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Eden is a fairly new company but, despite being dog-food-industry-newbies, their first release is pretty remarkable. Eden's Multi-Meat and Fish Formula is just about as good as dry dog food gets and is only the second dry food ever to receive the full 5-star All About Dog Food rating.

Eden has an impressive 80-20-0 ingredient profile. That is 80% from animal sources, 20% from veg, fruit and herbs and 0% grains. The idea is to recreate the 'ancestral diet' of the dog and although there is still a lot of discussion over what exactly the 'ancestral diet' should be, Eden's approach of including plenty of meat form mixed sources, a wide range of other nutritional ingredients and no cereals or artificial ingredients is certainly a popular angle and one which is bound to resonate with a lot of dog owners.

The meat content of Eden comes from both fresh and dry sources from five named species, all provided with clear percentages. Once the chicken fat and gravy have been removed from the equation along with water in the fresh meat, the true meat content of the finished product is more like 51% (dry content), but that is still much higher than the going rate for dry dog foods.

Of course, so much meat inevitably pushes up the protein and fat levels which isn't ideal for all dogs (dogs with kidney/urinary problems, pancreatic issues or heart problems for example should think twice), but since it is all from good quality meat sources, this shouldn't be a cause for concern for most dog owners.

The range of highly nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs contained in Eden is also very impressive and includes excellent additions like sweet potato, lucerne (alfalfa), spinach, seaweed and cranberry as well as a wide range of herbs and supplements intended to help with digestion and joint mobility.

Recent formula changes also mean that the food now contains extra fibre to aid digestion as well as chelated minerals which are much easier for the dog's body to utilise than standard mineral supplements.

While Eden's price point has been gradually increasing over the years, it is still the least expensive 5 star food for pet dogs on the directory.

It is worth noting though that, despite its obvious quality and the multitudes of avid supporters, Eden doesn't seem to suit all dogs. Of course, this can be said for any dog food but with Eden more than any similar brands, there does appear to be a proportion of dogs, albeit a small one, that have difficulty digesting it. According to Eden, this mostly comes down to over-feeding so if your notice any runny motions, weight loss or any other signs of ill health whilst on Eden (or any other food for that matter), do be sure to contact the manufacturer directly for advice.

Conclusion: Outstanding food at a very competitive price.

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