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I'm not sure there are enough superlatives in the English language for Nutriment. It is, in short, as good as it gets.

Nutriment have based their recipes on the BARF philosophy that domesticated dogs still have the same dietary requirements as their wild ancestors. That means the foods contain plenty of meat with minimal carbs and are, above all, RAW! I should point out that not everyone agrees with this notion. I for one believe that dogs are incredibly versatile animals and can thrive on all sorts of diets whether they are cooked, raw or anywhere in-between, but whether or not you buy into their philosophy, nobody can deny the quality of Nutriment's ingredients.

Each of the Nutriment adult varieties contains a whopping 85% high grade, British meat. Where the whole carcass isn't being used, Nutriment even state exactly which parts of the animal are being incorporated removing any room for doubt. Organ meats and raw green tripe are excellent, highly nutritious meat choices. Of course, so much meat inevitably means a high protein level which may ring alarm bells with some dog owners but it's important to remember that when it comes to protein, quality is much more important than quantity and as long as it is from good meat sources, high protein should not be a cause for concern for healthy dogs.

With most high-end foods, this is where you would find details of the carbohydrate content but Nutriment is not only grain free, it also doesn't contain any carb alternatives like potatoes, lentils or even peas. Instead, Nutriment uses an excellent array of top-end vegetables like pumpkin, broccoli and kale to provide a whole host of natural nutrients without the usual starchy accompaniment.

The rest of the ingredients list reads like a Holland & Barrett stock take. The range and quality of the nutritional supplements is really second to none with particular highlights being coconut oil, spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass.

Naturally, Nutriment is free from anything remotely controversial and is completely hypoallergenic making it suitable for even very sensitive dogs.

Conclusion: Nutriment is raw feeding at its very best.

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Nutriment - Raw feeding at it's very best

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