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Wolfworthy 80/20

Type of food

Dry extruded complete

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From weaning to old age

Pack sizes

1.5kg & 7.5kg bags


7.5kg bags = £50.49

Nutritional rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from all ingredients that are regularly linked by veterinarians to food allergies and/or intolerance in dogs like wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Clearly labelled: Each ingredient is clearly and individually stated and there is at least a reasonable indication of the percentages of the main ingredients
Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day

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Mixing bowl:

Freshly Prepared Chicken (18%), Sweet Potato (16%), Dehydrated Chicken (15%), Freshly Prepared Salmon (12%), Dehydrated Turkey (7%), Freshly Prepared Beef Liver (5%), Freshly Prepared Trout (4%), Dehydrated Salmon (3.5%), Chicken Fat (3.5%), Salmon Oil (3%), Freshly Prepared Beef Hearts (2.5%), Freshly Prepared Beef Kidneys (2.5%), Freshly Prepared Free Range Eggs (2%), Chicken Gravy (2%), Broccoli (1%), Spinach (1%), Carrot (1%), Vitamins & Minerals (0.4%), Seaweed (0.2%), Fructooligosaccharides (1925 mg, 0.1%), Mannanoligosaccharides (170 mg, 0.05%), Apple (0.03%), Cranberry (0.03%), Pear (0.03%), Bilberry (0.03%), Glucosamine (180 mg/kg), Methylsulphonylmethane (180 mg/kg), Chrondroitin Sulphate (125 mg/kg).

As fed (BETA):

Why is this different from the ingredients list?

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamins: Vitamin A (as Retinyl Acetate) 14, 425 IU, Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 1, 925 IU, Vitamin E (as Tocopherol Acetate) 95 mg; Trace Elements: Zinc (Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 48mg, Iron (Iron (II) Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 48mg, Manganese (Manganese Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 34mg, Copper (Copper (II) Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate) 4mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1mg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 36.0%, Fat 19.0%, Fibre 2.0%, Ash/Mineral content 9.0%, Carbs 26.0%, Moisture 8.0%, Calcium 1.30%, Phosphorus 1.10%, Omega3 1.80%, Omega6 2.80%.


402.0 kcal/100g

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


7.5kg bags RRP


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Company info
Name: Wolfworthy 11 Wolfworthy foods listed
HQ: Cheshire, UK
Manufacturer's product description

" Wolfworthy is based on the natural diet of the Grey Wolf, the food dogs evolved to eat. It is an all-natural & grain-free food, for a longer, healthier and more active life. It is made is from 80% - Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Beef & Trout; 20% - Vegetables & Fruit. It contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for puppies, adults and seniors. "

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Joanna Phillips 5 months ago

I have been feeding my Chiweenie (chihuahua x mini dachshund) Wolfworthy for at least 3 years, and she absolutely loves it. I give her Orijen puppy (as she is very active and I don’t want her to lose weight) with this in her feeder toy which is out all day (as small dogs can get low blood sugar so grazing is better for them) and she is still, after 3 years, loving her food. In fact, after 10 days of fresh chicken and lamb due to some dental treatment (descaling from before we rescued her) I was really worried that she would refuse her normal food. I mean, what dog would want to go back to kibble after all that meat? Well she did, and happily…phew! Just shows how yum this food is…

After rescuing her and weaning her off the crappo pedigree chum they were feeding her, her coat got so silky soft, her poo is firm and easy to pick up, she has TONS of energy and is just really healthy overall.

I highly recommend Wolfworthy!

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WolfworthyDE Joanna Phillips 14 days ago

Hi Joanna, we are so pleased to hear how well your Chiweenie is doing on Wolfworthy. It certainly sounds like she is thriving :)

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Maurice Greig 8 months ago

I have a 10 year old GSDn who has been on a raw diet since birth . He is 66kgs ( yes 66!! ) but is not overweight just very large boned and probably overtreated over the years. Anyway His daily raw diet of Honeys Dog Food and chicken wings has been very successful so far but he is now finding it difficult to fully chew the chicken wings.
I would like to continue with the Honeys ( 250 g ) per day in the morning and feed him around 250g of Wolfworthy for his second meal.
Will this be ok and do I need to wean him on the Wolf slowly

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WolfworthyDE Maurice Greig 14 days ago

Hi Maurice, I am sure by now you have found the best way to feed your dog. However, for future reference, it is fine to feed Wolfworthy alongside other foods. The most important thing is to get the feeding amounts of both foods right to ensure that your dog is getting 100% of their nutritional requirements.

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Hannah Murray 9 months ago

Hello. I have a 9 months old miniature schnauzer who will need to transfer to adult food soon and this seems to be a good choice. He’s a massive foodie! As in he takes his worming pills straight out of our hand because he thinks it’s food. I’m slightly worried about the fat content. What are you experiences?

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WolfworthyDE Hannah Murray 13 days ago

Hi Hannah, I am sorry for the delayed response and I am sure you have now found a suitable food. However, Wolfworthy is based on the diet dogs evolved to eat, it is therefore not a low-fat food. If a dog is prone to pancreatitis, it is worth looking at some low fat options. We are working super hard on some new flavours, including a lower fat option :)

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Laura Marie 10 months ago

Hi all
I have recently put my 16 week old Labrador puppy on this food, after weeks of research. So far, he seems to love it 😊
The only thing that concerns me is there is only one flavour, and he can be a fussy pup, hence why we’ve changed his kibble more than once.
Does anyone ever add anything to their dogs meals when their dog is being a bit picky?
Also, does anyone still give their dog supplements? I have heard of Yumove. I was wondering if this is necessary as the nutritional value of the food is very good. Or adding Salmon oil to the food to help with joints and coat condition? I noticed the food has 3% Salmon oil included.
As my puppy is a Lab from working lines, he should be on the leaner side, although he will only ever be our pet and won’t be working. Since having him I felt he has been too lean and didn’t like the look of his ribs sticking out. Since being on this food one week only he has filled out in the right places and I think he looks a lot heather and handsome 😍
Overall I am very very satisfied with the food, just have a couple of queries as above incase any clever person has already worked this out. I am a new puppy Mum and I have found the whole “what type of food” decision a minefield!

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Laura Buchan Laura Marie 9 months ago

I and my family are experienced dog owners and to be honest, I still find it difficult to find the best fit diet for my dog. Just keep reading and learning about dog nutrition and see what your pup likes I guess : )I too have just ordered a small bag of Wolfworthy in order to see if my fussy puppy, who’s ten months old will get on board. With the heat and the fact that the breed often have periods of going ‘off’ their food when they grow, he’s currently not enthused.My response though is in relation to YuMove. I lost my adult Bernese Mountain Dog at the end of last year and despite him being larger than the breed standard for a male, I kept him in good health, with YuMove Advance 360, prescribed by my vet. I hadn’t heard of it before but with him being so large, he occasionally threw his back out trying to squeeze into small spaces that weren’t designed for him or, other silly maneuvers. My vet recommended YuMove and it made a significant difference to his flexibility and back and joint health. With this in mind, I decided to start my puppy on YuMove Young and Active at 3-4 months old and he’s been on it ever since. I imagine for young dogs, the health benefits are not as obvious and it’s not cheap but my thinking is that I’ll set him up well from the outset and hopefully when he gets to middle age, around 4-6 years, he’ll be better off for it. My Mum has a 6 year old Bernese who recently was beginning to seem quite slow on walks. This could have been the increase in temperature but we wondered if middle age may mean he’s feeling more creaky. I gave her a supply of YuMove Young and Active to try, just to get him started and when she’s on the last of it, she’ll go to the vet and ask for the advanced formulation because by now, he should really be on the higher dose. It may be psychosomatic, but I’m sure I’ve noticed a difference in him and the ease of movement, so I’d be inclined to give it good consideration. The reviews out there are often very positive : )

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Amelia Laura Buchan 9 months ago

Hi LauraWe have a 19 week Bernese and is currently on AVA large breed puppy about 600gms per day ...he never seems satisfied even with treats.I see that you and your mum have been Berners owners and wondered if you could recommend a brand. He does not have any allergies but is partial to fish treats 😋 thank you in advance

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Laura Buchan Amelia 9 months ago

Hi Amelia,Good question...from what I understand, Bernese do really well fed two meals a day and with a combination of high quality raw food, high quality kibble and some cooked foods. I have a diet sheet from my breeder that may help you...My previous Bernese was on cooked white fish, cooked chicken, rice, egg, porridge, tripe at that age to name but a few things and then later on moved on to Burns Wet food and kibble, combined twice a day in the day. He then moved on to raw food after he was snipped at 20 months because he began to put on weight. I initially fed him Nutriment Raw but he continued to pile on the pounds so I switched him over to Paleo Ridge Raw and then to their Paleo Plus range which is much leaner. He did very well on that. Arnie was a special case in that he didn’t fit the dietary mould of your typical Bernese. He was starving all the time and swallowed objects that he shouldn’t have done. I would even say there was a possibility he had the pikea syndrome.I started my new boy, Fred on the same sort of diet as Arnie and my Mum’s Bernese, Stanley- four meals a day, then three, then around 8-10 months, 2 meals a day. I combination fed him for the first few months with more of a raw food emphasis this time and he’s done very well. He’s ten months old and the large of the two dogs you can see in my profile photo. The other is Stanley and he’s a bit little for a male (but perfectly formed).Your Berner baby is growing rapidly, rapport, rapidly- I can’t state that enough. He needs a range of foods to feed his growth and help him reach his full size potential and at his age, he should be on 3-4 meals a day. I went to the ultimate this time and wrote down what I fed Fred at various points so I can refer back to it in the future.Why don’t you

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Laura Buchan Amelia 9 months ago

Hi Amelia,Good question...from what I understand, Bernese do really well fed two meals a day and with a combination of high quality raw food, high quality kibble and some cooked foods. I have a diet sheet from my breeder that may help you...My previous Bernese was on cooked white fish, cooked chicken, rice, egg, porridge, tripe at that age to name but a few things and then later on moved on to Burns Wet food and kibble, combined twice a day in the day. He then moved on to raw food after he was snipped at 20 months because he began to put on weight. I initially fed him Nutriment Raw but he continued to pile on the pounds so I switched him over to Paleo Ridge Raw and then to their Paleo Plus range which is much leaner. He did very well on that. Arnie was a special case in that he didn’t fit the dietary mould of your typical Bernese. He was starving all the time and swallowed objects that he shouldn’t have done. I would even say there was a possibility he had the pikea syndrome.I started my new boy, Fred on the same sort of diet as Arnie and my Mum’s Bernese, Stanley- four meals a day, then three, then around 8-10 months, 2 meals a day. I combination fed him for the first few months with more of a raw food emphasis this time and he’s done very well. He’s ten months old and the large of the two dogs you can see in my profile photo. The other is Stanley and he’s a bit little for a male (but perfectly formed).Your Berner baby is growing rapidly, rapport, rapidly- I can’t state that enough. He needs a range of foods to feed his growth and help him reach his full size potential and at his age, he should be on 3-4 meals a day. I went to the ultimate this time and wrote down what I fed Fred at various points so I can refer back to it in the future.

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Laura Buchan Amelia 9 months ago

Why don’t you contact me through me work website using the ‘contact us’ tab (not sure if this site blocks personal email addresses) and I’ll send over the diet sheet Fred’s breeder gave me and any other relevant info that could be useful.
Fred’s currently on a 450 grams of Poppy’s Picnic raw food and around 300 grams of wolf worthy per day but he’s going through a typical phase of not being so fussed about food, which given Arnie’s proclivities, I’m not used to and I find frustrating. The fact I know it’s to be expected with this breed helps a little.
I guess the tip top is feed him up because he’s a growing boy and give him a range of foods, several times a day. You won’t be sorry, he’ll grow into a strapping lad which is one of the points of having a Bernese.
I spoke at length, several times in the phone both before and after collecting Fred with his breeder and she thinks Arnie’s issues with over eating came from not having enough to eat in his early weeks and therefore hoarding anything he thought was food in his later life. She advised me to over feed Fred as a puppy and have him walk away from his meal rather than finish it all.
Of course, there comes a point when their growth plateaus and they can be at risk of piling on the weight but it seems to have had a natural bell drive for Fred. He ate hungrily when he was younger and now, he can ‘take or leave’ it.
Get in touch at doubleu doubleu doubleu dot diamondsintheskydaycare dot co dot uk (I’ve literally spelled this out because the first time I posted this as a direct repose to you question on the thread, it went for approval by the website. Not sure if this will work either but as a fellow Berner enthusiast, I really want to help you and can’t be faffed uploading resources to this platform. Sending them via email would be so much easier).
and I’ll send you what I fed
Fred and some resources from his breeder : )
All the best,

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Amelia Laura Buchan 9 months ago

Thank you Laura ..I have sent message via your contact us page.

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Cate Spenceley 10 months ago

I did a ton of research and eventually settled on this dog food, love the fact that it's British, family owned. The reviews are amazing when you do a bit of research, and oh my goodness, our new pup loves the stuff!!! Literally struggled to get him to eat the pedigree puppy that he arrived with. His poos still seem slightly soft but we re hoping that's a change of diet thing.
I emailed probably a slight overly anxious email to the company worried about the best way to feed the puppy and got a lovely, really helpful response from Nichola!! Total convert!

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Jim Donald Cate Spenceley 9 months ago

Not sure if your dog still has soft poos, but we had this same issue and were advised to put in a small amount of pumpkin puree and that worked.. think the fibre content is quite low and the pumpkin compensates for that

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Helen Vigus a year ago

Looking forward to receiving the sample. Buddy is my 7 month old chihuahua who is really not bothered about food. He would rather eat a twig or dead leaf from the garden. We have tried wet, raw and dry and think dry is the way to go for ease as he is a grazer and I'm disabled!

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Asha a year ago

Does the temperature that it is processed at kill pathogens and potential parasites that could be potentially harmful to my dog? These are some of the concerns I have about feeding a raw diet. Many thanks.

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Yasmin Wade a year ago

I really wanted my dog to like this. She's a staffy mix and will eat anything BUT this. we can only put it down to her being used to cheap kibble at the rescue, and now this is just too rich for her. Such a shame because I read into this company and researched the best food for weeks and we decided on wolfworthy. Back to the drawing board 🙄

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FlameFoxx Yasmin Wade a year ago

What food is your Staffy on now, because its not looking good for our pup, hes having some serious stool issues?

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Sean Melody a year ago

Unfortunately we found this unsuitable for our golden retriever puppy. We tried weaning for over 4 weeks and her stools were never greatIt is a shame as I like the company but sometimes your dog just doesn't take to a food

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Mary Halpin a year ago

Can you tell me what temperature is used in your extrusion process? I've read that this process can leach the nutrients.

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Kimsu a year ago

Do you feed this along with wet food? My pup seems to get dehydrated on just kibble so I started to add a little bit of wet food (about 30-40g daily) also to add a bit of a different flavour and texture to her meal. She likes the wet but takes time to eat the dry kibble even with having different flavours. If she has too much wet she seems to get soft/runny stools.

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Vicki Wolf a year ago

How is this company allowed by trading standards to say their dry, extruded food has "the same health benefits as raw" (whilst making misleading claims about raw food being "expensive" and containing "salmonella e-coli, and campylobacter")? I find that unethical and deceptive.

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Judith Elizabeth Vicki Wolf a year ago

Because it’s true I fed my dog raw she became very ill. My friend who is a breeder had a breakout at her house. It’s a fad. My dogs are all on wolfworthy vet says very healthy in tiptop condition they have hard poos and they love it.

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MaxG a year ago

Hi would this be good for small breeds ie dachshund? I'm looking to change his food to something more nutritious.

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Becky Irwing MaxG a year ago

Yes. https://uploads.disquscdn.c... My Monty is a mini red dach and has had wolfworthy since about 10 months old (now 18 months)

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MaxG Becky Irwing a year ago

What a cutie. Thank you will give it go then.

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Sophie a year ago

Is this good for large breed puppies? I want to make sure he is getting the right nutrients to support his joints. Thank you

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Nicola Folkes Sophie a year ago

It is very good for large puppies as the calcium level is correct. We have our own Leonberger who has been on our food all of her life. She is 9 1/2 years now with no health issue past or present so we are very happy.

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Victoria Hutt a year ago

I have a 8 month old labradoodle who is very fussy and suffers occasionally with colitis , he’s been on a wet sensitive control food for a couple of weeks from the vets but has now turned his nose up so been on rice and chicken, ordered a sample and I tried a couple of nuggets and he seemed to love it, how do I transition him from rice and chicken to wolfworthy please ?

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Adam Bowman a year ago

Hi, my pup loves Wolfworthy, we use it sort of unconventionally as training rewards and a back up to his raw food for travel and taking to daycare etc.
But, he has recently suffered from Pancreantitis and now needs to be on as low a fat diet as possible. If the fat content of Wolfworthy likely to be too high? I know it's got lots of good fats but I'm being super cautious :(

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Nicola Folkes Adam Bowman a year ago

Hi Adam, I am sorry to hear about your pup. Although our food has loads of good fats it isn't low fat. Did your vet say whay fat percentage would be optimal for your dog's pancreatitis?

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Maxine Bye Nicola Folkes a year ago

Just jumping on this thread as I have a mini Schnauzer Who are prone to pancreatitis and recommended fat content is from 7-10% I would like to try this food but it is just too high.

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Nicola Folkes a year ago

Hi Pat, that's a good question and one allaboutdogfood should probably answer. I suspect it is the quality of the ingredients. Have you tried a sample?

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Pat Beadle a year ago

Can you please tell me why this scores higher than Eden Holistic?

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mark a year ago

Is this safe for 10 week old cockapoo, I've been told the protein content is too high at 36%

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Nicola Folkes mark a year ago

Hi Mark, Yes, it fantastic for cockerpoo's. I am not sure why you were told the protein is too high. We have lots of cockerpoos on our food who are doing really well. Unless you suspect a medical condition in your puppy, feeding a high quality food that contain a good amount of protein is the best thing for them. Our puppy feeding guide is here if you would like to check the feeding amount your pup would need https://wolfworthy.co.uk/pa...
Warm regards,

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Craig a year ago

Why does it say not suitable for puppy’s on this page please? I’m looking to start my bulldog pup on this and want to be sure before making any changes, he’s 12 weeks old. Any help is appreciated?

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Nicola Folkes Craig a year ago

Hi Craig,
Our food is suitable for puppies. We made a small tweak to our ingredients last year which made it suitable for puppies, adults and seniors. I am sure AADF will update their site as soon as they can. If you drop a message to us on reachus@wolfworthy.co.uk we will be able to help with feeding amounts and how to transition for your Bullddog. We have lots of Bulldogs on our food who are thriving. Regards, Nicola

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Mrs D Paris 2 years ago

I found Wolfworthy on the AADF site, and decided to try it for my three mixed breed rescue dogs. I have taken on oldies for the last twenty years, my beloved Staffie X could now be about 18, ex Pound so not absolutely sure, and he has high blood pressure, another, a JRT, is blind and a bit frail, the third an ex-breeding bitch (even though she is not a 'breed'), so I really have to make sure that I give them the best food I can possibly afford. I am really pleased with it, it smells absolutely delicious, they seem to love it, and I have noticed firmer stools as a result. I mix in steak mince and braising steak from my butcher, plus cooked chicken, and some Forthglade 'Just Chicken'. I am very confident that, after years of experimenting, I have found a good formula.Everything about this food is excellent, sourced in UK, tastefully designed compostable bag, informative website, quick delivery, and a reasonable price, couldn't be more pleased.

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srapier 2 years ago

Our dog was really enjoying this and we signed up for a regular subscription, however she has just gone off it following delivery of a brand new bag. The food in the new bag appears different to the previous and she sifted those out of a mixed bowl of old and new and ignored the new. These pellets are much smaller and darker. She won't touch it now, even if sprinkled with a bit of grated cheese which normally gets her eating anything. Therefore a bit too inconsistent for us to trust it 100% - was the bake too long, the mix too concentrated? May revisit it at some point but at this point we might as well try another brand.

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Del Folkes srapier 2 years ago

Hi Simon, we are truly sorry that your dog will no longer eat Wolfworthy. As we explained over the phone, even though our recipe has not changed over the time your story relates to, as it is a natural product there will be always be tiny variations from batch to batch. We use all the same great ingredients in the same proportions to ensure consistency, so we are at a loss as to why your dog has had such a reaction. Best of luck with your search to find a suitable food for your dog.

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Michelle Boyce 2 years ago

I really wanted my dog to do well on this food but her stomach did not do well on it. They do not let you return bags if they have been opened but pretty much full which is a waste.

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Del Folkes Michelle Boyce 2 years ago

Hi Michelle, I am so sorry that your dog didn’t do well on Wolfworthy. Not all dog foods will suit all dogs, you never know, she might have a sensitivity that you are not aware of. However, I think there must have been some kind of miscommunication, as part of our guarantee we do accept the return of opened bags. I have checked and I cannot find your name in our system, so please get in contact as soon as possible 01625 359 359 and let’s see what we can do to make you happy.

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Timothy Hambelton 2 years ago

Just had my 3rd bag delivered, I can't praise this food enough.Like most people, I want to feed my dogs the best diet possible and found this about a year ago when weaning my Yorkie onto adult food. Love the ethos, compostable bags and made in the UK too.I feed three different complete dry foods and various complete wet foods to keep interest in both flavour and texture. This also means if one becomes unavailable it's not a total disaster; however Wolfworthy now remains the only constant food in the cupboard.The change to make it puppy suitable has made me even happier, especially with a new mixed breed pup having arrived meaning one food suits both dogs.Firstly Winston our Yorkie. Very lively and food orientated he would eat anything given half a chance! However in the period we didn't feed Wolfworthy his coat condition dropped and was not as energetic. With this now a mainstay in his diet his coat is in better condition and seems to have more 'bounce'. Needless to say he is always eager for his meals and maintains a stable weight. (3.6kg). Winston will also use the inside of the empty 7.5kg bag as a hideout..... free dog toy with every purchase!Our new arrival Billy was being fed both a dry complete and a wet complete puppy food from Hills when he came home. He seemed small (800g) for his age (10 wks) which we put down to competition from his larger siblings. However he was genuinely disinterested in this food and remains so to this day. However we went to feed Winson with Wolfworthy and the nose started twitching, he started squeaking then pushed Winston away to get to it. What more of a recommendation could a dog give unless they could talk? Again we rotate between 3 quality dry puppy foods and a variety of quality wet completes, he is thriving, full of energy with weight going on (now 1500g at 15 weeks) and always eager for a meal. Our vet is happy with his overall condition and progress when received his health check and vaccination for kennel cough last week. (The Hills food has not been wasted, the local hedgehog population think its Christmas!)No dicky tummies, food always eaten, full of energy, what's not to like.I have also spoken with the staff over the phone following a security check from an internet order. Friendly, knowledgable, and genuine. I can't ask for more.

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Xs 2 years ago

A lot of the time when I’ve searched for food or reviews for dog products a lot of it is geared towards everything below large size and the giant breeds don’t get a look in so if you have a giant breed this review is for you also. I have a mix breed of 3 large/giant breeds and I’ve struggled in the time I’ve had him (approx 2 years) to find a food that he will like and that will put weight on him (and keep the weight on) as he was emaciated when I got him. I’ve never had a dog (until this one) who had been starved and wasn’t a pig but my boy is fussy and difficult with food. I’ve tried nearly every brand you can think of plus raw diet and invariably it didn’t take long at all before he just wouldn’t eat it and I couldn’t afford for him to lose weight so onto the next food it would be.I found wolfworthy while researching online for what felt like the billionth time and liked the feel of the site and the ingredients were all within what I was looking for. I had concerns that the kibble would be too small for him but was able to order a trial pack, which is small but perfect to see how your dog takes to it. Both the dog and the cat tried to get into it before I’d even opened it and it disappeared in seconds, so no the kibble size was just fine.I’ve ordered his feed on subscription and it couldn’t be easier it arrives exactly when I need it to so I don’t run out and when I had to change my subscription today via live chat as always I got so much help and didn’t feel like a pain.Every morning and evening the dog and the cat (not his food but he doesn’t care) come running the minute they hear the bowl and the bag opening and it’s gone nearly as soon as I put it down and I can honestly say not one single food that I’ve had him on has provoked that response from him (not even tripe!) you can see what good quality the food is just looking at it. Not only is the food amazing but everyone working at wolfworthy is too, they’ve been incredibly patient and helpful with me each time I’ve either emailed or called and most importantly they’re friendly and make you feel like nothing is too much trouble. Honestly wish I’d found wolfworthy years ago and best of all I’ve gone from feeding my boy over 1kg a day kibble or 3kg a day raw to about 600g a day and he’s putting more weight on and maintaining a healthy coat, etc this is a fantastic company with food that gives your dog everything it needs for less feed.

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Meg Scott 2 years ago

We started our 18 month Rottie on Wolfworthy 3 weeks ago & she absolutely loves it!!!
We also feed her wet food & occasionally meat & offal. The reason I decided to change to Wolfworthy is after doing a lot of research on different dog foods it was obvious that Wolfworthy is made with the best interest of the dogs well-being & by someone who loves dogs. As Wolfworthy say it is based on the natural diet of the grey wolf, the food dogs evolved to eat. The ingredients list speaks for itself and there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I would also like to mention the customer service at Wolfworthy is excellent, you can save money by subscribing to have the food delivered at a frequency of your choosing & can pause, amend deliveries anytime. Very happy customer & very happy pooch. 😊 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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Katie Wilson 3 years ago

Only dog food our little dude doesn't turn his nose up at. Coat is much shinier and his attitude is much better than when on any other brand we tried and trust me we tried a few!!! Couldn't be happier with a dog food at all - amazing 💯!!!

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Taliia Pangrazi 3 years ago

Fantastic dog food!
After trying raw dog food we were upset to discover that our French Bulldog, Rollo, was unable to digest it properly. His stools became pale and overall he lost condition, rapidly!He’d not had any problems on his previous dried kibble diet. But, we wanted to give him a raw diet, a ‘better’ diet. Unfortunately, raw food, at least the brand we tried, was totally unsuitable.
We decided to give Wolfworthy a go and we’re delighted with the results.Rollo, absolutely loves it! He jumps around at every meal time. He’s that keen!His condition has greatly improved and what’s more his digestion has settled down. He’s producing two stools per day and they’re of the right colour and consistency. His coat looks amazing too.It’s been just over a week and both Rollo and ourselves are very happy with this food. I’d heartily recommend it.

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Nicola Folkes Taliia Pangrazi 3 years ago

Hi Taliia, we are so please to hear things are going well! Thank you for your feedback and please keep us informed

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Ali Taliia Pangrazi 2 years ago

This is really interesting to find and hear! So, I have a 14 month old Springer Spaniel who is my absolute world. It sounds like we've had a similar experience. I initially had her on a quality kibble, but her stools weren't always happy. We switched to raw about 7 weeks ago and whilst her stools are firmer, despite upping her daily allowance to that for the weight of a dog weighing 5kg more than she did at first, in this time she's lost 2kg!!!! I've had her at the vets twice and at the mo tests going on to make sure nothing problematic internally. Hopefully next week we'll have the direction we need. If the results are clear, well we'll probably look to make a diet change. I have absolute faith in the raw food company and it being a brilliant option for many dogs out there, but maybe it's just not right for my dog, as it clearly wasn't for yours. She's also lost her shinny healthy coat. It's good hearing this review and I'll continue reading – Wolfworthy is looking good.

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Edward Forster Ali 2 years ago

Not all Raw food company's are good quality. Like kibble we have to try a fair few different manufacturers until we hit gold. Wolfworthy seems to be one of those golden kibble companies.

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Zara 3 years ago

Fantastic dog food! We would highly recommend this to other consumers! Previously we struggled to find a food suitable for our fussy little cockapoo...until we introduced him to a bowl of wolfworthy! He now finishes his meals within seconds. We wouldnt feed our dog anything else now (he wouldnt eat it anyways ha!).We are confident our dog is getting a good healthy balance diet with its wholesome ingredients (and no nasties). Sonny has lots of energy, bright eyes, shinny coat as well as a full tummy!Great customer service, always helpful and speedy hassle free deliveries. Thank you Wolfworthy.

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Nicola Folkes Zara 3 years ago

Glad Sonny is doing well Zara, thanks for your great feedback.

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Dawn Harris 3 years ago

My Jenga adores this food. He was never food oriented and just used to pick at it, only ever finishing a bowl if he was really hungry. This food though is gone in seconds. I was amazed at how small the portion was compared to standard kibble food but when you feel how heavy the food itself is it makes sense. Also, you know with this that there are no fillers or bulking out material, just good, honest wholesome food most of which is fully digested which means less pooh!!!!!Jenga's coat is beautiful and he looks so healthy now. We have had no more ear infections since being on this and his skin is less itchy.Thank you Wolfworthy, one happy dog and his hooman xx

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Nicola Folkes Dawn Harris 3 years ago

Thanks for the review Dawn :-)

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linda 3 years ago

My Boston loves this food and looks fantastic dodgy stomach cleared up so everyone’s happy 😊 would definitely recommend

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Nicola Folkes linda 3 years ago

So glad to hear this Linda:-)

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Alejandra Ayala 3 years ago

We couldn’t be happier with Wolfworthy!
Our Golden Retriever Mungo absolutely loves it and eats it all up in under a few minutes, so that is a clear sign worthy of a 5 star rating.
We love the company and all that it stands for: all the knowledge and research that goes into every single detail, the dedication and authentic care for the well-being of dogs and the superb customer service Del gives. I have contacted him a couple of times with some questions and he is always there happy to help in any way he can and always remembers us.
Also worthy of mentioning is the conscientious care for the environment that goes into Wolfworthy. From using local suppliers to the recyclable packaging of the kibble; it is all taken into consideration.
So as you can see, I can’t recommend it enough. If you want top quality food for your dog provided with the utmost customer service, then Wolfworthy is your answer.
Thanks so much Del!!

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Sandra Edwards 3 years ago

Super quality dog food. Really helpful, excellent customer service, and no damaging plastic bag (fantastic. 100/% delighted both me and Zena my border collie. Highly recommend.

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Nicola Folkes Sandra Edwards 3 years ago

Thanks for the review Sandra:-)

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Plank 3 years ago

Hi, I wanted to just drop you a quick msg to say that my dog loves Wolfworthy and I have notice a big difference in her coat. As well as being very shiny people always comment on how soft her coat is. She’s less gassy and seems to be more energetic. Been feeding her it for a few months now and it’s a big thumbs up from both of us.
Keep up the good work.Kind regardsDarren

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Nicola Folkes Plank 3 years ago

Thanks for the review Darren :-)

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Shelby-Louise Clancy 4 years ago

I began feeding my two Staffordshire Bull Terriers wolfworthy around four months ago. My boy, Dudley, was a rescue dog who has always suffered from severe skin allergies and ear infections due to being a stray for almost all of his puppyhood. He would sometimes scratch his skin until it was raw, however, since putting him on the Wolfworthy diet, he has not suffered with the allergies that have caused him discomfort. Both of our dogs are happy and healthy, with beautiful coats and plenty of energy, alongside maintaining a perfect weight. Every meal is an empty bowl and they get so excited at meal times now. Thank you, Wolfworthy! We would not feed our dogs anything else now.

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Nicola Folkes Shelby-Louise Clancy 3 years ago

Thanks for the review Shelby:-)

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Charlotte Sinoir 4 years ago

I switched to Wolfworthy some months ago. Our rescue dog had not had a good start to life at all and as a result her tummy is very sensitive. She absolutely loves Wolfworthy, as soon as it's down, it's gone and Wolfworthy seems to love her too as we have no tummy issues. Her coat is so soft and shiny, she's just a picture of health. I think it's safe to say we are signed up to Wolfworthy for life!

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Nicola Folkes Charlotte Sinoir 3 years ago

Thank you so much Charlotte:-)

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Hazel 4 years ago

Hi my dog has been diagnosed with struvite crystals and is on special food from the vets, which he is not keen on! He has tried a sample of woolfworthy which he loved! I am tempted to change him over completely to woolfworthy but need your advice first. Will woolfworthy help with his ph balance? Thanks

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Del Folkes Hazel 4 years ago

Hi Hazel, thanks for getting in touch. Dogs evolved to eat a mainly carnivorous diet, which results in urine pH levels of between 6 and 6.5 (acidic). Struvite crystals can form in dogs when the pH levels rises above 7 (alkaline), which can be caused by biologically inappropriate diets (high carbohydrate content, high grain content). Wolfworthy is based on the diet dog's evolved to eat and is therefore high in meat (80% Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Beef & Trout), this will help to keep the pH in the right range. There are other causes of struvite crystals (e.g. urinary tract infection), so please consult with your vet to eliminate these other causes.

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Dawn Walker 4 years ago

My dog Jet, a cross between an American Bulldog and a Black Russian Terrier, who is now 4 years old, loves Wolfworthy! She never leaves any of it :-) When we adopted her, the lady who had owned her previously had been feeding her very basic food, the cheapest she could find. Now her diet has been switched to this wonderful food, her coat is gleaming, her eyes are nice and bright, she has more energy and her digestion is regular / the stools that she produces are all perfect and as they should be (not as much produced either as the higher quality food means her body is taking in much more of the food/nutrients and is not having to expel as much waste). Overall she's a much healthier and happier dog. I had a query recently regarding amending my order and Del who works at this company was very quick to respond and help out, everything was resolved super quick. I cannot recommend this company and food enough!

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Nicola Folkes Dawn Walker 3 years ago

Thanks for the great review Dawn :-)

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Sharn 4 years ago

Amazing food, my very fussy Jack Russell Terrier absolutely loves this and it’s the first food that he constantly goes too and can’t wait for his next meal.

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Nicola Folkes Sharn 3 years ago

Thats great to hear Sharn :-)

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Laura McRae 4 years ago

This food is amazing! I've tried all the best foods, finally found this one and my 10 month English Bull Terrier pup is thriving! He had a few bald patches appear on his tail, head etc, but now all cleared up and his fur is back to best.

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jules 4 years ago

Contacted Wolfworthy to seek advice about their food for my GSD 11 Months) Del called me and spoke to me in depth about their food. He is a fountain of knowledge and is true to his cause of ensuring his food is the best he can make for our dogs. He is passionate and he cares. My GSD has a few issues with his legs and Del was honest in his approach, telling me to go see my Vet to ask if it is a suitable food as Del wasn’t sure it was - how many dog food producers are transparent enough to say I’m not sure our food is right for your dog? I am hoping post vet visit, and when my GSD is 12 Months, I’ll be contacting Del to arrange my first order. I cannot recommend highly enough. He echos my passion for ensuring my boy has the best he can in his bowl.

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Nicola Folkes jules 3 years ago

Hey Jules, How is it going?

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Damian 4 years ago

I have a 18 month Bulldog bitch, who believe it or not struggle to keep weight on her. I like to feed a mix of wet and dry, and have been using Forthglade but struggle to find a dry food that I'm happy with that includes fish and offal (I feel often overlooked in dry foods), that is until now! Fantastic ingredients, it is very similar to Orijen except, it's sourced locally in UK so its carbon footprint is lower (Not flown from Canada), and cost wise not to dissimilar especially when using the subscription service as you get a discount.
I have no problem with palatability with her and she literally wolfs it down. The kibble is average size and feels good quality in the hand (doesn't dissolve or feel dusty to the touch like some)
Customer service is also excellent, very attentive, helpful and get back to you almost instantly.
Overall a very satisfied Bulldog and owner!

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Angie Herrera 4 years ago

I have a cocker spaniel 11 years old who started to develop allergies... so, after trying other brands I changed her food to Wolfworthy and within 2 days her allergies stopped. She enjoys her food a lot and is a very healthy and happy dog. Recently we found that due to her age, her kidneys are starting to fail and the vet suggested we check on her food to see if we could do something to help her kidneys to work better. I contacted Wolfworthy customer service to discuss this and the next day they called to discuss our situation. I have never had an experience like this, where you can still find human beings that actually care about our pets and their well being. We even talked about the possibility of trying other foods to have more options to discuss with the vet in the future, and not having to go back to the commercial brands. I CAN NOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH THE FOOD AND THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS BRAND. We are so happy we have found Wolfworth and at least for now our Simona will still be able to enjoy her meals!

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Liz Marshall 4 years ago

My dogs love Wolfworthy food. I have a chocolate Labrador (6) and a cocker spaniel (12), both are fit and healthy and enjoy eating Wolfworthy. Del provides great customer service and we love having the food delivered to our door on subscription. No more worries about running out and having to rush to the shop to 'make do' with something of a lesser quality!

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Del Folkes Liz Marshall 4 years ago

Thanks for the great comments Liz.

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Brian Dobby 4 years ago

Really helpful, great service, border collie loves it. What more can you ask?

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Del Folkes Brian Dobby 4 years ago

Hey Brian - really glad your border likes the food. Thanks for your comments :)

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Bethany Humphries 4 years ago

This is a great dog food. I can't recommend it highly enough. My rescue staffie absolutely loves it. After switching to Wolfworthy she is much healthier with a nice shiny coat and lots of energy. She was previously a bit picky and seemed to struggle with foods that contained grain, now she loves her meals. The subscription service is great too: helpful reminder emails, easy to change if you need to, fast delivery, no lugging big bags of food home from the shop and no running out.

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Laffy01224 4 years ago

I can't rate Wolfworthy highly enough, both the food and the customer service was 5*. My dog loves Wolfworthy and she is a real fussy dog. She had a check up at the vets and they confirmed that she is in great condition and at the perfect weight for her age. I contacted Wolfworthy yesterday evening regarding my recent order and to inform them I have entered the wrong postcode for the delivery address (I wanted the package delivered to my partners work but had put in my home postcode). I received a call and an email from Del within an hour of me sending my email to let me know they are looking into it. Del contacted the courier company first thing this morning and has corrected the postcode and I am due to receive the package today. No waiting days for replies to emails and very pleasant to deal with considering the mistake was completely my fault.

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Stephen Rushton 4 years ago

Wanted to give my dogs the best so after doing the research I settled on Wolfworthy.
My German Shepherd and Staffy love it. Deserves the Five stars, fantastic service delivered to my door in two days.

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Maureen Claridge 4 years ago

Quite interested in this dog food is it a medium size kibble stared my dog on McAdams she loves it
But there only two flavours at the moment chicken and salmon , or the two mixed.
This is roasted then air dried for 3/4 hrs not kibble looking. Reading on here dried kibble loses it
Omeger 3 vitamin in the drying process ,so confused any feedback be helpfull

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tuono 4 years ago

I used to think "all dog food is the same" Believe me, it isn't. !! Usually I never bother to leave reviews, however I'm really pleased to highly recommended a product from a UK business who definitely seems to have got it right!! Thanks

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PC Dixon 5 years ago

A sample pack of Wolfworthy arrived today and our chocolate lab loves it, normally a fussy eater she licked the bowl clean in record time and asked or more !!! Wow , we are also really happy to support a uk business, especial a small one like yours .Good luck

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Leanne Thomas 5 years ago

My Border Collie Ruby completely loves this food and licks the bowl clean.....The quality is amazing and the natural ingredients really agree with her.....highly recommend

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Nicola Folkes Leanne Thomas 3 years ago

Thanks Leanne, glad to hear it is going well.

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