Updated 19 Aug 2016

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Surprisingly, Applaws have only been making dog foods for 4 years but they have wasted no time in establishing their brand as one of the top British natural dog foods.

The Applaws dry food range boasts a huge 75% meat (~71% dry content) with 25% vegetables and no grains. For owners looking for a high meat diet, it doesn't get much higher than this. Of course, so much meat inevitably pushes up the protein and fat levels which might put some customers off, but it is worth noting that the protein is from highly digestible meat sources and should therefore be less likely to cause the upsets sometimes associated with high levels of vegetable proteins.

Applaws is completely cereal and gluten free as well as hypoallergenic making it a good choice for allergy prone dogs.

The vegetable portion of the food is made up a long and impressive list of highly nutritious veggies, fruits and herbs as well as some good quality natural supplements including joint supplements and both pre and pro-biotics. Disappointingly though, the second most abundant vegetable (and the third ingredient overall after chicken and peas) is potato starch which doesn't provide much in the way of nutrition. The only other criticism is the use of cellulose to top up the fibre levels. Since meat doesn't contain any fibre, most high meat diets have to top up their fibre levels somehow, but we believe that it is best done with named, whole vegetables and fruits.

A bag of Applaws is not cheap but with relatively low recommended feeding amounts (especially for larger breeds), the price per day works out fairly well.

Conclusion: Apart from a couple of below-par ingredients, Applaws scores excellently. A very good, grain free, British food.

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