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Canagan is set to be the next big thing in the UK. It combines a high meat content and excellent ingredients with great packaging and the all important 'made in Britain' logo. It is part of a new wave of grain-free foods that are sweeping the nation but, since it is made by the manufacturers of Symply and therefore already has a distribution network ready and waiting, Canagan is likely to lead the way.

Although the current fashion is to cram as much meat as possible into a dog food, and of course there's nothing wrong with that, it does inevitably increase protein and fat levels which might not suit all dogs. Canagan, on the other hand, have opted for a slightly lower meat content of 60-65% (about 35% on a dry matter basis which is still much higher than most dry dog foods) which provides a more moderate protein content of 33%.

In all three Canagan varieties, the meat is a top quality mix from both fresh and dry sources. While the chicken variety only contains chicken meat (great news for allergy-prone dogs that need a single meat source) the other two varieties contain more of a mix of meats (which will please those dog owners looking for a more 'natural' varied diet).

The remaining 35-40% of Canagan is made up of some excellent natural ingredients including a number of nutritious fruits, vegetables and herbs. Sweet potato, alfalfa and seaweed are always welcome additions and the presence of several joint supplements will go down well with many owners of older dogs.

We can't figure out why Canagan needs added pea protein as protein supplements like this are usually used to top up the protein levels of low-meat foods. Many dogs find plant proteins much harder to process than those found in meats which can make plant-protein-rich foods problematic for some sensitive dogs.

In terms of cost, a bag of Canagan does not come cheap but since the daily feeding amounts are very low, the price per day works out a fairly well.

Conclusion: A great British food. Excellent natural ingredients including plenty of top-quality meat and no cereals.

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