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Green Pantry Skin & Coat

Type of food

Dry extruded complete

Dog types

Working dogs

Targeted conditions

Sensitive skin

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From weaning to old age

Pack sizes

2kg & 12kg bags


12kg bags = £53.50

AADF rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Clearly labelled: Each ingredient is clearly and individually stated and there is at least a reasonable indication of the percentages of the main ingredients
Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day

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Mixing bowl:

Chicken 78% (Freshly Prepared Chicken 46%, Dried Chicken 30%, Chicken Stock 2%), Sweet Potato 9%, Potato 6%, Peas 3%, Linseed, Alfalfa, Apple, Pumpkin, Cranberry, Tomato, Carrot, Nettle, Seaweed, Celery Seed, Aniseed, Horehound.

As fed (BETA):

Why is this different from the ingredients list?

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamins: A 14, 423 IU, Vitamin D3 1, 923 IU, Vitamin E 96 IU. Trace Elements: Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate 48 mg, Iron Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate 48 mg, Manganese Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate 34 mg, Copper Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate 7.5 mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 0.96 mg, Organic Selenium S.cerevisiae Cncm I-3060 0.07 mg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 39.0%, Fat 17.0%, Fibre 4.0%, Ash 8.5%, Moisture 8.0%, Omega3 3.40%, Omega6 1.10%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


12kg bags RRP


Grams per day


Cost per day


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Company info
Name: Naturevito 77 Green Pantry foods listed
HQ: Norfolk, UK
Manufacturer's product description

" Green Pantry Chicken with Pumpkin & Apple has been carefully formulated by our devoted team to ensure optimal well-being with the added benefit of aiding Skin & Coat conditions. Our highly palatable diets contain a balanced mix of natural responsibly sourced ingredients and bio-active herbs which reflect the natural canine diet. Our complete diets are presented in paper recyclable packaging using water based inks. "

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Sharon Harber 2 years ago

My dogs love this food. I have noticed they have very shiny coats and healthier skin since they started it.

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Kurz Weil 4 years ago

Our working cockers both really like this food, but they suffer from very very sloppy poops, even after introducing the food very gradually.
Also had the same problem with Aatu 80:20, after trying all their flavours.
Not sure if it's the high protein content that is causing the problem, or some other ingredient, but they have never had a really solid poop on the Green Dog grain free chicken, so we're going to look elsewhere.

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Debbie Merrison 4 years ago

I would like to know, how the dry food that is labelled complete, can possibly be that. I thought a dog needed offal, and many of these 5* rated foods have no offal in.

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agnes 5 years ago

potato and sweet potato 13% as ingredients and 5 star ratings?????? thats plenty carbs!!! \orijen also received 5 star and orijen is so much better - 80% meat and and wild fish - all localy collected.and fit for human consumption.20% superb veg and fruits!

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Craig agnes 5 years ago

Sounds like you personally enjoyed the Orijen, did you eat it with gravy?

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Sean agnes 3 years ago

Too much protein isnt a great thing. More protein doesnt necessarily mean better for you.Dogs are domesticated scavengers. They will eat anything that fills them up and gives them energy. The star rating is for labeling and quality of ingredients. You dont get more stars for more protein.

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