Updated 25 Jan 2022
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Aatu For Dogs Dry Review

Type of food

Complete dry extruded

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From 12 months to old age

Pack sizes

1.5kg, 5kg & 10kg bags


10kg bags = £74.99

AADF rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Clearly labelled: Each ingredient is clearly and individually stated and there is at least a reasonable indication of the percentages of the main ingredients
Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day




Mixing bowl:

80% Chicken (50% Chicken, 30% Dehydrated Chicken), Sweet Potato, Chickpeas, Peas, Lucerne, Chicken Stock, Salmon Oil, Carrots, Tomato, Chicory, Tapioca, Apple, Pear, Cranberry, Blueberry, Mulberry, Orange, Bilberry, Cowberry, Parsley, Peppermint, Spirulina, Seaweed, Oregano, Sage, Marjoram, Thyme, Chamomile, Rosehip, Stinging Nettle, Yucca, Marigold, Aniseed, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Hip & Joint Care (Glucosamine 178mg, MSM 178mg, Chondroitin 125mg/kg).

As fed (BETA):

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamin a 17, 310 IU, Vitamin D3 1, 540 IU, Vitamin E 480 It. Trace Elements as Compounds: Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 641mg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 354mg, Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate 105mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 38mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 4.72mg, Sodium Selenite 0.53mg. L-Carnitine 200mg, Enterococcus Faecium Sf68:ncimb 10415 At 1, 000, 000, 000 Cfu.

Typical Analysis

Protein 32.0%, Fat 16.0%, Fibre 3.0%, Ash 7.0%, Moisture 8.0%, Omega3 1.10%, Omega6 3.40%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


10kg bags RRP


Grams per day


Cost per day


Approved supplier:

The Pet Express

Buy locally:

Store finder


Manufacturer's product description

" AATU Chicken is handcrafted in small batch recipes, naturally made without artificial colours, without artificial preservatives, without artificial flavours and without GM ingredients. The fresh and raw protein is pre-cooked using our "low & slow"TM method to ensure efficient digestion of the meats.

Key Benefits:

From an Ethically Awarded independently owned British company.

Handcrafted in small batch recipes.

Single Protein 80/20 diet to minimize allergic reactions.

Freshly prepared, preservative free meat.

'SUPER-8' - Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices & Botanicals provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance.

Grain, White Potato & Gluten Free to minimizing allergic reactions.

Concentrated formula for lower maintenance feeding.

For 1kg of finished product we use 2.5kg of raw ingredients.

Added Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM for healthy joints

Probiotics (Enterococcus Faecium) as an aid in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of a balanced intestinal microbiota in dogs

Made without artificial colours, artificial preservatives, artificial flavours and GM ingredients. "

Company info
Company name: Inspired Pet Nutrition
HQ: Yorkshire, UK
Brands: Aatu1212 Aatu foods listed
Barking Heads1818 Barking Heads foods listed44 Barking Heads treats listed
Harringtons4040 Harringtons foods listed66 Harringtons treats listed
Wagg77 Wagg foods listed1414 Wagg treats listed
Product country of origin: Spain

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Jader 6 months ago

Hi how long do you get on short date bags?

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Amanda Turner 2 years ago


can I just clarify the total carbs in this food???? Im looking to feed my dogs the lowest carb nearest to raw complete food. The pie wheel shows just 14.8 % but when i use your compare feature it shows 40g of carbs as fed I dont understand the translation ????

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All About Dog Food Amanda Turner 2 years ago

Hi Amanda. That's a great question!

The pie charts indicate roughly how much of each category of ingredients is present in the food. In this context, 'carbs' refers to carbohydrate rich ingredients like grains, potatoes, lentils and so on.

The 37% figure, on the other hand, is the total percentage of carbohydrates in the food - the nutrient rather than the category of ingredients. Since many other forms of ingredients in addition to those mentioned above contain carbohydrates, this figure is often higher than the carb percentage on the pie chart.

I hope this makes sense. It's unfortunate that the terms for both the nutrient and the class of foods are identical as it leads to a lot of confusion. I'll see what I can do to make things clearer

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Kags 2 years ago

Based on recent reviews on Amazon this food is no longer manufactured in the UK but in Spain and the quality has changed.

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All About Dog Food Kags 2 years ago

Thanks Kags - I have verified this with the company and have amended our information

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David Homer All About Dog Food 2 years ago

Yes their web site is still promoting itself as British, I bought a bag of this and Canagans to try with my German Shepherd thinking they were both local so good work on the accuracy as I assume your site was wrong! Sorry :D

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nung 5 years ago

Been looking for a really good dry dog food for quite a while now and this seems to be it. Have switched to Aatu for the pass few months and so far so good. Adopted my dog almost a year ago, and she's been increasingly picky. I've gone through more then 8 different brands in as many months, and there are times when she doesn't even want to touch her food, unless I cover them with cheese powder, then she would just "entertain" me in eating a little bit or just lick the chesse powder off and leave the kibbles untouched. Since switching to Aatu, I've not had problems with her eating. She seems to like it a whole lot better then the other brands. She still wants cheese powder on top though. Sign!
I especially like its high protein content, great for my baby's muscle development. She's now around one and half years old and weights around 20-21Kg, absolutely gorgeous. I give her plenty of exercise so weight isn't too much of a problem, her muscle tone and body shape is just perfect. Wish I have her muscle to fat ratio :P.
Anyway, I would recommand this product. Quality stuff!

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Lem John 5 years ago

Does anyone know where to get a free sample of this? After researching James Wellbeloved on this site, I feel the need to change but I have a fussy little eater.

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jereth 5 years ago

Started feeding my dog this he seems to be doing well on it it seems to be good with a decent rating and such

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Charlotte Dearn 6 years ago

Does anyone else’s dog/s suffer with smelly stools. Since using AATU the smell is unbelievable.

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Lisa Draycott Fry Charlotte Dearn 5 years ago

They can digest cooked carrot

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Dave Black 6 years ago

This site so is ill informed about dog nutrition it is worrying. This food for example. 32% protein. This will send all but the hardest working dogs into orbit. A dog does not need this level of protein. Even working dogs only run on around 23% protein. Also, enriched with fruit, herbs etc. Load of rubbish. Dogs cannot digest vegetation/fruit. Give your dog a carrot and see it all come out undigested when they take a crap. Honestly, it is sites like these that cause the average dog owner a lot of problems. I see you give CSJ and Skinners very low marks when they are better than this. I imagine you get some type of kick back from manufacturers, but honestly, if you promote a food just based upon protein content then you are not helping dog or owner. The best diet for your dog is RAW, but this is time consuming and not everyone wants to prepare it. Fine, no problem with that. But reading the information here, or should I say, disinformation is awful. Nothing against you personally, but please, research a dog, research what a dog needs. If you do you will see that most dry dog food is pretty crap as it is packed with cheap weights to bulk a dog but offer little value. but some dry manufacturers actually own dogs, work dogs, know dogs.

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All About Dog Food Dave Black 6 years ago

Hi Dave and many thanks for your feedback. While I obviously disagree with almost everything you say, you are right about a couple of things.First, too much of certain kinds of protein can indeed be problematic for dogs. This only tends to occur though with low grade proteins like isolated vegetable proteins that are added to many lower end foods (and especially working dog foods) as a cheap alternative to meat ingredients.Secondly, I wholeheartedly agree that raw feeding is amongst the best possible ways to feed your dog. Interestingly enough, however, the typical raw diet contains at least 40% protein on a dry matter basis, far above the level that you claim will 'send all dogs into orbit'. This isn't a problem though as the protein in the raw diet is extremely high quality.The idea that high protein results in hyperactivity is an outdated myth born from a time when the only high protein foods were based on vegetable proteins rather than decent meat ingredients.I hope that helps.

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Sarah Jones All About Dog Food 6 years ago

The best diet by far is organic raw but I can't afford that for my dog.i aggree aatu is very high in carbs which led to weight gain in my dog.fruit and veg is not a bad thing as long as it's carbs arnt higher than the protein. This didn't cause hyperactivity in my dog as that is linked to high grain foods.i switched to Eden multi meat and fish(original cuisine)as it's high in protein and low in carbs.if it wasn't for this website I wouldn't of known which is the best food for my dog.its up to me to research the best diet for my dog.im always asked if missie is raw fed.xxx.

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Izi Reeves Dave Black 6 years ago

Dave, I'm afraid it is you who is ill-informed. The two foods you have praised; CSJ and Skinners are both "packed with cheap weights to bulk a dog but offer little value". CSJ's first and main ingredient on their Champ food is WHEAT! Something that the vast majority of dogs truly struggle to digest leading to excess outgoings and an increased appetite seeking something more nutritious! Skinners relies on rice, better - but not grain free. As an approved dog trainer I can tell you that the "high protein = hyperactivity" story is a MYTH. Dogs are healthier on grain free, high meat protein diets, than on lower end foods and therefore are no longer dull and lethargic! Dogs are carnivorous onmivores - so they CAN digest good quality vegetables and herbs etc and they do hold nutritional properties and values, the same benefits they do for us; cranberry for urinary health etc. Being carnivorous omnivores does mean however that they THRIVE on a high MEAT protein diet supplemented with herbs/fruit/veg etc. You have contradicted yourself by saying that RAW is best.... I think you need to do a bit more research! Just for reference; I have a working Cocker Spaniel and a Rottweiler both on Grain Free food and thriving. Far more than what my Cocker did when the gundog trainer suggested Skinners; she was dull coloured, itchy and don't even mention the back end! My Rottie was a rescue, arriving on the same sort of poor diet with the same results as my spaniel on Skinners... now they're both shiny, healthy, not itchy and will marvellous rear end deposits! Having worked in rescue, veterinary and dog training fields - I can tell you that just by looking at a dog you can tell what end of the spectrum their food is and the healthiest, shiniest, happiest are always HIGH MEAT, if not always GRAIN FREE. If you wouldn't eat the ingredients in your dogs food, then why should your dog? I wouldn't eat meat meal - so my dogs don't! I wouldn't eat "vegetable protein isolate" so my dogs don't! It's really as easy as reading the ingredients and feeding what you would feed yourself and your children.

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Dave Black Izi Reeves 6 years ago

From reading your reply I imagine when you say you are an approved trainer, you come from the clicker brigade who follow science. Wrong on many fronts. Dogs cannot digest vegetables in the quantity you advocate. But your thinking is all wrong because you view dogs as people. I imagine you do not believe a dog is related to a wolf nor a pack animal. We could argue for hours. But until you see a dog for what it is, and understand the metabolism you will be promoting this rubbish. For example - high protein = hyperactivity - you say no. Who said it does. Protein delivers energy, ergo, if your dog is not burning this energy it will become restless and need to burn it somehow. Why would I want to feed my dog what I feed myself and my children. We are not dogs. Your thinking is so drastically wrong I pity your dogs, I really do. You have their best interests at heart, this is easy to see, but you are seeing them through a blinkered vision based upon your way of thinking. Any way, thank you for your time. I hope one day you actually take time to study. A quick google brought this page you might find interesting http://rawfed.com/myths/omn... it details fact not fiction

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Sara Meyers Dave Black 6 years ago

I don't know where you are getting your information, but it is wholly inaccurate! The only thing that dogs do not really need is carbs! They do however need lots and lots of protein! I would like to try this food but won't because it is only 30 percent protein. Farmina grain free on the other hand has 37 or 42 percent protein, depending on the blend. That is much more ideal for a carnivore. To calculate the carbs of your dog food you subtract the protein, fat, moisture and ash from 100. So the more protein and fat a food has, which dogs need, the less carbs it has, which they don't. So a dog food with 37% protein has about 25% carbs. In the wild dogs have at most about 8% carbs and that is only because they tend to eat the vegetable material in the stomachs of their prey. So 25% is still a little high really, but is still considered low carb in the dog food world, as lots of dog foods contain cheap fillers or protein boosters like peas and chickpeas and therefore contain 40 to 60% carbs. Carbs are what make dogs over weight and their starches cause periodontal disease. Their bodies were really not meant to eat and digest a lot of carbs and starches and they have been forced to adapt, contracting a lot of illnesses because of it in the meantime. I feel sorry for your dog, that you think 18% or 23% protein is sufficient. That is the minimum he needs to not to drop over dead! He certainly won't thrive on that! All those carbs will raise his blood glucose and he will get diabetes and be over weight at the very least. I wish aatu had more protein. I would buy it if it did.

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Sarah Jones Sara Meyers 6 years ago

Yes I aggree its low on meat protein and my missie had big stools with this food so I changed to Eden original cuisine which is 42% protein and firmer stools.i would prefer less then 20% fruit and veg but this will do for now.xxx

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Sarah Sara Meyers one year ago

Carbohydrates are needed in a dog's daily diet as they provide energy in the form of glucose and are a main source of dietary fiber. The body craves glucose, and if it is not available with carbohydrates, then it will take amino acids away from other processes in the body. This is from a professional dog nutritionist site, how do we know what to believe

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Ash Dave Black 5 years ago

Dave - I have to agree with your "into orbit" comment. My dog (a 21kg lab/poodle cross) walks around 7-10 miles a day, and I had a terrible panic this week as it was like he had drunk 5 cans of Red Bull - he has a dinner at night, but soon after he ate this he couldn't sleep at all, he was panting like crazy, his heart was pounding out his chest, it was a horrific experience. I wouldn't recommend this dog food at all.

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Sean Dave Black 5 years ago

What percentage of protein is raw food? Surely higher that 23%. Please explain further. I presume a dogs natural diet would be pure meat and scavenged foods. Your review seems contradictory and muddled.

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Lisa Draycott Fry Dave Black 5 years ago

They can digest cooked carrot. They would certainly forage fruits if left "wild". My lurcher takes pears and apples off our trees and the others eat the windfall.

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Alison Werner Dave Black 5 years ago

What planet are you on more like...Skinners and CJS...better than Aatu???? You clearly have a very deluded and arrogant ignorance of dog food nutrient yourself. Both Skinners are CJS are loaded with 'Maize, wheat' etc, how does that make them good. My dogs are raw fed but if we go away and raw isn't practical, I feed Aatu as a temp stand in, and my boys are fine on it. Dogs are carnivores after all....not omnivore as often falsely spouted by vets who are fed that line by the pet food industry, to justify them cutting down on meat content and upping cheaper ingredients, then selling it at inflated prices as 'healthier food'. Also dogs CAN digest small amounts of fruit/veg as long as it's pureed (not cooked). Get off your high horse and go and do some homework before talking such rubbish!

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Julia Dave Black 3 years ago

Dogs are omnivores and would eat fruit and bag in the wild. Whilst there is argument over this on the internet nobody denies that dogs can digest fruit and veg but do list the toxic ones that must be avoided.

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Jenny Greenhalgh 6 years ago

Hi. My 14.4yr old parson russell terrier has stopped eating her lilys kitchen dry food. Which she always loved until a couole of months ago. Is 100% not teeth or age related. Vet has checked and in general she is a high energy healthy dog at a healthy weight. 8kg.
She was a rescue to me 5 years ago and i maintained what the rescue did and feed twice a day. Dry in the morning and wet in the evening. Lilys again. She never fails to eat the wet but dry is a no. So I'm now wondering if i should try new dry foods to see and wondered if you all had any advice.
Thank you

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Sarah Jones Jenny Greenhalgh 6 years ago

I would try with a small bag first.my missie loved this food but she put weight on so I changed her to Eden.xx

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Deb Jenny Greenhalgh 6 years ago

i'd forget the dry and just feed wet at both meals,she obviously prefers it,dry food can be hard on the kidneys as they get older,wet food is easier on their digestive system.

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Hans Gruber 6 years ago

Hi, I have a nearly 4year old Akita/Mastiff cross weighing in @ 52kg but not fat, he has just been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine and want the best for him, he has been on Royal Canin on advice of a vets nurse since a pup, I didn't realise how much junk was in it until I saw the rundown on here. Anyway I normally feed him 420/440g of RC Giant Adult in two meals but using the weight slider on this site it suggests I feed him 570g of AATU.. is this about right or too much? Thank you for any advice.

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Sarah Jones Hans Gruber 6 years ago

This food is very high in carbs so I would go for a lower amount.my missie put weight on with this food.it is good apart from high carbs.i switch brands.eden original cuisine or akela multi meat are low carb.xx

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Hans Gruber Sarah Jones 6 years ago

Hi Sarah, thank you for your reply, I will feed my Blue a lesser amount than suggested then and see how we go as I have a 10kg bag open and two more bags on the way. If he starts to gain too much weight I'll try the ones you suggest, the price of them seem more reasonable also :)

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Sarah Jones Hans Gruber 6 years ago

Glad to help.i had missie on this for a few months and it is good I just didn't realise how high in carbs it was.its trial and error.i switch between brands for missie but always go back to Eden and akela.xx.

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Sarah Jones Hans Gruber 6 years ago

If you was to change food you could perhaps mix a bit of this with a higher protein food so that it wouldnt be too high in carbs.dont waste it as missie loved it and had no other issues.xx

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Natk83 6 years ago

Hi, I have a 3 year old chihuahua, she's a larger size chi and weighs at 4.5kg, just wondering how much to feed her as the pack guidance says for 5kg dogs feed 75g a day which seems a lot for a small dog?

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Allytoli Natk83 6 years ago

I feed my 2 Jack Russell's 95g per day they weigh 7.2kg and 7.8kg. I hope that helps

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Melanie King 6 years ago

My dog has been raw meat and bone fed since 2 years old she is a staffie and will be 10 next year. She recently had terrible diarrhoea and tests came back negative but havingfed her cooked rice chivken and veg for last 3 weeks i am not keen on going back to raw. I would like to try this and the vet has said she is happy. I would like to know when going to the toilet is the pooh formed and easy to handle as at the moment we are experiencing firmed but difficult to pick up. Thankyou for any advice.

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Sarah Jones Melanie King 6 years ago

I find there is a lot of carbs and same happened with my missies poops.she seemed to have bigger and hard to pick up poops with aatu.i swooped to Eden or akela multimeat versions.its more expensive but smallest poops and easy to pick up.high protein and low carbs too.xxx.

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Emily Cooper 6 years ago

Changed my dogs to this food after my old one had Colitus issues and other dog had gained a lot of weight on small amounts of another brand. You can tell just from the smell how good this food is. My dogs are thriving on it and my 16 yr old has had a new lease of life, her skin condition has also improved. Mine have the Salmon one and their coats are gleaming! I get mine from Fetch.com, it's a little pricey but you don't need to feed much per meal and the results speak for teamselves. I am just happy my dogs aren't fed a kibble that's bulked out with all sorts of rubbish. Highly recommend

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Occidental 7 years ago

I do believe that the quality of AATU is exceptional. Just by smelling it you can see that it is very, very pure. On the other hand, it is true that my Golden Retriever was too skinny at about 8 months and I had to switch her to Arden Grange, for her to gain some weight. I am now back to AATU, but I suspect that this is a scenario that will repeat itself in the future (not to mention the price factor, AATU being the MOST EXPENSIVE food in Greece, where I live. I would also like to know a little bit more about the manufacturers of this product; they are keeping an unusually and, perhaps, suspiciously low profile. Who is behind AAUTU?

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Sarah Jones 7 years ago

Hi just to let anyone know that isn't sure if your dig eat this too quickly or too much will get loose stools.give as two small meals a day for all dogs and puppies as 3 small meals and don't feed too much.when they eat too much they get loose stools.I've been feeding my dog this type of food since she was 4 months old. Never puppy food.dogs eat the same food as puppies if in the wild except would eat smaller bits.xx.

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Ellie Riple 7 years ago

Hi there, I've recently swapped my two dogs onto this food (basset hound and a lurcher) and they both seem to be losing weight even though on the reccomended amount. It's not a concern YET but if they lose much more it will be. Not sure if I should up the amount of food they're having or supplement it with something additional?

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Sarah Jones Ellie Riple 7 years ago

Try feeding them a bit more.also take note if you have switched from a high grain food they will lose weight as high grain food is fattening and causes inflammation and a bloated look. High protein will keep them fuller for longer so will eat less.try free feeding if they don't over eat.I leave the bowl down and missie eats some when she's hungry.I can feel misses ribs and see her hips too.she also has a nice belly tuck.xx.

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joanne 7 years ago

I have a sharpei with skin issues. I currently feed her aatu, almost a year now but the vet has sudgested I try her on a more sensitive diet, is there a more sensitive diet out there? I need help any suggestions?

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Terri Cataldo joanne 7 years ago

IF the vet is recommending something THEY sell or is Royal Canin, Iams, Science Diet I'd say NO

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Sarah Jones joanne 7 years ago

My dog has skin issues and this is ideal.try supplementing with a high grade multi vitamin as well as cod liver oil.skin issues never go away but can be kept under control.be careful of treats too.I feed missie cows tails that I get of amazon but I make sure it states grain and gluten free otherwise I won't buy them.xx.

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SG 7 years ago

Hey Mel, really curious about your experience with Canagan - as I think it would be my second choice with my chi. Our little one seems to be doing really well on AATU so far but she's only been on it for a few months. We're still seeing how she does, as I am always a skeptic! Did you notice any particular differences with your chihuahua when you switched?

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Valerie jones 7 years ago

I've found that companies replacing grain/cereal etc are now instead using another cheap "bulk" i.e. sweet potato and/or white potato and that can make the stool quite soft (very soft!!!) The only food I've found that has no cheap bulk is Orijen. No sweet potato or white potato and has poultry and fish and is worth every penny.

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Mel Valerie jones 7 years ago

Hello. I don't think sweet potato is a cheap bulk as it's got vitamins A, B and C in and is also low GI so helps with feeling fuller for longer. I was just surprised to read that even white potato has lots of minerals.

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Terri Cataldo Mel 7 years ago

White potato promotes inflammation in dogs. Sweet potato is fine

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Mel Terri Cataldo 7 years ago

Oh, thank you for that, it's good to know. I feed my dog Canagan which has sweet potato in. Where did you find that out please?

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Pussycatwillow 7 years ago

Is anyone using Aatu Puppy Food (Salmon). I have introduced this slowly over 2 weeks to my 12 week old. However his stools are very very soft. Anyone have any tips.

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Crazy Tree Pussycatwillow 7 years ago

It can take a little while to adjust to 80/20 foods if they haven't been eating high protein foods but if his gut doesn't adjust, it might be that he is intolerant to that particular protein and would do better on another. If it doesn't settle down, I would try moving over to another AATU flavour. Two out of three of my dogs cannot eat the duck one but thrived on the other AATU flavours. It is a superb food.Feeding a bit of tinned pumpkin from health food shops is great for firming up stools and soothing the gut.

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Pussycatwillow Crazy Tree 7 years ago

Thank you Crazy Tree. AATU only have the Puppy food in Salmon. I'm not sure if he can have the dog food yet, I cannot find anything on their website about what age you can start on. Unfortunately there is no improvement after 3 weeks, in fact stools getting softer.
AATU suggested adding vegetable but that had t helped. Think I may have to change food

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Mel Pussycatwillow 7 years ago

Maybe your pup needs a lower protein food - Canagan is of good quality and my pet shop lady said it's more balanced protein wise. The 'relative' food is Symply and is, I believe, a gentle food. I hope your pup's tummy settles. If not, maybe a check out at the vets will put your mind at rest and perhaps identify the trigger.

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Pussycatwillow Mel 7 years ago

Thank you Mel. Will see how things are in a few weeks then maybe change. He is due vet check soon .

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SG Crazy Tree 7 years ago

It took a while for our dog to adjust to the food - we switched her over two weeks and it took about a month for her stools to go back to normal. She was eating a food that had grains and a much lower protein content before AATU.

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Sarah Jones Pussycatwillow 6 years ago

My missies stools were soft with all aatu proteins so I changed to Eden and her poops are tiny and not too soft.xx

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Katie Beach 7 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this product, and definitely recommend it. I got a little rescue dog (3.5 years old), she wasn't fed well for the first few years of her life, and was fed Pedigree kibble whilst in foster care. She came to me skinny, in poor condition, no muscle definition and with a dull coat and plaque covered teeth. Within the first few weeks of having her I transitioned from the Pedigree kibble she was used to, to Aatu chicken. I'm going to be honest, she rejected it at first, and picked around it, often leaving the Aatu biscuits. But after a week or so, she got used to it. Now she LOVES it, she will do anything for a single biscuit. So much so, I can use them for training treats (each piece of kibble is quite small). I've had her for 10 months now - her coat is beautiful and glossy, she has bags of energy, sparkling clean white teeth, has packed on muscle and is an ideal weight. I've recommended this food to several friends, and they all love it, one of which has a dog (a jack russell) who's hair had fallen out due to an allergy to the rubbish (probably wheat and grains etc.) in Pedigree. A short time on Autu, and all the hair had grown back, and the owner commented on how different she was and how much energy the dog now had compared to before. I love that Aatu is 80% meat, no additives or nasties, no grains etc. So many other commercial dog foods are made of rubbish, and only 4% 'animal derivatives' - which doesn't even necessarily mean meat. I've read some reviews below about worries regarding weight gain - your dog won't gain weight on Aatu (unless you want it to and feed extra) if you follow the feeding guidelines on the pack. Less Aatu is needed compared to if you are feeding some other brands (which are bulked out with cheap grains, meaning bigger portions). I wanted my dog to put on a little weight, so fed her a bit extra. Once she was at her ideal weight, I just fed her the appropriate amount to keep her in shape. And she looks great.

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Mandy A 7 years ago

Does anyone feed AATU to an older dog? I've been recommended it as a food in general. My 12.5 yr old Lab Spaniel Collie girl loves it - but I fear it may cause her to gain weight, which is the last thing she needs. Was on Canagan Senior. Any experience please? Thanks in advance.

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Victoria Mandy A 7 years ago

Hi. We switched to AATU and indont think I would be under estimating if I said that it's saved the life of my oldest dog who was 12 at the time. She was very poorly and also on meds for bladder and arthritis. Not any longer! We do carefully meaure her portion as you can easily overfeed on this food if you've been used to a lesser brand (we were on Royal Canin). I cannot rate this food highly enough. My other 2 year old dog went from behaving as though she'd eaten 100 bags of sweets to being a calm natures dog. Again I'm convinced it's the switch in food. You are what you eat!

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AB 7 years ago

Hi, I was thinking of gradually changing our dogs food to this one. Her current food is not bad but this is much better quality. I want the best for her and I'm very impressed with the ingredients, especially the meat content which is superb! I was wondering if it would be suitable for a toy breed (only 4kg)? Is the kibble size too large for small mouths?
Thank you.

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SG AB 7 years ago

I emailed AATU with this exact question as my dog is only 2.5kg so I have a definite answer! The kibbles are 1cm squared. Small enough for tiny mouths :)

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AB SG 7 years ago

That's great! thank you so much for the reply! :)

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alex 7 years ago

Advice by email would be great. If I reply via here does everyone see my email

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alex 7 years ago

I'm struggling to decide on a food for a working cocker and a border collie 6 and 10 years old. Both hard to keep weight on, spaniel especially. The more that goes in the more that comes out. Ive fed nutriment raw which is great but sadly not convenient. Can anyone recommend something with similar qualities but dry

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SB 8 years ago

I have to say this food is AMAZING!! my mini schnauzer was originally weaned onto Royal Canin by the breeder and i was told to keep him on dry biscuit. Being a first time dog owner I was clueless about foods but read lots of reviews suggesting i move off RC. I saw this on a shelf in the store, being pulled in by 80% meat and quilcky googled it for a rating or reveiw - 5/5!!! I am really impressed with the level of meat content in the food and my dog absolutely loves it!!! It's gone as soon as his bowl is put down! He is 2 years old and has been on this for about a year now; I've also noted that he has not gone through spells of not eating with this food (unlike RC) and so far has never experienced upset stomachs or fouling issues. What i love most about this product is the simple ingredients list that really helps someone who is new to buying dog food! Am yet to try the other flavours but would definitely recommend the chicken variety to any dog owner! The only problem I find is, this is not stocked in a lot of places; luckily my closest pets at home has it, but others near by don't. It also wouldn't benefit me buying online as, being a small dog, his small portions don't justify bulk purchases.

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Anna Poulter SB 7 years ago

HiJust to let you know you are able to buy small bags (1kg) of this online. We did this when testing if our dog would be happy to make the transition to this food. You can buy this size from Ocado and Waitrose Pets as well as other retailers. I would definitely recommend this food. My dog has only been on this for around a month and his coat is positively gleaming. He loves this food and would eat far more if given the opportunity.

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DMR 8 years ago

This is great food, I am extremely fussy about what my dog eats so I am absolutely delighted with this product. When it arrived my Pointer sat next to the box when the courier delivered it. We've had lots of treats and food delivered but he instantly took to this. I measured out the food into his dish and he savoured every bite. He is not always so keen to eat dry food but that wasn't the case here. The ingredients lists is impressive and the deal I had from Zooplus made it even better. I highly recommend this food.

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Elliot Dodson 8 years ago

Hi, I'm soon to a get a new 8 week old Goldendoodle puppy - we're looking at food and Aatu sounds like great quality - will this be good enough quality to act as puppy food or is it necessary to purchase separate, specific puppy food for the first few months? I see that there are lots of different puppy food options which include "more nutrients" etc. but nowhere quantifies what the actual differences are; I wonder whether this food has enough nutrients to be okay?!

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Steff Melluish Elliot Dodson 7 years ago

I figure you've probably resolved this by now, but for future reference, and anyone else that might be reading, I emailed AATU with the same question and they said it is absolutely fine to feed to all life stages, just go for the highest activity level (the recommendations go on weight as well as how active they are) for puppies :)

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alison 8 years ago

Hi I have two Cavachon puppies one is 4 1\2 months the other 51\2 months. They were on royal canin but I wanted to get them on to a better quality food so weened them off with AATU duck. They were fine during the weening process but as soon as they were on it full time it went straight through them and ass I thought they were OK I stupidly ordered a huge bag of it which is now sitting redundant in the garage.
Should I have given them this food? It doesn't say its for puppies but others say they feed it to theirs.
I now have them on Arden Grange which has sorted their tummies out but I'm still not sure its quality enough?

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nikki alison 8 years ago

I have a 5 year old male cavalier king charles. He's quite fussy with food to the point I have been feeding him homemade food for the past 6 months. I decided to switch to dry food for convenience and after ready many reviews I decided this was the food I liked the sound of. I gradually introduced the dry food. However my little pooch would not touch it. I stayed strong with the "dog hungry, dog eat principle" after day 3 he gave up and ate it. That was the not then end of the problem. A week on with just a tiny bit of food introduced, it had played absolute havoc with his stomach. The food is already slightly high in price (this is not m primary issue as I am a believer in paying quality ) bit combined with a new rug from empty stomach contents and a hefty vet bill to sort his stomach, I have come to the conclusion this is not the best food for him. Disappointed after reading all the great reviews, but after over a week of poorly tummy, and again I reiterate the HEFTY vet bill. I've made an executive/decision stewed by concern to refrain from purchasing this for Rolo. :(

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Berner Kathy 8 years ago

Hi there I have a 6 yr old chihuahua and he would get itchy eyes ears and occasionally vomit. We had tried other foods which he didn't really like to eat. He also had a problem keeping weight off after castrate , since on the AATU food that he's been on a year just over. I can't say enough how good he looks and his weight is normal now and he's not looking for food all the time. His eyes and ears have been great no itchyness since he's been on this. I am so pleased with AATU. He's a calm dog and easy going . I'm sure the food is what's making him happy and looking great. I only see vet now for routine boosters . It's expensive food but I've saved in vet bills and a calmer dog. My dog likes the duck and fish. He just loves it.

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Tracy Berner Kathy 8 years ago

Hi can you tell me how you introduced your chi to it? I have 4 on royal canine and are thinking to change to this so how would I go about swapping food?

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Berner Kathy Tracy 8 years ago

I introduced it to my chihuahua over 7 days. By reducing the old food and faising in the new. As not to upset his stomach. Hope that help's.

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Tom Mccrum 8 years ago

I loved the idea of this food and the ingredients aftwr spending neatly 2 hours reading every packet of food i pets at home... so i bought the chicken one and the salmon one for my 6 month shiba inu... He has been a really fussy eater and absolutely loves this food...I was explaining about it to my fiancee who seemed vaguely interested lol but she noticed it says adult food... then on this website it says to feed from 12 months on...I was hoping someone could shed some light on why this is? We originally started simba on raw food preparations but I think we either got a bad batch or it defrosted in the post and he had upset stomachs and wouldn't eat it.. He scoffs this food like he would a cooked chicken breast with cheese si it would be a real shame if he couldn't eat it lol... thanks :)

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DebbieG 8 years ago

I have 3 Dalmatians and one has serious allergies. Given that they are supposed to have low purine food, would Aatu be any good for them?

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Erriko Malatesta 8 years ago

Does anyone know the PHOSPHORUS percentage???

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rl11 8 years ago

Fantastic ingredient list but did not agree with one of my cockers - went straight through him! He is now back on royal canin cocker and back to his normal self. I know that on paper, high meat content and no grain should be the best option but it simply did not work out for me. I tried Canagan, Evolution and Aatu which are all highly rated and much higher quality ingredients than royal canin. Price is no object to me when it comes to feeding my dogs what I think is best but ultimately I have to feed them what keeps them healthy and for my two, royal canin cocker gives the best results, in spite of the poor opinions that royal canin is given on this site.

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Taylor Downes rl11 8 years ago

It could well be caused by royal canin being high in cerealI'm sure if you let your dogs stomach adjust to the food for at least a month it would all settle as his stomach would be used to a higher protein, better quality dog food

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rl11 Taylor Downes 8 years ago

They were on Canagan (33% protein) for 3 months, then I tried Evolution (36% protein) for 3 months, then Aatu (32% protein) for 1 month - I couldn't try Aatu for longer because one of them had become so scrawny from not being able to digest it. I only changed from Royal Canin in the first place, in the misguided belief that high meat and no grain was the best way to go. I totally agree that it makes sense for a dog to be on a high meat diet - makes perfect natural sense - but in my own experience, my dogs are unquestionably healthier from eating Royal Canin Cocker, compared to the three supposedly better quality products mentioned above.

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Meep rl11 8 years ago

unfortunately with royal canin, their ingredients are broken down with chemicals, meaning to dogs stomach doesn't really have to digest them which is probably why you think your dogs are better off. the change between a low quality and high quality food, which the dog has to digest itself is probably what is causing the upset stomach, either that or a allergy to a certain meat. Royal canin does not specify what poultry they use in their food, or how much, so it's a stab in the dark.

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Katy654 rl11 8 years ago

Have you tried orijen? My Chi was on rc and after reading lots of reviews I thought it was a good one to try. I was shocked to find that no only did it not upset her from day one, but I noticed her coat looked so much better and she was a lot more active too.

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80s away days Taylor Downes 8 years ago

A month? Why would you put your dog through that for a month?

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Mick.T rl11 8 years ago

Royal Canin is like junk food for dogs if i fed my dog that i wouldn't admit it. Why not go the whole hog and feed it Bakers?It isn't keeping them healthy it's shortening their lives! The only meat in it is offal/slaughterhouse waste."in spite of the poor opinions that royal canin is given on this site." Not just here everywhere, dog specialists & scientists!Junk food tastes better than healthy food no wonder they want the junk!

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rl11 Mick.T 8 years ago

I give my dogs what keeps them fit and healthy and what agrees with them - money is no object. They are both super fit and ideal weight. I have tried the high meat, no grain dry food products and they do not agree with them. Aatu was particularly bad for one and went straight through him. He had diarrhoea for a week and I had to give up and go back to what agrees with him and that happens to be Royal Canin. And if Bakers worked, I'd give them Bakers!!! Why do you think offal/slaughterhouse waste is bad for a canine? Can you list the health studies that compare the various dog foods on the market and how it affects longevity? All that anyone does is to assume that better quality ingredients results in a better quality of health. I assumed that too but it didn't happen in practice. Different food affects different dogs in different ways, that's all you can really say. Whatever works for your dog, is what you should feed them. I would totally agree that it is preferable to us humans to eat high quality meat but whoever heard of a wild dog/wolf dining out on boned chicken every day?! Offal/slaughterhouse waste is a much better match to a wild diet!I should add that I mix that royal canin junk with Lukullus and Wolf of Wilderness wet food for variety. Do those have a good enough ingredient list or are they junk too being made from offal and slaughterhouse waste etc. The only problem I have is that one of them (for reasons unknown) doesn't particularly like the lamb variant.

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Frane Frlan rl11 7 years ago

Regarding wild animals, you are ridiculous :)
Ever so an wolf in the wild? Every dingo/wild dog/wolf/wolf dog will take JUST THE best part from the victim. Always.
Regarding RC and AATU. Just weight in grams what are the "leftovers"/feces, from 300 g meal, of one product or another. Useful amount of whole content stays in your dog. Just compare it by volume and weight. ;)

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rl11 Frane Frlan 7 years ago

Sorry but you don't understand wild dogs at all if you think they only eat the best part! Dogs are wonderful scavengers and will happily eat insects, rodents, reptiles, birds and pretty much anything they come across or can catch - skin, fur, bones and beaks - the lot!If you had read the earlier posts, you would also see that AATU caused diarrhoea with one of my dogs, so the answer to your other question is that all 300g of AATU came out the other end!But I am NOT saying AATU is no good, I am just giving my personal experience, which is that my two dogs are fit and healthy on RC and did have problems with AATU. Therefore owners should not believe that RC is no good or that AATU is fantastic in all cases.

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rl11 Mick.T 8 years ago

Would be interested to know what sort of dog/dogs you have, which royal canin product(s) you've used and what problems your dogs had with it? Or are you just basing your opinion on the ingredient label and have no personal experience of feeding royal canin at all? What do you think of this ingredients list: 100% ground beef, chicken breast meat, real potato, free range eggs - that's the ingredient list for McDonalds! Does that make it ideal Dog food? Or Human food??!

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Natspink Mick.T 7 years ago

Both my shorty bulls have been on rc bull dog and French bulldog... 1 came on it as a pup and my adult i swapped onto it from natures harvest.. They both did really well on it.. But as i feel the same regarding dog food ingredients i took them both off it and onto aatu... Now im arguing with myself as they did better on the rc bulldog... Both are constantly hungry even though they have the right amount (my adult never ever finished a measure of any other food) but they are ways looking for something more to eat... Also my adult has had skin problems and ear infections since being on this... So what do i do.. Let her suffer because i like the quality and sound of the ingredients or put them back on something classed as (junk food) that they really do well on and are not hungry... I think attacking people.for feeding food you don't agree with is rude... This is an advise forum not a playground...

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Sue Wild 9 years ago

I moved my 5 year old Staffie on to this from Symply (after being told it was one of the best foods!) and he absolutely loves it - I'm sure he inhales his food, rather than eats it. A tip for anybody buying out there, if you regularly buy dog/cat food or many other items consider subscribing to Amazon Save & Subscribe, if you order 5 things regularly (i.e. monthly or bi-monthly) then you will get 15% off all items you buy - less items, less discount. This makes a bag of Aatu around £46!

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Rob Staves Sue Wild 9 years ago

Hi Sue- Symply is absolutely rubbish and very misleading. The ingredients and price is horrendous. Aatu while very good is hideously expensive. Orijen is a much better food and cheaper per day too. My staffie is 16kg and it only costs 70 pence a day to feed her. To feed her Aatu, it would cost 95 pence per day and isn't as good.

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Mandy 9 years ago

My dog has allergies can't stop scratching been on everything raw was ok but as she is allergic to chicken there's always something in this Salmon and herring has changed everything she has hardly scratched for months it really is good stuff AATU highly recommend

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Gary 9 years ago

Hi i have a pug what size is the kibble and anyone else feed there pugs with this? Thanks

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Berner Kathy Gary 8 years ago

It's small size

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Melissa Claire Lau 9 years ago

I just moved from America to London with my female Chinese Crested Powderpuff (9lbs & 2 yrs of age) in Dec 2014. I was at first nervous deciding what UK kibble to buy her to transition her from her USA dry food (Halo Healthy Surf 'n' Turf) since not only is she super picky but I understand that once you buy a bag you cannot exchange if unsatisfied once opened, while in America you can.After doing a lot of research on all the choices within the UK, I stumbled upon this website which gives an amazingly helpful breakdown of food content, reviews and nutrients.So I've gone with the AATU Salmon & Herring dry food, which I've been mixing with her old food (Halo Healthy Surf 'n' turf) and to my pleasant surprise she's been eating up AATU before she even touches the Halo kibble.It has been a week and I've noticed her stool has become slightly softer and darker but it doesn't look unhealthy at all. I'm hoping she won't get bored of this kibble as she can be quite fickle so I will keep everyone posted if she becomes bored of it, but for now I am a very happy customer!!Every single ingredient in this kibble is good for her breed's health so I'm very grateful for this website and for this product!!Hope everyone else has the same experience :)

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Tommy F 9 years ago

I've just put my weimaraner, Marcy on this dog food after my friend recommended it. She also has a weimaraner and she says she doesn't have to feed her so much compared to the not so good food she used before. I think I feel a bit better knowing that Marcy's getting some proper nutrients in her compared to what i used to feed her and she is getting on a bit so she deserves it.

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Amanda Squires 9 years ago

This is a great product.
My one year old Boxer, has a sensitive tummy and this has cured the loose stools and wind.
Have found he is sensitive to Pea Fibre in other foods, and this suits him to a tee.
More money, but happier dog and healthier all the way!
Nice to see a product / brand doing it so well.

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Valerie jones 9 years ago

I've put my dogs onto Orijen Adult. Approximately the same price but no grain, cereals, potatoes, sweet potatoes or any other cheap bulk. I have working Border collies and Orijen costs me £57.95 from Miscota.co.uk and about £2 to feed 3 - 4 dogs.

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Louise Cragg Valerie jones 9 years ago

yams, red lentils, green peas, green lentils, sun-cured alfalfa, pea fibre, chickpeas, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach greens, carrots are they not bulk? Orijen may dress up their carb sources with flashy names but its still 'bulk' Carbs/fats are important when formulating a kibble, theres some great UK less carbon footprint foods on the market at a fraction of that cost have you looked at them and they contain more meat than orijen like Eden and Millies Wolfheart 80/20 recipes and you may find you feed even less may save you some pennies :)

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Rob Staves Louise Cragg 9 years ago

Louise, Orijen contains the most protein of any dry food available currently and dogs need what you describe as "bulk carbs" in their diets. Only difference is is that Orijen chooses a wide selection of good quality ingredients where as most UK producers rely on potato, sweet potato and a small selection of other vegetables such as peas and carrots.

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Kat Kilmousk Valerie jones 9 years ago

Yam is sweet potato!

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Rob Staves Kat Kilmousk 9 years ago

Yam isn't sweet potato. They are entirely different things.

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Ben Halliday 9 years ago

Good food. Our 3 girls have now moved onto this full time. Costs just under £1 per day for all three. Amazon have it relatively cheap with free delivery too.

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Ashley 9 years ago

Just started my tibetan terrier on this food she has allergies and fed up with vet bills .
She is also on a bit of raw as well early days will see how it goes .The vet had her on royal canon sensitive useless to say the least !!! I don't care how much it costs if my dog stops scratching its worth every penny .🐩

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Chloe 9 years ago

Ok so its a few quid more expensive than other kibbles, but I've just spent £130 at the vets trying to make a very poorly dog better. Even at £5 a bag more expensive per month I'll save money if he doesn't have a severe allergic reaction again. So far so good. I thought the high protein content would send him crazy but he's more focussed and calm. And not allergic (I can't tell you, he looked like the elephant Man. But now, on this food, looks like the silky smooth baby I know and love). I'll report back when we're straight AATU on poo consistency!

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Guest Chloe 9 years ago

of course there are other very similar foods that are quite a lot cheaper that would give you the same benefits

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Chloe Guest 9 years ago

David- care to share brands?! Thanks, chloe

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Guest Chloe 9 years ago

Can I suggest that you filter the product list on the food directory on this site to show only the 5* foods and then you can compare cost per day. i don't know if I'm allowed to name the brands

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Tracy Chloe 9 years ago

My dog thrives on Eden. :)

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AG 9 years ago

A good food. My dog likes it. I like the fact that it is a single meat source, unlike the mixture of meats in the 80/20 combinations. My dog seems to like variety and different single flavours. The problem is it is very expensive indeed and I can't justify the price. There are other products out there that are just as good and cheaper.

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