!! They are active dogs but we have them slightly under the recommended feeding amount for active dog so the food goes even further! Great value for money! My dogs have never been so keen to have their dinners! They just love it, our little girl can be very fussy!I would also add that service from Eden themselves is superb! Questions answer very quickly and fast delivery! A* customer service!
We are so impressed we are thinking of swapping the cats onto their food too!
Well done guys and THANK YOU! :)

Tony 7 years ago

My Jack Russell “Macy” is 6yrs old and had never in her life finished her food bowl when she had supermarket dried food, but since I found Eden Dog Food and purchased some of their 80/20/0 Macy has finished every single bowl I have put down for her. She now looks forward to her meals and licks the bowl clean. I have also noticed that she stopped malting ( completely ) which is strange seeing as she has always malted all year round. Her coat is also super shiny so obviously our decision to change her food to Eden original 80/20/0 was a very good one and we now won't feed her anything else.

Luc 7 years ago

I switched to Eden having used Taste of the Wild after being quite scared off by the constant US salmonella Taste of the Wild recalls in the States approx 1.5 years ago when Eden was first launched and I haven t looked back, my sick 6 all unrelated Samoyeds (3 bitches and 3 dogs of varying ages) have never looked back, Ive also used Orijen so I'm used to feeding the amounts required by the rare top brands so the transition was simple enough, if you have used any of the grain based low grade junk in the past ie RC, Hills, Euk or whatever don't expect to jump straight to this food and everything will be rosy straight away, there will inevitably be a transition period as like ourselves when we switch to a better diet our body will try to rid itself of the junk from their system before the benefit of a superior food is evident. Excellent product and an accurate 5/5 assessment by the site expert.

ashleylovie 7 years ago

I tried this food out last year with my 8month old french bulldog puppy... Was not a success. Constant upset tummy and the smelliest gas ever. Seriously. No-one could believe that this small cute puppy could make a stink that bad. I switched her back to her old food and recently tried again to make the switch to Eden but still no success. Disappointing as I am still to find a food that completely agrees with her scratching/feet licking/sensitive tummy but Eden was definitely not the answer for us and made the issues worse.

rich 7 years ago

Although on paper and this website the product looks really appealing, our experience was far from outstanding. Our working cocker was slowly introduced to Eden and experienced diarrhoea and runny poos all the way through to the second bag. We tried persisting but to no avail. We reduced the amounts incase of overfeeding, but I'm afraid that made no difference. We gave up when we noticed weight loss and moved onto a mixture of wet complete and kibble. He's looking good now and we regret ever trying Eden.

Melissa 7 years ago

Where do you buy yours from? I've just been on the Eden site and I'd say it's quite expensive

Craig Melissa 7 years ago

Dog food shouldn't depend on price. You pay for quality and care. Would you buy yourself crapy frozen food or quality fresh food.

She Dog 7 years ago

Cant find a retailer anywhere in NE England, disappointing.

Su Brown She Dog 6 years ago

Hopefully by now you have found a retailer within reach of you! Where in the NE are you?

Jason Duckworth 7 years ago

Is feeding my bulldog nearly as good as feeding RAW but without all the hassle?

beefcaaake 7 years ago

I found our puppy had some of the problems other people have listed on here, but she really likes eating the food. I decided to mix this with wainrights turkey and rice 50-50. It was either the length of time she has been on it or the mix combo but either way she has absolutely no problems anymore. I would definatelty recommend this as she loves it and well she isn't ill so happy healthy puppy now 9 months old, pretty much raised on this after switching from the breeders beta puppy (which was awful).

Craig beefcaaake 7 years ago

Can I please advise you to maybe try mixing the food with something a little different than Wainwrights Turkey/Rice because rice is extremely hard for a dog to digest and slows the digestion rate down. When I first brought my pup onto Eden it was badly had bad diahorrea so just rested his belly for a few days and tried again just even slower than before so was litteraly adding the tiniest bit of Eden originally, eventually everything came together now he is doing fantastic on Eden both my dogs are I actually mix it with raw meat that is something you can consider also once your pups 12months old you can mix the wainwrights grain free meat which is rated quite highly too.

Derek 7 years ago

I have had all the dogs in my house on Eden for at approximately 9 months now. We have 4 of our own dogs with the occasional foster or take care of dog. I switched from JWB to Eden and did the recommended gradual introduction. All my dogs had much more healthier digestion. Leaving regular, firm, dark brown (meat content) and consistent stools. Energy levels in the dogs are much more balanced. The dogs coats all improved leaving a much healthier and glossy finish. Having four border collies my dogs are pretty active and apart from getting muddy occasionally there is no necessity to wash them regular, no dog smell. I continue to recommend Eden to everyone I meet and deal with through my work, dealing with dog behavioural problems and dog walking. All my clients that have took my advice have also given me very positive feedback including all of the above that I wrote. Vets of the converted owners have commented on how fit and healthy the all dogs look. Every dog I have tried Eden with has loved it and the again the same for my clients. I always advise staying within the feeding guidelines and having both Paul and Carol to assist you with any advice or questions is outstanding customer service. I honestly feel if you truly love your dog you would want to make sure your feeding the best food, for me that's EDEN

Lesley - H 7 years ago

I chose Eden based on the 5 star rating from this site and after researching the best diet for dogs I was delighted that Eden was not only the best option for ME but it was a small family owned business manufactured and produced in the UK! (Not a conglomerate!)The research also highlighted that nutritionists were in charge! RESULT! A good quality product made by people who care... Happy Days!Eden is all about the Food... not fancy packaging and marketing! (however as the brand grows to compete in the market im sure this will change)Not every product is for everyone but Eden doesn't get 5* on this site for nothing... so please don't be distracted by the negative and sometimes down right argumentative posts on here sometimes by people who haven't even tried the food with their dogs!There is lots of "noise" about runny poo's... unnecessarily in my opinion! (That's what it is MY opinion - not an invite for debate!)I would just like to point out if like me your dog had a reasonably good diet prior to changing it will be the easiest of transitions, however ANY drastic change of diet will cause upset tums! I can also conclude that the BIGGEST mistake made by most of the people making "noise" is generally due to OVERFEEDING! Eden quantities halved for my dog and it was ME who couldn't stick to the recommended amounts as it looked so little for my gorgeous Maltese... resolved very quickly as soon as I realized what I was doing so had no issues at all!!!The biggest plus is I get to feed the Best of the Best and delivered to my door! My 2.3kg Maltese needs a max 40g rather than the 80g - 120g of other brands to get the same nutrition - you do the maths! Exceptional value including delivery costs it works out at £0.13 per day as opposed to an average £0.48 for other brands!I cannot recommend this brand highly enough!!!

Poppy Mauer 7 years ago

I tried Eden after reading the rave reviews on here. None of my three dogs were keen on it, although they did eat it. I did the usual mix of foods and gradual changeover and when on Eden alone their stools were just not as solid as previously. I found that it also increased their aggressiveness (not their energy and playfulness) and this happened in all three dogs - possibly a result of the high protein levels in this food.
It's probably a good, average food - but very overpriced for what it is. Not a patch on Taste of the Wild. It seems to have its fans who are very vocal and zealous, but I found it to be not worth the hype - reduce the price by 30% and it would be ok (maybe).
It won't make a bad dog great and there are plenty of better foods and better/cheaper foods.Don't believe the hype!

Julie Price 7 years ago

Eden dog food has made an amazing difference to my 2 dogs. They have been eating it for over 10 months. Both enjoy the food and their coats are now looking amazing. Soft and glossy. I would recommend this dog food to owners who care about the the nutrition of their dogs. One of my dogs has a sensitive stomach but since swapping we have seen a remarkable improvement. I just wish i found it sooner.

Tracey Poyser 7 years ago

My dog has been on Eden for a long while now and positively thrives on it! He has the softest coat, the brightest eyes and the healthiest skin he has ever had! Combine a great, healthy food with professional, prompt service and delivery and a Facebook group that is always full of supportive people and Carol and Paul, the producers, ready to help with advice and info and you have Eden! I received the new Catch of the Day flavour today and my dog Bailey couldn't wait to dive in, he enjoys the food so much! I have complete trust in Eden and I am so glad I found it!

Valerie jones 7 years ago

A very good dog food which for my dogs unfortunately it doesn't suit as it contains 15.5% potatoes/sweet potatoes. If the company removed the potatoes/sweet potatoes as Orijen did, I would most certainly buy it.

Nicki Hughes Valerie jones 7 years ago

Orijen contains Yams, which are sweet potatoes. You have to have an ingredient like potato to produce a kibble, orijen also use pea fibre.

Angela Ayre 7 years ago

This is by far the best kibble on the market ! If you cant feed raw then Eden is the way to go ..once you get over the sloppy poo its plain sailing

Nicole Scarborough 7 years ago

Where to start? This food is fantastic. If you are thinking of changing your food seriously this is the right choice. I really struggled with my boxer dog and his eating habits. He couldn't have anything that wasn't hypoallergenic due to suffering with tear stains and dry skin.
This food has allowed him to gain weight (he was really worryingly thin on fish 4 dogs). Both of my boxer's coats are lovely and glossy and they seem so content and happy.
Recently the boxer we have issues maintaining weight has turned his nose up at the food and Eden have actually taken the time to make various suggestions. Customer service goes such a long way and to give up the time to try and assist in maintaining my boxer's healthy diet is just invaluable.
My parents also feed this food to their two miniature schnauzers and again they are doing very well off it.
The price is great - we buy the working dogs pack which is around £98 for two 15kg bags which lasts us around a month for two dogs.
Seriously, make Eden's your first choice - You will not be disappointed.

Dale Sepp 7 years ago

My dachshund puppy was on Purina Beta before I found out how unhealthy food it is. So started to look is there any healthy kibble available. And found Eden. My pup also gets raw so Eden with all this meat content and no fillers, grain etc.felt perfect.Ordered trial pack first to see if my pup likes it. He loved it straight away so I ordered bigger 7,5 kg pack. Arrived really quickly. Changing over went really smooth, no runny poos or anything. His coat is shiny and you can tell, his happy! And I'm happy when my pup is happy. Price wise it may feel bit pricy at first but in a long run it's really not expensive at all as you feed much less than other kibble. And at the end of the day if you care about your dog, price shouldn't be the most important. Dogs health is.

Charmaine 7 years ago

Can't recommend this food enough. My schnauzer used to leave her food, not anymore! She LOVES it and is so healthy with a glossy soft coat. Her detox period she went through after being on Purina did cause me to turn to the team at Eden for reassurance and I'm so glad i did. They instantly put me at ease, keeping in touch and answering any questions day or night. It was in fact down to me not giving her the correct amounts which gave her a poorly tum, but with their helpful tips and advice, she was back on track within 24 hrs. My dog is now her ideal weight, bouncy, better behaved and so much happier in herself. The value for money is brilliant considering the health you are zapping into your pet.
Don't hesitate to buy this food if you love your furry one, you won't find a better one and the customer service is second to none.
Last week I had an issue with a delivery driver and just to apologise on his behalf i was sent a free bag of food within days. I can honestly say i haven't received better service anywhere else. Really can't rate them enough.

Jinxie 7 years ago

Anyone got any thought on why two adult dogs on Eden seem to be fine (although our pug seems to be putting weight on) but a 5 month old young dog had very runny stools and didn't seem to be gaining any weight or muscle tone. Switched overnight to Royal Canine puppy and the runs stopped immediately and some weight started to go on over the next fortnight. Is the composition of the product sub optimal for young dogs?

Craig Jinxie 7 years ago

Your problem may have been feeding too much Eden as it is extremely rich
and nutritious. I have 2 Malamutes on Eden one is 2 1/2 years old the
other is 5months the weaning process for my pup took about 3 1/2 weeks
we took it alot slower to be easier on his body then after about a week
his stools were formed and solid the detox takes some time to clear all
the grains and cereals out of the body. You could always give your dog a
raw chicken wing with the Eden as the calcium and fibre from the bone
helps solidify the stools. Hope thats helps.

TheFraggleRocks 7 years ago

My babygirl is on Iams we have tried royal Canine .. Beloved ... But she don't like it ...
Does anyone know if Eden foes samples ? I just can't afford to waste no more money as I'm on benefits cause I'm disabled thank you

Adrian 7 years ago

I've been feeding our 2 Staffies on Eden for the past 6 months. Rather than falling into the 'wow, fantastic, best thing ever!' or 'load of rubbish' type of post I thought it might be helpful to give owners a balanced view on our experience of switching to Eden. Our oldest dog had always been fed on what I considered a good quality dry kibble (Burns) with no problems. We got our second dog and also switched him to Burns from James Wellbeloved (his previous food at the rescue centre). Initially all was well but he started to wake up early in the mornings with a really gurgling tummy that was obviously making him uncomfortable. The gurgling would stop as soon as he ate. This prompted me to look at changing his diet and we came upon Eden. We introduced Eden to their diet gradually (over a period of about 6 weeks) and as many have stated, whilst the dogs loved the Eden their poos were telling another story! They were bigger than usual, very smelly and runny. Nice. Not only that, our youngest dog also turned into a 'fussy' eater. Before people start posting comments, we were basically feeding them too much, way too much as it happens. The long and short of it is that they are now fed HALF the amount of food they previously were. Their poos are now smaller, harder and don't smell as bad and no more fussy eating. More importantly, no more grumbly tummies for our younger dog. For us at least, swapping to Eden has been a fairly steep learning curve but I'm glad we did. Both dogs are now doing well on it and their food bill has also gone down. Result.

Lizzie Adrian 7 years ago

I have found that the recommended feeding amount is often much higher than that required - that's with a lot of foods, not specifically related to Eden. I am just glad that there are more quality foods to choose from these days...and greater awareness, and a website like this to help with the decision making process. Mine is doing very well on Eden, but it may not suit every dog.

Phil 7 years ago

Didn't work for us unfortunately.I have tried my Boxer on this
food twice now but both times he lost weight and had horrendous poo! I
tried him on it when he was approx 6 months and had to give up as he
looked ill and his stools were very loose. I then tried again when he
was 12 months old hoping that I would get better results as this food
looks amazing on paper and the reviews looked amazing but I had the same
issues. I had a vet check which led to a precautionary (and expensive)
fecal exam and he is fine. It seems that this food is may be too rich or
lacking in fibre? The owners Carol & Paul were very helpful though
and suggested certain additives to help with his stools and Paul
mentioned that he would like to get more fibre into the food if possible
so if they do that I may be able to try again. I must mention though that my Boxer had the same issue on Orijen/Acana too so it may be just too high in protein for him.

John Phil 7 years ago

Too bad that Eden didnt work for you...i must admit thats quite suprising. I have my boxers on Eden 4 months now and they are doing really great (better digestibility, no smelly mouths, less shedding than my previous). Maybe you didnt swap dry foods correctly etc. I swapped from Orijen by giving 25% more Eden every 5 days and didnt have any problem. (ex. Orijen-Eden, 75%-25%, 50%-50%, 25%-75% and 100% Eden). I always use scale when i feed my dogs, giving them the right amount they need and also saving money by making the bag last longer. I use the quantity from the Eden feeding guide at start, weight my dogs once per month and adjust the feeding portions if needed. Ofcourse i dont feed anything else, only some roasted chicken as treats when training.

Bjorn 7 years ago

A year on and I can safely say I'm very satisfied with my experience of Eden, I have 4 Norwegian Elkhounds previously fed a combination of another deserved 5 star product and raw but if I'm being honest just became far too costly (and impractical) and very inconsistent in its availability. Anyway, my guys look, If I do say so myself fantastic all round with gorgeous clear eyes, calmer yet plenty of energy and their coats look amazing. Ive heard a rumor that a fish variety might be on the way, if so I "we" cant wait to try it out. Conclusion - Wonderful product and enthusiastically recommended.

Linda Davies 7 years ago

Tried Eden and wanted to like it as it seems so good on paper, but 4 x 15kg bags later have given up. Moved to another grain free product (without a phased change over) and within 3 days my 8 month old Labradors stools changed from huge and sloppy to small and firm. We also noticed there was immediately no more smelly wind problems either.
Still have 1/2 a bag of Eden and thought we coud use it up by putting a little in with his new food each day, but first day we tried it the smelly wind came back that evening, so looks like I'll need to bin the rest.
There must be something in Eden that doesn't agree with some dogs, but is ok for others. I must also say his coat was lovely and silky when he was on Eden, still waiting to see if coming off changes this.

Bjorn Linda Davies 7 years ago

Ah come on, Its not rocket science Linda, your where obviously feeding too much, what do you think happens even to us even if we over indulge even on the best of food, yes of course we get gas or soft stools.?? why do you think as you stated their coats look so "lovely", because they are eating what their body requires?

Linda Davies Bjorn 7 years ago

Will try to ignore your condescending tone and answer your questions.
We were using Eden for over 4 months and tried various things recommended, we did try reducing the quantity to WELL below the lower amount recommended for his weight, for at least 3 weeks but it still did not resolve or even improve our pups problems. We were also recommended to try elm tree bark (by Eden team who were very helpful) and canikur (internet forum) which also did not work. We tried feeding 3 instead of 2 meals a day. We also spoke to our vet who said we had tried everything he would and recommended we changed food as the pup had had loose stools for so long..
Really did try to make Eden work for 4 months but for whatever reason it didn't for our pup, and after trying many things tried another food and the change was immediate.
Even a small amount mixed with a reduced portion of his new food caused the wind to return. We still have around 8kgs left if you can recommend something else we can try I am willing to give it a go.

Laura 7 years ago

I must say I was a bit sceptical to start. But I thought with 5* reviews it's got to be worth a try and I must say its lived up to its 5* rating.My dog Amber is a GSD Cross and is 8 years old and over the last few years has suffered from compact anal glands to the point where they became infected very easily. I fed her chappie dry which I was told was good but she always needed it mixed with a bit of meat too to eat it. So it became expensive buying both dry and tinned chappie. I like to give dry as its much better for their teeth. So to find a 15kg dry food for £49.99 that she eats is brilliant.I am made up that amber has found Edens a dry food that she loves and gobbles up before the cats get to it and clearly the change in diet has had a massive impact on her health too resulting in no more problems with her anal glands!!Highly recommend Edens!!

Barry Kilmartin 7 years ago

Dear Furry Friend Loving PeopleI have been using Eden Holistic for over a year now possibly
a little longer; I remember it being very new to the market, so my scepticism about
the product and its contents got my fullest of attention. After a good bit of
research and complete open and honesty from the makers of this product i was
struggling to find a fault, bearing in mind that I had still not actually tried
the product, but in comparison to all other brands, not just a few I mean all
other brands this product was truly appearing to be remarkable.So I took the plunge into the abyss and ordered a bag, the
delivery and wrappers and management of my order all exceeded expectation, here
was a company that actually got my product to me in super fast time in quality
thick none damageable packaging and a service with a smile, price was awesome
too.I opened the product and it smelled very appealing so much
so that seeing as my dogs were going to eat it I thought I would try it out
myself it was actually very nice not my first choice for a Sunday dinner but
possibly a breakfast, anyway the transition was instant, the overly processed
rubbish that was costing me a fortune to feed got kicked to the side and all my
dogs wanted the Eden, at the time it felt a little too good to be true but
within a very short period of time all my dogs coats were softening, there
stools were very much back to normal and one of my boys who had a skin
condition had begun to recover, we were truly amazed!!Since starting and to date we have gone from leaps to bounds,
this product is far exceeding the well-known brands for quality, there are no
hidden ingredients or grains, cereals,
animal derivatives, fillers.We very recently had a bitch who was pregnant and were
fretting as she only likes sloppy mushed up foods during the later stages,
(dilemma mass produced rubbish has almost no value when it comes to protein)
and with Eden and all its greatness especially the protein values we were
worried that she would not eat it as Eden is a kibble, we got around this by
crushing it up in a blender into a powder which we added to our secret mixture and
my bitch was very pleased!! And has had a wonderful litter of puppies who are
all going to be Eden eaters too.I would like to state that I have no affiliation to this
company, and almost never give anything a review, but I have never been so
pleased with a product and I feel credit must be given when it is truly
deserved, I know it can be a scary leap
of faith at times but if you aren’t feeding Eden then your dogs aren’t living to
the fullest of their health’s potential plain and simple. Vets can also be a
real pain when they are advising you to feed what they recommend , but they are
commission lead and are not nutritionist,We are Edeners for life 200% recommended

Gillian Ramsay 7 years ago

i dont hesitate to recommend Eden to fellow dog and cat owners. Without a doubt the best food ever. Service is second to none, i love the way we can all share experiences on the facebook page, and queries are answered pretty much immediately. They can back up the marketing with science-very important to me, after all the years of companies frankly lying to us and putting a 'spin' on their ingredients list, i find the Eden approach to customer service a breath of fresh air. i have 5 happy cats three happy dogs, less shedding and exzema has disappeared within weeks of the changeover. I honestly dont think you can ask for more from a food. My next litter will be Eden-weaned and pups will leave with Eden in the puppy packs, so will never have the start in life that my other dogs have had

Carol Scott 7 years ago

After getting my gorgeous golden Labrador puppy we starting feeding him Royal Canin specifically for labs under the advice of our vet. A few days after starting him on this food he had severe diarrhoea. The vet was convinced that it wasn't the food as it was specifically for labs and "good quality". However, he was not showing any other signs of illness so we changed his food to another commercial brand. The diarrhoea was less frequent but still happened occasionally. We are told he has a sensitive stomach. After reading about the dangers of commercial dog food I then switched him on to a raw food diet. His behaviour improved dramatically, his separation anxiety pretty much disappeared. His coat looked great etc. BUT it was a lot of hassle and cost for me.
After reading about Eden we decided to use this and I can't fault it. It is cost effective as you feed so little in comparison to low quality dog foods. It can be fed in addition to occasional raw meat treats. He is looking in fantastic shape (he has a defined waist) and has never once had any diarrhoea. His farts don't smell nearly as bad! He doesn't have a strong 'dog' smell like other dogs I have come across. Great product.

Briege 7 years ago

My Guys have been on Eden for about one month now. My two Jack Russells (14 & 12 years old) are in good condition and their weight is steady My
3 year old lurcher, who competes in agility, is in fantastic shape, the
muscles over her neck, loins and thighs feel firm and her coat is
shining, it never did before - but there is definitely a sheen off it
now. My lurcher pup is 16 weeks old, I was concerned that she
could be doing with a bit more condition on her......well she is
thriving on the Eden food. She is growing well and feels like there is a
more substance to her now. She gets 3 or 4 small feeds per day. Overall,
I am very impressed with Eden food. The dogs are in great form, I
notice this particularly with the Jack Russells, there is less smell
from the dogs and there is less to scoop up. I will definitely be
ordering more Eden.

Jerry 7 years ago

I have been feeding Eden for just over 6 months now and i can honestly say that the food is no short of a miracle! I am a breeder of Pom Poms ( Pomeranian's)
and have never seen my dogs look so brilliant! The one detoxed for
around a week (fussy one anyway) and the other two were fine! Within
three weeks i noticed their coats were just gleaming white and soft. It
is great to finally have a food that gives me peace of mind and doesn't
cost an arm and a leg!

Chloe 7 years ago

Not impressed at all. After reading all the reviews on here we purchased alarge bag of Eden, first impressions we were disappointed that it arrives in a large unbranded bag with no way to seal the bag. For the money i think they need to invest in the packaging. Then I served it up to my spaniel and oh my goodness....the smell!!! Like the strongest fish food mixed with tripe...it's made our dogs breath stink, her poos smell awful too and they are always runny now. Our dog doesn't like jt at all, in fact she will go 4 days without eating, before eating this. Her itching, dry skin is no better, she is a little more agitated than she was before, maybe due to the high protein. Overall I can't think of anything good about the product. Sorry to disappoint!

David 7 years ago

If Harry my dog had a firm pp, it was always in the morning, then he too had a whippy one in the afternoon and it's just got worse since. He's been on Eden now since March 20. The whole reason I went with Eden was so it was a 'complete' food and even Eden Since owners supplement their digs with raw, if I'd had known that I wouldn't have switched, I don't want to go raw for a number reasons but crucially they fail to mention when on Eden, it's advisable to supplement with some raw and last night our conversation went some thing like thisMe: Harry still no better
Eden: Well maybe some chicken wings
Me: How much
Eden: er... Quite a bit and only a small amount of Eden
Me: Why?
Eden : Cos the calcium in the bone will help his diarrhoea
Me: So why don't I just drop the Eden and feed raw?
Eden : er......???That's what's excuse the French, pissed me off. Harry's obviously not taken to Eden and ive had to give him raw lambs heart, wings and buy Gut-rite, put up with liquid crap for a month and only to be told 'he's still detoxing

Denis 7 years ago

Our dogs have never looked so good, glossy coats, loads of energy, poos really firn..could not be happier!

Chris P 7 years ago

After feeding this food for a week now I couldn't be more impressed. I have toy dogs and am feeding a mix of raw and Eden. Before anyone says that is wrong, due to the high protein content in Eden it is an OK mix. No runny poos and dogs clear their kibble every meal, something they weren't doing with other well known brands. Why wasn't this food available years ago. Absolutely brilliant food.

Jaki 7 years ago

Eden is quite simply the BEST food for your dog, nothing compares. I agree completely with the Which review and give a big thumbs up and full star rating myself. I have a lurcher and a whippet and both look amazing on Eden. Their coats shine with health, and are super soft. No "dog breath", small scentless stools, clean teeth, and happy dogs. I couldn't ask for more from a food, but wait, there is also great value and second to none customer service. Gunky eyes, hyper activity and hungry dogs are a thing of the past. Oh, and my cats loves it too :D

Jaki Jaki 7 years ago

And on the value for money aspect, it costs me £8 a week to feed my boys. A 2 year old 12.7kg whippet and a 4 year old 25.4kg lurcher.

Julie Arthurs 7 years ago

Some months in & I couldn't be more pleased to have found this food for my 2 Labradors who are 30 & 32kg, & look fantastic on it. One of mine had a brief episode of loose stools but that was my fault not Eden's. I overfed him. Soon sorted. They are the best they've ever looked. Couldn't fault the food, the company or the excellent service they provide at all. Given the choice of where to spend my money, personally I prefer to support a British company that have worked exceptionally hard to bring us an excellent quality food. It actually works out very reasonable per meal as well due to the quality of the food meaning the dogs need less of it compared to other foods that are bulked out with fillers, grains & other unmentionables. Can't praise highly enough.

Gavin 7 years ago

great food if you like dogs with the RUNS, even feeding less the same, stink rooms out and lose condition, many who champion this food only have tiny toy dogs, do some googling first rather than relying on these comments, great site but the reviewer should really take on board people that have used it, looks good on paper thats where it ends

Craig Gavin 7 years ago

You are rather clueless it seems Gavin instead of just expressing that maybe your dogs didnt agree with Eden you slag it off completely and decide only people who own toy dogs feed it well i own two Alaskan Malamutes who trive off my guess it their bigger than your dog so that kinda slaps you in the face and dont go around completely slagging express your opinion and then leave it each to their own if you cant do that then dont bother joining this site

Gavin Craig 7 years ago

Thanks for the insight

Mark Bewick Gavin 7 years ago

gavin i am a boxer owner so dont think he falls into toy breed has never looked so good as when on eden plus his stools are perfect maybe an idea to let detox run its course before slating

Jack Suen 7 years ago

I am very please of the Eden dog & cat products! My cat and both of my dogs
enjoy it very much. And they are always looking forward for next day
meal ......Thx

Ray Birch 7 years ago

I swapped my Border Collie/Samoyed cross onto Eden after she'd finished a 15kg bag of no name food (which I was told was the food which the police use for their dogs), which I bought from a local pet shop. I was lured by the 80/20 formula and the excellent reviews. However, since being on Eden her stools have become very frequent and runny almost diarrhoea like at times. She's about 13kg so I've been giving her two meals of around 150g. I've yet to try an extended period of reducing the amount, but at the moment am very disappointed and shan't be buying any more. She seemed much better with normal poos on the much cheaper no name mix.

Sarah Ince Ray Birch 7 years ago

If you are feeding 150gm per meal I would say that is probably double the amount she should be having going on personal experience with of a 10kg terrier and a 24kg saluki. Hope that helps. :-)

Ray Birch Sarah Ince 7 years ago

Hi Sarah. That's the amount recommended for 6 month old pup on the website I believe

Ray Birch Sarah Ince 7 years ago

Hi Sarah. 300g a day is the amount which it recommends for a pup her age on the website I think. Am I right in thinking that pups need more food that an adult cos they are generally more active and still growing?

Richard Horsfield 7 years ago

We changed to Eden for our 3 year old Cane Corso (called Neo) about 6 months ago.
Personally we have found it to be an excellent food that sustains Neo's needs.
Initially there was a period where Neo had runny stools, but we gradually kept dropping the amount of food until they firmed up.
As this food contains no "crappy filler" like cereals, etc Neo dropped a total of 2kg during the changeover period.
We have now started to supplement Eden with a whole chicken carcass and three chicken wings per day, and within a month his weight has increased to his starting weight of 55kg.
The Eden has made his coat super-shiny and soft, with no irritation at all. Previously he would flinch slightly when being stroked.
He is also shedding a lot less, as in it's virtually unnoticeable now.We are very happy indeed with Eden and in my job as an Animal Photographer I tell all my dog clients about it.It may not suit every dog, but those that it does thrive on it! 10 out of 10 from me...

S. Atkinson 7 years ago

We switched to Eden a couple of months ago as your 8-month-old rescue husky seemed unable to digest other dog foods (she was skinny and producing excessive amounts of very runny poo). The vet suggested trying something with a higher protein content, so I found Eden on here and was very impressed with the reviews. The results have been nothing short of amazing. She started doing solid poo for the first time ever and has put on weight, so that she is now a very healthy weight. She also has a beautifully shiny coat and is full of energy. I can't recommend it highly enough!

Lily 7 years ago

Unfortunately our dogs really didn't get on with this food with many similar problems to others I've read. We've now moved them onto Wagg and couldn't be happier!!

Julia Odie 8 years ago

A great food which does all three dogs in the house regardless of age which is what I was looking for when I came to this site in the first place. The support from the makers is amazing too - email, phone or facebook - no problem!

JD Julia Odie 8 years ago

I think you're one of the lucky ones as far as Eden customer support is concerned. I found Megan who answers the phone at Eden really helpful, but difficult to talk to Carol or Paul (the owners), when I, as a customer have concerns. I'm still waiting for a reply to an email I sent to Paul at Eden last Friday! My two young dogs are wasting away on the Eden and I'm now on my third large bag, so you can't say I haven't persevered. Eden clearly doesn't suit my dogs, so I'm currently in the process of changing over to another food with a higher calorific value.

Cleo 8 years ago

I've gradually moving my 5 month old Cockapoo from Wainwright's wet food onto Eden. Having read the reviews about the detox period I am doing it very gradually - aiming for about a 6 week period - so at the moment he still has WR morning and night but his lunch is now just Eden. This has meant the effect on his bowel movements has been minimal so I'm going to get his second daily feed onto Eden over the next 2 weeks. I haven't had cause for complaint about WR food but it is clear that Eden is still better quality hence me changing - he's a very healthy little dog and I'm sure that is down to his increasingly good food! Very happy with Eden so far and a very good price - plus it's a lot easier buying a big bag from a local supplier than having to trek to P@H every week to buy more trays!!! 5star review from me!!

korky 8 years ago

Through ignorance we have fed our dogs , a cocker and a lab x on royal canin, believing expensive means good what nativity, we want to start feeding eden the cocker is 9 and the lab is 12.5 years old how long will it take them to adjust to eden?and where can we buy it from we live near middlesbrough.

Joyce 8 years ago

I first tried Eden for Phoebe, my young dog as she didn't have a very good coat. I noticed visible improvements within two weeks. I then decided to put Fred who is 7 onto Eden too. Both dogs train and compete in agility, which we have just returned to after a 2 year break. Phoebe is just starting out and since beginning competing in July she has had 2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd places as well as some other clear rounds. Fred has returned to agility better than he was prior to his break and has had 6 x 1st, 2 x 6th places as well as some other clear rounds. I'm very happy with the food, the condition my dogs are in and especially the small, very firm poo that comes out of the other end!!

Gillian Ramsay 8 years ago

As a breeder of German Shepherds, which are a picky breed with a sensitive digestion, I have my hands full! I want the best for my dogs, but for years have fallen for all the marketing hype, confusing labelling and 'blurb' that has separated me from my hard-earned cash in return for outright lies and deception. A Yorkshire lass by birth I want value for money, but was also brought up to recognise that you get what you pay for, and you don't get owt for nowt as my Granny was fond of saying. Eden was recommended to our Dog Club by a fellow Instructor, and as we as a committee are concerned with the holistic treatment of our dogs, from diet, reward-based training through to Homeopathic treatments, I was immediately fascinated by this product. Unable to source any of the 5* foods available elsewhere-we live on a remote island-we leapt upon the chance to get this new food. The only way to source it, as there were no retailers within 250 miles of Atlantic Ocean, was to become a retailer ourselves. So our club, Ultima canis Dog Training, has invested in Eden, we believe from feeding our dogs on it for a month that our club and members will benefit due to the changes we have seen so far, My dogs' eczema has completely cleared up. Another Instructors dog, lame with OCD has started leaping about and is definitely more agile. It can only get better as we change our dogs over completely to Eden. I am an Eden Evangelist, and recommend it to everyone I meet, including customer sin my shop who comment on how well my dogs look. I have recommended Eden to Pets As Therapy, as my two are Therapy Dogs. Try Eden, you wont regret it! Gillian Ramsay, Chair and Instructor Ultima canis Dog Training, Shetland Islands

Keith 8 years ago

Can I feed a 4 month old Border Collie on Eden or is he too young

Simon Roberts Keith 8 years ago

Hi Keith, yes you can feed a pup on Eden our 2 pups are having this diet the food is brilliant they look really well and healthy. We started our 2 springers on it at 8 weeks old. Their coats look amazing we get loads of compliments on them .

JD 8 years ago

I also really think this is a high quality food, with excellent customer service. I've recently put my three dogs on Eden and did the gradual changeover, but my two younger dogs are still severely underweight and still not good bowel wise. I was advised by Eden to try reducing the food, which means they are getting such a small amount at each meal and I also tried, adding things like raw chicken wings and vegetables, which was also suggested by Eden, but this seemed to make their bowel movements worse. I will persevere, but I'm beginning to worry that maybe my dogs just are not suited to it. I had to take one of my dogs to the vet this week, who was shocked how underweight he was and has recommended that I should put him on a special prescription diet to get the weight back on! Any advice from other Eden users would be appreciated.

Leon JD 8 years ago

First and foremost you need to stay a million miles away from that
rubbish prescription diet
and Id advise asking your vet what is it specifically about this
rubbish or its horrifying ingredients that will so
miraculously cure your dog, my guess is he wont be able to tell you for
the simple reason that there is nothing special about it as
that's a question best reserved for a qualified animal or canine
nutritionist not a vet as they are
not one and the same no more so than a nutritionist prescribing
medicine or visiting a doctor to seek advice on diet as they would refer you to a nutritionist or dietician. I'm shocked that
anybody would think that adding more food would somehow
help your dog gain weight, all that will do is place further stress on
their digestive system reducing their ability to absorb nutrients. What you need to do is space out the meals
into two or three smaller feeds reducing the stress on their digestive system giving enough time for each smaller meal to be absorbed by your dogs lower intestine and yes in the case of quality foods such as this, less is more as quality is far more important than quantity.

JD Leon 8 years ago

Many thanks for your advice Leon. I'm currently feeding my dogs two meals a day, so I will now space out the meals into three meals and see how that goes.
As the two youngsters (age 3) are very active and underweight, I'm wondering if I should feed them the amounts for their ideal weight or current weight? I agree with you about the rubbish in the prescription foods and the main reason that I changed my dogs on to Eden is because it's a quality food and a UK based company too. I will persevere I promise.

Lesley 8 years ago

This is a high quality food supplied by people who care for dogs and want the best for them. If you want your dog to be happy and healthy this is, in my opninion, the best thing you can do for them. The advice from the Eden team is prompt and their customer care is second to none - i've recieved advice on switching foods, feeding guides and a host of other nutritional information for my two Rottweilers who are both calmer, happier and thriving on this food.
If you switch to this, do it slowly - its very different to the supermarket junk - we took 3 weeks to switch and ours took to it well, and its not expensive as you feed less in weight than other foods becuase it is so nutritious.

Jim 8 years ago

Hmm, it sounds brilliant, but I can't find Eden reviewed on any other site....

John Stone Jim 8 years ago

For all intensive purposes Jim Eden is a new product but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the ingredients and composition are plain to see just like Orijen that I switched from incidentally when looking for a cheaper alternative and I couldn't be happier with the results that Ive experienced so far with my 5 retrievers, my advice is to try it, the smell alone will drive your guys crazy (in a good way of course).

Jim John Stone 8 years ago

Thank you John,
Reading some of the other comments, most seem very satisfied.
I'm not sure if I fully subscribe to the "ancestral diet" theory, but on the strength of your and others recommendations, I've ordered a sample - to try it out.

Louise S 8 years ago

I changed my Yorkie puppy onto this when I bought him home at 8 weeks. He's now 18 weeks old and is doing absolutely fantastic. It took a few weeks for his poo to firm up- probably not helped by the fact that we couldn't change over gradually as he started to refuse his old food after the first few days and picked the Eden out of it! He has a lovely soft, shiny coat, healthy skin and I've had loads of comments when I'm out and about with him about how good he looks. I've also advised other members of the family to change their dogs over- they look great on it too. The oldest, who was really starting to look old, looks years younger. He's lost weight, his coat is shiny and he has more energy.
I'm really pleased to have found this food and will be a life long user. The Facebook group is also very supportive and I've had some really good advice about introducing raw food. I love that, although they produce dog food, they are happy to give balanced advice about other food options.
Also, delivery is really quick!
I will be a life long customer!

Jim Lowther 8 years ago

Since I started my boy on Eden he has developed a fantastic, more solid
condition and has become a noticeably more powerful swimmer! This
surprised me because I didn't change him from a cheap brand - he was fed
two home cooked meals a day, cooked specially for him because I am
vegetarian. I have every confidence in the product and the ingredients
and am happy to have become a dedicated customer!

James Horsfield 8 years ago

What a great product, Eden provided me with a couple of sample bags for my springer spaniel and her nine pups tryed for two days and that was enough, placed my order for a large 15 kg bag. Converted. The difference in just the short time . More filling for my bitch she stopped begging for food, every time the fridge opened she was not there any more eden was obviously far more filling and she loves it. Poppy was looking very thin on her old food, she is now gaining weight which is good whilst feeding so many pups. Gave the nine pups there first ever meal at 3 weeks old and they have taken to it, great! Having seen these results I wont be going back and all new puppy owners will be told to keep there new puppy on this wonderful and very economic food. Try it!

Janet walsh 8 years ago

I heard about Eden on Facebook, so thought I would try it out for my chihuahuas. Well what can I say, my dogs absolutely loved it! I get the small kibble which is ideal for them. I find they don't need as much as other foods, as it is filled with so much goodness. It gives me great satisfaction knowing I am giving my dogs the best food they could possibly have. Also if you have any problems or queries, you can contact Eden and you will get a prompt reply. They are only too happy to help. The delivery service is outstanding, I have never had to wait more than 2 days at the very most. All in all a brilliant food at a brilliant price. Well done Eden!

Sarah Simkins 8 years ago

I have had my 3 Wire Fox Terrier's on Eden for approximately 7 months,My next door neighbour had been feeding their Staffy Eden with superb result,with being a doogie person and breeder over numerous years I was very eager to try this food on my girls especially as it contains NO GRAIN or fillers. I contacted Eden and spoke to Carol who was very helpful,Carol helped me with recommended feeding guides and how best to start the change over as my friends Staffy would not tolerate his present food in with the mix of Eden. I did the change over slowly over a 2 week period without any problems. I have seen noticable results in my girls their coats are diamond white and grooming has been so much easier,energy levels have always been high in my girls and I did have some concerns that this would increase with Eden but this has not been the case. I have been impressed with the food and customer service and I have been wanting to post a review for some time now but I decided to hold off until I had whelped my first litter of pups on Eden which has now been complete. I like to pride myself in the quality of my pups and have had numerous litters in the past I can call reference to, the recent litter I had I was extremely impressed, the bitch maintained her condition throughout , the puppies loved the food and the quality ingredients really have shown through! I am pleased to report that all new puppy owners have continued to feed Eden.I have been extremely happy with the food and customer support offered which makes me confident in recommending Eden to anyone looking for a quality food with 5* ratings.
Best Wishes

Deb Gillard 8 years ago

Initially, I was thrilled to find this dog food, and was convinced that it would be the best food I could buy. I started my dogs off on Eden and for a while the results were OK - even though their stools were sloppier than they were on their previous food. However, I persevered, and after taking advice I reduced the amount of food that they ate to try and address the issue of sloppy stools. It got to a point were it was impossible to walk them on the pavement because I couldn't clean up properly. So, I carried on feeding a reduced amount. The result? Weight loss. One dog lost 2Kg over a period of time which was a shock when I weighed him at my vets. Tired of trying to make the food fit the dogs, I have now changed back to their previous "premium" food. On paper, it may appear that an "ancestral" diet is the way dogs should be fed, and for some, it will be fine, but I suspect that there are many more dogs that have the same problem with Eden, and I feel that there is a problem other than simply reducing the amount fed. I had persuaded my daughter and a friend to try this food, and they had the same results, sloppy stools and thus reduced the amount, which again resulted in weight loss. We all (five dogs in total) also noticed a reduction in energy levels. Incidentally, in my case my dog was definitely not "detoxing", as I persevered for some three months. Reducing the amount is not, in my opinion the best advice available when a dog is obviously losing weight. I reiterate that I understand many dogs will do well on this food, but I am trying give some positive feed back because I feel that there is something amiss. Incidentally, prior to switching my own dogs back to their original food, I also tried another brand of "ancestral" diet, with exactly the same results.

Mark Andrews 8 years ago

5* Food,really can not rate this food highly enough. We have been feeding our dogs on Eden for 10 months now and the difference is truely amazing, although none of my dogs had any health issues before but since feeding Eden the difference in their over all body condition and general health have been amazing,especially after coming off/ from a well know/advertised dry food. Never had a problem with customer service either always found them really helpful and very knowledgeable 5* service all round can highly recommend this food.

Sam 8 years ago

OH MY GOD.......Some very back stabbing people writing reviews on here, you can't ask for help and advise if you are not going to take it on board.I have a husky who has a very sensitive tummy and even sensitive food upsets her. i put my pup on EDEN about 9-10 weeks ago and i am so glad i did........i asked advice and took it on board but i no my pup, I am not going to lie i had problems like you guys have with runny poo's but rather then giving up i took charge of it.......i weighed each days food out and built my husky up slowly to her full amount and i add a little water and that sorted her poo's out and i am so glad i took the time to do it cause EDEN is the best food even my vet has switched to it as she could not believe how soft my pups coat was and how well she is putting weight on and how well she looks. And believe it or not Eden is a cheaper way to feed my pup then any shop brought brands as i don't have to feed her as much and she is never hungry which for a husky is great also i and visitors have noticed a huge difference with behaviour and she is happy. I also like the service you get it is so personnal and no question is a stupid question even if it has been asked a hundred times, everyone is friendly and i give this produced 5/5 and so does my furbaby Machiko.

valerie miller 8 years ago

I have the fussiest dog in the world and have tried many of the most expensive ones - however I changed his food to Eden in May and have nevervlooked back - I thank the Lord that there is a distributor in Spain where I spend most of the year. My dog polishes the lot off each meal and even asks for it by whining at the cupboard where I store it. The only people who are upset at this news are my neighbours who were given almost 20 kilo bags when Bailey went 'off' it

Guest 8 years ago

I am sorry to be the bearer of a not so amazing review, but my dog has had genuine problems with this food since I started feeding him Eden, after researching good dog food brands on this very website.Since starting my extremely fit and healthy 4 year old male Border Collie on Eden at the start of the summer, he's lost two pounds in weight, developed a disgusting stench that has taken over our entire house, and from this morning now has blood in his stools which I have made a vet appointment for (which may or may not be due to his food)I started him on Eden gradually, mixing it in to his old food in increasing quantities over a period of over three weeks, and followed the Eden feeding guide to the letter. I now have no choice but to feed him larger than recommended quantities of it as the guideline amounts were clearly not enough for him - he's a very active dog and he had begun scavenging for anything he could find, obviously absolutely starving. Not something he'd ever done before Eden. But, he has become, and remains, an extremely smelly skeleton, and a shadow of his former self.He was on a premium, high quality food before Eden which only included a small amount of good quality grain, the rest being all natural ingredients, so I'm doubting this is still a detox phase (We're well into bag two now).Basically, I'm worried about my dog since starting him on Eden, in ways that have never been an issue before.I'm sure this is a good quality food, but it's obviously not going to suit all dogs, and I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar issues.I'm just dissappointed as I have never had any problems with other dog food brands in the past, so I'm very surprised that he has had such a bad time with a food of this quality.

JD Guest 8 years ago

Hi, I'm now on bag three of Eden and my 2 dogs continue to lose weight and they seem hungry all the time and have also become terrible scavengers. I haven't had any of the smelly dog issues that you mentioned though, just the weight loss and I've tried reducing the amounts too, without success. I want to persevere for as long as possible, as so many dog owners have been putting amazing reviews on this website, but I can't let my dogs waste away in front of my eyes. Please can I ask you what food you have changed them on to after the Eden and are your dogs now putting on weight?

Leon Guest 8 years ago

Your feeding "more" than the recommended amounts.?? Firstly the recommended amounts on the packet are far in excess of what is actually needed and your actually feeding more than this? No wonder your having problems, your putting far far too much stress on your dogs digestive system as is the case with "true" premium foods less is more and an example of this is my largest Malamute is over 65kg and eats less than 500g of Eden per day and has superb muscle tone and condition, the best hes ever had and not to mention the other guys, if your guy is having the problems I suspect he has an underlying problem as this food will not cause these problems, why would they as all the ingredients are 100% natural and biologically appropriate.

Paul Seamons 8 years ago

We feed a raw diet, but like to have a good quality kibble to mix with mince of some description.We started to use Eden with our last puppy and she enjoys it and we are happy to know that there are no grains in it.We have just raised a litter of 10 Golden Retriever puppies using this as part of their weaning diet and the results have been excellent. The puppies love it and it gives us a food to recommend to our puppy buyers that we know will be suitable for them if they do not wish to follow a raw diet 100%.It would be useful if there was a breeder scheme for puppies, so that we could purchase smaller bags at a discount price to send with our puppies when they leave us. At present we are purchasing a 15 kilo bag and dividing it between the 10 puppies, but it will be in clear polythene bags.I have left a 5* rating, as for the price it is probably one of the best foods currently available in the UK.

Leon Paul Seamons 8 years ago

Oh that's weird, I'm in Derry in Northern Ireland and we do have puppy packs here and they're even vacuum packed which is so handy and you can even mix and match the kibble sizes for next day delivery too..? Its just another reason that I'm such an Eden fan having used Orijen for 6 years as its one thing to have arguably the best product but its quite another to have the customer care to match even their authorized distributors here are so committed, they've really done their homework and hopefully it will stay that way.

Jamie Ferguson 8 years ago

A standalone product, my eight agility dogs of all different breeds and age are absolutely thriving and their performance has dramatically improved since changing from the also quite excellent brand Orijen (but just far too expensive). All my agility friends are converting also with similar results. It really is an unmatched product. Absolutely deserved of 5 stars. :D

Nikki 8 years ago

Things started off very well with this food, 2 of my 3 dogs loved it instantly and I swapped straight over without any problems (I change foods regularly to avoid allergies) A few weeks down the line one dog didn't want it at all and the other was not so keen either. The worst thing has been the recurrent sloppy poos and sometimes bad diarrhea which comes and goes with both of them no matter how much I reduce the portions. My other dog who is not eating the Eden is having no such problems so I am certain it's related to the food.I am really disappointed as I was very excited to try the Eden after all the glowing recommendations but I guess it cannot suit all dogs. They are a great company with excellent service and support for their customers, sadly I will not be ordering it again.

Christina Savage 8 years ago

Absolutely brilliant dog food. We did a 'blind' taste-test with our dogs (Welsh Springer Spaniel and a Stabyhoun) and they all went for this one first. No doubt it gets their vote! Great quality and superb service.

Kathy Williams 8 years ago

Well priced and good food that the dogs enjoy. Haven't seen much difference in their coats, maybe because I was feeding raw before. Will however continue to feed some raw in addition to Eden to keep their teeth healthy and clean, and to maintain their bite.

Sue Davies 8 years ago

Also the customer service from Paul and carol is fantastic! All my queries have been dealt with promptly and my order always arrives quickly,very happy customer :-)

Sue Davies 8 years ago

This food is excellent!! My 3 dogs have it and they love it.have now got my 2 cats on it as well.
I am happy that at last I have found a food that is good for my animals.i will be sticking with Eden.thank you :-)

Barry 8 years ago

This is a fantastic dog food, and a great price. But Oh! Eden you customer service 'sucks' if you spent as much time on customer service as you seem to repying on facebook [but don't bother putting any criticism on their facebook site, its just deleted] and to other comments online rather than answering the phone and getting orders out promptly. My father in law ordered us a bulk order two weeks ago and we are still waiting for a delivery, going to run out by Tuesday. The company seems to be trying to run before it can walk, expanding into other countries, researching a 'wet food', when in this country their factory only can cook enough kibble for 10 bags at a time, SORT OUT these problems 1st and improve your customer service and delivery and this product will be a world beater.

Clare Davies 8 years ago

Excellent food, both my dogs love it. I have a very fussy cocker spaniel and a 8mth old chihuahua and they both love it. My dogs bowl would have kibble in all day but not any more, they eat it as soon as its put down, I can't rate it enough and the customer service and delivery is excellent, I ordered yesterday and received this morning.
Thank you Eden for producing a excellent food and excellent service.

Guest 8 years ago

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Carol for advice in our telephone conversation today! I've had my 10 month old spaniel and my terrier on Eden for some months now and they are doing really well. My spaniel has gained weight slowly as he's grown and my two year old terrier is easily maintaining her optimum weight. It's easy to forget just how little dogs need, as opposed to other brands which of course are full of fillers, cereal and the like, and thus dogs need to be fed more. Obvious really! Thanks again Carol!

Liz 8 years ago

Had my 4 month rottie puppy and 16 month old pug on this food for 6 weeks. My rottie the whole time has had a runny belly and the pug wouldn't touch it at all so he was moved onto a competitor brand early on. Contacted the company and was told to cut down on his food. That didn't help at all so contacted the company again at which point I was completely ignored. My 4 month puppy is the same size as a 3 month old and has neither grown nor gained weight in weeks. He's now off Eden and just 24hrs later his poop is solid again. I'm not the only person to have these problems with the food as a quick search on pet forums will show. Sadly, Eden is not for all dogs, most definitely wasn't for mine

jane 8 years ago

hi eden is an outstanding product , i have a 1 year old maltese and she looks fantastic her tear stain have totally gone , just to prove the point , i have just been away for 11 days and my friend looked after bella , and thought she was being kind feeding some supermarket treats , tear stains back poo runny and she is drinking lots, so one week on back on just eden , and tear stains are fading and poo back to normal , so 11 days makes a difference , my friend couldnt beleive it when i asked her to read reveiws on pet food , thankyou eden , you have made a great product

John Bonthrone 8 years ago

GREAT DANE OWNERS - If your Dane (like ours) suffers from the old loose bowel movements and/or any itch scratchy bits - then this is the one for you!
After trying out many of the (so called) leading brands - Purina, Beta, James Wellbeloved we decided to give Eden a try. Why we didn't do this earlier is only a mystery. I guess the glossy packaging and "vet recommendations" splattered on the packaging make it an easy target for consumers. The might of the big four eh!!
Our Dave is still only seven months old however, and with all his tummy troubles has been struggling to gain the necessay weight he really should have. Having changed over to Eden last month the change in him is dramatic and he is now looking fantastic! His weight has increased to a nice healthy weight for his age/size. AND - Solid poo whoop whoop (sorry)!! We (just like him) are delighted of the outcome, his itchy scratchy bits are almost a thing of the past and his coat is like silk.
Eden themselves are so easy to deal with and the orders placed are through the system promptly and delivered likewise.
We have more on the way today from Eden and I'm sure we will be customers of theirs for a long time to come.
We seriously could not recommend this product / company highly enough. 5/5 from us.

Steph Thompson 8 years ago

In the almost 3yrs i've had my Chihuahua, i've searched high and low and tried many different 'high quality' foods in an attempt to find one I was 100% happy with. Now i've found Eden I shall look no further. The ingredients are superb, a high quality high meat content with NO unecessary grains or fillers, and I have to say it smells divine. I'm only feeding 20g twice a day and thats enough to keep my dog in excellent condition. Since being fed on Eden he has developed an incredibly silky soft coat and muscle tone, he is absolutly thriving on it. I also make a habit of feeding regular raw meals, including raw meaty bones for dental hygiene, and it compliments the Eden perfectly. Eden has certainly filled a big gap in the market for a high quality but affordable product - Well done Eden!

Debbie Howe 8 years ago

I am so glad I 'discovered' Eden as it has made such a huge improvement to our dogs' lives. As an educated and professional person, I complete my own research into products I purchase and I am completely satisfied Eden is an ethical, robust and sound diet for my dogs. I'd also like to think I am qualified to state this as a dog owner for over 25 years.I have now been feeding Eden for 9 months and I am extremely pleased with the condition of my dogs. My 5 year old GSD had been troubled by unidentified allergies which caused her to chew hair from her legs and she was constantly scratching. I'm almost as relieved as I am sure she is, that she is no longer plagued by this! My younger dog competes in the show ring at championship show level and is winning extremely well. His coat is obviously an important factor on the show scene and Eden certainly contributes to this. Add into this the positive impact on teeth and bowels and I'm more than happy!Eden has proved to be cost effective as not only is less food required due to its high quality, the dogs love it and eat it very enthusiastically without me having to resort to adding other foods (tripe, chicken, sardines etc)We're certainly HUGE fans of Eden and feel we have been privileged to be part of 'The Eden Revolution' - a quality complete food without cheap bulking products was certainly well overdue on the pet food shelves! Well done Carol & Paul for seizing the initiative - and for providing such friendly, accessible customer support. We are forever in your debt!

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Craig 8 years ago

Amazing food and amazing customer service! Carol and Paul at Eden have been very helpful and a delight to deal with, answering all my queries and questions promptly.It is nice that they are UK based and use only the best quality ingredients. I ordered the small kibble dog food and it smells great, the colour and size are ideal for my terrier, as it is a smaller kibble it is harder for him to choke when he is hoovering the kibble up and I have noticed he chews the kibble more, rather than just swallow it whole and choke like he did with Orijen.I have fed my dog Orijen and Acana in rotation for three years and he has thrived. This food is equal to, if not better than those brands and I will be making the full switch to Eden when his bag or Orijen is gone.Lenny is a very fussy eater, but when presented with Eden, after an initial sniff he ate it all, which is very unusual for him.If you are considering switching from another premium brand or raw feed, I urge you to give Eden a try. They do smaller trial size bags in small and normal kibble, the quality is great and the most important thing is my dog loves it.I have no problem recommending this food to family and friends or anyone reading this. Give it a try your pooch will thank you.

Emma Binnersley 8 years ago

i have been feeding eden to my 3 dogs ( two staffordshire bull terriers and a german shorthaired pointer) for 4 months now and i have to say i cant rate this food enough!! my two boys (my pointer and one of my staffies) always struggled with weight gain and holding a good weight but with this food they are now at the perfect weight and holding it too! also my staffie girl use to be sick every few weeks sometimes more regular on her old foods we put this down to high grain and the fillers they put in food as since being on eden a grain free food shes not been sick once! im so happy with this food and recommend it to anyone! high quality ingredients and the price i think is excellent!

Kate Adams 8 years ago

I feed my three Hungarian Vizsla Eden, and have done since its launch. They all do very well on it, and my extra fussy eldest dog is also enjoying it. They enjoy their meals, have lovely shiny coats, healthy teeth, endless energy and I do believe (like ourselves) you are what you eat. Eat rubbish and your health will suffer in some shape or form, eat a good balanced nutritious diet and you have a far better chance of remaining healthy into older age, and as far as complete dog food goes Eden is top notch.

Julie Eastwood 8 years ago

Having a dog with severe pancreatitis and feeding her on vet recommended food without any improvement I had to find something to help her , I did my research and found Eden , she is now virtually symptom free thanks to Eden , also as a dog groomer I have one or two clients who's dogs have skin problems who seemed to be getting nowhere with vet stuff so I suggested they try Eden to see if it could help , and now those dogs after 2 weeks have nice soft fully cleared up skin absolutely fantastic . The support you receive of Paul and Carol is second to none plus the support off the Facebook page from other like minded people too ! So if your reading this , take the leap to Eden your dog will love you for it !!!

Carol Carlyle 8 years ago

Fabulous food and a fabulous company, excellent customer service and speedy delivery.I have bred and shown dogs for over 30 years and must have tried every dog food there is, nothing compares to this product and it is fed to all my dogs from a 6 month puppy to 13 years young oldie. I weaned my latest litter with this food and the puppies loved it and thrived. I cannot praise it highly enough and would recommend it to all.

Shara Tomkinson 8 years ago

I recently rescued my setter X from dogs trust and from recommendations from close friends i knew i was going to feed her Eden! She was on Arden Grange when we got her (i don't want to slate other dog foods) but her poo's stank and i know it was because she was settling in but she was always quite loose as well. After mixing in the Eden slowly she is mostly on Eden and I've noticed already that her coat is looking a lot better and it is shiny already. She hasn't once turned her nose up from the Eden like she did the Arden Grange a few times. Her poo's don't smell half as bad and they aren't loose at all anymore. She is also beginning to put on the right amount of weight and she is looking really healthy! I'm so happy with the food, it is also brilliant quality for an amazing price, i have been told in the past that i am "snobby" when it comes to dog food, however what most people don't realise is that if you pay less for food you usually feed more!! The help is brilliant as well, its run by really friendly people and you can even get advise on their facebook page! Which to me is brilliant because its modern and really convenient. I would always now recommend this food to anybody that asks, i really do hold a high opinion of it and am willing to defend its brilliance.

Ashleigh 8 years ago

I have three Dogue De Bordeaux's that have been on Eden since christmas. I can say i have never seen them as healthy! One of my girls had dry skin on her legs and sore ears. After numerous treatments and expensive foods i have finally found the one that works! All my dogs are now looking so good! The dry skin and sore ears are history! I heard about Eden from a friend at a show, I have now taken on ensuring everyone I know with a dog feeds this food! Well done Eden thank you for making my dogs happy and healthy!

All About Dog Food 8 years ago

Due to the unhelpful nature of the debate, all comments made on this page within the last 4 days have been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

EJC 8 years ago

This really is by far THE BEST food out there. We had a nightmare trying to find the perfect food for our two Flat Coats, in particular as one was underweight. What we thought was the best food without breaking the bank (in fact is not much less then Eden) just went straight through them, the same quantity of food we were putting in them was coming out, and both were not putting on weight! The results that we have got from Eden after just one month are nothing short of remarkable - They both went through the detox phase, and had I not spoken to Carol at Eden directly when I first started them on the food, I'd have thought it was not suitable and stopped! this passed after a couple of weeks and the Poo's are now perfect! now much smaller than the quantity of food going in, therefore being digested properly and they are both looking really well. I would recommend Eden whole heartedly to anyone. Their free advice is also invaluable - I really hope this helps other Dog (and cat) owners out there, as I understand what a nightmare it can be!.
Also, although the other food was slighty cheaper to buy then Eden, we in fact feed less of Eden and it lasts longer, actually making it better value!

Megan 8 years ago

Eden is the best food for both cats and dogs! I find it so important to ensure the correct food is being fed to my dogs and cats. I have a Rottweiler and Bulldog which have been on Eden for four months now and I can honestly say that I have not seen them so healthy and just overall brilliant! I have noticed the overall body condition of both my girls has became 5 out 5. This food ticks all the right boxes and is fantastic value, I have tried many different foods over the years from all price ranges however nothing comes close to Eden's formula and price. Its great to be able to see the clear and easy to understand ingredients and feeding guides compared to that of other brands. I also love how the ingredients are all from Britain. Eden is such a kind and good quality company and product that just deserves brilliant ratings.
I can not rate this food enough, I would recommend any pet owner that wants the best quality and at an affordable price to give Eden ago!
Well done Eden, Thank you!

Ger Coyle 8 years ago

An absolutely fantastic product and the one to finally puts British food to the top of the summit, I dont know which is more remarkable, the unmatched superior quality or the surprising low cost or both, either way Bravo Eden keep up the fantastic work and keep raising the bar. Superb 5/5 without question.

Lizzie Vint 8 years ago

I have bichon frise and my dogs cannot tolerate this food, the only way to get it used up is if I mix it with their other food on a 1/4 mix. The Eden is too rich. You would not believe the amount of runny poop that was coming from them.

Ger Coyle Lizzie Vint 8 years ago

If your dog has the runs your feeding her too much and need to cut back as your over taxing her GI tract and limiting food and nutrient absorbsion as is quite often the case with superior food like Eden/Orijen etc, Eden is marketed at working dogs so the feeding amounts are greatly reduced for most pet dogs.

Richard Pratt 8 years ago

Working with Labrador Rescue, we welcome this informative site as we are well aware of the amount of rubbish out there posing as premium foods which, in our experience lead to health problems and in alot of cases, hyperactivity. We've always tried to feed our dogs reasonable quality food. Many of our Labs do very well on Pero Labrador Life or the various types of Autarky and we recommend these, among others, to new owners, but despite reservations about the extremely high protein content, especially for the older boy, we recently tried Eden for our two - a 10 year-old black lab and a 5 year-old labX, both slim, fit, healthy neutered dogs. They've just got through a 15kg bag each, but unfortunately it hasn't really suited them. Their coats have looked fine, though not significantly better than before, but their poos have been consistently greasy and smelly from the word go. The smelliness improved slightly over the period it took them to get through the bags at 200g/day each, but the greasiness and slight looseness persisted and the younger dog in the last 2 weeks started regularly regurgitating the food (and re-eating it, of course!), usually while out, but on a few occasions indoors! So although we don't doubt the superior quality of the ingredients in Eden, we've now put them back on Autarky Adult Salmon and Rice for the younger dog and Mature light for the older one.

Michele 8 years ago

We have been using Eden food for approx 4 weeks and are so pleased to have found it! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Our Dogue de Bordeaux puppy is thriving on it, our vet asked what we was feeding him as he appears so healthy with a beautiful coat. The customer service is fantastic and delivery times very quick. Well worth every penny, for a high quality premium food the price is fab! I'm 100% certain my pup would give this the full 5 stars it fully deserves as do I. Amazing quality dog food by amazingly nice people!

sylvia 8 years ago

Thank you for your wonderful dog food. My 3 rescues are licking their plate
clean for the first time ever, and after just one 15kg bag the change in
their coats is amazing. They shine and look the healthiest dogs ever.
I have just ordered 2 more packs and it looks like they will be on this for
life. Please don't change the ingredients ( as some other premium dog foods
have done) as your recipe is just great and worth every penny.

MoreBees 8 years ago

Amazing! I have been happy with our current dog food, but I'll certainly try this! Thanks for keeping a look out for us!

Vieshot 8 years ago

Fantastic food. If you love your dog you will feed him Eden :-)

Keith Theobald 8 years ago

I will be having a new puppy in 16 weeks time so was looking at a dog food to feed her I am interested in feeding Eden but can not under stand why one food suits all (puppy- to old age).I thought different ages would have different needs? could someone help with this please.

Debbie Merrison 8 years ago

Can anybody help, my new puppy came to me being fed on pedigree wet and dry with chicken and tripe. Iv gradually weaned her off the dry onto eden, im now weaning her off the wet onto nature diet. She has scrambled egg with small amount of eden in the morning, then small amount of eden with the wet at lunch time, then more than morn/lunch of eden at night with either a very small amount of cooked chicken or tripe. Her stools although not runny are not as firm as with the pedigree is she having to much protein, she is a tibetan terrier of 9 weeks. could i have suggestions please

Geo Copper 8 years ago

Charlie My chocolate lab has just moved onto this from Purizon(which he liked)and he seems very happy with it.Also his poop seems a bit better(and less) with Eden.He'll be staying with this food

A BarnettConnolly 8 years ago

Unfortunately I am on week 5 of this and it isn't going well. She doesn't particularly like it and although she's thriving (shes a little underweight) on the least amount she is eating her stools are not good, the odd firm one but still smells strongly and unpleasantly like the food [it smells awful when you put boiling water on] and is so dark, but mostly she is very loose on it. Nothing else is fed and no other health issues. Although I believe it to be a good food I think it's too rich for her.

David A BarnettConnolly 7 years ago

worst food available, stinky poo and runny as hell not to mention how they smell your house out, un natural to dogs diet protein levels, thats the problem is too rich, despite what the reps say they would not be eating levels that high in the wild

AngelaT A BarnettConnolly 8 years ago

The results that I'm getting from Eden are nothing short of remarkable,up
until now I have been a loyal user of both Orijen & Acana & raw as dogs
should not be consuming grain as is the main ingredient in the majority
of the other "top" brands and the reason this food is so "dark" as you put
it is to do with the completely necessary very impressive meat content as it should be in the diet of a carnivore and as for the smell, I'm gobsmacked that you think it smells awful, on
the contrary it smells superb and even more so to my dog particularly
as her reaction at feeding time is a joy to behold, she absolutely
loves it, even more so then my previous brand choices. To have a UK based
"Orijen" grade product for me is a dream come true. Many thanks Eden,
keep up the superb work, as for the other top brands all I can say to them is, "be afraid, be very afraid"

colliemad 8 years ago

tried this on my dogs as one has a sensitive digestion and looking at the ingredients I thought it might be ok. Its also uk made which is always a bonus. Unfortunately he was unable to cope with even tiny amounts as it gave him dire rear and constant burping. I did try to contact eden for advice but their phone is always engaged and their facebook group is closed. I emailed through their website and received no response. I eventually gave it away. Very disappointed. My dogs are primarily fed raw but I was looking for a food that I could use when I am away from home and storage is limited.

AngelaT 8 years ago

I think Ive finally found a food that my fussy Cocker really seems to love and appears, well so far anyway to be doing really well on although I do add some raw food also. Great product and really cost effective too. fingers crossed it stays that way. :)

Mark Deane 8 years ago

Eden is the best thing to happen to the European Pet food industry to date, finally a company that not only provides a canine diet as it should be but provides it at a price available to everybody. Many pack has never looked so good and have been so healthy and their customer service is exceptional too and clearly very knowledgeable with an excellent Facebook support group. 5/5 all round.

julie Mark Deane 8 years ago

Their facebook group is not available to all potential or current customers though is it. A canine diet as it should be is raw. One of their stockists posted a link on their group that said dry food shouldn't be given to cats and it wasn't good for dogs. I pointed that out and I was removed and blocked. The pinned thread was also removed. Great attitude towards potential customers.

Guest julie 8 years ago

I'm afraid your rant has lost all credibility, you claim raw is the only canine diet yet you sing the praise of another dry brand.?? Your motives are very suspect, either way your in a serious minority in your opinion of this fantastic product which is clearly evident by the endless praise by their many satisfied customers both of the product and exceptional customer experience that I have never seen the like.

julie 8 years ago

good food shocking company that treats potential customers very badly. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy,

Keith Donald 8 years ago

I have 2 gun dogs, a golden retriever and a black Labrador. They are aged 7 & 6 respectively. Since they came to us as a puppy they have been fed on a breed-specific commercial brand at the top of the range in terms of pricing. Over the last few months I have been researching the best food for dogs, and I found Kerasote's book "Pukka's Promise" so helpful.At the end of my research I found that the holistic food from Eden fitted my requirements perfectly. My dogs love it. It has no grain and the 80 20 00 formula is perfect. The multi-meat and fish formula is recommended for all dogs. In addition, customer service is excellent, the price is right and it comes to our door!This is a "must have" for those of us who want longer living, fit and healthy dogs.

Vivienne Hall 8 years ago

I'm delighted to say that my Labrador Retriever pup is no longer heading towards anorexia! When this food is put down for her, she doesn't come up for air until the whole lot is gone. Unbelievable!
A 5 star product with 5 star results. I encourage all dog owners to get this food.
Believe the hype about this food... because it's true. It's the best.

Terina Gray 8 years ago

Just wanting to thank all the team at Eden for being so helpful right through the transition of my 12 dogs changing from Royal Canine to Eden. I did the changeover gradually, by mixing in less RC everyday, which seemed to be working well, until I was feeding 100% on Eden. Then just about every dog and puppy got diarrhoea and lots of it... I panicked. However, listening to the advice I was given... 'that I was obviously feeding too much' I have now adjusted their food intake and the problem resolved itself very quickly. Not only are their stools normal now, but there is much less of them, an added bonus for me having to keep clearing it all up haha! Thank you so much for always being there to help out and advise. You have created a brilliant family business there and you deserve every success in the world! Just looking forward to the cat food coming out now! Excellent 5* product!!!

Sue Makepeace 8 years ago

Am feeding this to one of my dogs, he loves it and have found that I don't need to feed as much as this food s more concentrated.

Mark Deane 8 years ago

What a revelation to hit the dog food industry, finally a food that illuminates all those nasty cereals and includes plenty of meat which provides the necessary high protein that's absolutely essential for a carnivore, Easily the best product now available in Europe and incredibly as the review says the price makes it incredibly affordable and available to pretty much everybody what with the feeding amounts being so small. Having been a keen user of Orijen, Acana and Ziwipeak and RAW over the years my prayers have been answered, thank you Eden so much as my guys have never had it so easy but more importantly looked so good. PS, your customer care is every bit as good as your product. 5/5 indeed.

ocyrus70 . 8 years ago

Got some of this kibble for my dog as I was hoping he would love it but no wouldn't touch it. so gave it to my sister she has a gsh and it has made his poo's stink I mean stink..so took him off it and all ok now, if you google it theres a lot of other eden users who say the same thing!!..

julie ocyrus70 . 8 years ago

I noticed the same with mine, doesn't happen on raw or on simpsons premium 80/20

Tom 8 years ago

As soon as I gave this food to my dog, she wouldn't eat anything else! That says a lot! I have been waiting a long time for a non-ridiculously priced 80-20-0 food for sooooo long and now it is here! The price is great, the ingredients are great, and my dog says the taste is great too! I can't wait for more products from this company!

Angela Cairns 8 years ago

My 3 Leonbergers have been on Eden for a about 5 months now. I no longer have them on three different foods! One of them, my vet thought may have a food intolerance. I fed him a well known brand of prescription diet. Since being on Eden though, his coat has been great. No itching, no more smelly sloppy poo to pick up either! I cannot recommend this food enough. All good ingredients (they eat better than myself!) Customer service is good, have called a couple of times for advice. One more thing...I don't really want to tempt fate but since being on Eden food, not one trip to the vets!!

Sam Dawson 8 years ago

What a revelation !! After feeding Orijen for a long time I'm so pleased that we now have a quality food manufactured in the UK that I can use. I feed a combination of raw and kibble and Eden works perfectly in this scenario, likewise when my dogs are in kennels I can be safe in the knowledge that they will also be fine on Eden alone. Delivery has been super fast, and I have been recommending it to many of my friends. Absolutely a 5 star food.

Rhiannon Williams 8 years ago

Eden is the best dog food on the market and I shall not be feeding my Siberian husky anything different, since I've been feeding him it he gets lots of complements on how soft his coat is and he is thriving. The customer service is second to none, I've recommended it to lots of my friends as the best and most natural food available in dry form.

Sarah Bulpin 8 years ago

One of my dogs suffers with gastroenteritis so I was looking to buy a food that contained no fillers/bulkers such as grains or wheat so as not to upset him, I came across Eden and am so glad I did. Since on Eden his bowel movements have been routine and firm, he has been lively and happy, and his fur has never looked so good- it is like silk! My other dog who we have lost now had an itching problem when we rescued him, he was on a cheaper food so we upgraded him to Eden and he completely stopped itching, all the flakes in his fur disappeared and his fur went from wiry to silky soft. Also have my puppy on this food now and he is doing great. Just the leonberger to go on now, can't wait! The food is not that expensive compared to other foods we used to feed, the ingredients are better, the bags are bigger and the dogs eat it with no fussing. Best thing I ever did for my dogs! I can tell you, all other dog food companies, I will never be changing from Eden now!

Michelle Carrington 8 years ago

Can't rate this food highly enough, customer service is perfect, all questions are answered and support 24/7 from Edens Facebook page. The difference in dogs is amazing after just a few weeks. Brilliant product.

janet artingstall 8 years ago

My gsd has been on eden since January if this year and in addition to constant compliments on the quality of his coat his growth and even his behaviour are impeccable. as anybody who has owned a hagsd can testify they are prone to digestion problems not so on eden! I will continue to buy this food and compared to other high profile low quality brands is not expensive at all. do not hesitate to purchase this for your puppy or dog. ps the customer service is second to none.

Richard Knights 8 years ago

Wow quite the best dog food I have ever come across, my two dogs absolutely love it. I used to have to put gravy on top of my last kibble to encourage them to eat it, no such problem with Eden, demolished in seconds, tails wagging for "more please"

Maureen McCann 8 years ago

Eden is by far the best quality dried dog food available. The price is very good as it is so pure you need to feed less, so making it very economical. Customer service and delivery is second to none. Cannot recommend it highly enough *****

sian rees 8 years ago

a brilliant food, if i excellent customer servive, my 3 small dogs (2 mini long haired dachshunds & a chiweenie) absolutely love their meal times now, i have tried loads of different brands of dry but after a few weeks my female dachshund will refuse to eat the dry, until i found EDEN at a brilliant price plus it's a uk based company which is a bonus, i'd give 10/10 if i could so it's 5/5 from me and my dogs, will continue to buy EDEN for them, also they use to have a doggy odour on other brands and dai my boy dachshund use to scratch non stop, also get comments on how well they look and how shiny their coats are, i say it's the excellent food they eat.

Sue Mirabaud 8 years ago

excellent food and my dogs love it.........have to feed grain free as I have an epileptic dog and he is thriving on this food ............and very good value at £50 for 15kgs HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

SUPERDOG 8 years ago

Quick observation as here seems only place to ask as the facebook group is closed and customer service at Eden HQ is terrible if Eden is 41.66 +VAT +postage which makes it a staggering 54.98 for a non breeder or non bulk buyer then Eden are promoting a working dog pack for breeders in clear bags no flash but say its VAT free then you calculate it they are charging 47.00 a bag and if you added VAT to that makes a bag 56.40 hmm...hang on a min this can not be VAT free? can it? other 'breeder clubs' give a standard 20% {VAT} off Thought it looked good till I whipped the calculator always worth double checking !

julie SUPERDOG 8 years ago

there is no customer service. I joined their closed group and one of their supporters posted a link to a website that said dry food should not be fed to dogs and cats. When I pointed that out I was blocked and removed. The samples I purchased seemed good but with their attitude towards potential customers frankly I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. Instead mine will be fed simpsons premium 80/20 fish. Better company by far

Jinxie julie 7 years ago

Have to agree. I had a woeful experience from a customer service perspective. Very rude and frankly ignorant owner.

Mark Deane julie 8 years ago

I couldn't disagree more, not only is their product second to none other and quite literally the most cost effective on the market their customer service is every bit, like their food, a very worthy and knowledgeable 5/5, a game changer quite literally, just look at the overwhelming customer feedback. Amazing experience in every way.

Maureen McCann SUPERDOG 8 years ago

I beg to differ. Customer service at Eden is excellent. They are available to phone and ask questions any time of day or night in my experience.

Shirley Ann Scott SUPERDOG 8 years ago

You get what you pay for in this world.....I've seen a huge difference in my dogs since changing to Eden, better coats, no tummy upsets and happier dogs who cry out in excitement when dinner is ready. The comparison in price to the food I was previously giving is actually slightly cheaper with Eden especially since they occasionally have a free postage offer on. The price of the previous food is also different in almost every petshop I go into, where the price of Eden is clearly marked on their website, delivery is swift and the food is top quality. As for customer service they couldn't have been more helpful. When it comes to the care of my animals, I use my brain not a calculator!

Madeleine Finemore 8 years ago

Wow what a fantastic dog food, within days Sniff is alot more energetic and Tommy my mums colly has stopped rubbing a big raw area on his coat which the lovely helpful couple Carol and Paul who run Eden suggsted was a grain allegy because dods just are not designed to eat grains . It is such a joy to find a truly innate dog food product - If you put into your dog what they are designed to eat great health will result - It is exactly the same for us humans! Eden is an excellent product run by a company with high values and a love of dogs and not £ signs. Very Highly recommended!

Nathan 8 years ago

Delighted with the product and the service. Jackson is a very happy and healthy puppy with a super coat. Everyone he meets on walks, and the vet, have commented on how good he looks and his temperament. I like to think Eden holisitic dog food play's a big part in this.

Guest 8 years ago

We seem to be the only ones who don't love this! Our dog enjoyed it, but it made him itch a lot. He has a problem with itching and certain foods seem to make it worse. This is one of them. We have now gone back to Acana, which is more expensive and not a UK brand, but doesn't make him itch. Shame as he did really seem to enjoy it and it did make his coat softer.

julie Guest 8 years ago

Simpsons premium do a fish based 80/20 food that is UK made. This might be ok for your dog? You can buy some sample packs to try

Laura Watkiss 8 years ago

Eden - I have to say I do have a massive complaint about this brand...........why did you not start producing this years ago? :) This is simply, by far THE BEST food out there. I cannot even begin to explain how much this has helped and improoved the lives of my two gsd's. Within 6 weeks of feeding Eden, my 8yr olds life long allergies/skin flare ups and red eyes has completely cleared up and our younger rescue gsd has gone from a bag of bones with sad eyes to a goregous bundle of fun with a zest for life :) i cannot thankyou enough and would recommend this, without doubt to every dog owner out there. A truely outstanding food

Jolene France 8 years ago

http://www.uk.edenpetfoods.... this their official website which has a list of retailers or you can just order directly from them, they also have a facebook page and group

Marc-e-d 8 years ago

Hi, I live in Tyne & Wear and i am looking for a supplier of Eden. Could you please contact me when you are likely to have some of the medium kibble in please. Many thanks.

Shirley Hull Marc-e-d 8 years ago

hi will have some in next week tel 07894507775 kind regards shirley

Deb Gillard 8 years ago

I am so pleased that this dog food has arrived! I have just ordered two bags for my dogs as I am so confident in it . I have been searching for a long time to find a food that is a serious alternative to a natural diet. I have always fed a well known premium brand dog food but when I begin to learn how labeling works and what the ingredient list really means it was obvious that the only thing that was "premium" was the price.

Pam Whyte 8 years ago

hi can I get a sample? and where would be my nearset supplier..Perth Scotland ? thanks

Steve 8 years ago

Where can I buy this in Hull, Thanks Steve

Steve 8 years ago

We have two boxers both fed on James well beloved . One was a fussy eater and from time to time the other was pron to ear infections . Vet suggested it might be a food allergy . So we changed to Eden 2months ago . Guess what no more fussy eating the food goes as soon as its put down. It has also cured the recurrent ear infections as well. Also I have never seen their coats so shiney.
Eden pet foods a real winner thanks very much Eden!

Sue Tuczek 8 years ago

Also the price etc is so much better than the others I was orijen before but this well its great

Sue Tuczek 8 years ago

This food I reall cannot rate enough and being uk based brilliant wish we had something like this long time ago my girl doing so well on it