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Butternut Box

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Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
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Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
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Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

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From weaning to old age

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125g, 200g, 300g & 400g pouches


400g pouches = £2.44


From Butternut Box: At Butternut Box, we do things a little differently. We ask a few questions about your four-legged friend and calculate the perfect portion from your answers. This means our prices or portions may be slightly different from what is suggested here.

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Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Not clearly labelled:

This product has not been awarded the clear labelling logo because the percentage of the first non-meat ingredient is not declared.

Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

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Mixing bowl:

Freshly Prepared Lamb and Mutton 60% (minimum 26% Lamb (Mince, Heart, Liver)), Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Red Split Lentils, Green Lentils, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brewer's Yeast, Minerals, Ground Flaxseed, Turmeric Powder, Dried Rosemary, Dried Thyme.

As fed (BETA):

Why is this different from the ingredients list?

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin A 2200iu, Vitamin D3 150iu, Vitamin E 40mg, Iron (as Iron (II) Chelate of Protein HydrolysateS) 25mg, Zinc (as Zinc Chelate of Protein HydrolysateS) 25mg, Manganese (as Manganese Chelate of Protein HydrolysateS) 2.5mg, Copper (as Copper (II) Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 1.5mg, Iodine (as Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 0.25mg, Selenium (as Organic Form of Selenium Produced By Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cncm I-3060) 0.015mg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 12.0%, Fat 10.0%, Fibre 0.7%, Ash 1.7%, Moisture 70.0%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


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Name: Butternut Box 55 Butternut Box foods listed
HQ: London, UK
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" Butternut Box is a fresh take on dog food; delivering fresh, tasty meals to your door., , What's fresh dog food?, Human-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked to create simple, tasty, and complete meals. All created with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for dogs of every age., , The Butternut Box food promise, • Human-quality ingredients, • Never any nasties, • Taste-tested by us, , How it works, 1. Tell us about your dog. We'll then calculate your personalised plan and pricing., 2. We gently cook they personalised plan, and deliver it to your door, every few weeks, for free., 3. This is your plan, your way, so you can change, pause or cancel anytime. "

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david mcauliffe 2 days ago

Just received my first order today for my 4.5mth old and 18mth old papillons. Currently defrosting in fridge before trying my dogs on this for the first time. I mentioned today to a friend that ive bought this food and they said to be careful because it contains peas and lentils. Is there a cause for concern if i fed this food with it containing these?

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Jane R 5 days ago

I have had my two working cockers and 2 year old lab on Butternut for some months and - having been rather picky with food - they absolutely love it. The recommended amounts for the lab and the older cocker appear to be fine: the cocker has lost some weight and is now maintaining well, and the lab does well anyway. The younger cocker (four years old) is extraordinarily active and I think lost too much weight. I am now supplementing with kibble to give him a little more. I have heard, though, that it is not good to feed kibble alongside 'fresh' food as they are digested at different rates? If this is true, what should I be doing?! At the moment the three of them manage very easily with two pouches a day divided proportionately between them and the occasional extra sardine or chicken wing etc.

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Julie Turner-Adkin 8 days ago

I can't agree it is only 34p per day. That calculation doesn't make sense unless you are basing it on a first time offer. To feed 200g per day is 1.22. Your figure is misleading.

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All About Dog Food Julie Turner-Adkin 7 days ago

Hi Julie. Where are you seeing the 34p per day? I believe that only comes up if you enter your dog's weight as 0.5kg so if your dog is larger the daily feeding cost will indeed be higher

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Vixter a month ago

Wow! What a difference this food has made. Having had my 1yr old rescue on a hydrolized diet for 12wks following vet advice, we are into week 2 of BNB. Never seen her so happy to have her meals. Licks the bowl clean, so much happier in herself and regular perfect poos (which don’t smell and pick up like a dream). Having had months of trialing various foods, a runny tummy for months and then the hydrolized diet, we will never go back! Awesome in every way. Smells so good!

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Emma Lou a month ago

Is there an option for a weight loss plan? My dog needs to loose weight and the cals recommended on your website wasn’t accurate for my dog. She would gain weight having that amount

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Abigail Emma Lou 8 days ago

When you input your dogs weight, how active they are, if they are lean, overweight etc they give your dog the amount they need.

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Buuurns2k a month ago

My rotti was on this stuff for about 2month then he went off it no idea why and like most that have stated he felt Hungary most of the time…perhaps a more meaty variety with a more packed protein % could of helped overall he kinda liked it (while it lasted)

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Michael Harper 2 months ago

On my 3rd month with my 2 year old Cockerpoo She loves it but i find I'm having to give her some kibble in evening as she's hungry. No weight issues. My issue is the plastic packaging on every meal/every day.So much waste. Can't you find a better way? It might make me look elsewhere

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Butternut Box Michael Harper a month ago

Hi Michael. We love hearing that your pup is enjoying life as a Butternutter, we might be biased but, the feeling is definitely mutual! We've put a lot of care into designing our packaging and making sure that it's efficient, lovely to look at, and as sustainable/green as possible. When it comes to our pouches, these are made using a particular plastic that can withstand our unique cooking and freezing process because we choose to cook our meals in the pouches themselves, to help lock in the flavour. Although it’s not perfect, our method allows us to cook at lower temperatures and also means we never need to use any additives or preservatives, which in turn actually means less impact on the planet than traditional pet food manufacturing. We take all of our customer feedback on board so, we're looking at finding an alternative more sustainable solution very soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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Wendy woo 2 months ago


My only concern is my dog has gone from eating nothing to wanting to constantly eat. She loves it. It feels a healthy option and I honestly feel bad about the crap I used to feed her hence she didn’t eat!

Now I feel bad about the crappy grooming products available. Would you develop grooming products to help keep her coat and skin healthy ?

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Butternut Box Wendy woo 2 months ago

We're so glad your pooch is such a fan! It really is music to our ears. 💛

We're always looking to increase our range and we really value our customer's feedback, we will be sure to pass this idea along!

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Dianne Wheeler 3 months ago

Cannot rate this food highly enough. My 4 month old female cockapoo sisters transitioned to this a month ago and they love it combined with their usual kibble. They have tried and ate all varieties but their favourites are game, lamb, pork, beef and chicken. Much better poos and no tummy upsets since joining the BB pack. Go for it you won’t regret it

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Butternut Box Dianne Wheeler 3 months ago

We can't tell you how great it is to hear they can't get enough of their Butternut grub - really is music to our ears. 💛

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Jason Dudley 4 months ago

Hi there,

Our little collie pup will be joining us in 4 weeks time. He'll be 12 weeks old when he arrives, and so far has been fed a working dog dry kibble.

The cost seems quite reasonable at the moment, with BB recommending 400g per day.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what that would likely increase to as he grows into adulthood.

It's such a minefield out there, and I'm trying to find the best food at the best costs... As I'm sure many others are too :)

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Demi Louise Jason Dudley 4 months ago

Hi, we have a fully grown cocker spaniel on it, she is on 400g and is 12kg so I can’t imagine it getting much more than that tbh when he is fully grown. The eat more as puppies. Daisy absolutely loves it, we’ve been through so many different foods but this is definitely the best.

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Judith Shaw Jason Dudley 4 months ago


I'd strongly recommend talking to your breeder (and/or your vet) about feeding. They will have a much better idea about what is suitable for your pup than random internet people. Coming to live with you is already a big change for him, and it might be better to keep feeding him on what's familiar.

As for Butternut Box, our dog became extremely ill after eating it -- vomiting, lethargy, a long sleepless night for us and a hefty emergency vet's bill. While I can't say definitively that the food caused it, it is the only thing that we've altered.

It's also worth noting that while the subscription comes with a rainforest full of teeth-grindingly 'punny' information, it's quite difficult to find clear and direct nutritional information and feeding instructions...which is what led me to this site in the first place.

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David Henderson Judith Shaw 2 months ago

Both my dogs were ill on this. Vomiting and diarrhoea. They had been on it for a while, so wasn't a sudden change. I stopped it and restarted with same results. Maybe a bad batch but I had to throw the rest out - 50 wasted. I'm not risking it again

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Lisal David Henderson 12 days ago

My dog has been the same!

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Lyn Hughes 4 months ago

Sadie has been on Butternut Box for years and I would highly recommend it. Clean bowls, small poos that don't smell awful. Its convenient and there is no waste. Go for it... you won't be disappointed

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Butternut Box Lyn Hughes 4 months ago

It's a pleasure to have you and Sadie in the family. 💛

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David Henderson 4 months ago

I had a cockerpoo and German shepherd on this for about 6 months. They both loved it but unfortunately both started to get really bad stomachs on it - vomiting and diarrhoea. I had to stop it. The GSD does have a bit of a sensitive stomach but the cockerpoo can usually eat anything - even leftover curry! I tried our cockerpoo on it again once her stomach had settled down but it made her ill again, so I had to stop it - a bad batch? Maybe but I'm not risking it again - cleaning up faeculent vomit is no fun and I'm not sure what it's doing to the health of my dogs.

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Butternut Box David Henderson 4 months ago

Oh no, we're so sorry to hear this! Just to put your mind at rest, we just want to explain a little about how we make everything here at Butternut. The ingredients are mixed then portioned into the individual pouches, which are then vacuum sealed and steam cooked. After cooking those meals are immediately frozen, then dispatched to you still frozen, meaning that there would be no opportunity for any food to go bad. To test this, we send a sample of each of our meals every week off to a third-party food testing facility for bacterial testing. It could be a certain seasoning or meat that was too rich for their stomachs. 💛

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Lisal David Henderson 12 days ago

My dog has been really poorly eating this food too.

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Lily B 4 months ago

Cannot recommend this food enough!! If your not comfortable feeding raw this is your next best alternative! I have 2 westies and straight away have seen a change in their coats shine! Personally I’m not comfortable feeding raw and when we got our most recent pup she was on raw she did not get on with it (not only with her poops but she didn’t want to eat it). So we switched her to dry food and now we have switched both of ours to 75% butternut and 25% dry food … it has been a life changer in all aspects! They both eat their dinner so no food is left, they both enjoy it and do zoomies after, their poops have improved… I could go on the benefits are endless! So happy with Butternut and will not be changing ever!!!! After tralling the dog food market this is defo the most affordable option out there for the quality of the food and great customer service 👍🏼

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Lily B Lily B 4 months ago

Also just a little something to add - we transitioned one of our dogs onto this food the day of her being spayed (I was worried as didn’t want to upset her stomach) but I have absolutely no regrets! We had no problems with transition and surprisingly no transition poos!!!! Just shows the whats in the food is good!

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Butternut Box Lily B 4 months ago

Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind words, stories like this are why we love doing what we do. We're so honored and happy that we've been able to be part of your pooches story so far. 💛 We've passed this onto the wider company to see and we're so glad to have you all as part of the Butternut family. If you have any pics of the pooches please feel free to send them over via email. Be sure to pass along plenty of belly rubs from us. 🐾

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Lily B Butternut Box 3 months ago

Aw thank you! I recommend BB to everyone it really has changed my dogs life’s! We have even upped our subscription so now they have all BB and rarely biscuits (only on the odd day!) dogs are happy, I’m happy couldn’t be better!

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Courtney Schlosser 4 months ago

Hello, my dog has been on this for a week now and her poos have increased a lot. To the point she is having accidents in the night? It’s strange thought because they are more solid now than previous. She’s a 3 year old canary mastiff and was previously on Raw natural instinct. But was turning her nose to it in the end. Is it known for this food to increase her bowel movements at the start? She is loving the food so want to give it a good chance

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Lily B Courtney Schlosser 4 months ago

Hi, I recently switched to butternut and we have just finished the 2 week trial box. I have two dogs and one I have seen no change in the quantity of her bowel movements however the quality is so much better! My second dog I have seen a massive change she now goes for about 3 a day but instead of being big they are all small and don’t smell! One thing which we have seen in both is that they have a regular bowel movement cycle now, every morning they go to the toilet without fail. Whereas before it was abit inconsistent- they were both on only dry food before. I hope this helps :) I would stay on it and gives the food a chance and let her settle and get a cycle with it :)

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Chloe Locke Courtney Schlosser 4 months ago

It does contain sweet potato and is quite high carb tbh hence why the poos have probably increased (carbohydrates in dogs is a waste product and therefore the dogs do not absorb it, and can actually result in weight gain), I usually try to avoid anything with grain or potato in as they tend to be rather high in carb. Natures menu country hunter wet food has a very high rating but is super low carb so I currently use that

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Chloe Locke Chloe Locke 4 months ago

I was going to try this for my dog to be honest until I looked and saw it contained potato, which put me right off unfortunately

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Butternut Box Chloe Locke 4 months ago

Hey Chloe - We’re using potatoes in our recipes, not just for the amino acids and fibre it contains, but because when we were first starting out our meals were a bit watery or crumbly. Potatoes are helping us to keep all of our ingredients together so that we can put them into our pouches and reduce waste within our kitchens.

Without this change, it’s likely that we wouldn’t have been able to make enough fish meals to feed all of the happy dogs that love it so much. Our recipes continue to be completed and balanced and made with only human-quality ingredients. Happy days.😋

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Butternut Box Courtney Schlosser 4 months ago

Hey Courtney - I'm so sorry to hear that the transition hasn't been as smooth as expected. Loose stools/ slightly upset tummies are something that is expected when transitioning between foods. Particularly as ours is very different to anything else on the market, it can take a little while for your pooches digestion to get used to the new food, sometimes even a few weeks if they've got a slightly more sensitive stomach.

In the meantime, our lower fat recipes (chicken, game fish, veggie and turkey) can be a bit gentler on sensitive tummies, so if you do decide to continue, just feeding these for a while might be a good idea, until their tummy gets used to the new food. We'd recommend that instead of completely stopping, as you have already begun the transition, you slow it right down. This might mean feeding just a spoonful of the gentler recipes at each meal and slowly building it up from here!

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Mark Dowd 4 months ago

started with this about two weeks ago.still mixing it with my border Collie's dry kibble to make transition easier. He loves BB...can't get enough of it.!

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Butternut Box Mark Dowd 4 months ago

That's brilliant news! This has really made our day 💛

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Annabelle Chapman 8 months ago

How long does it take a dog to settle on this food. Mine has been on it for about four weeks and she has had a bad stomach since then thanks

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Butternut Box Annabelle Chapman 7 months ago

I'm so sorry to hear that the transition hasn't been as smooth as expected and your pooch has been unwell. Poor little pup!

Loose stools/ slightly upset tummies are something that is expected when transitioning between foods. Particularly as ours is very different to anything else on the market, it can take a little while for their digestion to get used to the new food, sometimes even a few weeks if they've got a slightly more sensitive stomach.

In the meantime, our lower fat recipes (chicken, fish, and turkey) can be a bit gentler on sensitive tummies. This might mean feeding just a spoonful of the gentler recipes at each meal and slowly building it up from here!

In the meantime, all of us here at Butternut are wishing your pooch a speedy recovery! Hopefully, this is just a short-lived problem. 😊

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Susie Pratt Adam 8 months ago

Where do I start with company. My 13 year old staffy hilda who has passed away now had a few health problems, she had liver disease so needed to be on a special diet. Hilda was a bit pampered and was a little fussy with her food now. I stared her on butternut and she was a very happy girl enjoying her new diet and her food. These guy from butternut are fantastic, they not just here for your dog, there here for u too. Absolutely amazing 🤩. I will get another dog again and I will 100% leave it to these guys to sort her food out. Thank you butternut for making Hilda’s last few months happy. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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Butternut Box Susie Pratt Adam 8 months ago

Thank you so much for your lovely words, this brought a tear to our eyes it's so tough to say farewell, but it brings us happiness to know that we made Hilda's last few months a joy. We are always here to chat when you would like, and this goes far beyond whether you're receiving boxes or not. ❤️

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Ann-Marie Sheldon 8 months ago

Just ordered a trial for my springer spaniel she’s 12 as allergies her skin is bad at the moment as she suffers with pyoderma. I’ve tried different foods and spent a fortune at the vets. I’m seriously hoping a transitional food change may help I’m at my wits my poor girl. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed 🤞

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Butternut Box Ann-Marie Sheldon 8 months ago

We're so sorry to hear this! Our meals also contain omega-3 fatty acids from ground flaxseed. Omega-3 has immune-boosting properties which help to support a dog's natural skin defenses, to improve dry skin, dandruff, and lots of other skin problems. It can also help a dog to fight off skin infections and recover from them a little quicker, too. All of our meals are free from all common allergens will definitely improve their skin and therefore coat.🤗

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Chi mummy 9 months ago

This is a great human grade dog food

My chi's have been on it for over 2 years.

My only issue is that their algorithm for Toy Breeds and feeding amounts does not work. I feed mine over ½ less than recommended and one of them has gained lots of weight.

I tend to heat it in the microwave to defrost , if I've forgotten to take it out of the freezer soon enough. Plus I heat it up even if defrosted as the aroma helps with the dog wanting to eat, as the smell is nice to them.

Cancel, postpone or bring forward deliveries at any time. I like the ability to do this. For my 2 toy breeds I get 28x 200gm bags every 6-7 weeks, so works out fairly cheap.

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Butternut Box Chi mummy 9 months ago

Our feeding recommendations are just guidelines, every dog has a different metabolic rate and of course, you know them best. We try and round up their daily amount as close as possible to a pouch size we do. If your pooch is needing to shed a few pounds we would suggest sticking to the fish, chicken, and turkey meals as they're less than 6% fat.

We're so happy to have you in the family, so glad your pooches are enjoying their meals, and that you're finding the whole process easy and manageable.🤗

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Mimi9 9 months ago

Thinking of swapping from raw as don’t like the potential pathogen problems. Can anyone tell me what poops are like on this diet please ? Thanks.

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Kirst Mimi9 9 months ago

Hi, we have a 13 week old working cocker spaniel, hes been on butternut for 3 weeks now, he poos once after each meal, solid poo doesn't smell bad, he clears the bowl. He was weaned on raw and we changed him straight to butternut no problems.

They do a trail box which has 2 weeks of food in. I definitely recommend it.

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J16382 Mimi9 9 months ago

Ours went from lots of soft poos a day to 2 firm ones after switching to butternut

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Gemma Ralph 10 months ago

Wow I bought the trial last week for my two cocker spaniels, one of them is particularly picky. The food they have tried so far is the lamb pouch and they love it I have been hearing it slightly for my fussy pup and she licks the bowl clean and keeps returning to see if more of the delicious good has appeared. The food actually smells lovely (not something normally to be said for fog food). We live in Northern Ireland and the food arrived brilliantly packed and still frozen solid 10/10 for butternutbox

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Butternut Box Gemma Ralph 9 months ago

What wonderful news, we're so excited to be welcoming our Irish customers with open arms!

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Nicola Williams 10 months ago

We bought a trial this week and gave our 4month old cockapoo his first try yesterday mixed with some rice as we are weaning him onto it he loved it he polished the entire bowl!

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Butternut Box Nicola Williams 10 months ago

A very warm welcome to the Butternut Family, we're so glad the meals are going down such a treat.

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Nicola Williams Butternut Box 10 months ago

He loves a few some not so much he's having some trouble this week and has gone off of food completely but hoping to get back onto it soon

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David Render 10 months ago

Hi all.
Any Schnoodle owners on here. Our Dottie has a very sensitive stomach and Butternut sounds great. How was this food for your dog?

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SarahP David Render 5 months ago

Yes, we have a schnoodle and she’s been on this for about 6 months. She loves it and is a healthy weight.

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Jade 11 months ago

My once fussy cockerpoo has been transformed into a greedy guts! She absolutely loves Butternut Box and licks the bowl clean each mealtime. Her favourites are beef and lamb, she would eat more than her 300g allowance if I’d let her!

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Raine Horne a year ago

I loved Butternut it really suits my Kelpie cross who has crazy sensitive skin, ears and paws. But it really doesn't seem to agree with my mioritic rescue pup, she gets really bad diahorrea so I've been trialling other food for both but just can't find the right one. Such a shame.

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susan dunlop a year ago

Great product but terrible service and customer care, it was so bad I ended up cancelling subscription.

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Annette McArthur a year ago

I moved my Hamish on to butternut box a month ago he absolutely loves it and breaks in to his happy dance as soon as I go to the fridge to prepare his meal he is hilarious he get so excited. His sister comes to visit and Hamish will give her some of his food as she get super excited so another concert I think🤗in terms of health he is gaining weight in love with his age and breed, his coat is so soft and glossy… much better then when he was eating dried puppy food and he just seems so happy… happy puppy = happy hooooman. Thanks butternut team your service is amazing… oh and Hamish loves his ball🤗

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Charlotte Brudenell a year ago

My Romanian rescue Toby has been on Butternut Box for nearly 4 months now and the change has been remarkable! He has gone from 8.8kg at 6 months old to 15kg 3 months later. He had really horrid poops that are now firm with no overpowering odour, his coat is fluffy and soft, his eyes are bright and he's full of energy!

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Tony a year ago

My boys love their Butternut Box meals. The food looks great (not tried it myself!) the website is really easy to follow and understand, it’s delivered promptly (even Saturdays at no extra cost) and delivery is free which is a plus if you’re comparing with other brands. Even the wadding it comes wrapped in is really useful for packing and posting. I’m a big fan!

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Kay Redgewell a year ago

Absolutely love Butternut Box for my Labrador. Firm poo, no smelly wind, good coat & a clean bowl every time! I only use the chicken & turkey but he loves it! My previous dog thrived on it & this dog will too.

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Chris a year ago

Butternut box is great. My fussy puppy, Widget is much happier. He doesn't like the fish or turkey, but it doesn't matter because I can change what is sent to exclude these. All the meals are single protein so it's also been great to understand what meats my pup likes, or doesn't, and check he isn't allergic to one (chicken allergy isn't uncommon I'm told). I've chosen to give him some of his calories with this and top it up with a small amount of royal canin puppy kibble. He's not smelly or windy, his poops are firm and regular, he's happy, and his coat is shiney. What more could you ask for?

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Tricia Spedding a year ago

Moving to Butternut Box was the best decision we ever made for our Arlo, his coat is amazing and he really doesn't break wind at all. To say he gets over excited at meal times is an understatement, I call it the butternut bounce. He even brings me his bowl when he is finished like Oliver Twist asking for more. it si so worth the investment and will pay off as he grows into an healthy adult dog.

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Jane a year ago

I cannot recommend Butternut Box wonderful dog food more highly! It’s been a complete joy to watch our very
fussy Jack Russell puppy transform from a dog who just picked at her food to one who now gets excited at mealtimes and licks her bowl clean. A brilliant product and a fantastic service. Even in lockdown we had a courtesy call to check all was well. Even in lockdown we had a courtesy call to check all was well. A really nice touch.

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Debbie T a year ago

We have a 7 month old fussy pants Springer Spaniel. We have been on Butternut Box for the last month and a half.
We tried everything, Tails, Lily Kitchen, Butchers, most kibbles and ended up chucking half of not most of it away. Our pup just walked up to her food, sniffed it and walked away only really eating when she was hungry. We were going through some heartache trying to find the right food that she’d actually enjoy.
Along came Butternut Box. She now waits for her bowl to go down (sometimes jumping at our legs while preparing) and gets all excited when the fridge opens. She clears her bowl every time and loves meal times. The flavour choice is good, deliveries are great and updating your profile, plan and deliveries are easy.
She’s healthy and her coat is shining.
We so positive about keeping our pup on Butternut box that she now has her own freezer to store it all 😃

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Danny Atkin a year ago

We have just started on butternut box over the last 4 days.
What can I say wow our 2 nearly 3 month old cavapoo has changed so much. So much more energy clearing every bowl to the point of licking it to get every last bit.
When we got her from breeders she was on purina beta she used to leave loads to the point she would only eat when getting hungry. Now she is totally different he poops are better her breath no longer smells and she’s loving life. Couldn’t be happier.
I definitely would recommend this 1000%

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Maxine Hillan a year ago

Would anyone recommend this dog god for a pug who is slightly overweight ( 8kg and should be 7.2) and takes 1-2 seizures per year? I’ve heard changing off from dry food helps as dry food can contain ingredients which make your dog prone to seizures? She is on pooch and mutt

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jereth a year ago

Do not under any circumstances give the fish one to a doggy that likes to lick.......fishy kisses are just nasty
Also it would be nice if the packaging was doggo proof I kind of sort of missed one in the wool cool and came back later to find tibi had found it safe. It a d shredded the wool cool.I'm gonna blame the company for it grin 😋. 5 star company 5star food

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Karen Barnes a year ago

My french bulldog has been on butternut box for over a year. I can not rate it highly enough. It is not the cheapest but firm believer you get what you pay for. Customer service is amazing and being able to decide on what flavours they have each delivery is great. Her health of her stomach and her skin and hair have never been so good since changing. Really easy to update weight and make sure portion size is correct

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Kelly a year ago

I’ve been impressed so far, been using it for three weeks and my dog really likes it. He’s normally really fussy and even refused raw when we tried it so relieved to find something healthy that he enjoys

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All About Dog Food a year ago

NOTICE: We would love to hear your experiences of Butternut Box but note that any comments containing discount codes will be deleted. Thanks!

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YellowDurianDog a year ago

Avoid this company at all costs, there were wood shavings, curled up hard pieces of materials in my dog food and butternut box didn't even give me back my money back for their damaged product, just forced me to continue my subscription for 50% off my next order, why would I even continue buying their food when there are unknown materials in there which my dog can choke on and die? Once they take your money they will not give it back, AVOID this company at all costs! For your dog's sake! They do not care about your dog just your money.

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Tillee YellowDurianDog a year ago

I have Butternut Box & they did give out a warning on a certain batch of food. I was told to throw it all away. It was only on one variety & may have been after you reported it.
I was using 350g packs & the sizes had recently changed to 400g so I now get 400g for the price of 350g.
I’m quite happy & my dogs love the food & do well on it.

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Laura mccarthy YellowDurianDog a year ago

If this happened why have they not commented on your post? Also have you taken this up with them qnd what was rheir reply to you saying you found wood shavings qnd plastic bits inside the food. Interested to know what was done about this

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Lucy Larkin a year ago

MabelMy 7 month old Cavapoo has a v sensitive tummy and lots of other dog food brands didn’t agree with her. I trialled Butternut Box and the difference was amazing almost instantly. She devours it and no longer has diarrhoea all the time. I’d really recommend it.

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Karen Rosher a year ago

After feeding tails.com and needing to add salmon oil to improve my schnoodles overly dry coat, I concluded Tails wasn't quite as complete a food choice as I thought. So after much research this food looks really good, but seems quite high in fat is this something to be concerned about? Thank you

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Karen Rosher a year ago

Hi after feeding my schnoodle tails.com and finding i needed to add salmon oil to it to improve her rather dry coat, i concluded Tails wasn't as complete a dog food as I thought.
So after spending hours in research this looks a really good food. Although it seems quite high in fat, is this something to be concerned about? Thank all help appreciated

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Yo Chloé Yau a year ago

My puppy started butternutbox from week 9 and he is nearly week 15,
1) his fur is very shiny now
2) his whole body doesn’t smell Bad anymore
3) his stool is very nice and shaped.
4) my pup love it so muchBreeder was giving him “bakers” and I couldn’t stand the smell, so I switched it to butternutbox, he started on 125gram and now switched to 300gram
But yes I’m glad I found the right food for my puppy!

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Keke KJ a year ago

Absolutely amazing my little toy poodle has been on this food for 4 month now and she loves it! Literally looks and smells good enough to eat myself! I had trouble finding the right food for her she was very fussy I tried different kibble which made her sick as she has a sensitive stomach and I also tried raw which didn’t suit her either as she would sniff it and turn her nose up. She eats every bit of buttnernut and I’ve not had any problem in the last 4 months she’s put on weight and is now very healthy and has a shiny coat! Comes in a variety of flavours which you can swap and change as necessary! I wouldn’t use any other food now thanks butternut box!

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Keke KJ Keke KJ a month ago

Updating my comment from last year initially I thought this food was great as stated in my review above, however after being on this food for a good few months my dog started to develop stomach upsets, vomiting and loose stools. I persisted with this food but changed to one protein at a time to rule out if it was a certain protein that was causing this. I did this over a few months but no luck after trips back and fourth to the vets they eventually said it was too rich in protein and to try a low fat one I kept my poodle on the turkey for ages with probiotics and this still didn’t improve her loose stools. I’ve had to now take her off this because it’s not suitable for her at all.

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Jennifer Ward a year ago

I have tried so many brands of dog food that I couldn’t even list them all here. Each time I’ve spent hours researching what it healthy and suitable for my fussy eater toy cockerpoo. We have tried Gentle, Carnilove, nature’s menu, Lilly’s kitchen, butcher’s, pooch & mutt, orijen, raw feeding etc etc). Each time I end up giving away the food that my little 3.5yrs old picky pants Dolly just won’t eat. I’m pleased to say we have finally settled on something that is healthy, convenient and (hallelujah) tasty and touch wood we are 1yr 1 month in feeding Butternut Box. Dolly is always complemented for her appearance and I’m sure that what we she eats combined with regular grooming, worming etc is what makes her look so well, glossy coated, bright eyed and feather duster like tailed 😂. I’m delighted to share that they have eventually introduced a variety without peas... we laugh every time there are two or three lonely peas left in her bowl! After writing to Butternut Box to share our feedback I can only assume that other owners have also found that their dogs are not such huge fans of peas and butternut Box have taken feedback on board because they very recently introduced “Pork This Way” the first pee-free variety and little Dolly’s new favourite - she even licks the bowl clean - a surprising sight for what must be the worlds fussiest dog. I would recommend this brand to any owner that really wants the best for their dog. It’s definitely worth taste testing on your own dog. You can choose from a mix and match of 6 flavours: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, more recently introduced fish and pork flavours. Chicken and turkey are a little lower in fat which might be why the other flavours seem to be tastier according to Dolly. She’s not a lover of the fish variety and I don’t care much for fishy breath anyway so we skip that one but I know she would definitely recommend pork, lamb and beef to all of her little furry friends.Xx

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Kerry Carpenter a year ago

I did lots of research for what food would be best for our two year old border collie, and following recommendations from friends with happy dogs, we’ve signed up to Butternut Box. I’m so happy we did and wish I’d not spent so many weeks deliberating! Most importantly our Border collie absolutely loves his food now, he clears his dish every single time (even gobbling up peas which he’d usually spit out!). He seems more content and looks so healthy.
Having signed up, I love not having to worry about running out of food or the local shop being out of stock. Deliveries are on time and packaged in an extremely eco friendly manner.
If your trying for the first time feel free to use my offer code that I received for 50% off your first order use: Kerry399

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Julie Scattergood a year ago

Our Miniature Schnauzer, Rupert absolutely loves his Butternut Box meals. The Customer Team are second to none and nothing is too much trouble for them. They’ll check in regularly whilst you transition your furry family member over to their food and are also available for any queries or concerns - although their web site is absolutely packed with advice and information too. There’s also free access to 24/7 Veterinary advice should you need it.We really haven’t looked back! Rupert can’t wait for his mealtimes and the bowl is always emptied. There is a great range of flavours to try so your beloved fur-babies will never get bored. We love the flexibility of being able to adjust our choices and chosen delivery date right up to the day before. You can bring forward or delay your box too and even change your delivery address if you’re away. You really have nothing to lose and I would really urge you to give it a try. Rupert’s full of energy, he’s growing strong and healthy, his coat is lovely and glossy and I know exactly what we’re putting into his furry little tummy.50% off for you? If you’d like to try Butternut box, please use my name (‘JULIE SCATTERGOOD’) at checkout and you’ll get 50% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER.
Thank you.

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Alisha Hinsley 2 years ago

I have a 2 year old Shih Tzu who was previously on dry food diet only but wouldn’t eat the biscuits so we added meat such as ham/chicken etc. She would eat the meat and leave the biscuits. I changed her to tails.com wet and dry food which she loves. She doesn’t leave a scrap but her breath is smelly and her energy levels have deteriorated recently. I’ve been reading reviews and are worried so wanting to switch. I’m just abit concerned about the fact that Butternut Box is wet food only... wondering what effect this will have on her stool? Any advice welcome.

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Jemma Millman 2 years ago

Expensive but fussy dogs love it too

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Eve Howard 2 years ago

Hi Cara - do you think the consistency is good for a small breed pup? We’re welcoming ours home in two weeks and I’m keen to give her the best start, thank you xx

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Cara Holbrow Eve Howard 2 years ago

Hi Eve, it would be I think, I mash it up so very easy consistency and much better than a hard kibble in my opinion - hope your pup settles in well x

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Eve Howard Cara Holbrow 2 years ago

Thanks so much Cara, I have ordered some xx

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Nicola Marie 2 years ago

Thank you so much. It has been ordered now😊

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Nicola Marie 2 years ago

Is this ok to feed to a 10 year old dog that hasn't been on a proper raw food diet before and has markers in his blood for pancreatitis?

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Alvin Powell 2 years ago

We have a 4 month old Golden retriever called Fletcher hes been on butternut box for the last 5 days and is loving it licking clean every bowl, he has 4 meals a day divided from a 300g pouch i was wondering if this is the best way for our puppy to take his meals as it is how we fed him on dry before weening on to butternut?

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Rachel Simpson 2 years ago

I was wondering what affect this would have on my dogs teeth, she’s only 1 year old and I know wet food isn’t the best for dogs teeth as they aren’t cleaned as regularly as our own.

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Jenny White 2 years ago

My cavapoo is 5 years old (nearly 6) and we have never found a food she will eat and enjoy for more than a couple of weeks. We have had raw, tails,simpson organic chicken, lilys kitchen and more and all of them we ended up adding cheese or cream crackers to to get her to eat it and ALL of them I would throw at least half in the bin every day. We thought after 5 years it would never change but after seeing so many recommendations in cavapoo groups online we gave it a go last month. I really really hope I am not jinxing myself but in the month since we started she has never left a dot in her bowl and actually for the first time ever I shouted "dinner" to try and get her in from the garden and she ran straight in !! We couldn't believe it as I only shouted it as a joke never believing she would recall to the "D" word!!
It is a bit more expensive than some other foods we have tried (and also cheaper than some others we bought in desperation) but worth every penny if I am not scraping half of it into the bin every day ! Also we are yet to weigh her but we can feel she has put on a bit of weight !! Not what every dog owners wants perhaps but in our case she has always been skinny due to her stubborn fussy nature so I'm thinking this is the weight she should have always been. We are so pleased we have found this food as it is a joy to us to actually see her enjoy and get excited by her food for once.
The only improvement I could possibly think of would be is there any fish recipes coming as she does love fish ?
Thank you so much Butternut !! I'm converted and now my friend is looking into it for her puppy.

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Matt A 2 years ago

We have a 2 yr old Boston Terrier. She has been on Acana most of her life and we thought this was good for her. However she was a fussy eater and would often randomly go off a flavour. Having tried pretty much every flavour they have going (including the single source protein ones), and with our dog going off each one by one, we were getting to the end of our tether. In stepped Butternut Box which she’s been on for a month or so now. Firstly, she loves it, she’s never left a crumb and is excited for every meal. Secondly she has lots more energy and just generally seems happier. Thirdly her coat looks amazing, not only that but she’d always intermittently had dandruff which we’d never suspected was anything to do with her food, but the second she moved onto BB this completely cleared up with no recurrence. Fourthly Bostons have a reputation for wind, and our dog was no exception. Again we’d just assumed this was something we’d have to live with, but again BB unexpectedly delivered and we have seen a genuine 99% reduction in frequency and smell. Finally customer service, deliveries, information have all been superb. Not the cheapest option out there but genuinely an amazing product and we’re so happy we made the switch.

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Abby Newell 2 years ago

I have to say I met the Butternut Box sales team with a colleague at mine at Blenheim and have been so curious to try this brand for quite a while now. I signed up all four dogs and waited eagerly for the first box. DPD delivered to the wrong house and when trying to chat with them, I was ‘40’ in the queue. Speaking to BB staff who apologised and said they’d send out another box and give me a 10% discount off my next order! Second box today has been delivered again to the wrong house. Once again apologies but no investigation with DPD or explanation as to why they couldn’t call me if they couldn’t locate the property. I’ve cancelled whole sign up. Waste of time

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Paul Evans 2 years ago

Is the age recommendation correct? We have 4 month old dog and butternut seem to say this is fine. Is there anything my 4 month old puppy shouldn't be having or would miss out on with butternut?

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All About Dog Food Paul Evans 2 years ago

Apologies for the confusion. Butternut Box is indeed suitable for puppies. We're just waiting for them to provide us with recommended feeding amounts for puppies before we can list them as such.

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Daniella 3 years ago

I can't recommend Butternut Box enough- My 1 year old Boston Terrier had HGE in April this year as a result of being so ill for 2 weeks he completely lost interest in his food. He was on another highly rated dry food- Lovel but following his illness he wouldn't eat a full meal and wasn't gaining the weight he lost being ill. I decided to give Butternut Box a try to re-engage Albi with food and it was a great decision! From the first meal he licked his bowl clean and it's completely re-engaged him with mealtimes. He's back to a healthy weight and his coat looks fantastic. Boston's famously have sensitive tums but the transition period was a breeze and his tummy has been perfect ever since.

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Simon J 3 years ago

I really wanted my dog to like this. Happy to pay for things that seem really good and healthy. Tried v gentle warming (as suggested by BB), in our frying pan to convince dog it was what we were eating too. Whole bowls of uneaten eventually tipped in bin. You need lots of freezer space, which doesn't help when 2nd box sent out way too early because of Christmas. Turkey Christmas special, hardly doggy. May try again as I still think it is the best sounding stuff around.

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jereth 3 years ago

Switched my Sam to butternut and its going well when I remember to defrost the weeks worth. I do recommend this food my Sam loves it almost as much as he loves. His 🐙 Still waiting on ace in a sombrero pics Good customer service I'll give 4**** for now 5* when they have octi food 😁 (j/k it's a 5*)

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Phil Hitchman 3 years ago

My eldest dog is a rehome and he was brought up on supermarket kibble. I had one hell of a job weening him off the stuff. I tried everything - the highest quality foods I could find, raw meat, kibble... he simply won't touch any of it it. I ended up cooking his food myself, to some success, but he still kept pining for the dog "fast food".But then I discovered Butternut. He loves it! And because he's no longer eating crap like Wagg he has lost weight and is now looking super fit and has a lovely shiny coat and the all important firm poos :)My other dog is also a rehome and will eat anything. He ws brought up on Wainwrights kibble. But since switching to Butternut there's no going back for him. I still give them both Wainwrights kibble as a supplement but they always leave it until last, and there's usually some kibble left in the bowls. There is never any Butternut grub left!I really cannot recommend this stuff highly enough. You can just see the quality in it. Proper food!

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Gayle McNamara-Jones 3 years ago

DO NOT HESITATE TO TRY THIS!! It is hands down the best food I have tried. We have a 10 week old Maltipoo pup weighing only 1kg (not our first dog). He came from the breeder on Wainwrights Small Breed Puppy (Pets at home own brand). I wanted to give him the best possible food and I wanted to transition him onto Akela as this had the best ratings. No matter how little I gave him, it gave him diarrhoea. The only way I could stop it was to increase the wainwrights again, but now he didn't want to eat the wainwrights anymore and was eating well below his daily amount. To be fair to Wainwrights his poos were a good consistency on the wainwrights and I contemplated keeping him on it, but nutritionally it wasn't what I was looking for and he also seemed to be itching a lot. So I added in some Akela wet food original, this got him to eat the kibble again, but again a minimum amount and he was licking off the wet food and spitting the kibble out. His poos were really irregular with all the changing and the fact that he wouldn't eat till he was starving. Skipping meals until he had to eat. So I went back to researching as I could see us going down the slippery dry/wet/leftovers food combination to try and get the kibble down, then I came across Butternut Box. It is a human grade homemade food combination (not raw), not something I was looking for originally, but it has been amazing. Obviously he loved it from day one, he was actually trembling with excitement as he wolfed it down, he was so keen to eat it he wolfed it down with the mixed in kibble, but after a few meals he was spitting out the kibble. This meant he wasn't getting his daily food again, so we skipped transitioning and just went fully onto Butternut Box. I can't tell you how happy I am with this. He LOVES the food, his stools are perfect and regular and now that he eats at the correct meal times I can accurately predict when he will poo. He was also itching his ears and back legs a lot which I thought was just a puppy thing, but this has stopped. I think this was the wainwrights as oppose to the Akela. I hope this helps anyone else that is struggling with a new puppy as they are going through so many changes with toilet trianing and other things it's hard to pinpoint where the problem area is. Butternut also give a discount on the first 2 weeks 50% I think.

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Ania Parker 4 years ago

Hello All, Personally I would not recommend any "relationship" with the Company. The worse Customer Service I have eaer reecived. In a moment of weakness I agreed/signed "the deal" which i have not realsed at that time is almost "my life sentence".. Sales men was more interested in my card details and signature than dog welfare. It seems impossible to stop them hasseling me daily with emails! Good luck to the business but treat customers properly (even those who don't want to be customers! Please leave me alone!!!

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Lyndilou Ania Parker 3 years ago

I wonder if Ania was dealing with the same company as me! My dog has been on Butternut Box for ten months now and I'm very happy with the food, which I feel is a great improvement on either kibble or canned, and cannot fault their customer service. My initial enquiry was online via Butternut Box's website, and there was no 'hard sell' just emails in answer to my queries, and to confirm the best quantity for my dog. I found them very helpful, not 'pushy' at all!

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Laura Willingham 4 years ago

I’ve ordered our second box as my dog over past few weeks was uninterested in anything I was trying to feed him (I blamed the hot weather as he’d been fine previously) but even in this hot weather when I go to the fridge for his food he’s at my feet with his tail wagging and the bowl is licked clean! I have been mixing in a little kibble (James well beloved) and he’s eating the majority of that too ... again keep getting conflicting advice on needing kibble from vet so I’m finding it hard to completely remove it 🙈

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Laura Willingham 4 years ago

I’ve ordered as my 11 month old cockapoo completely gone off his previous food (tails.com) and won’t touch any kind of kibble! When he’s clearly really hungry he’ll eat the wet topper but spits the kibble back out! He’s loved his first few pouches of butternut box and the bowl is licked clean. It’s pricey but I don’t mind that if it’s right for him but I’ve heard conflicting reports that dogs should ideally have more dry food than wet? (Mainly vet advising kibble is best 🤔)

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Lyndilou Laura Willingham 4 years ago

I too used to feed Tails but while I liked the variety in the wet food, I wasn't too keen on the kibble (neither was he) and the more I looked into kibble the more I became convinced it's really unhealthy and unnatural. Since converting to Butternutbox, my little rescue's coat is softer, and he absolutely loves this food. It's fairly high protein and lowish carbohydrate content is apparently a much more natural diet for dogs than a high carbohydrate diet,. I agree about it being a bit pricy but it's worth it knowing I'm feeding him the best I can get and unlike other foods I've tried he wolfs the lot down, so there's no waste.

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Laura Willingham Lyndilou 4 years ago

Thank you! He’s loving his butternut food ...’I’ve been trying to mix it with kibble but he literally licks the bowl and the kibble clean ... but still won’t eat the kibble! ...

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Lyndilou 4 years ago

My dog has been on this for nearly four months now. He loves it and his condition seems to have improved, although he always healthy and lively, but his coat condition is visibly shinier and softer. Service is very reliable, food delivered every three weeks with email and text notifications. I'm much happier feeding him all wet food, rather than wet with kibble as previously, as kibble seems very unnatural and I when I researched how it is made I wasn't happy; I can see what's in Butternut Box,and it's even got the date when cooked so I know it's fresh. It's a bit more expensive than my old food but I feel I owe it to my dog (a rescue) to give him the best food I can afford.

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Isobel Pastor 4 years ago

If I am comparing fat content with a dry food, do I look at the crude analysis or the dry one? Trying to determine if both are suitable for a dog with pancreatitis.

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All About Dog Food Isobel Pastor 4 years ago

Hi Isobel and thanks for posting. To compare fat content (or any other nutrient level) between two foods with different moisture levels it is always important to use the dry matter values. I hope that helps

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Mel 4 years ago

I found the portion size and prices quoted here are very different from the butternut box website and their customer service. I have a 7 kg dog who according to this site should get 236g per day at cost £1.26 per day. It says a 400g bag is £2.14. On their website it calculated he needs 439 calories per day. After speaking to their customer services (calories are 125 to 150 per 100g depending which flavour) they said he needs 300g per day cost £2.08, or £44 per 3 weeks. If I worked it out correctly it costs nearly £7 per kg.

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All About Dog Food Mel 4 years ago

Hi Mel. The amounts published here were provided by Butternut Box themselves so I will pass your query on to them and make any necessary ammendments asap

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Kirsten 4 years ago

"Again though, the quality really stands out with all of the meat coming from Smithfield Meat Market in London (the same place many of the city's top restaurants source their meat) which must make it some of the highest quality meat found in any commercially produced pet food out there."I'm curious why sourcing meat from Smithfield means anything? It's just a wholesale market where you can get non-UK meat, non-organic, non-high welfare meat. I don't think it says anything about the quality of the meat, other than it's human grade which all high-end dog food is these days. This sounds like marketing speak not an impartial review.

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All About Dog Food Kirsten 4 years ago

Hi Kirsten and thanks for posting. All meats used in pet foods that go on sale in the UK are human grade but that does not make all sources equal. Viscera, stripped carcasses and offal form the mainstay of meat ingredients in good pet foods (it gets a lot worse in low end foods). These are all nutritionally fine and biologically appropriate for dogs but meat sourced from a reputable butchers' market should certainly be of a higher standard

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Lunar 4 years ago

A wonderful company to deal with from start to finish. The website is very easy to use and navigate around whilst adding some humour along the way. My dog has been on Butternut Box since August and the difference in her coat and energy level is unbelievable. Would highly recommend this food to pet owners with dogs of all shapes, sizes and life stages.

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Joshua 4 years ago

My two little doggies love their Butternut Box meals so much, they squeal and spin around on the spot when it's dinner time!I've seen considerable improvements in their coats and general demeanour since switching foods too. They seem generally calmer and more content in themselves which is just excellent to see as their owner.I've found their customer support truly fantastic too, any question big or small they are able to help with. The company seems to genuinely care about the wellbeing and health of my dogs and are friendly and approachable to boot.I can't recommend this highly enough to anyone considering trying it out!

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Willow 4 years ago

This food is so good! Fresh food that smells incredible with a company who really deliver in ethics, customer service and values.
The ingredients are 100% transparent and the customer service team reply to any questions within hours with really informative answers so I feel happy knowing I can trust everything about it!
I've seen a real positive change in my dogs too, their coats are gorgeous now, they're happier, they actually seem to enjoy dinner time now rather than just 'accept' it, like they did when they were on dry kibble (a good dry kibble too). It's completely worth it when you can get answers all the time and know where the meat comes from. I'm a vegetarian and can tell you the food smells unbelievable. Why would you feed your dog something you wouldn't be happy with eating?

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"Chief" 4 years ago

This food is in no shape or form "economical". It's 3 times more expensive than Orijen Original and the recommended feeding amounts are not low at all.
Don't get me wrong, it is really good high quality food and I am currently feeding it to my dogs but it is very expensive. £3.63 per day for too small dogs, one weighs 5kg and the other weighs 10kg.
The food is very good for fussy eaters and dogs with health issues. One of mine is a very fussy eater and loses condition easily, this is the reason I stretch the extra £ for it. I think it's a great concept and product but people shouldn't be mislead into thinking it's economical.

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Kaye 4 years ago

This is a fantastic food. Moved one of my dogs onto this due to his many environmental and food allergies and after fab success I decided to try my IBD dog on it. After several failed attempts to wean him off Veterinary prescribed food to no avail decided to try Butternut Box. So far the transition is going great. No vomiting, diaorhoea or IBD flare up! Plus even more important both dogs are loving it and it's super good for them so im happy too!

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Jamie 4 years ago

I was just wondering why this has such a high dry weight protein at 50% when it is 60% meat. Many of the raw foods contain less protein ?

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"Chief" Jamie 4 years ago

Because of the high moisturr content. RAW in dry weight will have more protein.

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