Updated 24 Oct 2017

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high meat content

High meat content





The Natural Dog Food Company produces some of the best British dry dog foods and their puppy range is no exception. The two varieties are suitable for puppies of all breeds right from weaning and also adult small breeds. With a good balance of high-end ingredients including 55% meat (around 45.5% once the water from the fresh meat has been removed) there are few comparable foods in this price bracket.

The quality of the ingredients is very high - meat meal and fresh meats, whole grains and UK farmed vegetables and herbs all help to create a well balanced, top-end natural food.

Despite the large percentage of meat, the protein and fat content of Natural Dog Food Puppy are moderate. This provides a good option for dog owners that want to feed a meat rich diet but are concerned by high protein/fat levels.

There is one criticism, however: The 'mixed vegetables and herbs' entry is quite vague which makes it difficult to know exactly what you're feeding.

In its literature, the Natural Dog Food Company emphasises the fact that, unlike just about everyone else, they don't use synthetic vitamins in their foods. I'm afraid I can't find enough research on the pros and cons of synthetic vitamins to comment but more details can be found on the Natural Dog Food Company website.

Conclusion: NDFC puppy is excellent food at a good price, although a bit more clarity on the ingredients list would be appreciated.

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