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Harringtons have been making a big splash over the last couple of years with large scale advertising campaigns and abundant special offers. Their simple range of dry dog foods is available in most supermarkets and with their claim of being "30% cheaper than other premium dry dog foods" they have been picking up customers in their droves.

Harrington's is indeed at least 30% cheaper than most premium dog foods, even when the higher feeding amounts are factored in, but the word 'other' implies that this is also a premium food, which, unfortunately, the ingredient list does not bear out.

The first ingredient in all three adult varieties is maize which many canine nutritionists class as little more than a filler*. The named meat source accounts for just 14% of the food* (although there is another unspecified amount of an unspecified meat meal further down the ingredients list) - both of which are distinct traits of a mid-range food.

To its credit, Harringtons is free from artificial additives, uses high quality meat meal and includes nutritious kelp and linseed. It is worth noting though that the 'Turkey and Veg' variety would be much better named 'Turkey and Peas' since it unfortunately doesn't contain any other vegetables.

To be fair to Harringtons, it is a good mid-range food and you would be fairly hard pressed to find a better one at this price, but premium it is not.

Conclusion: A good mid-range, natural food and good value for money.

* Harringtons have kindly been in touch to tell us "14% lamb meatmeal is declared for regulatory/labeling reasons - there is always a lot more meat in our formulations" and that "maize is a dietary source of carbohydrate in a balanced formulation".

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