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James Wellbeloved is one of the UK's original natural dog food producers and Crackerjacks are their original dog treats. They are amongst the most popular natural treats in Britain.

Crackerjacks are bone shaped biscuits, each one about 3 inches long which makes them a good size for medium to larger breeds and they can be easily broken up for smaller dogs and puppies. They are suitable for all dogs from 12 weeks of age.

Like the James Wellbeloved complete range, Crackerjacks are made by extrusion which involves a thin layer of fat being sprayed on to the biscuit at the end of production. This helps to make the biscuits much more palatable but it can also leave them a bit greasy to the touch.

In terms of their ingredients, Crackerjacks score pretty well. The rice/meat combination (which is common to almost all James Wellbeloved products) goes down very well with most dogs and the additional tomato and herbs will add some good natural nutrients. Each variety only contains a single meat source and all of the ingredients are hypoallergenic making them an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin or tummies.

Crackerjacks are, however, let down on a few points. Firstly, they are over half white rice which is widely regarded as a filler for dogs, albeit a harmless one. Secondly, the 'total duck content' of 20% is quite misleading as it also includes the fairly large proportion of duck fat (at least 8.5% but possibly more) so the true proportion of duck meat is likely to be little over 10%. Lastly, Crackerjacks contain added salt to help with palatability but as we all know, too much salt can cause health problems.

In terms of price, the normal RRP is quite expensive considering the high rice content, but fortunately, special offers on Crackerjacks are not difficult to find.

Conclusion: A good, natural treat, especially for sensitive dogs but a bit pricey when not on offer.

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