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Based in Liverpool, Healthy Paws has been around for few years and has slowly but surely built up a keen following amongst natural feeding advocates. The adult complete range comes in two varieties - Rabbit & Brown Rice and Game & Millet, both of which are completely natural and hypoallergenic and contain a good range of highly nutritious ingredients.

In both foods, grains make up the lion's share. Brown rice, oats and millet are all good quality, gluten-free, nutrient dense grains and certainly shouldn't cause any problems but with upward of 60% in each variety (it's difficult to put an exact figure as some of the percentages aren't provided), Healthy Paws is a very grain-rich food which might put off some dog owners.

As you might expect, the proportion of meat is not remarkable but 26% high quality British rabbit or mixed game meat is nothing to be sniffed at and is still higher than some competitor brands. The relatively low meat content also allows Healthy Paws to keep their protein and fat contents down to just 22% and 10% respectively which is great news if you are looking for an alternative to the growing numbers of high-protein, high-fat foods out there.

After the grains and the meat come an excellent range of vegetables, herbs, fruits and oils which, between the, will provide the dog with a healthy array of natural nutrients. The list includes alfalfa, seaweed, salmon oil and cranberry, all of which are noted for their health promoting properties.

Price wise, a bag of Healthy Paws costs roughly the same as many competitor brands but with relatively low suggested feeding amounts, it can work out fairly economical to feed.

Conclusion: Natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and excellent ingredients, only let down by its high grain content.

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